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Why is LUXEMBOURG so RICH? - VisualPolitik EN

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What does Luxembourg have that makes them so incredibly wealthy? What did they do in this country in order to enjoy such a great quality of life? Today we are going to answer these questions. And don't forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media: http://www.reconsidermedia.com/
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Text Comments (1186)
ITIM NA KAMISETA (47 minutes ago)
Rollinger Marc (2 days ago)
The second photo with that magnificent mansion in a park is NOT from Luxembourg but depicts the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris.
LaoSoftware (4 days ago)
Money, money, money. We all love money. We love nice cars and nice houses.
Shouvik Roy (5 days ago)
The grass is always greener on the other side
Vfl 1900 (7 days ago)
Malta is the smallest country in the EU
jjj 1 (12 days ago)
ungu bungu
R1b (13 days ago)
"40 percent immigrants" - yeah from the neighboring countries. its only 5 percent not european. so the least diverse. nice try.
NVGaming 410 (15 days ago)
Serbian Prime Minister is also gay
Gonzales Frederic (16 days ago)
It is surely better to have a homosexual who is capable as a ruler for a ruler than to have a heterosexual like ldi Amin Dada for a ruler or a pedophile, murderer, rapist, slaver, thief like Muhammad.
Gonzales Frederic (16 days ago)
This documentary is quite good. I have watched several documentaries made by this man. Usually they are accurate and pleasant to watch. But, at times, like the one on France in Africa, which was fraught with erroneous statements, they are not that good. This written, this man does make laudable documentaries.
TROLL WARLORD (19 days ago)
Gay pm doesnt mean better pm
Sultan Jahdhamy (23 days ago)
So open minded is prime minister is gay, this is non-sense
Max Bintener (25 days ago)
Luxembourg is not the smallest country in the European Union, it is the second richtest:)
Lisa Lisa (26 days ago)
Haha I live in Luxembourg 🇱🇺
Ric Ferr (26 days ago)
LUXEMBURG IS ALSO more BORING than a turd in the desert.
Jürgen P. Schooner (26 days ago)
You say 40% immigrants, but what is that break down? Certainly it isn't refugees or Africans. I assume French and German are predominant with English.
PAVAROTTI PAVLOS (26 days ago)
can you please stop the laud musick you playing
BlUnt_EmInenT (26 days ago)
i live in Germany and work in Luxembourg xD
sundar narasimman (28 days ago)
its share of external debt to GDP is 6000% and still enjoys AAA rating in moody's serious there cant be a better oxymoron than this.
Jerry Gundecker (28 days ago)
How about setting the camera back a foot or two? You're too close...Really.
Oberperfuss1945 (1 month ago)
Luxembourg never picked up Africans, but only picked up a few selected refugees from a refugee camp in the Middle East by plane to their country! ---- Luxemburg nahm nie Afrikaner auf, sondern holte lediglich ein paar ausgewählte Flüchtlinge von einem Flüchtlingslager im Nahen Osten mit dem Flugzeug zu sich ins Land. ---- Il Lussemburgo non raccolse mai gli africani, ma raccolse solo alcuni profughi scelti da un campo profughi in Oriente in aereo verso il paese.
PvPSky (1 month ago)
I live in Luxembourg and it is amazing here! Love it!
mario rossi (1 month ago)
all teh money fron the world mafia are saved into the luxembourg banks!!!! shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Jenkin (1 month ago)
only people like the owner of Cactus or People who own big businesses get 5000 a month I bet this guy has never been to lux
Daniel Jenkin (1 month ago)
I've been on the glass elavator
Daniel Jenkin (1 month ago)
I'm from Luxembourg and I guess we have a big house and a really huge garden but I don't think my parents are millionaires, as they are teachers. and well I'm not sure but including tax they don't make a separate 5,000 Euros a month.
metal garurumon (1 month ago)
More money = more expensive goods & service
Mabus (1 month ago)
Amazon realy is not the best example. It's one of the largest employers for real in Luxembourg. There are other companies, that only have a mailbox.
Mabus (1 month ago)
Jardin de Luxembourg spotted at 0:33
darkangel (1 month ago)
I've been to recently to Luxembourg, (for the 3rd time) but, honestly, I didn't see much of a "LUX" there;) Plus, is so small, that one can get bored easily within a few hours.
Arty Cuen (1 month ago)
I usually like these videos. He seems to be everywhere.
Larry Bxl (1 month ago)
Belgium had a gay PM several years ago - Mr. Elio Di Rupo
daniel marroquin (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention cargolux , one of the biggest cargo airline in the world
wiiiiktor (1 month ago)
Poland grew by 4.5% without any dirty tricks
静かな時間 (1 month ago)
ACTUALLY! Serbias Prime Minister is a Lesbian. That means...Luxembourg is not the only one!
Holly boop (1 month ago)
Why does this dude use pink lipstick on his lips?!? Please make a video about that too.
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (1 month ago)
Highest worker productivity anywhere in the world. Low taxes.
