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Response to signs/signals (reading the road ahead)

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An instructional video for learner drivers discussing how to respond to road signs and markings. The types of signs and markings are described and how to deal safely with them discussed - including the use of LADA-MSM. Highway Code link for rules 174-181 is at:- http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Highwaycode/DG_070332
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Alex Soto (14 days ago)
Where was yellow light
Tutang Durac (3 months ago)
am wondering if this is fine / correct as after a learner have more than 40 hours lessons and like to book for intensive driving course , the instructor said that the learner needed 40 hours lesson for one week , do you think this is acceptable?
Tutang Durac (3 months ago)
Hi, @Bob Christmas thanks for the reply am glad you take notice of the comment, this help a lot .after that 40 lessons it seems that not much progress so did deside to change teacher actually the new Instructor had 6 lessons already with the learner and said that is best to start from the beginning to see how the learner 's progress on driving, just want to know of not being taking advantage ,
Bob Christmas (3 months ago)
Hi, it is very difficult to comment on individual situations but I would want you to have an assessment lesson first and then advise you on how many hours you would need. I hope this helps, Bob
rayzain 123 (3 months ago)
Very helpful and informative for learners and new drivers
Lachesis Braick (4 months ago)
Hi Bob! Thanks for the video! I do have a question: if I am told to turn lefthand then get no instructions when I arrive on the new road should I follow the road ahead? I am asking this because in a scenario where the lane I arrive on is turn left only, should I then change lanes to the right so that I follow the road ahead or should I turn left even though I haven't been given that instruction?
Bob Christmas (4 months ago)
Hi, at the beginning of the test the examiner will ask you to follow the road ahead at all times unless the road signs or markings dictate otherwise (for instance a compulsory left turn, blue circle with white arrow). So in your scenario you will need to move to the ahead lane using the MSM routine. Hope that helps. You might like to watch the video on "independent driving" as well. Bob
Pete Johnson (5 months ago)
i need to keep looking out for signs more and coordinate it with driving
Ermias Woldegiorgis (5 months ago)
I like your English 👍and your presentation , very clear ...to be honest my problem is more of recognising road signs. I think this video can help me. thanks
Matthew Watkins (7 months ago)
Such a calm voice.
Abin Chacko (9 months ago)
thanks a lot
Uzma Mumtaz (1 year ago)
Best video !!! Thank you!!!
Dorsa Derayzadeh (1 year ago)
Hello bob, I have failed my driving test what’s should I do to pass my test?
Bob Christmas (1 year ago)
Have you had lessons with an instructor? If you have then discuss the reasons for failing your test and he/she will help you to work on these aspects of your driving technique. If you haven't then I recommend you do so before your next attempt. You can find an instructor through gov.uk or ask your friends and family for recommendations. I hope it goes well with your next attempt. Bob
parvin begum (1 year ago)
Rai. K. (2 years ago)
Very good videos. Thanks
Julie Christi (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Bob for creating such a helpful, informative and useful video. I've just started driving lessons and your video helped consolidate some of my learning. Keep up the good work.
Tao Wang (2 years ago)
thank you very much, very clear, very useful
Tao Wang (2 years ago)
thank you very much, very clear, very useful
Mohammed Rahman (2 years ago)
Thank you very much Sir, Very useful and helpful instructions.
Hello bye bye (3 years ago)
Thanks Bob, very clearly explained.
The Scientist (3 years ago)
I know this is an older video, but around 4:00 you stated a "Pelican Crossing", but that's the incorrect terminology. It's a "Puffin Crossing".
Keith Mundy (3 years ago)
+Bob Christmas You are right, the flashing amber phase is the giveaway for a pelican and the fact from a distance you can see the illuminated red/green control panel next to the pedestrian on a Puffin crossing only the pedestrian can see the red/green on a pelican
Keith Mundy (3 years ago)
+Bob Christmas You are right, the flashing amber phase is the giveaway for a pelican and the fact from a distance you can see the illuminated red/green control panel next to the pedestrian on a Puffin crossing only the pedestrian can see the red/green on a pelican
Bob Christmas (3 years ago)
+The Scientist Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Please make sure you have researched the topic before stating that I have used incorrect terminology. Please read the Highway Code rules 196 and 199 and you will see that my terminology is in fact correct and your understanding is mistaken. The Highway Code is available online at gov.uk. Take care, Bob.
Corey Anderson (4 years ago)
I used to live their XD still a shithole
Ade Fadina (4 years ago)
If the red car didn't stop.. Where was it going?
123456789ten (4 years ago)
thanks bob!
dawny dawn (4 years ago)
God bless bob learnt so much from you. struggled for long time with lessons but passed first time 2 days ago🙌
DB3 (4 years ago)
Great video you covered alot. God bless you
Iram Naz (4 years ago)
many many thanks very helpful video 
Haval Kurdistan (4 years ago)
Very helpful videos... Subbed!
nishand2d (5 years ago)
Clear and helpful , cheers Bob.
Eliu Espinoza (5 years ago)
REally good,,, Thanks.
Diana de Paz (6 years ago)
These are my downsides , reading the road signs ahead ...
Bob Christmas (6 years ago)
Hi, this is a common misconception. You can use this "STOP" phase to get ready BUT it still remains a "STOP" phase. Check out your Highway Code. Take care and thanks for commenting. Bob
Urian5 (7 years ago)
Bob, If I am are forward parked in a business' parking lot, which is perpendicular to the main road which has continuous double white lines in the centre and has four lanes in total, and the left hand side of the road faces north, but i want to reverse out to head south, what is the proper procedure/manoeuvre?
Urian5 (7 years ago)
Thank you very much Bob, I viewed the link and it helped, by the way i'm not from the UK..i'm from Trinidad&Tobago, a former British colony.
Bob Christmas (7 years ago)
Hi thanks for the encouragement. In response to your speceific question please see Highway Code rules 174-181, I have put a link to the online HWC in the video description. Take care, Bob
Urian5 (7 years ago)
Excellent video, very informative...but can i ask..at a box junction where i want to turn right, if the traffic light is red, do i enter the box and wait with blinkers on??
Bob Christmas (7 years ago)
Thank you so much for those kind words of encouragement. I am glad you have found the videos useful and as time allows I will continue to add new ones. I do hope your test goes well. God bless, Bob
mar isa (7 years ago)
Bob Thanks very much for taking your time to make all this wonderful videos which I have watched and found very helpful as my driving test is in 2 week's time. I have learned a lot as you explain everything so nicely. May God bless you and your family and keep up the good work.
N B (7 years ago)
super thanks a lot!

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