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ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

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FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/yestheory/ A few months ago we went to visit the incredible abandoned city called Slab City. It used to be a military base but hundreds of squatters came and made it their home. We went with our friend Justin Escalona and truly had a fascinating experience. We thought the place would be hostile and dangerous when in fact it was inviting and beautiful (in it's own way). Shout-outs to all the description readers out there you know we love you :) CHECK OUT JUSTIN'S CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/PlayTheGameFilms The abandoned video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otIU6Py4K_A All music from Epidemic Sound. You can get your free 30 day trial here: https://goo.gl/kOJz12 Who are we? Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover. Snapchat handle: yestheory https://www.instagram.com/yestheory/ https://twitter.com/yestheory https://www.facebook.com/yestheory/ Camera: Sony A7S Mark ii Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro + Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Derin Emre, Matt Dajer Editor: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer End Screen By: Sam Mercer - He's awesome.. check him on Twitter: @OMPMercer
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Text Comments (25342)
Plutto (1 year ago)
I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. That fly didn’t stand a chance.
ulikelard paul (1 month ago)
F Mills (3 months ago)
Most you tube likes I've ever seen...EVER!
Louis.4 14 (3 months ago)
That's off of Mrs browns boys
Hatzerflatz! (57 minutes ago)
The purge
hau tupou (5 hours ago)
Wow amazing people ..I love to go there the old men with the paintings wow beautiful..his name will remembered 👍✊
Camille McALoon (11 hours ago)
Do they consider rape? Or murder?,
mustache wizard (11 hours ago)
4:00 that Mexican music? Might recognize it lol
Jbearproductions 406 (11 hours ago)
At least it's not she'll city
Alex Hughes (12 hours ago)
“I’m certified insane.” Me too
Iwab Btd Battles (14 hours ago)
I’ve been here before and it smelt like shit
PoppaMurf 215 (1 day ago)
Illuminati brought me here, Wonderful video, full of love and makes me rethink this life we live everyday.. I'll prefer to live in the woods/sticks but desert life doesn't seem to bad🤔
random user (1 day ago)
MotoAtheist (1 day ago)
Always some stupid fuck trying to create propaganda for their fucking fictional skydaddy!
Mobile Noble (1 day ago)
There should be a horror movie made From this
Abandoned places are good for homeless animals a humans But the places... all have sad history..
OliviaRowat (1 day ago)
Now I have life plans to people who are done with life and wanna (commit suicide) be done. So for the people who are planning to do that, just go to that island! I have life plans now to!😂😂😂😂
LilMissAfroo (1 day ago)
Is it safe to call them Hill billies?
Mike Smith (2 days ago)
I'll tell you what I see 4 guys who are lucky they wasn't murdered 1 lucky girl who wasn't raped and or murdered that guy just told him he was crazy this is your kids stupidity
max k (2 days ago)
This painted hills in GTA V Rockstar literally amaze me every time
tia2lovely29 (2 days ago)
Wow never knew about this city
Jude Samson (2 days ago)
This is very old and has even been featured in movies. <next>
Apple Lynch (3 days ago)
somebody to die for -hurts
Apple Lynch (3 days ago)
i expected more rawness , but .............
Milijana Jovanovic (3 days ago)
Slav city
Sharon Marcum (3 days ago)
Amazing place
Rajiv Longjam (3 days ago)
I have watched into da wild n seen it, I just wanna experience it but em far awayyyyy
Woods On Woods (3 days ago)
The spiritual art work in the beginning is simply amazing. R.i.p to the young man.
Matthew Meme Boi (3 days ago)
Be courteous to your neighbor or they will shoot you
Jim B (3 days ago)
Fire Jenga!
lemon (3 days ago)
honestly id love to live there. especially the art.
lollipop princess (3 days ago)
Just a random fact but this place is where Lady Gaga filmed her music video for “praying”
Dr Dj Psycho (4 days ago)
i liked your video for one reason.. when you gave the beer to those poor fellows, that was coolest thing, god bless your soul..
Rabbit. (4 days ago)
This is insane Read more
Rabbit. (4 days ago)
Did I trick u
Potato Extreme (4 days ago)
friendly rust
Potato Extreme (4 days ago)
bro the oldman make the ugly stone into precious one
Jake Davis (4 days ago)
I am going to move there when I have exhausted all other possibilities
IBmX2o11 (4 days ago)
21m have seen this now that man is known! Im definatly putting this on my list of things to see!
Richard Bruno (4 days ago)
Kesha sang a song praying in this town ive notice that this is the place where kesha made the video awsome=) try to see this place in the music video just search Kesha "praying"
Schmee Dawg (4 days ago)
Victor Oates (4 days ago)
you look just like captain cuddlefish from splatoon and octo expansion :)
skylar the booklion (4 days ago)
I feel like my father will end up living here
Dark Matter (4 days ago)
This was so Sweet Wow
Sameer Wahba (4 days ago)
And also where y’all turned the water on in the beginning and said “this hasn’t been used in years” that was at a camp ground where they have running water and solar powered hot showers on the salton sea. Y’all are tripping portraying a false image of the surrounding places and the destination itself. Just like vice you exploit an area for views to ultimately capitalize or yourself.
Sameer Wahba (4 days ago)
I’ve been to slab city and spoken with some of the same folks y’all did. You associated the city with such a negative connotation. It’s well known that it is a nice area with kind people. That’s why there is a mountain that says god is love. Drifters come from fat and wide still and anyone can just come and spend a few days there or just start living there. If you wanted to make a difference with the video you could have posted their PayPal for donations.
