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How to Start a Speech

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Success Network (1 year ago)
Really love the advice in this video!
titlewave (11 days ago)
*"i like the video of the guy and the speaking..."*
Bill Yates (1 month ago)
Another crucial point is to get your facts right. He said there are more people alive today than have ever lived. In fact, "we are nowhere near close to having more alive than dead. In fact, there are 15 dead people for every person living. We surpassed seven billion dead way back between 8000BC and AD1."    Ooops!!
Hilton Jacobs (2 months ago)
@Ford St Clair Conor didn't deserve the time you spent on your comment. The next time a speaker looks like a dlckhead the way Conor does, I'm just gonna pass. I came to *loathe* Conor for wasting my time with his bullshlt.
Hilton Jacobs (2 months ago)
BOOOOOOOOO. What a waste of time. Now I've got to wash my ears of this jerk's voice.
amir moradnejad (3 months ago)
Zed King (3 hours ago)
Oh that's easy just say "Hello"
NightCoder (5 hours ago)
But what if... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU7p2uX1CmU
mydogskips2 (6 hours ago)
Don't give out incorrect "facts," that's also a good place to start.
Dizzy Blu (16 hours ago)
Agent Phil Coulson is that you?
Cahayacenel (18 hours ago)
Good Conor Neill
Dagwould (1 day ago)
I start a speech by: checking the venue, checking any slides I have, doing a sound check (before the audience comes in), chatting with the AV operator to make sure we are in synch and he/she knows my lead in. One talk I went to had the national president of an industry group talking to a bunch of politicians. Her opening? [looks at slide on screen, rather than audience] "these slides are the wrong ones..." You can see where that speech went!
Smallstudio Design (1 day ago)
Interesting provocation + debate generated over his example of how to introduce a speech with , he says --> "... more people are alive today than have ever died." || He didn't actually say that was an indisputable fact at all. He suggested offering a "... factoid that shocks". Q. Do the dead outnumber the living? + how do you calculate how many have ever lived, and where do you start? --> "According to the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, DC, the normal starting point is when Homo sapiens first walked the earth, about 50,000 years ago." [rather than going back to hundreds of thousands of years) -- based upon this timeline - it may seem completely plausible. "So what are the figures? There are currently seven billion people alive today and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion people have ever lived. This means that we are nowhere near close to having more alive than dead. In fact, there are 15 dead people for every person living. We surpassed seven billion dead way back between 8000BC and AD1." -- source: article: "Do the dead outnumber the living?"By Wesley Stephenson. BBC News || LINK: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16870579 For the purposes of his lecture on how to begin a speech - I'm not entirely sure he meant for this "factoid" to be a hard fact -- so much as provocation + attention grabber, to get audience aroused and thinking. It certainly got everyone commenting here busy didn't it?
Lubanzi Money (1 day ago)
Subscribe and get paid @UCFIv3wJeJip47UyH4JT_U8w
Mark Lynch (1 day ago)
I'm speechless
Zen = Yen 🔴 (2 days ago)
. Friends, YouTubers and Earthlings, *Lend Me Your EARS* .
Sirajudheen Ch (2 days ago)
I have a question 'how to start a speech ?'
Ray Bendon (2 days ago)
Seriously so boring....
Thomas Doherty (2 days ago)
what Conor didn't tell you is that he kissed the "Blarney stone" maybe you want to google that and he is also a good Irish fisherman because he got us all on his hook!
Give an example of a speech it would be more useful.
Master Puji (3 days ago)
Who else has a speech due tomorrow?
Smug Smugly (3 days ago)
Well did you envision an ass whoopin?
Supaa8 # (3 days ago)
Best advice: Be genuine and speak from the heart Those are the speeches that are the most famously stout
Smug Smugly (3 days ago)
Well did you envision an ass whoopin?
George Young (4 days ago)
How to not look like you're picking your nose when giving a speech.
m32797m (4 days ago)
I have no clue how did I watch-listen ALMOST to the end. What did I learn? Absolutely NOTHING
Smug Smugly (3 days ago)
Well did you envision an ass whoopin?
George Young (4 days ago)
Exactly. It worked.
