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Top 10 Largest Seas in the World

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In general, a sea is said to be an extended part of the saline water that is connected with at least one of the five oceans in the world, namely: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and the Southern Oceans. Many geographers regard sea as a small area of ocean that are bounded by land to a greater or a lesser degree. And based on these details, geographers divide sea into two different types: Marginal seas- partially enclosed by land, and Mediterranean sea- mostly enclosed by land. With a total of 85 seas in the world, these water bodies in the ocean has been home to many marine life. With a total of 96.5% water and the remaining impurities, organic materials, salts and dissolved gases, the sea also has been the source to several minerals and salts that supply the basic needs of people all around the world. Based on the area that the sea covers here we list the top 10 largest seas in the world. Largest Sea in the world: https://youtu.be/kBlBuhT2a48
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