Allah_A (4 days ago)
I meant that he is insane but he is still ( physically healthy)
ThxSxddxst ASMR (5 days ago)
I love when grownups get to be their genuine selves. They’re all having so much fun. 🤟🏽🖤❤️
Might be my last hope of peace....High Anxiety.
Aaron Olafson (5 days ago)
Crackhead/Methhead = Lowlife rejects subjected to abandoned life of loneliness. Lovely
FREE WILLY (5 days ago)
Stuff like this really let's you know that we are not actually free
Aussie Talks (5 days ago)
Who’s getting fallout vibes?
barnacle boy (5 days ago)
its like gta v
Phoenicia (5 days ago)
DeadEndFrog (5 days ago)
i love wizard, every world leader should have those two jobs
Nando Medina (6 days ago)
This is in gta
Dylan Marlin (6 days ago)
You know it's just tweakers out there building shit right
Disha Najnin (7 days ago)
It's a city of Art...
Disha Najnin (7 days ago)
1 like for that Old artist ...
martin sanchez (7 days ago)
I am from the imperial valley you can get killed out there in the slabs
Youlasty (7 days ago)
It’s megaton from fallout 3
Lone Gamer89 (7 days ago)
Shit I'm going to move there Slab city lol
HuckleB680 (7 days ago)
No government and no laws you say? Yeeeaaaaahhh the libertarian party has finally won a major office! I want to travel to this place and become a pirate on the Salton sea! It’s like Somalia!
i like doggos (7 days ago)
This place is so cool:)
Matt Sabato (7 days ago)
gay x10000000 justin and Marissa annoying
Michael Booth (7 days ago)
Harvey Dallison (7 days ago)
Thought this would be the real purge...I was wrong.....
spagetti001 (7 days ago)
so what happens when someone needs an ambulance
Pirate Smurf (7 days ago)
u gave them 6 beers wtf bring 6 cases of beer
teo long (7 days ago)
I guess the keyword in a community like that is RESPECT. It's not about laws but rather respecting each other. I assume we could all learn a thing or two from that.
Terry Evans (8 days ago)
No thanks,too hot
delo Last (8 days ago)
Homeless haven. I'd rather go to the forest and eat meat veg and fruit and not run into tax paying tourist.
shifface mcgee (8 days ago)
Be courteous to your neighbour...or they will shoot you Great advice lol
eee diaz (8 days ago)
Jrad 84 (8 days ago)
He gave u a hug for that beer if you took him weed you'd all get bj's
Jrad 84 (8 days ago)
So it's a hippie town...love it
ADudeWithALife 456 (8 days ago)
Chloe Prentice (8 days ago)
Skeleton of an eyeball..... someone doesn't know their anatomy!
Makayla Takang (8 days ago)
oh so that’s where Kesha was in that music video
TheLoneWanderer (8 days ago)
This could have turned into hills have eyes. Every one of them on the run, slaughtered one by one, then his gf would be raped and murdered. But I am pleasantly surprised!
Matt Carnithan (8 days ago)
Bunch of beers 6 wow
Mr.mEmeS (8 days ago)
Stan Middel (9 days ago)
so does any of you guys think the guy from 7:25 looks a bit like Hancock?
Legends says that water is more toxic then Ninja
Jon Le Beau (9 days ago)
Emad Al Kurdi (9 days ago)
This is like if the bikini bottom was above ground😂
Iana Jones (9 days ago)
https://kidspaidmoney.com/r/67iana Freeeee money I swearrrr
Betty Murphy Grumpus (9 days ago)
Beer makes everyone happy
iBassyc (9 days ago)
I prefer slab city to diamond city.
Itz Calum (9 days ago)
Fine YouTube, I’ll watch it
Over 21 milllion views !!!!
Justus Rhines (10 days ago)
How many people stopped watching after that man said "the skeleton of an eyeball"
Bryce Czirr (10 days ago)
So what's to stop someone from just going there and shooting/blowing everyone up?
Jack Frost (10 days ago)
The Government gives a shit ..about anyone.. They hope u die..to get rid rid of us all ! They fuck us all ..without our Knowledge.. Belive it or not !!!!!!!!
Jack Frost (10 days ago)
Shows how the Gov..keeps you in chek...the fucking cuntS
Platy Fish (10 days ago)
Okay youtube, I finally watched it
Mr. Minero (2 days ago)
Platy Fish for reals lol. Always on top for me
Justin Lawson (11 days ago)
"We have a bunch a beers for you guys" hands over a 6 pack to 4 people...
chain (11 days ago)
We’re was the Gucci store
chain (11 days ago)
Is this shell city from spongebob
MeatBall Guy (6 days ago)
chain I don’t see a legendary bubble
JackieDJ (11 days ago)
Mike Eagle (11 days ago)
A preview of America in the future time get are Hearts in order with the Almighty....🙆🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dawn Witmer (10 days ago)
America if Dems ever get control!
Sea Bass (11 days ago)
"There is not a city anywhere like this on earth" Except for most places in Africa and the 3rd World...
Sea Bass (8 days ago)
+Dawn Witmer Yeah that's true.
Dawn Witmer (10 days ago)
Bullshit! MOST places in urban California us EXACTLY like this!
Mr Floppy (11 days ago)
Also if YES theory says YES to everything they should create a channel called NO theory... which says NO to everything... just an experiment... let's see where it leads to. WHAT IF WE SAID NO TO EVERYTHING? I'm sure it would be an equally satisfying experiment. Just less damaging. :P
Mr Floppy (11 days ago)
Challenging the system is a strange satisfaction that will haunt mankind for the rest of humanity. It doesn't matter who is in power. There will always be a group to challenge that idea. All of life, all of existence is a wavelength. Society is no exception. There will be up and downs. It's natural. Everything will be challenged. Even the most perfect system. And it's beautiful.

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