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The Growth Mindset

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Sal talks with Stanford Professor Carol Dweck about her research on the Growth Mindset. Join the You Can Learn Anything movement at www.khanacademy.org/YouCanLearnAnything
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Neuroplasticity is a beautiful thing. Aerobic exercise and its impact on neuroplasticity is producing some notable and inspiring new developments, though I find that very few of my peers are even aware of the brain's malleability (and thus they are confused by the term "neuroplasticity").
How does Dr. Dweck measure students' mindsets prior to the start of each study in order to evaluate each respective group's (fixed vs. growth) performance during the observation period? Is there a self-examination out there?
Zatch Bell (4 months ago)
Thanks Yzma
Very good-Perú...Buenas estrategias para lograr el desarrollo mental con esfuerzo.
Doretha Anderson (7 months ago)
I am enrolled at Ashford University and this is a video I had to watch. I was impressed with what Dr Sal said about the growth and fixed brain.
Aditya Nagesh (9 months ago)
Sal Please send me your email ID. I want to send you a Gmail. Next week on a Sunday or on a vacation please send me an invitation and I want to chat with you my role model.
Sheryn Marsden (11 months ago)
I am going to share this with all of my teaching colleagues, thank you so much.
David H Braun (1 year ago)
That was a good point about the negative effect of praising a kid for being "smart". As Professor Dweck pointed out, they are more likely to give up as when they encounter things that are difficult for them. Further, it will tend to make them either feel better than others or fear failing and not living up to the praise. It's much better to encourage them to find satisfaction in overcoming obstacles.
Tom Webb (1 year ago)
Lekestue (1 year ago)
Growth I can learn this I can develop my skills fixed I am not capable of getting better its fixed
Felipe De La Garza (1 year ago)
Lula Hall (1 year ago)
Hi my name is Lula im really not into You Tube to be honest i really dont see anything interesting on You Tube maybe if i give it a go i might could get into it but i never been into it
Zackary Gomez (1 year ago)
Thank you, Ashford University for sending me this link.
Lynnette Regalado (1 year ago)
i had no volume treid to turn up still nothing
Fahd Syed (1 year ago)
this is a great video on achieving a growth mindset
Anna Macko (2 years ago)
Yes, I know anything is possible! All we need to do is to continue with what we started to achieve success
Jacob Tran (2 years ago)
Jaxxy J (2 years ago)
Hooray! There's hope for all of us👍
Felice Valent (2 years ago)
great video .. thanks for share... it's so true that we can only grow up when we face struggle... life begins when u out from your comfort zone!
Jarbas Gomes (3 years ago)
Muito Bom !!
Noah Geerts (3 years ago)
Noah Geerts (3 years ago)
I ment great
Noah Geerts (3 years ago)
Noah Geerts (3 years ago)
Malvictis (3 years ago)
This is absolutely true. I hate it when I hear the people around me call themselves stupid. You are only as intelligent as you believe you are and, if you actually try, you can learn anything. The trick is finding a method of learning that works the best for you and realizing that the only thing that can stop you from learning is your decision to stop trying. Personally, I learn better by self-educating than any other way and I love to learn in this way. Realize that the more you do anything, the easier it becomes. New connections can be forged in your brain at any age and once those connections are formed, their repeated use only strengthens those neural pathways. The ability to take in and retain new knowledge is one of those neural pathways. I have never understood why people (and it seems extremely common, at least in my geographic area) just give up when they begin to struggle, then tell themselves they didn't do it because they weren't capable. If I have failed to do something (other than sports - I just don't care about sports) or failed to learn something, it drives me to search for a way to make it happen. Don't get me wrong - there have been times in my life when I gave up and didn't think I would amount to anything. In those times, I settled for mediocrity - that is always the outcome of giving up. I study anything and everything I can get my hands on. If I find something about which I'm ignorant, I won't be ignorant for long. I have the mindset that I can learn anything and that mindset makes the learning become easy. Besides, in a world with websites like Khan Academy, YouTube, and Google there is no excuse to stay ignorant for long. You just have to want it.
Juliana Sepulveda (1 year ago)
What's your drive? Many people may believe they can learn something if they try hard enough, and yet they don't see the point in doing so. They don't have a good reason to do it, or they don't see the point. They don't have the motivation other people have. What's your motivation, what's your reason? What's the reason that sometimes--instead of doing something funner, like playing video games, watching a movie, or reading a book--you choose to learn? Learning may be enjoyable, but it also can be work at times--hard work. What makes pursuing knowledge and being so committed to it worth it? (I'm not being antagonistic and I'm not criticizing you--I'm curious to see what your drive is and if it's anything like mine.)
marshmallow (3 years ago)
Its weird now I actually see his face when he talks, normally I see words on screens. I am very familiar to Sal's voice,but first time syncing his face and voice together xD
Mai P (3 years ago)
i hope this is not ONLY applicable to kids. :D
Sharon Podobnik (2 years ago)
We do a lot of growth mindset work with teachers as well in order to a) translate that learning to students and b) make sure teachers are continuously improving as well!
