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HOW TO TRADE - Let The Trade Come To You

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TRADING using technical analysis means having the skill to make educated predictions along with having the knowledge & discipline on how to take action on them. In today's video i wanted to share with you a discussion that we had in my Live Trading Room walking a group of traders through my thought process of how to analyze the markets. As always if you're interested in trying out our services. make sure you sign up for the 14-Day Trial - https://tieronetrading.com/14-day-trial/ Akil Stokes on Social media Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AkilStokesRTM/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/akilstokesrtm/ Twitter https://twitter.com/AkilStokesRTM
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Gregory Morris (1 month ago)
Do you think at some point you could address the business side of trading ?! Like trading through an entity ?!
Akil Stokes (1 month ago)
Hi Gregory, that's something that I do, just not here on Youtube since the general audience here is at a level.
Joe Jenkins (3 months ago)
One of the biggest changes I've made over the last few month's is only using buy /sell stops on my trend continuation strategy. Which does take away the impulse trades and also means that if the technicals are correct I should get filled. If not, I can cancel the order reassess and then reset the order etc. Still get it wrong but I followed my plan and that's part of the game
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Well done Joe!
Dennis H (3 months ago)
I take the HS as it forms, I think the risk reward is much better than waiting for the break of the neckline. And if it breaks above the neckline in a big move... it may not retest. And if it goes the other direction, the SL is small compared to neckline entry and same SL.
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Plan the trade, trade the plan!
Da Fluker (3 months ago)
great videos
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Thank you
Tebatjo Malaka (3 months ago)
Great insights. I wiped out my recent gains with strings of losses due to proactivity in execution. Thanks for this video. Just now I reflected on EURCAD and GBPAUD pairs which reached entry points earlier in the day per my system but I hesitated to make entry and of course I saved money since price action on my timeframe violated my entry point by heading in a different direction. I could have saved a lot of money just by waiting, for all other previous pairs!
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Discipline is key. Keep working on it and you'll see your results improve
Joshua M (3 months ago)
Hi Akil, quick question: do you know how to correlate lot size with decreased leverage? I use to trade 2:00 lots on an account that permitted 1:100 leverage. Came back to the markets after a break and I'm having issues using my average lot size of $20 per pip. Any tips on calculating this with 1:30 leverage?
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Determine position size depends on a lot of factors which is way to long to get into here. But in my opinion if the move from 100 to 30 changes your position size then you were trading much to big to begin with. That change really should have no affect
wyzr 12358 (3 months ago)
Like I said at the start of the week. If you said long, you’d be right. If you take one look at these two currencies on the index you wouldn’t selling this pair.
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Here's the trade if you weren't tracking with us - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/EURUSD/DrdWSblf-EURUSD-Still-Bearish-Big-Picture-But-Looking-For-Some-Relief/
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
I made some very good profits going long earlier in the week. However nothing on the chart has changed my longer term bias. That's why being a trader is fun, you can catch moves on either side of the market 😉
Game (3 months ago)
when is the time for you to finally get the fact that there is no such "depends on what kind of trader you are" in market. If you can read the market properly you could be a trade cont. trader and counter trader at the same time. you just dont have any clue what trade continuation is when to do counter trade . I tell you why for free. because you didnt build your RAS on higher time frame. you wasted your time in 1h charts and persist that well that can work as well.
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
STEAZ bee (3 months ago)
Akil, I recently just joined tier1trading and I honestly want to thank you it was worth every buck and more. I have a pretty complicated story about my whole journey but I will type it out when I have time and post it in your comments section. I am still a student doing my Masters in Public administration, I haven't had time yet to completely lose myself in the learning journey as I have academic responsibilities currently. I have been in the live room a couple of times when am on breaks, I completely stopped trading, and I haven't placed a single trade this whole year, just to protected my psychology from taking anymore uneducated hits. My name is Patrick by way and really looking forward to doing it the right way this time, I now know that money is secondary in Forex trading, chasing the skill is the most important. Thanks Akil my God bless you and the baby that you guys have on the way.
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Hi Patrick, thanks you for the comment and for being a part of our community. It's great to see that you have the right idea of what trading is and what's needed to be successful down the road. Good luck with your studies
Obie Cano (3 months ago)
Trading FX is like playing poker........try it sometimes
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
Please do and yes, trading is like gambling, but gambling as a professional gambler does. Infact theres and awesome story in "The New Market Wizards" I believe about a professional gambler turned trader. Might be worth checking out
Obie Cano (3 months ago)
I agree with all your points.........the epiphany for me was when I started playing 100s of hands of online poker for the first time. Once you do this for hours and hours, risk is put into its proper perspective. I believe it changes your brain chemistry somehow. Neway.........as a Chemical Engineer I can state emphatically that farting and burping at the same time can lead to a cardiac event!!!!! Peace!!!!
Obie Cano (3 months ago)
I see where you did a podcast on this subject.......I will give you my take when I finish listening.......so far so good
Obie Cano (3 months ago)
Thanks my friend. My last point...........I am proving to myself that trading is in fact gambling and if people treated trading like gambling they would get better results and they would view losses and wins differently. I personally feel that people foolishly avoid associating trading with gambling because of the negative connotations. I wish I could conduct a type of "turtle" experiment where you took some experienced poker players and gave them some basic trading strategies.......I believe they would make considerably more money faster than another experimental group of non-poker players with the same trading education. Neway...........have a good weekend..........!!!
Akil Stokes (3 months ago)
I agree

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