Huw Sayer (4 days ago)
Nice talk - but you are wrong about the population claim. Best estimate is that since 50,000BC around 110bn people have been born (many did not make it past childhood) - that includes the current 9bn people on the planet - so for every person alive, there are 10 ghosts standing behind them.
Alvin Mwangi (2 days ago)
That nice of you to correct him but I think you missed the premise of the video
REC Film School (3 days ago)
he said the facts were false if you listen closely
ICON SERVICES (4 days ago)
stop touching your nose please
Naveed Times (5 days ago)
for MBA people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ccLajpVzA&t=159s
news channel pak (5 days ago)
Paul Wave (5 days ago)
100.8 billion died, 7.53 billion alive today.
business start (5 days ago)
Thanks for the video ! I am Just Get it here easy,edit and print @t ..more detail here :@t
Earl Keen (5 days ago)
It is also important to get your facts straight. You're wrong when you say there are more people alive today than have ever died. Mathematically impossible.
The man (5 days ago)
No dis-pis-pect, but how has this video got 10M+ views. I'm perplexed!
Bobitha999 (5 days ago)
Why do you say more people alive than dead? That is not true and you make such a point to say it is true? Why? You really believe that? I think not....... I think you hate the human race. I think you hate children. Prove me wrong.
Chentel Leresche (6 days ago)
How to start a speech first off just be yourself do not try to be someone you are not , people listen to you if you can be yourself and feel comfortable being who you are . I can start a conversation no problem and make people feel comfortable staying and listening to what I have to say . I can make people feel good and make them laugh and it is all by being myself and that gets peoples attention .
Dumbass Dummy Vote (6 days ago)
wish i could speak in public
Erick Juma (6 days ago)
Great way to learn speak speech is to listen to president Obama's speeches.
jj jj (6 days ago)
Telling stories is overdone in today's politics. Just listen to the last Democratic debate, everyone had a sob story to say
Erik Christensen (7 days ago)
https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fact-or-fiction-living-outnumber-dead/ Sorry, "fact" #1 is not true. Good speech otherwise.
ThaMan (7 days ago)
"Erace Uneveh" is that Gaelic? Because it is strangely Latin sounding and it hit my ear and I understood it. My first language was Portuguese (a latin language). It literally means "It happened one time".
ThaMan (6 days ago)
@Conor Neill ah. You didnt say vez, you said veh.
Conor Neill (6 days ago)
Erase una vez - Spanish ;-)))
Martin Champel (7 days ago)
More than 100 billions people already died.
troll center (7 days ago)
https://youtu.be/8JxP-8OogTQ ...censored channel
rockin roy (7 days ago)
excellent philosophy.
Bilal Rajab (7 days ago)
Nicely done! Thank you sir!
Dean P (8 days ago)
Interesting, except by half way thru I was beginning to wonder how many times he touched his nose!
philhersh (8 days ago)
Your very first statement may be mistaken. Hopefully one's presentation will be seen on youtube or elsewhere by others. Nothing wrong with "Slating" your presentation with your name.
Kane Tse (8 days ago)
I fell asleep watching this.
Oscar Onyango (8 days ago)
It's nearly the end and still waiting..
Bradley Frank (8 days ago)
Could I start out my speech with "alternative facts"?
TEDDY GANEA (8 days ago)
The first fact is false, the second fact is true.
TEDDY GANEA (7 days ago)
Very true
Damian Sowerbutts (8 days ago)
Regardless of the verisimilitude of his facts, he's evoked interest enough in his speech for you to respond :)
ed (8 days ago)
Very boring and fragmented speech. Sir you need to learn how to make a useful and coherent speech.😀
Erick Juma (6 days ago)
First Word: Hello My lovelies, Last Word: Thank you, pause, head down for applause, raise and wave goodbye to the cheers
Dagwould (1 day ago)
Why do you end with 'thank you'. Thanking for what? Better ending: a compelling summary sentence.
# dragon (9 days ago)
Whats a Blackberry?
christian gibson (9 days ago)
OMG... Conor Neill, your picture has an uncanny resemblance to the corrupt US labor secretary (Acosta) who has resigned after his secret deal with paedophile friend of Trump (Epstein).
