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Creating ethical cultures in business: Brooke Deterline at TEDxPresidio

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As Corporate Director for the Heroic Imagination Project (HIP), Brooke helps boards, executives, and teams at all levels develop the skills to act with courage and ingenuity in the face of challenging situations. This fosters leadership credibility and candor, builds trust, engagement and reduces risk. AV and event video provided by http://repertoireproductions.com
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Nico Loco (8 days ago)
Coucou Daphné
Ana Mc intire (1 month ago)
Could you speak loud please, is hard to hear and understand. Thank you
Ana Mc intire (1 month ago)
+Douglas Au I did and is not my volume. Is her voice.
Douglas Au (1 month ago)
Turn up your volume?
hendrix4151 (7 months ago)
people who fight god will lose..they could suffer for it..how much pain are you willing to endure?
Matthew Ademola (9 months ago)
God's Community (11 months ago)
_The time is yours... Enjoy your day!_ ☑
Pramod Chandrasekhar (11 months ago)
It is fantastic.Lack of ethics we are facing all over the world.We are the victims of so many unethical business.
tinirolando (11 months ago)
Thanks i enjoy
aslan almatrouk (1 year ago)
The problem is that they don’t know that God is watching them. They are far away from God, for that reason they have stone heart. If I see something wrong in my company, I will talk. Because talking and telling the truth will not cut me from this world. God is there, and he will be beside me.
Wontonphooey (1 year ago)
That's easy for a Corporate Director to say. Who's gonna fire her for taking a stand on an ethics issue?
김수용 (1 year ago)
Her voice is so soft and tender...
Robert Chapman (2 years ago)
Notice there is no reference to the consequences. The whistle-blowers in every instance listed in this talk lost their jobs and more as a result of their actions. Training people to act with courage and integrity is great, but where is the help when that courage impacts you and your children's future?
Frank Wright (1 year ago)
Yep. You can be screwed by ethical behavior. Most folks are.
Jalen Marshall (2 years ago)
wow what an awful, seductive liar
Regina Bell (2 years ago)
I like how she presented her discussion on ethics. if you have watched enough of the Ted spokesmen and women you would realize not all of them wear suits they wear regular clothes. Some people dress as everyday people because they are everyday people. What she is discussing is important not the way she is dress. I rather feel like I relate to my audience in a down to earth matter. A person in formal clothing doesn't mean their thought or opinion will be clearly heard or taken in more consideration.
nopoliticking1 (2 years ago)
At the end of the day it's about having a job.....
Aidan Lam (1 year ago)
Which is why a change in corporate culture is necessary alongside what she is saying. Employees need to feel secure that being ethical won't risk their job.
Jenice Armstead (2 years ago)
Excellent video - I will be showing this for my next Introduction to Business class, covering business ethics ~Dr. Jaye
VC (2 years ago)
Profit and Money is the main goal of any Corporation. Anything else is secondary. Appearing 'ethical' is treated the same as any other marketing/advertising costs. A company will spend the bare minimum to 'appear' ethical in order to maintain revenue and profit. The only way for true change is to create an environment where Ethics & Values are the Key Drivers to Profit. Any other solution is a band-aid.
Frank Wright (1 year ago)
But the real world of business is all about profit. If you don't make money, you won't be valued by the company.
corres4 (1 year ago)
To define ethics by profit capability goes against the whole point of ethics.
Great content. I wish she spoke a little louder and her body language transmitted more "courage" though, so people would be motivated to take action. Her tone and movements transmitted more caution and secrecy as if the courageous person were afraid to be sacked if she spoke the truth about what's going on in the organization and she had therefore to whisper.
Soaptivated (2 years ago)
Old saying: "If you want to capture someone's attention, whisper." Ever seen the TED Talk on Introverts? Who knew Bill Gates & Warren Buffet are introverts?
FirstAnd Last (3 years ago)
Very interesting to see the lip service paid to CSR in order to appear good corporate citizens.KIA Motors...............FUJITSU.........ANTLER LUGGAGE .... should now form part of any MBA case study. JAN 2016: These 3 global organisations sponsor the ESSENDON football club in Melbourne Australia who have just been penalised by WADA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport, for a highly secretive illegal performance enhancing drug injecting regime which took over 4 years to resolve thanks to the lies told by the ESSENDON fc and using the legal system to muddy the waters designed to clear their name. The players were also proven to be complicit as they willingly signed waivers to allow these injections (amounting to dozens each) and not discuss the program, challenge it or question the process.WILL KIA, FUJITSU and ANTLER have the courage to ACT and withdraw their sponsorships? It has been well publicised across Australia that some or all of these companies have escape clauses in their contracts for such breaches of integrity & BRAND DAMAGE by association. The ESSENDON football club are very powerful and wealthy. The AFL, on confirmation of the drug injecting debacle acted by fining the club $2,000,000, kicking ESSENDON out of the finals, suspending 34 players for a full year and firing the CEO and Coach. Let's see if FUJITSU, KIA and Antler are the good corporate citizens and CSR role models they claim to be!
Kenneth Wallin (3 years ago)
Broooke has a good understanding of ethics, but is a terrible presenter. I agree with preasail, her dress for success mentor must have taken this day off.
Aidan Lam (1 year ago)
Presentation skills is not about how you dress, its about how you engage an audience.
Sean-Michael (2 years ago)
I respectfully disagree. The only thing "off" about her presentation was a better mic check possibly. She seems like a soft spoken (volume wise) individual. Her mic could have been turned up a bit in my opinion but other than that I thought she was excellent
Maata Fiefia (2 years ago)
I definitely disagree. I had the great opportunity to be in the audience when she presented at our University and found her presentation to be the most educational and motivating.
Edmund Blackadder (3 years ago)
Who gives a shit about Van Jones?
preasail (3 years ago)
This woman comes across as sanctimonious. It's a serious topic, but it should be said in a way to rouse the audience to action, such as telling them to get off their butts and participate in democracy. Instead, she turned it into a sleep-inducing mumble. Also, I find the men's clothing she's wearing distracting. Why do women think that putting on men's attire makes them more powerful and, therefore, more believable?
preasail (2 years ago)
Intellect has nothing to with it; tolerance is the word you were looking for. The men's attire comment was for the general masculinization of women nowadays. Maybe you should get tested for logic and English usage and, while you're at it, learning a sense of humor.
Yomate Jalsea (2 years ago)
@presail perhaps that is just her personal style. It sucks that you lack such intellect that something simple like 'men's clothing' distracts you. Perhaps you should get tested for ADD.
K Kwok (3 years ago)
+preasail I totally agree with you about her sleepy tone..
ashwin yenigalla (3 years ago)
+preasail I thought her deliverance very well reflected the unconscious nature of stepping over our ethical line of reasoning
Charles Betterton (6 years ago)
I was blessed to meet Brooke at the recent Social Venture Network conference where she shared a bit about the work of the Heroic Imagination Project. Aftare watching this video, I have a much better understanding of both the significance of HIP AND a much deeper appreciation for what an excellent example Brooke is of acting with courage and integrity. Thank you Brooke!
508Griff (6 years ago)
Not just business--applicable in all sectors, in families, in relationships.... Timely and courageous.
508Griff (6 years ago)
Great storytelling about the kind of practical courage that is so needed--and not just in business but in all aspects of our lives.
Ante Lauc (6 years ago)
Honest and smart person. We need such people to overcome corruption.

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