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Physics - Energy - Energy Resources and Power Stations

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A physics revision video about the different ways of generating electricity.
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Elijah Saucier (3 months ago)
try messing with the sound settings, sound quality is actual dog feces
Łukasz (5 months ago)
FALS, at 1:34 when you burn biomass you still produce CO2 and SO2
Łukasz (3 months ago)
@+Elijah Saucier ok, with space. And 'false' of course
Elijah Saucier (3 months ago)
+Łukasz no problem. also, you only need one space between punctuation and the next sentence
Łukasz (3 months ago)
+Elijah Saucieronly this? nothing on the subject ? nice try, thanks !
Elijah Saucier (3 months ago)
try correcting someone once you learn how to spell
Joe913281 Gaming (6 months ago)
ooof ty
GCSE tomorrow If I fail it’s your fault
expertmathstutor (11 months ago)
You're very welcome. Hope the GCSE's went ok and have a great long summer
expertmathstutor In all seriousness, thanks, your videos do help me. They’re fantastic for year 10/11 students like me
expertmathstutor (11 months ago)
I am a disappointment to my parents yep 100% will be my fault! I'm sure you'll do great, good luck
Zeeshan N (11 months ago)
Thank you man Really Helping me In This Tough Time ❤️
Phoebe Sayer (1 year ago)
Burning biomass does actually still release some carbon dioxide. Burning anything carbon-based will do that, even wood. Still, it can be carbon-neutral because the plants have absorbed CO2 as they grow.
Claire Blower (1 year ago)
I'm in year 8 revising for a top set test this was very clear and understandable thanks so much !
Bikram Singh (1 year ago)
LoL ArCrud (1 year ago)
terribly boring and also very boring
Laura Rose (2 years ago)
Thank you, this really helped with my gcse physics revison. I will watch more of your videos as I also struggle with maths 😀
Alexander Matthews (2 years ago)
ow wow very interesting and educational (yawn)
LoL ArCrud (1 year ago)
how dare you
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
spelling MISTACK
Hemalatha R (2 years ago)
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Pebbledash (3 years ago)
Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan
Lucy Chen (3 years ago)
Well done. Good Summary
SDJuice (4 years ago)
Thanks you very much :D
LoL ArCrud (1 year ago)
You are clever no?
Haloid Android (5 years ago)
Thank you it helped me in my science test :D

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