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Tony Robbins: Increase Your Value ( Tony Robbins Inspiration )

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Are you a recent graduate looking for ways to be successful in your career (or mid-career, looking for a boost)? Try thinking of yourself as a product and find ways to ‘upgrade’ yourself every year. Even if you’re still paying off your college loans, there are creative and cost effective ways to continuously learn and grow. Think of yourself as a product. That’s right! View yourself as a competitive product with features, benefits, assets and liabilities -- all waiting to be improved upon year over year, carefully differentiating yourself from others and creating your personal brand. Companies spend time every year listening to their customers’ needs and then they work on upgrading and improving their products. Why? So they can sell more of their products and services in the marketplace. You can use this business process of continual product improvement to make yourself more valuable as an employee as you progress through your career. Determine how you can 'upgrade' yourself. Improvement doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, what would happen if you picked one topic each year? Let’s say you have a new job and you want to be able to take on new and challenging projects, so you choose the topic of project management. Then, let’s say you went to the library and each month or so you checked out (or downloaded) and read a different book about project management. How much of an expert on the topic of project management could you become after one year and reading six or more books? If you started this practice now, of picking one subject per year and reading books on that topic, just think about how many subjects you could learn about and become an expert in over the next 10 – 20 years. It’s truly amazing when you think about how such a small change like this could have such a huge impact on your career and your life.
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Conocimiento Artesanal (4 months ago)
That was a great fucking story
Renee Hannan (5 months ago)
This isnt helping unless your wealthy if youll never be wealthly your done Its wishful thinking be in reality its all talk positive talk but in the real world not Happening I call this positive talk
Renee Hannan (5 months ago)
Not real enough for me just preaching
The Travelling Foot (5 months ago)
ganga shrestha (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot I really appreciate you're the god gift tony robbins sir I love u so much
Ibrahim Al Haj Ali (10 months ago)
Just like the Palestinians every thing is taken from them. I want to feel happy I want to return and live in my country Palestine. And what a hypocrisy leaders from all religions he said. Yea the sheep with the wolf's. The killers of Muslims all around the world.
AKS (6 months ago)
Kevin Wylted oh wow you listen extremists of course they tell you this ridiculous things, they are isis membres, they have nothing compared to any religious person , listen, all religions are about peace now, in the past, all the religions had violence in their saint books, because of crusades etc, now crusades and this violence isn't even relevent any more, please have critical spirit
Wylted 1 (6 months ago)
TIGuardian I’ve personally had conversations with Muslims who have straight up told me this stuff. Members of ISIS
AKS (6 months ago)
Kevin Wylted what the fuck if islam is about this then you clearly dont understand what islam is
Wylted 1 (6 months ago)
Ibrahim Al Haj Ali stop being Muslim bro, that shit about world domination and killing everyone who disagrees with you is bad. It’s also stupid for you to make your women dress in desert clothes when they aren’t in the desert
poohdiddy da rezeal (11 months ago)
art of a filament
poohdiddy da rezeal (11 months ago)
to be happy in be grateful to have achieved something
ESM INC (11 months ago)
I really enjoy listening to you Mr. Tony Robbins I appreciate all of your guidance. I believe that you have truly helped me succeed in my business http://www.mcacareer.net http://www.mcasince1926.com Thank you very much!
Defecio Stoglin (1 year ago)
that was awesome!
Other Live (1 year ago)
Thank you for letting us know you liked this video Defecio Stoglin !
Go Getter (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Other Live (1 year ago)
Thank you for supporting my channel!

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