Phil Smith (9 days ago)
I can't take my eyes off his ears
Robert Carranza (10 days ago)
HOW to start a speech and be completely boring! Yes you have captured it;-)
CeeCee Nunya (9 days ago)
Nah. It was only 8 minutes and 46 seconds long, buddy. That was long enough for you to go to the kitchen, make a sandwich AND still take a shit. Short attention span, much?
S L (10 days ago)
I find these people pretty pathetic. All trying to learn how to speak to people. How about by being real and not trying to be tactical with the way you talk to people...
EMP C (7 days ago)
The only pathetic thing here is your attitude. Everything you know you’ve learned.
Jason Phillips (10 days ago)
What the hell is a blackberry?
Learned so much, and never pulled out my phone!
@Kyle Hancock LOL! I didn't think of that!
Kyle Hancock (7 days ago)
I watched this on my phone....
Ol' Ben (10 days ago)
Shouldn’t the factoid be relevant to the subject matter of the speech?
DR MUSIC CENTER Nepal (10 days ago)
very nice
demonhead鬼 (10 days ago)
Who is this guy supposed to be, and why should I listen to him?
EMP C (7 days ago)
Who are you? Why should he give you a free video to improve yourself?
isaac hinojosa (11 days ago)
Hope this guy doesn't quit his day job
Sanjay Rajan Shrestha (11 days ago)
Richard Davis (11 days ago)
U.N. predicts the world population will stabilize at 10 billion inhabitants sometime after 2200. At this rate, the living will never outnumber the dead, so this is not a true fact! a blackberry moment caused by incorrect information and losing half an audience to fact checking, and them learning the fact is actually not a fact.
Inclusive Music (11 days ago)
Thank you
Antonio Martinez (12 days ago)
trump is a mother fucker....
Antonio Martinez (14 days ago)
Mother fucker and mother fuckers ...
Dream 2 Ceylone (14 days ago)
Great advice highly appreciated
Zac Slade (14 days ago)
But what did that guy say to him last October??
Humais Shahid (14 days ago)
Hubert Bao (15 days ago)
You can tell he is a good talker from him never using ehhs and ahhs but instead, he can hold the urge of it and create pauses instead.
AT lesat some one is there to catch and send to custody if something goes wrong
i dont have confident on this customer chain business
twice tofu (16 days ago)
*how did i end up here*
Brian Cycles (16 days ago)
It would be great if I didn't have to skip to the middle of the video to get to the point.
Carl deC (17 days ago)
it's nonsense that more people are alive today than have ever lived... there have likely been hundreds of billions of people born onto this planet since our type of hominids transformed into homosapien /neanderthal people. He is a great speaker though.
EMG (17 days ago)
As Head Dean of students and Union Chapter leader, I was asked to address an audience of parents, colleagues, administration, and Board of Ed officials after 9/11. (So, have I piqued your curiosity? Do you want to read more?) I had no prepared remarks; it would be totally off the top of my head. So, how to start my speech? and how to close the speech? I knew my speech had to be short and sweet. Well, I started by thanking the parents for attending the meeting, thus assuring them that they were important. I praised the staff for their efforts during the 9/11 crisis -- never making it about me. I closed with a simple observation, one with which the parents could relate, because they had the most invested in the school. I said, "I am proud to tell you that not one child from our school was hurt on that horrific day. Thank you." This was not a feigned remark, but something the parents wanted to hear. Surprisingly to me, it resulted in a standing ovation. Go figure.
EMG (15 days ago)
@Conor Neill So, true, especially if the words that are spoken heartfelt.
EMG (15 days ago)
Thank you for your sentiment. I was amazed by the reception of my impromptu speech. Given confidence, I believe, one can deliver a speech without dread. Our school, our staff, and, most importantly, our students were in the thick of things, especially when the South Tower came down with debris rumbling towards us only a few short blocks away. Thanks to Army training I kept my cool!
