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Mieders Alpine Coaster (with no brakes!!)

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Amazing alpine coaster in Mieders, Austria, riding with no brakes! All your questions are answered here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2unbiYChnX8 Off-ride footage of the ride is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA-k3G1F7k0 BBC Story here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-16183431 Eastern Daily Press Articles here: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/lowestoft_man_s_life_is_one_giant_roller_coaster_1_2719237 http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/life_is_one_giant_roller_coaster_for_lowestoft_man_1_1166785 This is a single-pipe alpine coaster in Mieders, Austria. You reach the summit via a cablecar and then sit on a small car with a brake lever and off you go. Having ridden it once using a little braking, I decided to try it a second time without using the brakes. This is SCARY! Enjoy the ride! Why not subscribe and get my new videos every weekend? https://www.youtube.com/user/davidjellis?sub_confirmation=1 WARNING - I have ridden over 900 roller coasters around the world and am highly experienced with on-ride filming...so don't think this is easy to do. Always ride safely and abide by the operator's instructions and ride rules! Resort website - https://www.stubai.at/en/skiing-resorts/serlesbahnen/skiing-resort/summer-toboggan-run/ David Ellis - Roller Coasters, Thrill Rides and more Check out my other videos http://goo.gl/pZVGmQ Please share your thoughts or any questions about the video - I will do my best to reply promptly to all questions asked. A list of Alpine Coasters can be found here http://www.aceonline.org/census/AlpineCoasters.htm More alpine coaster videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3nHvX6T_QZAGckMI1PQI-S_W3G_KltLq To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral ([email protected]) Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/davidellisfan
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Text Comments (3335)
RockerAgent47 (31 minutes ago)
I wonder how do they get the coaster back to top ?
Philipp Düring (50 minutes ago)
2019 Recommend ?
Screenpiece Studios (6 hours ago)
that was a RUSH just watching the vid.
Benthetrainkid (6 hours ago)
Look ma, no brakes!!
AntDaTroll (6 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommendations?
Dave Pawson (7 hours ago)
Someone needs to put a fake bear on the track just around a bend.
JEBEDIAH KERMAN (7 hours ago)
I want to go on this one.
Roi Czechvala (7 hours ago)
I wouldn't want you to get hurt of course, however (you knew that was going to be there) I would have laughed my ass off if I saw the image flying and twisting and seen the occasional arm or leg flash by. I have ridden several of these here in the States. Many times with no brakes. I have a strong feeling the ones I went on were not nearly as intense as this.
SupremeNB (7 hours ago)
This looks siiiick!
halo3odst (7 hours ago)
The HIIIiIiIiIlLlLlLs are ALIIIiIiIiIiIiiIiIiIvVvVeEE with the sound of lawsuUUuUuUuuiIiIiTTS!
Severin Bechtold (8 hours ago)
Don't wanna see u drive man ;)
Pine apple (10 hours ago)
Screw brakes speed is key!!!!
David Crappenshitz (13 hours ago)
Megalovania intesifies
PahLun (14 hours ago)
Plot twist: it was never-ending.
max shepherd (14 hours ago)
What’s the time difference between 2 people
LesQueuesBleues (14 hours ago)
we have the same kind of things here (i am living in a french ski station called "La Colmiane")
Electromorphous (14 hours ago)
Legend has it that he still rides!!
XELA GAMING (15 hours ago)
How on earth did that not derail!
Coaster Rica (17 hours ago)
This is literally what I would do.
Czesnek (18 hours ago)
All it takes is just one small stick for an accident...
Logan Harris (19 hours ago)
are you strapped in? hows the coaster not completely derail on turns
Nock (19 hours ago)
I was there a few times, these coasters are made taht you can ride without brakes, no problem.
Lawson One (22 hours ago)
Some say he’s still riding to this day
Bryan Kautz (1 day ago)
Ok, I'm booking a trip to Austria just to ride this thing all day long!!! Hope they offer a day pass!!LOL 😲😲😲😂😂
roguejeff1 (1 day ago)
Wicked! What a blast this would be! Wish they'd build one on Mt. Ashland in Oregon, USA!
Santa Claus (1 day ago)
Can you do a night ride?
netter man (1 day ago)
brakes at 0:29, nice try dood
Salatiel (1 day ago)
What if an animal is passing by, or someone places a tree trunk on the trail?