Mirie Abrams (3 years ago)
+Mai Poncardas It really, really isn't. I'm a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) leader for a difficult first-year course at the University of Calgary, and we also work on including growth mindset philosophy and statements in the design and implementation of our sessions. I absolutely love taking in the attitude changes I see in my students with these phrases, even though they probably don't know about the research driving my madness - it really does work, and not just for the high-school grads, but the older students that come to my sessions as well!
Boky (3 years ago)
The whole thing is complete nonsense and a hoax. He has a such annoying voice and personality... I will start making my own video-lectures with correct explanation and without mind-destroying game-mechanics.
Raul Ortiz (4 years ago)
Micheal Jackson is back from the dead!!! 
Brandon Soley (4 years ago)
Sal Khan is my hero!
sam bee (4 years ago)
as an educator here in my country given the specks of our curriculum  .... is i actually hard to achieve under the cercomstances we endure here. sigh =/ i wonder however, what would happen if you mix this very same theory with praise ..... =/
Joe Chuckles (4 years ago)
Frederick Douglass, “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”
Ahsan Zaman (4 years ago)
My younger brother has a fixed mindset; he just believes that he isn't good at studying which is really annoying.
Richard Gordon (4 years ago)
Love Kahn Academy!
KE REN (4 years ago)
very inspiring
Geralda Bray (4 years ago)
wowo! loved this! will have to change the way I work with my son. thank you!
wesee Darius (4 years ago)
A global education survey: "When it comes to math, reading and science, teens in the U.S. rank 36th in the world" No.1 economy in the world is 36th in learning. Real shame. Maybe guys in US should look at EU for a better methods. Why to reinvent the wheel 
Vitto Niken (4 years ago)
I can't focus right now. I don't mean to be rude... I really don't, but, am I the only one who thinks that she looks like a cyborg?
Ante Lauc (4 years ago)
I like Khan Academy and S. Kahn who developed a new way for learning. Like SK in US, I like Grigori Grabovoi in Russia ( his books you can find at Amazon)! Can they develop synergy, because Obama and Putin, and many others in US and Russia are not capable to create life for love, truth, and freedom?
Gilbert Nutier (4 years ago)
i too , I can learn a lot of things existing in our conscious mind , but i have forgetten in the same time ; I don't know why . i think that , i had gone out of social life that is existing in human being as loving kindness , compassion , friendliness , pity , sympathy , equanimity  , etc. when its are disappearing  from conscious mind , the hatred , the jealousy, the envy , the desire , the anger etc; will disappear too . that is why , we would keep all of like and dislike in the mind .
dipal shrestha (4 years ago)
Does mind grow in any age of life?
Juliana Sepulveda (1 year ago)
Mind Agilis (4 years ago)
Could certain video games stimulate and enhance brain functions such as (working) memory, attention, visuo-spatial acuity, mental flexibility, and even creativity?
Alter Idem (4 years ago)
Technically speaking, yes. But Lumosity won't do any of those. There has already been numerous studies agreeing that Lumosity doesn't help you at all.
R Pedersen (4 years ago)
cool :o
Jafrina Jabin (4 years ago)
yeah all thats true for the kids who have RICH parents....not 4 them who r poor lyk d poor of INDIA,AFRICA,BANGLADESH..poverty snatches everything from everyone.........................
Lan Nguyen (4 years ago)
This finding is fantastic!!! The more you think, the better your brain function. 
QIAN ZHANG (4 years ago)
It never hurt to try and believe. If you do not believe, you highly likely will not be able to do it. Set all of the fear aside, and then the best could be achieved by you.
IndiaRockLovers (4 years ago)
You have to struggle a lot to do so, learning is as tough as doing physical working.I can say this with a bit more certainty because i have passed iitjee which is one of the toughest exams in the world whose coaching is available in khanacademy go see the problems you will know what i am talking about.
tudorraneti (4 years ago)
in layman terms, if you're passionate about something you are not superficial about something. Isn't that a truism :) I equate talent with passion, except when some physical requisite is necessary, otherwise everything is easier if you're passionate about it. I would go as far to say you don't have to be passionate or into what you're doing even, you can be obsessed about being the best and not like what you're doing, and still be good at it than most. Simple answer is another truism, you don't get anywhere intellectually with apathy. To asimilate this wisdom just say to yourself: get busy living or get busy dying
Boobarella (4 years ago)
Does anybody else think Carol is pretty sexy? or just mwah
mark viegelahn (1 year ago)
ctfu pathetic troll
Boobarella (4 years ago)
+Irving Ceron I typed in sexy old women on search and this video came up. I have a thing for mature granny's...
jonnyrokrify (4 years ago)
thunk it 2
Lightspeed (4 years ago)
About as sexy as a cereal box maybe
Kevin Shibobo (4 years ago)
Adrian Dennis (4 years ago)
I don't know why am don't wanna learn always distracted by other things when I should be learning my school work.
Unicorns Cute (1 year ago)
Adrian Dennis then ignore
Sl Mailouts (4 years ago)
Great stuff, but please, can you add some more physics and chemistry content?
