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How professional stock traders really make money and use stock trading software

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How professional stock traders really make money, save time and find stocks quickly by scanning the market with software. Learn how the professional stock traders find break out stocks, scan the market using software to enter trades early, early detection on bollinger band squeeze stocks that are breaking out and more. __________________________________ Get a free 30 day trial of the software I use here http://www.thebrownreport.com/stock-market-software-replay-1/ ____________________________________ SUBSCRIBE HERE – http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thebrownreportdotcom ------------- Check Out My Podcast/Blog: http://www.TheBrownReport.com ------------- Connect With Me and Let’s Get Social: FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/thebrownreport INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/brownreport SNAPCHAT - https://www.snapchat.com/add/brownreport ------------- Learn from Me Online Foundations of Stock Trading Course – https://www.powertradesuniversity.com/foundations Options Explained Options Trading Course – https://www.powertradesuniversity.com/optionsexplained Power Trades University – Community/Courses/ Forum https://www.powertradesuniversity.com -------------- Send Me Letters and Gifts: Jason Brown The Brown Report LLC 20836 Hall Rd. Suite 129 Clinton Township, MI. 48038 --------------
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Text Comments (28)
Thomas Glynn (10 months ago)
nvax , flopped afterwards , but I like the idea of watch listing it (excellent info, some people like to stay away from bio's for that 9 to .73 move ; or its not a general mills divvy kinda thingy, but it is a different animal).
Edwin Zuniga (10 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos but this one is just hard to understand because of sound quality. p.s. keep up the great work
Rayna Wrighton (1 year ago)
excellent crash course for scanning stocks but have to find alternative software for chromebook. Does anyone have suggestions?
Chris A (1 year ago)
Why do you look for momentum? Shouldn't you look for stocks that have momentum AND those that dipped so you can buy it at a lower price?
Chris A (1 year ago)
Oh nvm just watched the rest and you answered it lol
Kris Arnold (1 year ago)
Hello, so what are the typical timeline do you look at to get a better scan and do you analysis if you want to day trade or short trade? @jasonbrown
Jasmine Douglas (1 year ago)
Has anyone signed up for his course yet? I'm thinking of signing me and my mom up and I just wanted to hear anyone's recent success story
Jon 7 (1 year ago)
Jasmine Douglas how is it working for u?
Jasmine Douglas (1 year ago)
Brothers Detailing I just signed up yesterday.I will start listening today
Brothers Detailing (1 year ago)
Jasmine Douglas Have you signed up for it yet? How has it been if so I'm thinking about getting it too?
Michelle Joy (2 years ago)
*_Don’t you every waste your time on such a software which will eventually engulf all your deposited money, try something which is automated and will work for you like a pro trader. In this regard my recommendation is this app >>>https://www.facebook.com/NewOptionsTrading/app/190322544333196/
David Eff (2 years ago)
Looked over a lot of videos, haven't seen anything like this without asking for credit card... Thank YOU!
Raj A (2 years ago)
Teaching starts at 6:30. Thanks for the video.
Robert Brown (2 years ago)
Have you used the ThinkorSwim Platform? Can I get your opinion on it?
thebrownreport.com (2 years ago)
No I have never used their platform but I hear good things about it.
Robert Brown (2 years ago)
Love how real he is in this video. If you're just starting out this might be a little advanced for you but Great video overall!
thebrownreport.com (2 years ago)
thanks , glad you enjoyed the video.
Charlie Ramirez (2 years ago)
Do you actually execute trades within the trade navigator software?
Corey Smith (3 years ago)
I switched from extreme charts to tc2000
Corey Smith (3 years ago)
Better trades is where I learned.. too.. but they are a horrible company... Marky Latimore is all they have now.. man.. we need to get together.. I have no one at all to bounce Ideas off of..
thebrownreport.com (3 years ago)
+Corey Smith yeah they are a good company too.
Mtthew Angone (3 years ago)
what is the name of the program you are using?I used the link but it does not work.
thebrownreport.com (3 years ago)
It's trade navigator. Not sure why the link is not working.
love williams (3 years ago)
I just opened an account with an online broker and I want to experiment. I was thinking about buying a few shares in a solar stock that has been on the decline for awhile and no predictable up and down patterns, but it is only around 8.00. If I buy say 5 to 10 shares just see what happens later in the months or years, I figure I won't lose anymore than I had spent on the transaction. Any thoughts?
Dave Baker (3 years ago)
Hello Jason I really enjoyed your info. Can you let me know what program you're using   in this video in order to filter your stock selections?
thebrownreport.com (3 years ago)
As a beginner you can just try the basic data feed which gives you end of day chart updates.  You can also update the chart manually.  If you want intraday charts and futures and other stuff then go with the premium.  For what I use it for the basic is just fine
scgrigsby (3 years ago)
+thebrownreport.com Thanks for the link. The site says I need to subscribe to a data service. Which one or ones do you recommend? TIA
thebrownreport.com (3 years ago)
+Dave Baker Hi Dave the software is Trade Navigator by Genesis. Going through my referral link you can get a free 30 trial of the Software here https://www.tradenavigator.com/getinstantaccess.php?source=brown Hope that helps.

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