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Hong Kong: Traveling for $20 A Day - Ep 17

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Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in Asia, but is it possible to travel in HK with 20 dollars a day? In fact, there are two methods for traveling HK with 20 USD (155 HKD) and I'm gonna show you how it's done! Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/monkeyabroad First method to travel HK with 20 bucks: Book a hostel (~$18) and buy an egg sandwich at 7/11. Second method to travel HK with 20 bucks: MAKE A FRIEND, sleep on their couch, have 20 bucks left over do actually do stuff for the whole day (the method I chose). How I spent my day traveling in Hong Kong: Star Ferry ride - 3.4 HKD Subway ride - 4.5 HKD Breakfast - 25 HKD Lunch - 35 HKD Subway ride - 13.5 HKD Hiking Victoria Peak - FREE Sports drink - 19.5 HKD Dinner - 55 HKD Accommodation - FREE (friend's couch) TOTAL - 155.9 HKD ($20.10) Sick BEATS provided courtesy of The Passion HiFi http://www.thepassionhifi.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: My name is Kevin Cook. I'm originally from Dallas, TX, but I've been living and traveling in Asia since 2013. After graduating from university in 2011 and working a few unfulfilling jobs, I saved enough money to move to Asia and work as a teacher for a few years. That opportunity allowed me to travel around and experience new foods and cultures, and ignited a passion for blogging and making videos. Now I travel full-time and make videos with the goal that I can encourage YOU to pursue your own dream of overseas traveling and living. If you enjoy watching my videos, you can help me grow my channel by giving my videos a 'thumbs up', leaving a comment, sharing them, and subscribing! Thank you :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on all my adventures: Blog - http://monkeyabroad.com Facebook - http://facebook.com/monkeyabroad Instagram - http://instagram.com/monkeyabroad -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (516)
Ra Shoter (2 days ago)
Your videos very nice,you so friendly and can find where cheap food.
Anne Corey (1 month ago)
Very good video love your video you got a good friend to let you sleep in her apartment very good thanks, 23--11--18.
Cheung Mary (2 months ago)
$20 in HK IS CRAZY!! So there's also an app called QPoint which essentially is a guide with shopping and dining offers. It's produced by the Hong Kong Quality Tourism Services Association. You would've been able to get some freebies there! https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/qpoint-hk/id1395840868?mt=8 :)
Cjango Freeman (2 months ago)
We all need a friend like Jackie.
ChunKit Yau (3 months ago)
prices are raising and raising now poor hongkong people
ChunKit Yau (3 months ago)
performing street in mongkok is no longer exist now
Sahil Raghuwanshi (3 months ago)
China is advance country
Visato Tase (3 months ago)
Or atleast make it 100 dollars if u r in China or japan
Visato Tase (3 months ago)
Ur channel lacking too many details
Visato Tase (3 months ago)
it should be unlimited dollars instead of 20 dollars
Bryan D (3 months ago)
They walked all the way to The Peak? Did they not know there is a bus that takes you right there.
Dragon Fly (4 months ago)
increase the budget! Lol
NPC 01001011 (4 months ago)
Too bad Hong Kong is ugly af LoL
The Legend (5 months ago)
Air bnb has entire apartment listings for around $50usd to $100. So if you go with a friend that's $25 a piece and those prices seem really affordable
Drax Tuskino (5 months ago)
Nice, I was visiting in Oct 2016!
William Walters (5 months ago)
That shirt! Lol
HIẾN TRỊNH (5 months ago)
Phở kinh from in Việt nam
Maybe Yuen long is cheaper and ur at wan chai I am from Hong Kong
Christine Goh (8 months ago)
There is no way you can make it if you hadnt got a friend staying there , (free accomdation). You should try $20 in Singapore without a friend , and let us know if you can make it.... Cheers!!
Billy Tam (8 months ago)
I’m Hong Kongese!
TELEVISIBLE (8 months ago)
So you are cheating !
Vi Le (9 months ago)
livit mobile
fffjkjk jkjkjk (9 months ago)
thats cheating
Asybiel Seah (9 months ago)
1st day on couch. Next few days upgraded room
Raphael Wong (9 months ago)
Yea it's $20, but you missed a lot of great stuff just to keep your budget :(
bugbuster1999 (10 months ago)
Why not try 20 bucks per day in Hong Kong? I mean in Hong Kong dollars!