WattledOak25 (4 years ago)
Love these short insightful vids
grizzlyripper (4 years ago)
The key word is "believe". You can not develop what you got from birth, but you can fulfill it. Or not. It just like with the low literacy level in the past - it was not because people back than were less smart, but because they were never taught reading. Actually, their average brain size was larger then modern people have. Brain does not "grow" because of learning. Neurons only die out during the lifetime. But you still can grow another couple of millions synapses - which is the learning process basically. For sure there must be better ways of learning developed, but non of this will make you Michelangelo if you were not born one, the methods only could help to find you talent, but not create one.
Jay Peek (4 years ago)
scott achor happiness ;-)
aviti mushi (4 years ago)
hii ndio motto wanayotakiwa kuwa nayo waalimu....
mhtinla (4 years ago)
Khan's 99.99% is overly optimistic. World literacy rate is 84%, according to Wikipedia. (But I'm sure we'll grow there one day). This growth mindset explains why US teenagers lag behind their peers in Korea, Hong Kong, Finland, Germany, etc. in math, but their "confidence" in math ranks the highest. Sometimes this growth mindset becomes the blinder until truth sinks in. (Sorry kid, you'll never grow to be an NBA star... should've tried a rap career from the beginning.)
Mr. Clean (1 year ago)
mhtinla you missed the point
Philippe Tremblay (4 years ago)
Okay, fair enough. 
Nuno Anselmo (4 years ago)
+Philippe Tremblay I know, I was replying as to why it's 99.9% and not 100% of the population.
Philippe Tremblay (4 years ago)
The thing is those cases you mention do not account for the 16% who can't read. Many can't read because they were not taught, but they still have the basic capability. I think it's what Sal Khan means, because almost everyone can learn to read, there are very few exceptions. Take 100 children and it's very likely all of them will successfully learn to read when taught. I think it is safe to say that 99+ % of people have the basic capability for reading.
mhtinla (4 years ago)
+Nuno Anselmo I whisper to my vegetables sometimes. They are smart.
Alyza Valdez (4 years ago)
Funny these videos are coming out. I'm in the process of reading Mindset by Dweck, and I find it interesting. I have totally suffered from the fixed mindset, and I'm wondering what to expect from my classes this semester if I apply myself and focus on the process instead of the result, like Dweck mentions in her book. Screwed myself over last spring, so I am kind of scared, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get me to focus on, learn, and understand the material, instead of just quickly BSing through my work to get the A that'll prove my "smartness" (and then totally giving up when I don't get that A).
Yong Bang Yang (4 years ago)
It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer *Albert Einstein*
Nuno Anselmo (4 years ago)
+Miroslav Kovar Isn't that a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln?
Miroslav Kovar (4 years ago)
Einstein is probably the most misquoted person in history...
mutoso (4 years ago)
It seems like Einstein didn't actually say this from looking at Google and WikiQuote. Good quote though. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Talk:Albert_Einstein#Unsourced_and_dubious.2Foverly_modern_sources
Yong Bang Yang (4 years ago)
+Christopher Woodhouse  Good point :)
Wicke 2D (4 years ago)
+Christopher Woodhouse You say that as if this video confirms Albert Einstein's quote.
MrDiscreet100 (4 years ago)
Here we stand prepared to take one step into the darkness of the future, beauty in the steps unravel a new world thought; where everyone learns to love & loves to learn. Praise to Khan!
Roland Gerard (4 years ago)
Khan Academy is one of the best channel on youtube, very high pedagogic level. Imagine a school full of teachers like Sal, what a blessing it would be!
TheLoneBit (4 years ago)
This totally helps me out. I am trying to learn a multitude of skills and sometimes I get to the point where It just, "I've gotten too many questions wrong. This sucks; I'll try again later, maybe." Because everyone has always said I was a genius because, I seem to think out of the box and get things that other people fail to understand.. But that's not true at all. I just have a lot of ideas and views that challenges today's expectation. I have always seen the world as filled with potential. But, as of late, with all that is going on in today's societies my confidence in my views have become lackluster. I use to think since I fail there must be something the matter. Perhaps I am not cut out for the fields I wish to study, I think all the time; Halfheartedly, I know that is not the truth. But the idea rears it's ugly head most everyday. But I know I will live my dream one day. Every single invention I think up, be it a flop or a success, built. Every project I start, I will complete. Every wrong I aim to right, will be dealt justice. Every dream, brought to reality. This video has really inspired me to keep moving forward. So, I will keep growing my mind and I wish everyone the best of luck growing theirs.
Adam Thomas (3 years ago)
+TheLoneBit You are obviously VERY young! :-) There is a solution for you - it's called time. Until you pass the biological age of 25, your brain is not properly developed/organised. Take life easily - Kilneth came up with THE most life-enhancing/saving idea of all years ago, but it is against EVERYTHING that the politicians keep telling you: "Do more!"   "No pain, no gain!" "Do it till it really hurts!" DON'T. Everybody should go find and join: Kilneth's  " The Just 10% LESS Project" It takes the pain away.........  :-)
Philippe Tremblay (1 year ago)
Don't let your thoughts or emotions limit your possibilities. Work to find ways around it, learn to be resourceful and to mend any gaps. Persevere, it will pay off.
Delmo Thurifera (4 years ago)
seriously, thank you!

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