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Opening World of Warcraft TCG War of the Elements Booster Packs (Savage Raptor Loot Card Pull!)

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I managed to pick up two War of the Elements WoW TCG packs and figured it would be a great place to start videos since the block just released. It all turned out great with an epic pull! Please feel free to comment and subscribe! All of your help is extremely appreciated! Thanks =)
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Text Comments (153)
MrSynchh (1 year ago)
who the fuck waste money on paper
Dain, son of Nain (1 year ago)
Why am I watching this, it's midnight in 2017.
Squisher123 (2 years ago)
You just pulled a $244 card... and that a tier 3!
Prabagaran Ravi (2 years ago)
hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover world of warcraft gold try Pycanta Warcraft Protocol ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.
Samantha neko (2 years ago)
I'm fan of wow
Lukas Melard (3 years ago)
100dollars mount :D
Matt Mendoza (4 years ago)
Okay vid. But fuck is wrong, can't even see the bottom of the fucking cards.
Galactic Waffles (4 years ago)
Can anyone explain to me what loot cards are. Note: I am new to World of Warcraft
Galactic Waffles (4 years ago)
Thanks for the Help
MyrlaTV (4 years ago)
Lootcards are cards where you can scratch that golden field to get a code which you can redeeem if you follow the link on the bottom of the field to get that card/monster w/e as an actual ingame mount in World of Warcraft (the MMO)
PlanetSideSQUAD (4 years ago)
sub (4 years ago)
Gz! you were very lucky to get one when you just bought 2 packs. still , gz
Agtor R (4 years ago)
can u stil buy cards today? and where
NitexxShadow (4 years ago)
There mate. Thats the booster box of war of the elements (: good luck !
NitexxShadow (4 years ago)
Morris™ (4 years ago)
from gamestop
Mokgore (4 years ago)
The lichling was the non-loot.
Raging Squade (4 years ago)
you had a pet in the first one
Daily Drug (4 years ago)
u dumbass
Daily Drug (4 years ago)
wtf u got the litchling hellu:P:D
Jas2davir (4 years ago)
lol landro's lichling was a loot card 
sub (4 years ago)
+Jas2davir omg it wasnt a loot card you idiot Alex Pisarev is right
Riz (4 years ago)
+Jas2davir Actually, there is 2 versions of this card with and without loot. http://www.collectorscache.com/StoreModules/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=51702&CategoryID=867
Jas2davir (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Rancourt http://wod.wowhead.com/item=68840 shh no more tears my friend. 
sub (4 years ago)
no it wasnt a loot card
Danijel Mesaric (5 years ago)
I get floating spellbook from the betrayal of the guardian.I am so happy :)
Sam (5 years ago)
The lichling is a loot card
Sam (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Rancourt just looked it up and there is a rare loot card which is the same thing but with a code for the pet and there is just a normal one
sub (4 years ago)
no it wasnt
CraverShot (5 years ago)
Does loot cards have expireration dates? I'm planning to buy some on ebay.
CRDBRDT045TERR (5 years ago)
the lichling is a loot card!!!
RibLemons (5 years ago)
RibLemons (5 years ago)
Were can I get a deck of wow playing cards
Comrade Vankii (5 years ago)
got landros lichling...say it cool as f*ck ...when i got him i was screaming like a little bitch
Christian Duval (5 years ago)
u lucky bitch
Marina Juice (5 years ago)
oOSignalzOo (5 years ago)
It wasn't a loot card. Just standard.
Matthew West (5 years ago)
u are unable too
Matthew West (5 years ago)
i cant claim ude points anymore they have discontinued them i have gotten fishing chair lil xt landros lichling tiny and the sandbox
XxGam3rzombi3xX (5 years ago)
wow that horrible you know
Dag (Editor) (5 years ago)
How do you claim your UDE points?
Psyoh Kal (5 years ago)
If you want booster boxes go on amazon and get the wow archives booster box because its like $65 + tax (free shipping)
Steve Jones (5 years ago)
Ted52 (5 years ago)
It wasnt. There is no scratch if you stop right when he is putting it on the bottom of his pile.
zobbyzob (5 years ago)
cant see the scrath thing : /
priestskorge (5 years ago)
was the loot version
PEPPERS (5 years ago)
Can i buy WoW TCG boxes online with paysafe? anyone plz answer.
papaburger fries (5 years ago)
i like the reeses peices in the backround lol
Exploited (5 years ago)
Can you pls give me a link to where you buy your packs
Niklas Kaplan (5 years ago)
gratz man ^_^ i almost shit myself when i pulled a feldrake hahaha
SlyCorey (6 years ago)
I want some so bad and i play wow
PhoenixDownGamingPDG (6 years ago)
its A common loot card, but A loot card nonetheless. I got one in my Worgen Warlock starter deck.
PhoenixDownGamingPDG (6 years ago)
I believe its going for 60$ right now.
steve Xr (6 years ago)
how much can i sell savage raptor on aH?:D
Andrah (6 years ago)
lucky bastard!! xD
james jim (6 years ago)
Where can you buy these?