Phuc Tran (11 months ago)
I love you wearing a "Pho" t-shirt, greeting from VN
The Hunter Traveller (11 months ago)
Nice video! Yep I agree, you can do Hong Kong on $20 per day. Easy! The cheapest hostel I could find must have cost around $15 per night. Only a short stay for me, but worth couchsurfing or crashing at a friends place. I made some similar vlogs to do Hong Kong on a budget ..cheap food, transport, etc. I stayed in Causeway Bay which I found was very cheap for local food (even cheap bakeries for breakfast) and convenient for transport. So if your viewers are considering a convenient and cheap location, then Kowloon is a good spot. But also really check out Causeway Bay. Minus accommodation and having a Octopus travel card, I was probably doing less than $20 per day on average.
catie lee (11 months ago)
Try 20€ in paris
Hans News (11 months ago)
Why buy water when you can use a water fountain
Ji Cheng (11 months ago)
Well if you want cheap food just go to Tam Chai Noodle shop and ask for the Jumbo set meal, it's around 50HKD and i'm sure you can barely finish it the portion is really huge lol
Stiles Kuchiki (11 months ago)
Man, I love Pumpkin. :')
ansu jaff (11 months ago)
SoneDiadem (1 year ago)
sleeping at a friend's house?!??! might as well get her to pay for everything you buy, then you can travel for free... smartass
Rayfil Wong (1 year ago)
Great chopstick skills
Clumsy Idiot (1 year ago)
20 dollars a day in SF
Hriday Nath (1 year ago)
Wow super......
The Journey Explorer (1 year ago)
awesome video, thanks for sharing
Ibrahim Gipa (1 year ago)
dont eat whole day,, just walk until you tired, dont sleep also,, Hongkong is 24 hours,, so walk endlessly and it will not cost you a single penny :)
bennychun1021 (1 year ago)
eat Tam Tsai for every meal
BBB (1 year ago)
This series is more like how to fuck in every country my man got hella girls.
Finally u lost the challenge
she is just friend of you lol
Veer Rohmah (1 year ago)
ayeeee she live in central....
강경화 (1 year ago)
Try Tokyo I paid 5 dollars foyr Tuna Sashimi
Rupanshu jha (1 year ago)
20 dollars a day in Somalia ? 😅
Anurag Aziz (1 year ago)
do pyongyang. North Korea.
Monkey Abroad (1 year ago)
Apparently, as an American, I sadly no longer have that choice.
Uddeen Azhaar (1 year ago)
Impossible to survive in mauritius for 20 DOLLARS :D
DaTTYph (1 year ago)
You could spend a little less if you ask for food with the filipina workers that hang out there in central, they are nice and will let you have some to eat. Ferry? U can save $3 if you just go swim in from hk island to kowloon..
Rinzin Norbu (1 year ago)
I really love your channel .I hope it grows!!
Saransh Verma (1 year ago)
do a $20 video in Oslo, Norway. that'd be fun.
Iranium HD (1 year ago)
Do 20 dollars a day in singapore
Hai Le (1 year ago)
Anyone see the dude in the bape shirt
Dee (1 year ago)
20$ is dumb
good content
roster boy (1 year ago)
Gary Plastek (1 year ago)
Jackie is beautiful.
JIMBO BOO (1 year ago)
U too poor to go to an fancy places when I go to Hong Kong to live u in most expensive apartment in Hong Kong and eat better food than u
rahul sharan (1 year ago)
Great vlog!!
Zed's Dead (1 year ago)
sleep on a friends sofa....fucking bullshit
Monkey Abroad (1 year ago)
+zeds dead make a friend
TravelWithElsa (1 year ago)
Would mean a lot if you checked out my recent HK travel vlog!! xx
Rachel (1 year ago)
enjoy asia?I'm from hk and I hope u really enjoyed
isajo marie Manalo (1 year ago)
im watching again your videos because im travelling next week in southeast asia. ill try to do the $20/day, at least on my food consumption. :D
AzureSteel (1 year ago)
7:03 this scripted scene is so cringe
Monkey Abroad (1 year ago)
+AzureSteel supposed to be that way
Ken Ruan (1 year ago)
One sandwich and you're done for the day LMAOOO
Tan Soong Wei (1 year ago)
Why not try a $10 a day video if hostel is free.
