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What if NASA had the US Military's Budget?

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In this video we do a little speculating! What could NASA do with the US military's massive 600 billion dollar annual budget? EDIT: Made a little mistake at 0:29...I pressed the greater than sign when it should be less than. My apologies! Edit 2: I have also realized that I took NASA's budget percentage from the TOTAL United States annual budget, not the DISCRETIONARY budget like I used for the military. It's still a very small percentage, but I apologize nonetheless. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE! Second Thought is a channel devoted to the things in life worth considering. New videos every week! Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/_SecondThought
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Text Comments (21478)
Portgas D. Ace (1 minute ago)
loving the yank propaganda
Parxody (11 hours ago)
This has actually been in my recommended for a long time and I finally just watched it
Eldar Franke (20 hours ago)
1:18 u a stapid bitch
Mathias 04 (21 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
BeanBagger (23 hours ago)
But we need that military budget to protect us and those ideas
Sumwubz55 (1 day ago)
Honestly loved this video showing off the potentials. I hated the army and the absolute insanity behind the funds they get, but this video got me so pissed off at them. Honestly anyone in charge of military or their finance deserves uncurable cancer for being prestigious elite dickheads. Perhaps they’d invest in some proper research then. Conservatives not only endangering EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING om this planet, nah they also fuck every single living things current and future lives up by rather showing off some amateur tech in jets and tanks, whilst they could potentially harvest a stars energy if they only spent their budget on research and technology. Cant rant enough about the stupidity of leaders and rulers. The moment we needed an army was the moment our species was doomed.
Shane Cummings (1 day ago)
Holla holla got dolla
Daniel Queiroz (1 day ago)
Bro its sad that humanity fight itself not aliens
Reamlix (1 day ago)
hell yeah donate all 600 billion to spacex xX
Official_mehdi_10 (1 day ago)
OMGG DONALD TRUMP GIVE YOUR F*CKING MONEY TO NASA..!! xDD!! ..!! Do you actually know what we can achieve..!!
Twitchdrones (1 day ago)
we need to focus on SpaceX, not NASA
Second Thought (1 day ago)
Porque no los dos?
Error_1279310 7 (1 day ago)
They could get an looot of porn
Sean gilmore (2 days ago)
Trump needs 5.6 billion for his wall...
I’m not a trump supporter nor am I hater but let’s be honest tump will put ALL of his money into space force.
Neo Kgatla (2 days ago)
In short we would've discovered aliens by now.
Krazykov (2 days ago)
When I was a kid in the 90's I had big hopes for the future space program and was very excited to see what we will have in 2020. I have never been so disappointed, sure we have some other cool shit but I no longer feel I been born during the right time, 50 years too soon I think. Probably won't have anything cool in space for a long time with the way things are going. Thanks to Elon some interest and excitement have been restored but it's not enough, we need another space race.
Jesus m (2 days ago)
Somewhere in the future kids are gonna be like “why are we still living in this shitty planet when we could build ships to travel to other places” and ima be like “well we rather spend our money making stuff to kill ourselves with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “
Connor Donaldson (2 days ago)
We spend so much of our money fighting each other when we could be making a better life for every man and women etc. Yet we would rather spend more money fighting each other
Paul Krawitz (3 days ago)
What budget are you talking about? They owe China a hell of a lot of money.
PugXic (3 days ago)
we would finally reach space Australia
Dr. Invader;} (3 days ago)
It is because the government are scared of other countries. So they spend a whole lot on military.
Russian Bias (3 days ago)
So the Soviet Union is Russia for some odd reason now?
MultiVers (3 days ago)
2 Years later of this video -What if we give that amount of money at Space X. Fellows, Space X is the future <3
Jack McGrath (3 days ago)
Someone start a petition
Joshua Degreiff (3 days ago)
We supposed to be so advanced right now! Infinite energy, asteroid mining with infinite money resources, might we discover new tech to cure the worse ills, f^++% wars!
Kevin Rivera (3 days ago)
Or they could misspend it like many government organizations. Im sure even our military could run itself way better with 600B
Vortexboy 101 (4 days ago)
Did you mention Russia military they made all the military things then in world war people took over there stuff studied it and then built it
zo om (4 days ago)
Its more important to stop satanic nations then exploring empty universe
rgtrooper13 (4 days ago)
My tax dollars are not going to billionaire Elon musk go fuck yourself
marcell (4 days ago)
the gov literally print money and they can’t lend nasa some money lol
OMGosh (5 days ago)
I can't believe this...
Dragon Tanker (5 days ago)
Well would you like to be slaves or even die in world war 3 and let's be honest it will happen or will you like to spend something that no one has or will discover untail some year
Icekick (5 days ago)
What if nasa had the 1.3 trillion welfare budget
Thomas Brown (5 days ago)
I would say add maybe 100-250billion onto nasa payment to speed things up. They have given up on the moon even though there is still more to explore. What about Mars their *might* be aliens or other livening organisms
AxeXent (5 days ago)
So we can't evolve into a species and take the next step, all because the US military needs a lot of toys.
