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Top 10 smallest countries in the world

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The world in which we live has more than 200 countries and they vary in the number of residents who stay in them and the total area that they cover. Using the word country does not necessarily mean that the place which is referred to is a large place in area and has massive number of residents that are difficult to be counted or estimated. There are small countries that are less than 400 km2 and the total population that they have does not even reach half million people. You may think that these small countries are unknown and are located away from the places in which we live to be hardly visited or reached, but in fact this is not true as some of these small countries are among the most visited Countries in the world and have many famous sites and attractions to be visited by tourists. To discover more about these small countries, their total area and the number of residents that they have, let’s take a look at the following top 10 smallest countries in the world which are ranked on the basis of the area that they cover.
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