Mathew Peter (1 day ago)
Have to do this! 😅😀
Sherry Keeton (1 day ago)
.....one man roller coaster...TOTAL BLAST...
Videogamer12000 (1 day ago)
Video: No brakes, do you think that’s wise? Me: What type of question is that, well if you wanna know, NOPE
Bob Johnson (2 days ago)
Very cool. 🙈 Ride it backwards next time 😉
mournblade elric (2 days ago)
Its all fun till a bear walks out and says "hey look meals on wheels
Janosch Amann (15 hours ago)
Luckily no bears in austria😂
davidjellis (2 days ago)
LOL - Loved the 'meals on wheels' comment :-)
Arttu Mahlakaarto (2 days ago)
I want to ride this
The Dollar Guy (2 days ago)
Imagine something like this desending into the grand canyon.
davidjellis (2 days ago)
Wouldn't that be amazing!
Jack Skudlarek (2 days ago)
I'm liking this video just for the stellar job on the annotations alone. Normally they instantly piss me off cuz you're watching a video and th-LIKEANDSUBSCRIBE TO GET ENTEREDINTO A GIVEAWAY and it's intrusive as fuck. The were simple, neat and most importantly in the top corners where the screen isn't being used. I looked, i read, and i looked through the channel because the genuienly seemed to care what i thought of the video. I wasnt forced to deepthroat a huge thing that i didn't care about and for that you get a few more views.
davidjellis (2 days ago)
Many thanks indeed Jack for the feedback. I tried to use annotations sparingly just to keep viewers interested and engaged, and I am pleased you found them ok. I gather that YouTube will soon be removing annotations from older videos in favour of using the (more recent) end screens...which seem to work ok and I have put those in the top corners too so hopefully my newer videos with end screens also work effectively for my viewers and don't annoy people. I hope you enjoy my content, which now has well over 1000 videos of roller coasters and thrill rides from around the world, plus highlights from my non-coaster travels too.
Tboy (2 days ago)
RIP bearings
John Whitesell (2 days ago)
Should've gotten a B&M.
davidjellis (2 days ago)
This is far better than any B&M :-)
SalleN TV (2 days ago)
davidjellis (2 days ago)
This was filmed in 2005 and uploaded in 2011 - it won't open in 2019 until the spring
Rick Kania (3 days ago)
That's excellent.
samdaboss Gaming (4 days ago)
Meiders Alpine coaster looks to intense for me
davidjellis (3 days ago)
LOL :-)
Kim Jong-un (4 days ago)
Is it possible to ride that coaster this week?😂
davidjellis (4 days ago)
There was indeed a lot of snow...so there will be plenty of skiing going on I guess, but the summerrodelbahn only opens in 'sommer' (summer)!
Kim Jong-un (4 days ago)
+davidjellis ah okay But I heard in the news that there was a lot of snowfall in the Alps this week😆
davidjellis (4 days ago)
sadly not - it's only open during the summer months
Christopher T Munro (5 days ago)
davidjellis (5 days ago)
It was :-)
Thomas Minten (5 days ago)
trumps ride to the white house, 2016 visualized, (Warning, no brakes)
gfy everyone (22 hours ago)
And no fucks given
Jon P (5 days ago)
Brakes were used
davidjellis (5 days ago)
Only at the end when the track finished
Platypuff (5 days ago)
What if there's some moose or animal crossing the railing as you're approaching it
davidjellis (5 days ago)
There is an electric rail running alongside most of the track :-)
Warmbeer (6 days ago)
Clearly brakes were used.
davidjellis (5 days ago)
Only at the end when the track finished
Vincent Venturella (6 days ago)
thanks, that is what I was talking about ! no regrats, you rode that bitch like a whore in heat !
davidjellis (5 days ago)
LOL :-)
tom kent (7 days ago)
Speed? G forces?
davidjellis (5 days ago)
Speed approx. 42kph (27mph) - not high g-forces but quite a scary experience
Anonymous User (10 days ago)
hello death...we meet again, lol..
davidjellis (9 days ago)
KenGLaP (23 days ago)
Ballsiest ride ever!
davidjellis (22 days ago)
I couldn't possibly disagree!
