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Geography: Minerals and Energy Resources (Part 1)

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Download PuStack App now from http://bit.ly/pustack This is introductory lecture on a CBSE Class 10th topic - Minerals and Energy Resources. This chapter is divided into 6 lectures, so make sure you watch the other five lectures for a better understanding. Link to more videos on various topics - http://bit.ly/2cncdM0
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Sanjay Kumar Verma (1 hour ago)
Ajay Kumar (16 hours ago)
Nice 😍😘💍❤
Ajay Kumar (16 hours ago)
Talk in hindi
Ayush Rai (16 hours ago)
Only 12 min to coplete a chapter please explain in detail........
deepa nishad (1 day ago)
a a (1 day ago)
Sir app geography bhi paste hai history ke alawa
asphalt 8 GAMER (1 day ago)
Hehehe not funny
yash d Sahu (1 day ago)
my i phone
Divya Gupta (1 day ago)
Nice explaination
Deepak Singh (1 day ago)
Coc vs pubg
Renu Singh (2 days ago)
Jiwansh Kumar (2 days ago)
Everything around us is made up of minerals
Sps Sps (2 days ago)
Super duper sir u are best 🤗🤗🤗
Pramila Kashyap (3 days ago)
Stainless steel
jagmohan gabel (3 days ago)
U r good teacher as well as actor
Icy Thug (3 days ago)
Intro was so gud 😂😂😂
Saniya Rajput (4 days ago)
Suraj Sharma (4 days ago)
Kunal Verma (5 days ago)
My mobile cover of silicon
Preet Singh (5 days ago)
Bhai subah uthkar mein to Sabse phle haagta hu😂😂😂😂😂 Hit. Like if u do so😂😂
Singh Amaninder (5 days ago)
*Abe kaahan se aaya yeh* I am glad it wasn't *"BC Ulta phenk ke maroonga kisne kiya yeh?"*
Anushka 197 (6 days ago)
0:04 ...was ultimate😂
Mohit Kashyap (6 days ago)
This Guy is the reason how i got such Crystal clear concepts in sst. Man good wishes to you.....
Mr Specky (6 days ago)
My hookah
Rekha Punera (6 days ago)
Thanks sir your explanation is superb 👌
Rekha Punera (6 days ago)
Everything around me is made up of mineral sir
Meena Gupta (6 days ago)
Sanskar Jain (6 days ago)
Varad Kumar (6 days ago)
tuj se bkp accha hai
Kamla Lingwal (6 days ago)
Babasaheb Shah ah Shahab at Sherrie if he is all bna ka kkwj
panchu kokate (7 days ago)
oh gid, dat first dialogue, abe kaha se aaya ye, made it look more interesting
Shanu Thakur (7 days ago)
Table almira etc
Shivam Soni (8 days ago)
if you are tensed then just 2:15 XO
Deepak Singh (8 days ago)
Good acting when stone is falled out
tiwariji tech (8 days ago)
The Fox T.V (11 days ago)
Priyanshu Bhadoriya (11 days ago)
Thoda Hindi bola Karo pura English smjata ho
Rajiv Sethia (11 days ago)
U r the best teacher of geography
Rajiv Sethia (11 days ago)
U r the best teacher for Geography sir
Shweta kulshreshtha (11 days ago)
Nice videos I listen first time these words from you 😊😊😊😊
Mukul Kumar (11 days ago)
Bakbas explanation 😛😝😜😢😥😉☺
Surender Gupta (11 days ago)
Divyam your videos is awesome🥇🥇😊😊😊😊😊
vinayakk singhal (11 days ago)
so cool
Srikant Tondak (12 days ago)
SHIVAM OJHA (12 days ago)
can you please clear my one point If yes reply
Sairam Ramesh (12 days ago)
Dude I'm only made up of minerals
Aman Belani (13 days ago)
0:03 "Abey kah se aya yeh!", 1st time saw talking in Hindi in this channel atleast Thank Me Later!
