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Internal Process | Human Body Systems for Startup

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#internalprocess #humanbodysystem #RBNC Internal Process Perspective is an important part of checking Business Health, https://youtu.be/WAFflcR4y7E, it is similar to Human Body Systems. After Define Financial Objectives - https://youtu.be/Vgc2JHpHgYE, Customer Values - https://youtu.be/tmh2FOJlaJk, Identify any Internal Process need to be improved that impact on Customer Satisfaction, it will focus on: 1. Operation Management Process 2. Customer Management Process 3. Innovation Process 4. Regulation & Social Process http://rbnc.global/training/startup-entrepreneurship.html This channel is a project of sharing 1000 Startup Business Advice & Tips, funded by RBNC (ROBENNY CORPORATION). The videos are built based on the concept of 1 topic: 1 min for Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, and Professionals. 11:00 AM Tuesday Weekly New York Time (EST).
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It is 1-minute tip video, please feel free to ask, our Experts would love to explain more detail (you could organize the same language group discussion, we can communicate in several languages)

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