Mrregister (1 month ago)
I actually was there once and at the place at 1:00 I crashed into my dad because he was to slow
Ujjal Das (1 month ago)
The outward force will make your cart toss off the path at one point .
davidjellis (1 month ago)
You might think so, but it can't happen unless the structure of the cart fails
me (1 month ago)
Really makes me wanna just put it in break and check out the woods and chill for a bit then get back on
CinemaDemocratica (2 months ago)
Is it possible to fall off, or are you strapped in or on, sonehow? At several places in the video I thought, "Man, if he gets flung off by the force of this curve, he's going to be *seriously* injured."
davidjellis (2 months ago)
Funnily the same thought crossed my mind when riding it! There is a seatbelt that goes across your lap...it's secure but that doesn't make it any less scary!
Renville80 (3 months ago)
When you need to get down to the bottom ahead of the cable car.
billy mathes (3 months ago)
Way better than the ones I’ve experienced here in the US. They are to short and to safety conscious worried about lawsuits and ruins the whole experience. Looks great... one of these days ima hitch a ride to Austria. The Alps look beautiful.
davidjellis (3 months ago)
The alps are indeed stunning...alpine coasters were (of course) invented in the alps...so they have a lot of much longer ones over in Europe than in the US.
Graeme Alexander (4 months ago)
Quick! Jam their commlink! Centre switch! 🤣
I will Shoot (4 months ago)
its the summer stroodle bar
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
i’ve only ridden 303.
davidjellis (4 months ago)
For many people that is still a very big count! Just keep riding and having fun!
Zeynep Dagci (4 months ago)
Well, this was really fun...even just to watch made me feel like I am riding 😂 Thank you for not commenting dumbass stuff while the ride 😅👍 Your cheering ( nice voice )between was everytime precisely right at time 😎👍
davidjellis (4 months ago)
Many thanks for your lovely comments...and thrilled you enjoyed watching the video and didn't find my cheering too bad :-)
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
imagine Riding this at Night.
davidjellis (4 months ago)
That's one I haven't ridden yet!
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
davidjellis I hope I get to ride One of those. I’ve ridden The Goats on the roof & the Smokey mountain Alpine coasters.
davidjellis (4 months ago)
Would be great but I am sure this ride only operates during the day. There are some smaller alpine coasters in USA that have lights fitted and operate at night...I haven't ridden one but the idea sounds cool!
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
Looks Amazing! Definitely A top 10 Coaster in Europe. Looks as Intense as I305.
davidjellis (4 months ago)
I have many friends who have ridden over 1000 coasters, and several who have ridden 2000+ coasters! I will be reaching my 1200 in a few weeks time :-)
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
davidjellis 😱
davidjellis (4 months ago)
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
how Many rollercoasters have You ridden?
Fury 325 (4 months ago)
davidjellis I bet it Is.
It takes 3:59 minutes to ride this with no breaks dam with breaks it might be like 6 minutes long?
davidjellis (4 months ago)
The first video I saw of this ride was a few months before I rode it...that video was about 6 minutes long...it depends on how much you brake of course, but can easily take 6 minutes
I really want to ride that
JESSEverything (5 months ago)
What a cool track.
The Random Isaac (5 months ago)
I thought it was David Jellis not David J. Ellis
davidjellis (5 months ago)
David J Ellis is correct...but a lot of people get confused by that :-)
MalGamer (5 months ago)
I want to see this implemented in planet coaster
Anantavijaya Das (5 months ago)
Coolest thing I've ever seen!!!
davidjellis (5 months ago)
Thanks :-)
Loic 911 (5 months ago)
2011 those were the days
MilHanSolo (5 months ago)
Absolute madlad
davidjellis (5 months ago)
Probably right! :-)
Susan Patterson (5 months ago)
That is an awfully skinny track to be running with no brakes! I would hope the cars are very well balanced on the track! Why did it stop when it did? Did you crash? I certainly hope not!!
davidjellis (5 months ago)
The video stopped as I had to use my hands to apply the brakes at the end of the track...I didn't crash but had to brake hard as I was entering the exit point at full speed.
Vladgorod7 (5 months ago)
davidjellis (5 months ago)
a small tree on any track wouldn't be good news :-) That's why the track is checked before it opens each day
william coe (5 months ago)
That was pretty cool,thank you and I hope you didn't poop yourself....lol
davidjellis (5 months ago)
LOL - no I didn't :-)
SeanTheAwesome (6 months ago)
SeanTheAwesome (6 months ago)
When your hot pockets come out of the microwave 3:23
saimaan larppa (6 months ago)
metal af (6 months ago)
*slams into unsuspecting child while screaming at the top of my lungs*
flclfan85 (6 months ago)
I wonder if there was any point during that where the thought process shifted from "what are these brakes you speak of?" to "yeah, now would be a really good time to hit the brakes"
davidjellis (6 months ago)
I did consider on some of those sharp turns and drops if a little braking was perhaps wiser than going full speed!
greasy grove (6 months ago)
please tell me those have seatbelts
davidjellis (6 months ago)
Yes they do - and you need them!
