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How To Redeem A World Of Warcraft TCG Code

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What's up guys? It is Taz, FINALLY back with another video. My life has been busy lately, hope to get back into this channel.
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Text Comments (7)
Mauricio Brochero (3 months ago)
does the loot card code still works?
Benimester (1 year ago)
please help me bro where is the security code? please help!
ToxicSmoke (10 months ago)
its fake dumbass
Benimester (1 year ago)
can you help me please i hurry!
Benimester (1 year ago)
and please help me in other thing... i have letters in my code not only numbers plis help bro!
Tobey Dick (4 years ago)
Can you use the mount or pet on all of your characters on all of your realms?
ToxicSmoke (10 months ago)

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