Mike Driscoll (6 years ago)
if u have any loot cards that u dont want i will take them
Andrew Korman (6 years ago)
wasnt loot one
Chris Brown (6 years ago)
wasnt the unscratched
zobbyzob (6 years ago)
was normal card not the loot versio :C
Fearatix (6 years ago)
ah, didnt know there was a non-loot version
EpIdEmIcSloot (6 years ago)
nooe landros lichling was the nonloot version (:
Fearatix (6 years ago)
anyone notice he pulled a landros lichling and dnt even notice
Drist Serith (6 years ago)
Really, its a shame that this tcg didn't get too popular. It was cool, but I guess the mmo was enough..
Juho Laitila (6 years ago)
How much do those cost per pack?
Demonamic777 (6 years ago)
Oh yes, it's totally fake since you know. He totally didn't just open the pack right in front of people.
Kookue Cachoo (6 years ago)
SwagLordMeme420 (6 years ago)
Lucky basterd D:
k8woo2 (6 years ago)
there is a gold strip at the bottom and you scratch that off to get to code
Jacob Ferragut (6 years ago)
that worthes 120 dollars
laurens316 (6 years ago)
where you buy these?
No pe (6 years ago)
Nate Sash (6 years ago)
no longer do you have the awful decision of choosing which character to put it on
adam dedu (6 years ago)
Its like one thing to scratch under the picture!!
AfflitionDriud (6 years ago)
how do you know if it is a loot card
AfflitionDriud (6 years ago)
dose it matter what pack or can you still get spectral triger and stuff from any of the decks?
Jalal Hashimee (6 years ago)
Gratz man!
Darkecoo (6 years ago)
how much does one of this pack cost?
PaulineMedina (6 years ago)
already opened from the top.
ZyKOBalrog (6 years ago)
Gz :D
A Cat (6 years ago)
Lawrizze (6 years ago)
How badass is that?! With two packs!!! DANG! :-D
ThePinkiitwinka (6 years ago)
Hello, do you know where i can buy them online? :)
A Cat (6 years ago)
How do you tell if its a loot card (I might start to try to get some) is it because its shiny?? lol
norse95 (6 years ago)
worth about $180
ben howard (6 years ago)
Dislike like a bawse.
ManzydeWoW (6 years ago)
Every loot card has a regular too.
Old Mate (6 years ago)
most gaming stores
Andrew Zaitsev (6 years ago)
Where do you buy these? Online or can u get em at stores???
Chris Boyd (6 years ago)
It can be a loot card, but it can also be normal.
Gigz Done (6 years ago)
LOL u just made some money u sell it for 100 dollars
lichblood09 (6 years ago)
the rarety of the cards are as follows: Common(white)-Uncommon(green)-Rare(blue)-Epic(purple)-Legendary(orange) white are the least rare ones, while orange is the rarest, and purple beeing the second rares. but Legendary(orange) card are only loot cards, which are mostly quite rare. the rarest legendaries that says 3/3 (normally mounts) will only be in 1/242 or 1/484 packs so if u pull a 3/3 loot card count urself lucky :) but purple are the rarest normal cards. orange is only for loot cards.
Lyftaren best paly eu (6 years ago)
i have some cards wich the text at the bottom, one is purpule, some are green and some are blue can someone plz tell me waht these colors mean ty :)
nickemeh (6 years ago)
Super Sashimi (6 years ago)
I got a riding turtle lol
il buy it from you :P
Bradden Scrimger (6 years ago)
wal-mart meijers anywhere that sells cards
Magaly Olivares (6 years ago)
i have a nightsaber cub, is that good???
Guffe Fyr (6 years ago)
@Urcftw lol thats why i watch theese vids aswell :D
Tottie (7 years ago)
@Murloclord1337 where do you buy the packs O.o
Warriorsauce (7 years ago)
Nice I buy hot packs whenever I find one and only have found 2 mount loots gratz :D
Bradden Scrimger (7 years ago)
i have opened about 100 packs for real and never got a loot card then he buys 2 packs and gets 1 WTH
PaulineMedina (7 years ago)
he have already open this..
Victor Jun (7 years ago)
God,i love the cracking sound of the booster pack when opened!
CD GF (7 years ago)
WOW!!!! I want the mottled drake or this savage raptor O.O its awesome
Frosty Cupcake (7 years ago)
@tomyferland1234 It can be any pack.
ThatsFresh26 (7 years ago)
...wow a crap load of money on ebay. you should fersure sell that.
Karl Casteleiro (7 years ago)
@Blazingwheel Not a loot version and I dont think hes retarded enough to miss the shiney gold bit to scratch off
Marc Anthony Ramos (7 years ago)
nice vid man.
wowrulz392 (7 years ago)
@Blazingwheel That wasn't the loot version.
Blazingfire (7 years ago)
lol i got my starter pack and there it was lucky savage raptor stirght away in starter pack i couldn't belive it now i have it and not sure what to do with it xD
iLive2WoW (7 years ago)
if you still have the card would you be willing to trade or sell it

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