Sybil Rhomberg (2 months ago)
booger king (2 months ago)
So most of Lux's wealth is from foreign corp? What would happen if all these corp. suddenly decide to go back to their country t9gether with their money?
Raphael Quaglio (2 months ago)
Many gay men are good at business because of their charisma and manipulative abilities. They can charm the pants off anyone. They make good con-men or actors.
Lawrence Bloom (2 months ago)
The only productivity of Luxembourg is cleverly exploiting some arbitrary, changing financial laws.
Lubhomir (2 months ago)
We also have gay prime minister. But he is conservative. So not much people really know about it. And that is good since we dont really have a problem is someone is gay. We have problem with agenda. It is basically the same as not accepting immigrants equals you are nazi.
anuja churi (2 months ago)
0:16 Leo Varadkar is openly gay too! Luxemburg is not the only country! 0:33 Is Luxemburg 'the smallest' nation in the EU?
James Daniel Smith (2 months ago)
Laurent Elens (2 months ago)
Well.... When you speak about they high percentage of immigrants, you should point that those are European immigrants. When it comes to the African/Arabian migration, their expensive representative promoted for the whole of Europe: they are below the European average...
ROBERT J KIS (2 months ago)
This guy is gay and he talks bullshit too often to watch another shitty video from him.
Clemens Schwalber (2 months ago)
Malta is the smallest country in the EU
Tom Meyers (2 months ago)
as a luxemburger reading the comments is part sad and part fun. a lot of idiots think they know everything about the country but basically every comment is a bunch of rubbish
Biz Dev (2 months ago)
The diarrhea music sucks.
infirmux (2 months ago)
please, average wage vs median wage. You are here to inform :)
HAPPYINLIFT (2 months ago)
Being queer is not something to be proud of. Homosexual men are about 200 times more likely to have HIV than straight guys. Bubba why is this important to you?
DanielMcBrain (2 months ago)
dude, it seems that your left eye closes before the right one, crazyyyy
Ace Gikm (2 months ago)
Ace Gikm (2 months ago)
who cares
Willem Pasterkamp (2 months ago)
No spending on defence or migration for decades, a kind of switzerland. Also no repair- costs given for WW II, western-germany paid billions. A theft-banking system, they are mostly like pensioners now. Do one Why Luxembourg needs 200.000 more immigrants to bring things back in balance.
hal holland (2 months ago)
Take whatever is in your ears...out. Donald Trump is talking about illegal (let me say again...ILLEGAL) imigration!
Erik Kengaard (2 months ago)
GDP is a lousy measure for well being.
B Kim (2 months ago)
Can't agree with you more, sir. Especially for a country like Luxembourg (a lot of international daily commuters, much revenue coming from overseas that only exists on paper, etc.)
Roy Perkins (3 months ago)
The immigrants aren't 3rd world uneducated non Europeans,they're Mainly well educated Europeans,they're mostly professional financial oriented, the immigration diversity bullshit Isn't applied to the duchy! Get your facts straight!
BoltaVS (3 months ago)
WRONG! We win in gay lesbo feminism race,Serbia has gay female prime minister,TOP THAT!
Truth 7 (3 months ago)
The anti-christ will come out of Europe He will be gays (muslim) as well”. 🤮
GreenZboy #RB (3 months ago)
So i live in a rich land
Alex Sorokin (3 months ago)
someone lucky, he was born in Norway, Switzerland or Luxembourg. And many, you have to fight every day with politics, economics and people. This is unfair, in my country fucking Germans killed half of the population during the war. And later the Soviet Union destroyed the economy in every country in eastern Europe. fucking unfair world. P.S. Now I have a small IT business, and in every country you can earn. But somewhere you do not interfere, but somewhere it is very difficult.
サメのjawtheshark (3 months ago)
Ouch... Mistake in the first 30 seconds... Malta is the smallest country in the EU... Just saying. Greetings from Luxembourg.
サメのjawtheshark (3 months ago)
Oh, come on... Place du Luxembourg in Paris at 0:29?!? Seriously... Am I really going to watch this?
mocny01 (3 months ago)
In my action film SETINA is a good actor from LUXEMBOURG
SuperResistant (3 months ago)
Luxembourg is successful and will remain rich because they think and plan decades in advance. They anticipated all banking and financial innovations and now preparing space exploration while other countries are struggling with past and present.
Lukasz S (3 months ago)
In the past I have been living in the UK and still have Amazon UK account as well as pay-pal profile. When I have used them while I was in Poland and paid with Polish card my money were charge by Amazon Luxembourg and Pay-pal Luxembourg not Amazon UK or Pay-pal UK. I am sure they do pay little if any tax on cross-border transactions too!
EzrealOver9000 (3 months ago)
why does luxembourg has a divorce rate of almost 70%, hmmmmmmmmmmm.
Dey vlogs (3 months ago)
Weren’t prime minister supposed to be a real man
MsMinoula (3 months ago)
The style of his channel reminds me of Greece's State television channel 1 (ET1) of 12 years ago. :P not bad for me
it's FREEDOM (3 months ago)
he's Johnny sins😂
YsbrandD (3 months ago)
Why do you call luxembourg a Dutchy? only the netherlands is Dutch!