Joshua Brande (1 year ago)
Yeah, lodging is the biggest expense, then eating, then transport. If some generous person offers you a place to sleep, another offers something to eat and you're willing to walk nearly everywhere, it's possible to see the world. on the cheap. May Luck be with you.
dineshtosh (1 year ago)
You met her in Thailand. ?? I know what you did there. :3
leonardo rodriguez (1 year ago)
Gowtham Gk (1 year ago)
Amazing Exprience.....great job buddy
MrLordAmor (1 year ago)
Pocari Sweat is so good!
MrAlopekos (1 year ago)
Pro HK tip: Skip lunch hours (usually till 2.30pm) and wait for tea set (2.30pm-5.30pm). Almost same quantity and quite better price.
How about $20 in Guangzhou, China?
Home School (1 year ago)
Hongkongese were slaves in   Manchu Empire. Manchus gave Hongkong to British Empire.Manchus ruled China for 300 years till 1911. Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia
Bhandi Gamchod (1 year ago)
$7 for a rice and beef curry is not cheap....
blue blink (1 year ago)
Not real..its completely edited
Gilbrand (1 year ago)
hi Kev bud, i think it will be interesting to put your quest more to like a challenge than capping it on $20, that way the possible and not possible will give your vlogs a more logical statement and open the quest to more countries. Thanks a bunch
gm w (1 year ago)
bennychun1021 (1 year ago)
come to HK again !
karen charlotte (1 year ago)
Well ... 6:38 just a warm reminder that we speak Cantonese, not Mandarin, it is not SG/ Taiwan. 7-11 stuffs are too expensive. Go to local kiosk if you can find it , much cheaper.
emily chui (1 year ago)
Did you swim back to Kowloon to save the ferry ticket? $3.40
Anddres Torres (1 year ago)
you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner with 20 bucks?? what thats crazy here in america its like 10 dollars per meal
Surender Lucky (1 year ago)
20$ travelling in India for a week
Itsyogirlsaraiii (1 year ago)
Agestina's Stories (1 year ago)
come to Indonesia please we have best cuisine in the world 👌🏻
Racing Melons (1 year ago)
Hahaha so -0.9HKD went over $20😂but it was just a little and Hong Kong stuff are expensive
Ria Kathrine (1 year ago)
Never knew you can actually climb up the peak on foot! Thought you always have to take the tram. lol
akoonjb (1 year ago)
those 2 are banging for sure
15anerachoreographer (1 year ago)
"Friend"? Right... something tells me he's getting way more for those $20. Lol
LAWSON (1 year ago)
I love your shirt in this video!!!
Charles Smith (1 year ago)
i love pocari sweat lot more than any ohter sport drink, i lived in Japan for 5 years
Charles Smith (1 year ago)
I have video of me and a friend in Hong Kong on the side walk eating and having fun . was an awesome day
DADY Mehdi (1 year ago)
how i can find a friend or place to sleep for free in HK ?
dolce bibobi (1 year ago)
Omg a question i really want to ask is how do you access youtube from china like helps im going to study in china, specifically beijing for the next four years and i CAN'T LIVE without youtube
dolce bibobi (1 year ago)
like any good vpn to recommend?
Kiet Pan (1 year ago)
Deep G (1 year ago)
Which city is your favourite so far you find budget friendly and food is delicious..??
T zwcard (1 year ago)
A great meal in HK usually cost me about 100HKD, but I can get myself some satisfying food here in Guangzhou for about 50RMB. The price in HK is more higher, I don't think you can actually only spend 20ish USD in HK even you got a free place to stay in one day b4 lol.
RasBookie (1 year ago)
$20usd is definitely doable
J0hn_boi (1 year ago)
Pho king get it 😂😂😂
Obada Tarabichi (1 year ago)
try to live in Dubai for 20$

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