Tiger (7 months ago)
How the the G forces not throw you out on the curves. Do you have to lean into corners? Are you strapped in??
Tiger (7 months ago)
brilliant! I'd want to do it continuously !
davidjellis (7 months ago)
You wear a seatbelt and the track is banked...it still carries some force though!
suraj singh bhui (7 months ago)
I just did it today! No brakes! It does apply the brakes automatically on aome points though, that was a bummer!
suraj singh bhui (7 months ago)
davidjellis No, this is the only Alpine coaster I've been on. But I'll sure as hell try more of them!
davidjellis (7 months ago)
It's a real shame...there are still some alpine coasters without brakes but most of the new ones have them fitted as standard now, especially those in the USA. Lots of fun though. Did you visit any other alpine coasters?
suraj singh bhui (7 months ago)
davidjellis ohhh thats really sad. I had come all the way from India to do this, although I had a lot of fun...but I expected it to be much more thrilling! Your reply explains it...going down without brakes is no more a big thing as even my wife did it without braking :P
davidjellis (7 months ago)
They have updated the ride system in recent years so you can't go as fast as I did - it's annoying as most new installations of these rides have magnetic brakes fitted...and many older ones are being retro-fitted with them :-(
JarAxe (7 months ago)
"Do you think that's wise??" No. I don't. I think that's dumb. Brakes are there for a reason. However, I don't doubt it was a nice ride.
Vishwas Dixit (7 months ago)
Craziest ride wow...😌 breath taking
Bob Greer (8 months ago)
Pretty cool ride!!!
davidjellis (8 months ago)
It's a lot of fun!
Caspar van Ommen (8 months ago)
crazy ass
velia garcia (9 months ago)
Somebody lend me money so I could travel to that country and ride that ride. Lol
mirtha kitt (9 months ago)
On my list!
Dave McKenzie (9 months ago)
That was stressful
I dare someone to put the luminous forest theme over this when he goes fast
J4N3Q 18 (10 months ago)
Woooo XD
McRocket (10 months ago)
That was brilliant!!! Thanks.
davidjellis (10 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it :-)
GHØS†ΣD (10 months ago)
When I Am On Alpine Coasters I NEVER USE MY BREAKS :DD
davidjellis (10 months ago)
Good stuff!
Jay Santos (10 months ago)
David, you know who built this?
Jay Santos (10 months ago)
davidjellis (10 months ago)
Brandauer http://www.brandauer.cc/data/folder_e.pdf
Google User (11 months ago)
TOO FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for posting this.....I'm fucking POOR and will neverrrrrrrr have the money to travel to Austria, let alone to another state, so this was a real treat
davidjellis (11 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it :-)
Sure Ninja (11 months ago)
What did those signs say?
davidjellis (11 months ago)
It says 'If you can read this sign you are going way too slow' :-)
I Q (11 months ago)
LOL!!! Dude, you are INSANE! I was terrified watching from my house. No way would I have done that without brakes. Too much could go wrong and you are d-e-a-d. Glad you made it okay, but that scared the shit out of me. You rock, brother. More balls than me that's for damn sure.
davidjellis (11 months ago)
Cheers I Q :-)
I Q (11 months ago)
I really do appreciate that there are people like you who film these things for others. I don't travel much, so I enjoy watching videos of others doing the things I can't or won't do. The scenery was unbelievable for sure. Thanks again. You da man.
davidjellis (11 months ago)
It was scary at the time...and I still wonder how I managed to film it all so steady given how fast and crazy it was. I gather they don't allow people to film on it now, and I believe they have added some brakes so you cannot go as fast as I did, but the scenery is still wonderful and they are a lot of fun!
Reel Eazy (11 months ago)
He's still going. Even 3 years later no brakes.
davidjellis (11 months ago)
Muslim bomber 3000 (1 year ago)
I fucking went there!!!!! No wayyyyyyyyy!!!!

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