Cars and More (3 months ago)
YsbrandD Because it‘s called the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg
robbes7rh (3 months ago)
Okay, really like the idea behind this video channel (i.e. answering big questions about countries etc. that are informed, insightful and put forth in an informal entertaining style). But right there - the entertainment element gets annoying and distracting. The canned quasi metal rock soundtrack and those ear-jarring ripping-the-stylus-across-the-phonograph-record interludes...maybe if I took a Quaalude...no, that wouldn't do it. It's a sensibility thing. Trust me, I'm not alone on this.
Help The Rose (3 months ago)
Legal white collar crime and dishonest men who rule the world both capatalists and socialists..... everyone should pay a tithe and no more.
Dimitry Petrevsky (3 months ago)
Why do you say that steel and iron are the sames? Because they are not
SigFigNewton (3 months ago)
Nice worthless graphs with unlabled axes. What do you mean "yes, do believe what you see, the economy of Luxembourg became two times bigger in less than six years." Uh... nobody saw that on that graph. It is literally impossible to have seen that on that graph. If you aren't going to bother using meaningful graphs, don't include any.
césar vicente (3 months ago)
VisualPolitik EN can you make a video about Lichtenstein?
Aleksandar Stefanovic (4 months ago)
Serbian PM is gay... and he is a she :)
Jandre Du Plessis (4 months ago)
@Visualpolitik please make video regarding South Africa and the pending motion from Parliament to amend the constitution to approve land expropriation without compensation.In this video please focus on the impact it would have on commercial banks(agricultural debt),agricultural sector,employment and overall economy.Please look if land expropriation with compensation has worked(it failed) and why. You can also include the history but please we need an unbiased opinion not influenced by your background,race and education(which influences the whole debate)
alvino magallanes (4 months ago)
Luxembourg is rich because it is the headquarter of the world's banking pirates.....hmm banking elites. if VisualPolitik did not know this, it missed half the truth.
Little Reuby (4 months ago)
I thought Luxembourg was in Belgium.. Thank goodness its not
Andy Zhao (4 months ago)
Small country.
ruben chang (4 months ago)
ruben chang (4 months ago)
Why is LUXEMBOURG so RICH ? because politician and judges are corrupt nazi mafia please look in youtube title luxembourg. nazi.
Cars and More (3 months ago)
ruben chang tf
Cristina Pascari (4 months ago)
Gee I never heard of the Lux leakes... thanks for posting this!
THE REAL ZENFORCE (4 months ago)
@ VisualPolitik EN : besides some minor flaws like the Zollverein date, smallest Country in the EU is not Luxembourg, Jardin de Luxembourg in France picture,  you made an excellent objective analysis of my country. Greetings from Luxembourg and thank you.
flightisallright (4 months ago)
It"s not really that openminded. The Luxemburgish people did not vote for this prime minister, they wouldn't have voted for gay marriage and behind closed doors many dislike their gay prime minister.
Cars and More (3 months ago)
flightisallright yes they would
Albert Mkhwanazi (4 months ago)
1018 5571 857
Mireille Krier (4 months ago)
At 0:28, you show a picture of the Jardin du Luxembourg which is in Paris
Kyle Hankins (4 months ago)
Im not going to say Luxembourg a crummy country, because its not but I guess its super small size allows it to be a tax heaven witch is a bit ..... shifty. It seems a lot like switzerland
Kxng Dom79 (4 months ago)
I went there to see my auntie. The houses we're so luxurious. And the country is so small
plazmon79 (5 months ago)
In the intro at about 0:30 there is photo of Luxembourg palace in Paris
Robin Bernard (5 months ago)
Disgusting. So, basically, a handful of guys from Luxembourg steal billions from other European countries by cheating the law, making american multinational companies richer by storming and putting concurence on european companies, which get weaken in the process. This is pure theft, bank's mafia and corruption.Who is the real ISIS? One brainwashed terrorist OR one luxembourg europeist corrupted dude who cheats and betrays his european neightboor? What a shame. Luxembourg should be punished and destroyed for their betrayal. The world is a deceitful place and the sharks are everywhere ready to bite.
Edgematic (5 months ago)
care to make an episode about belgium?
Edgematic (5 months ago)
my dad used to work at arcelormittal, never knew it was luxemburgian
Ryan Roels (5 months ago)
Just have to make a post, but what does it take for onw bald, bearded guy, to another bald, bearded guy, to be decent friends on instagram, or, you know, just be friends?
ruben chang (5 months ago)
LUXEMBOURG IS NAZI MAFIA COUNTRY.juge are corrupt mafia no justice .nazi stop killing people.
Cars and More (3 months ago)
ruben chang there is no mafia in Luxemburg man…
venkateswara reddy (5 months ago)
Robin Mangala (5 months ago)
I'm born in Belgium, i live in the Belgian provence of Luxemburg, ya'll still my brothers
MDR Hogan (5 months ago)
Luxembourg makes the U.S. look like a developing country

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