Conor Neill (15 days ago)
The best Speaking is a true gift to the audience
Titanium Tosh (17 days ago)
Abbos Utkirov (17 days ago)
Vote for Business Glossary : https://creativespark-bigidea.uk/finalists-2019/business-glossary/
Gore din Chitila (17 days ago)
Delicious spech ! https://youtu.be/w82a1FT5o88?t=150 You got my attention, but ......No ketchup, no spice , no pizza flavour ? Hungrrry .....so Huuuuunnngryyyyyy
Ben Tabac (18 days ago)
Karen M (18 days ago)
Great presentation and advice. But leave your nose alone!
enotdetcelfer (14 days ago)
You know that's an interesting *muffle muffle* have there. If i didn't know better I'd *muffle muffle* would be *muffle* number one for clear speaking and momentum!
David Stainley (18 days ago)
This is a wonderful way of adult speech giving. It's good.
Edbutt (18 days ago)
my blackberry is out of date !!
Janos K (17 days ago)
Edbutt I never got one at all!
Kristian Bowbrick (18 days ago)
As a scientist and a scholar, if you open a speech with "there's more people alive today than have died" you are "giving me a signal that it's a time to get my Android out" to verify that "fact". If, like with this statement I find it to be incorrect and you are trying to sell me something, I will NEVER buy from you! You have shown me that you are at best ill informed and at worst a liar! Either way I cannot trust you and I don't buy from people I can't trust EVER. If you are trying to teach me something I will switch off because you have shown me you are ill informed. I can't trust your opening fact so why should I trust the rest of your speech. I agree that opening with a factoid is a good way to start a speech, just make sure that it is true and verifiable. BBC News - Do the dead outnumber the living? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16870579
crazy doge (11 days ago)
@roger edwards Lol. Connor was just using a bloody example of how to start a speech, not a bnloody information report.
roger edwards (11 days ago)
You just used a bunch of words to make a petty, unremarkable and obvious point. I'd say that as a scientist and scholar you have absolutely no intuitive intelligence
Thomas Pryce (13 days ago)
This comment, 100% agree.
Shivam Singh (18 days ago)
Main speech starts from 3.20
Patience Curtis (19 days ago)
! Di
comes poco (19 days ago)
queria preguntarte si las 184 veces que tocas tu nariz entra en el tema o esta fuera de el --gracias
Aubrey Hawes (19 days ago)
Great inspirational video about how to use adversity to your advantage. Thanks for sharing Jason.
Avicennite GH (19 days ago)
Connor, you're clear and engaging & that Irish accent together sailed the information into my mind, thank you
Andy Jewson (20 days ago)
Blackberry, grandad . . . this dated badly !
Kunal Singh (21 days ago)
He said Blackberry and I immediately checked the date on this video. 2012. Okay, the universe makes sense again.
D Knight (19 days ago)
He clearly didnt possess the skill of seeing into the future. Android and iPhone killed the BlackBerry. Though I feel like in 2012, I could see that coming
Ritik sachan (21 days ago)
I am from India thankyou to learn us
Issam Mohanna (21 days ago)
That speaker-Conor Neill- is surely an honest great man.
bobby dias (21 days ago)
Trump starts a speech with a threat and ends the speech with a threat.
Meme Gazer (21 days ago)
welp 5 seconds in and I am bored...later
Freecheese (21 days ago)
This has so many views! No doubt people want to learn more about public speaking. He could make it more succinct by telling the audience a story they can connect with along with your own. His speech was difficult to watch and uninspiring. He clearly assumes the audience wants to hear. Sorry, but I did not find it even to be a fair speech and have heard better in class, totally honest.
Elke Sundermann (21 days ago)
And here we are again. Same curriculum I'm writing, this time it's a lesson on how to learn out loud (present their learning experiences to others). Would you allow me to use some of this video for the 4th-12th grade curriculum I'm creating? :)
Drayton Bird (21 days ago)
How is it possible to be that pleased with oneself?
MrStevieburchill (21 days ago)
I am glad that I don't have to attend this kind of conference and I am glad that I don't have to listen to people talk about sales projections for corporate world of scaffolding units in West Yorkshire. If I did I would begin my speech by immolating myself in an attempt to condense the presentation into the most entertaining subset of appropriate meaningful data to maintain the concentration of what would be a hyper focused audience.
James Tembula (21 days ago)
You got me Neill. I love it
Bakya N (21 days ago)
thanks for the video i like it very much and i learned the english speech very well from this vedio thanks for the vedio

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