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Leadership and Vision

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Google Tech Talk September 11, 2009 ABSTRACT Presented by Jerry Porras. Jerry Porrass research interests are the characteristics of visionary companies in both the United States and Europe; the dynamics of planned organizational change process; organizational vision and its influence on the long-term behavior organizations; and leadership. Jerry I. Porras is the Lane Professor of Organizational Behavior, Emeritus. He received his BSEE from Texas Western College, his MBA from Cornell University, and his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. Among the honors he has received are the Brilliante Award from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the Silver Apple Award from the Stanford Business School Alumni Association, and the Kanter Medal from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. He joined the Stanford faculty in 1972. Professor Porras is author of Stream Analysis: A Powerful Way to Diagnose and Manage Organizational Change (Addison-Wesley, 1987); co-developer of the Stream Analysis Software Package (1999); and coauthor of Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business, 1994) and Building Your Companys Vision, Harvard Business Review (1996). He has served on several editorial boards including the Journal of Organizational Change Management, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Academy of Management Journal, and Academy of Management Review. About Perspectivas Speaker Series: Perspectivas is a speaker series aimed to empower and inspire individuals by providing 'mentoring at scale'. Latino scientists and professionals share their perspectives on careers, work-life balance, and how they've achieved personal success. More videos on this series: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=278FED82770E323B
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Sushil Kumar (4 months ago)
you are a great leaders....
Fool Juh (7 months ago)
I thought it was Noam Chompsky at first....
sexobscura (1 year ago)
as *Michio Kaku* famously stated: *Go Suck A Fuck*
Tim Nebergall (1 year ago)
Apple becomes the wealthiest company in the world in the years that followed this talk...
tadesse geleta (3 years ago)
Good presentation ! please attach to me iam school leader
Kei Korono (3 years ago)
10:20 What is a great leader like?  21:15 The key             How do you become a "built to last" leader? 26:11 Step #1           28:35 Personal Vision 36:00 Step #2           36:53 Organizational Characteristics        40:40 Q&A
Vincent Vinny (3 years ago)
+Kei Korono thanks so much
tasneem alahmadi (4 years ago)
thanks for sharing this talk with us .. very interesting content  : ) 
FAHRETTİN Otluoglu (4 years ago)
How good leadership could create successful and sustainabile organization. Here is the answer. Thanks.
Ajeet Rayakar (4 years ago)
Very inspiring & practical ideas to practice ! Thanks
andym8ukcan42 (5 years ago)
Built to last = Jesus and Human Rights n Welfare ! All things are made for Pleasure, Easier life and Profits ! Can Google Usurp National Govts?
Coby H (5 years ago)
Abdulrehman Akbar (5 years ago)
Best lecture...thx
macan17 (5 years ago)
Great presentation. Thanks. It’s a very clear relationship between the characteristics of ‘charismatic visionary leader’ and the their focus on leading the organization. Yet, what is the relationship between the characteristics of ‘build to last leader’ (such as soft spoken, gentle, humble, etc.) and the their focus on building the organization?
Dino Dini (5 years ago)
You are just promoting your prejudices
Justin Brims (6 years ago)
Armando Ramirez Jr (6 years ago)
This Guy is just promoting his book.
kuku kebede (6 years ago)
You are thight
Bahaaeldin Mohamed (6 years ago)
core value consistence with what is so-called "commission statement" for each company now, i mean the main purpose!
Junior Sams (6 years ago)
impressive, gained inner drive
Yves Bashonga (6 years ago)
Jerry Porras’ video on Leadership and Vision was very informative and had me contemplating of the quality that makes me who I am. What are the core values that define me? Which values do I hold dearly and would not violate under any circumstances, no matter what the outcome might be? Furthermore how do these core values push me to work (or build) an organization that aligns with who I am?
The Renegade Leader (6 years ago)
Leadership is not about commanding, its comes from on the root word leading. Leading people towards clear vision and one goal.
Sue McCarthy (6 years ago)
fredo loran (7 years ago)
Leadership is by Choice. One can be a leader if he chooses it. Check out the amazing book on leadership - "Leadership by Choice" by Eric Papp. One can download the free chapter on his website
SabreLake (7 years ago)
I think his predication for Apple is very close to the truth. Tim will never pull Apple to next height. Just like Steve Balmer cannot get MS running as good as Bill Gates was there.
Periapse (7 years ago)
RIP Steve Jobs. Now let's see how this guy's prediction pans out.
Sharad Dhawale (7 years ago)
Great insight...!!!
Samuel Shen (7 years ago)
how did i got here O.e
thegreatmonster (8 years ago)
this is really great, thanks for posting
TedDGPoulos (8 years ago)
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raazs35 (9 years ago)
i read this book 3 years back..surprised no one at this google talk read this ..wonderfull book and valuable lessons to read again

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