All About Creators (14 days ago)
tatti divyam
All About Creators (14 days ago)
tatti divyam
Shakiel A (14 days ago)
Technical Amit (14 days ago)
Thank you apka lecture sidhe mind me ghussa
jyoti jyoti (14 days ago)
Wht dis lesson include in syllbus 2019
anurag Thakur (14 days ago)
5 and 6 lesson sir
Siddharth Garg (15 days ago)
Dislike karne walo *India* jhoto....
Siddharth Garg (15 days ago)
*0:12** it should be minerals*
Learn Buddies (16 days ago)
Appki social science mast h
jai narayan (16 days ago)
sir fan iron ka hai iron ores se mila ....wall jisme rock laga hai ....almost sabhi chije natural minerals ki hai
jai narayan (16 days ago)
Hit !!!! a like 👍 for the sir
shikha Agarwal (16 days ago)
iron by watch graphite by pencil wood by all furniture and many more
Educational Mantra (17 days ago)
Kanchan Rawat (17 days ago)
Priyanshu Basantwani (17 days ago)
Each and everything
HellBoy Harsh (17 days ago)
Harshrajsinh Chudasama (17 days ago)
Is book,pen and plate made of minerals.......
Anand Kalyanji (18 days ago)
iron is most common mineral
Narayan Somani (19 days ago)
Hum bache nai hai .....isilia 0.03 par hamare ko bata mat
Pradeep Kumar (19 days ago)
Very good
Sanya Soni (19 days ago)
Sir plzz ap chapters thode deeply padhaya krooooo..... I request to u
Dinesh Singh (20 days ago)
honey Singh (21 days ago)
Saloni Jha (21 days ago)
Bharti B Gamit (21 days ago)
Hey sir please upload maths chapter also.
Faishal Rashid (23 days ago)
Imran Ashraf (23 days ago)
Hugta nhi h kya suba uth k
Sums Potnuru Suma (23 days ago)
Every kind of thing avaliable in our surroundings are minerals
sunita pandita (23 days ago)
Statue,Vass etc..
PrEMINEM EK (24 days ago)
Everything is made up of minerals
Anmol Sharma Life (24 days ago)
Helping Video for us. keep it up
Girish Kulkarni (25 days ago)
You are so childish
Vikas Rai (26 days ago)
sugar milk
Pratima Soni (27 days ago)
Every thing is made up of minerals
Roman Reigns (28 days ago)
You forget about conservation part
Azam Malik (28 days ago)
Answer in your questions my house involving in gold because gold is produce in rock mountain and so this is gold is minerals
Jatinder Jatinder (28 days ago)
Rakhi Parmar (29 days ago)
Sir mica is a non metallic minerals but why it is used in electrical and electronics industry, and why it convert into thin sheet
sanjay kuril (29 days ago)
good explanation this video is really helpful in my boards
Lokesh. Edit.X (1 month ago)
गुप्ता लोग like Tohko
Gurvinder Singh (1 month ago)
All substance are made by minerals
Pushpa Singh (1 month ago)
My phone
steel stunners (1 month ago)
Manish Raj (1 month ago)
sir rat hole mining kya hai plz bataiye
Shivam Kumar Singh (1 month ago)
Kya yaar mujhe bhi to join karo main bhi ek student hi hun please hit the like yaar
Tris S (1 month ago)
Please do viedos in english..
Sujal Raghuwanshi (1 month ago)
sir please can you uploads the maps videos if you agree with me?
Moonboy (1 month ago)
Improve the audio
Anindya Banerjee (1 month ago)
Sir video thora detail me explain karnese or video thora lamba karnese ache se samaj ayege
Tanya Jain (1 month ago)
I bought some from rocks fro brighu lake which are kept in my room
Muntaha sh (1 month ago)
Superb man!!the pen is around me is mineral😊😊

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