DerpcatMusic (6 days ago)
What NASA can do with military budget: buy more green screens to fake their stuff (no offense lmao but plz spacex can do better with that money)
Jacquie Michelle (6 days ago)
Just think about, y’all know the story of colonisation of America so before the exploration of new continent European countries had no interest until a major event totched them and Portugal was the first to start exploration due to their localisation but also because they had no conflict with others country .so I think we just need one nation to make the first step to creat a world mouvement and I just hope we are born in the bm start of space colonization.
T H (6 days ago)
Colonial marines anyone?
Pa Pa (7 days ago)
Probably make a war rocket and a death star
steve molina (7 days ago)
Pol 161812 (7 days ago)
And now everyone knows why Trump is making the Space Force.
Dave (7 days ago)
The real question is what if SpaceX had NASA's budget?
Đức Phạm (8 days ago)
0:30 Is that less than?
Omega (8 days ago)
Do this with space x
Stanny (8 days ago)
Only 25 videos and over 600k subs? Wow
Stanny (8 days ago)
I just wish the human race weren’t so selfish
Desmond DeSilva (8 days ago)
I love how ignorant this is, the reason the US needs to pool all of its power into military is to manage the current problems with other countries we are dealing with! You wanna know what happens when you swap the military budget with nasa? Try dropping the soap in the shower of Alcatraz to get a good idea
Weird Guy (8 days ago)
Well if you mine asteroids maybe NASA can have much more money and the military can have NASAs money (I don't know much about asteroid mineing.)
Phoenix Nebula (8 days ago)
I find it funny how the US is constantly racking up debate so they don't invest in space, but when the military wants more money the government just gives it to them. I find it even funnier that if we all played 10% income tax we would be able to pay for two US budgets. Seriously if we all played 10% income tax we could have both a massive space program and a massive military.
The Legend Mobile (8 days ago)
We rather invest money on military equipment for war, and destroy the only earth we got instead of investing it on nasa to explore space.
Well I’m safe
TheFearedOne YT (8 days ago)
Ok why the fck does the us need such a massive military like wtf?
Caixia Zhou (8 days ago)
Bill Gates is nothing compared to 600billion $$$
Puffin Express (9 days ago)
Or you could fold nasa into trumps new space force which would then get more funding from that massive defense fund
ampersand (9 days ago)
For one thing, they could make a space shuttle worth 600 billion dollars.
Sander Vink (9 days ago)
who cares about finding alien life and a metal that is 100x stronger than diamond and is dirt cheap when you have aircraft carriersssssssssssss
Stormboxer (9 days ago)
Nah man let’s just build 3 more aircraft carriers Instead of furthering the development of humanity
Last Word (9 days ago)
Just say to the military: spacecraft carrier. They'll throw all their money at nasa.
SkullGhost (9 days ago)
NASA:We need some more money. America:I dont have any. NASA:There is A LOT of oil on mars. America:WE ARE GOIN TO SPACE!
Johnny Cash (9 days ago)
Lmao if usa payed off all their debts to china. Usa would have been like somalia
Phillip Chavez (9 days ago)
Oranggeee e (10 days ago)
I wish that we will never have wars and not worry about war so we can focus the money on NASA or anything else.
Irving Chies (10 days ago)
not to mention an importante percentaje of the military budget goes towards the veterans
Irving Chies (10 days ago)
and they still aren't apropriately covered
PraSant Sapkota (10 days ago)
If elon musk had that much of money he would deliver tesla for aliens 😎
Ricky Miller (10 days ago)
What could the military do with NASA's budget
Frost Tiger (10 days ago)
They’ve already set the date for the manned launch to mars. Some point in 2024
Ascetic Popoclips (10 days ago)
Come on Russia were depending on you
XxJoekerxX (10 days ago)
Yeah too bad there is so much space garbage so that would have to be taken care of first
typhoon320i (10 days ago)
They are both government agencies. If they had a bigger budget they would overpay for everything to preserve their budget for the next fiscal year.
Raid (10 days ago)
They could design a pen that works in another galaxy
Seb Wai (10 days ago)
But now imagine SpaceX would get all that money....I know that SpaceX is private and not funded by the state ,but it would be awesome
Car Door (11 days ago)
They should make a decent thumbnail
darkwear gt growtopia (11 days ago)
Hey future me
Ruben Immanuel (11 days ago)
i think the US already do the right thing . what the point of exploring something we didn't know if there is a greater threat here on earth the humans itself cuz we can't work together. so the right thing to do is rule the world by investing in military and make the world have the same ideology so we didn't need to pay for military again then we could give tha NASA the budget they needed. i know rule the world its a little bit silly but if there is no leader chaos will happen again and if you want to rule the world you need power that is why the US do the right thing this is just the beginning when all the nation on earth became 1 then we can invest more in NASA just be passion it will happen i hope.
Just Peachy (11 days ago)
"tHe eArTh iS fLaT"
Joseph Peters (11 days ago)
Space stuff will happen. Earth too. Haha
WeOnline Union (11 days ago)
Ilovepineapples (11 days ago)
The government should set up a conservating system for the army in Case of war or emergency, that way the troops Will only be used in need. They would have 1-2 years of set-up and cut the budget in half
LexT (11 days ago)
600 Billion Dollars are lots of v - bucks
highlander723 (11 days ago)
Waste it all on inflated budgets and bureaucracies not to mention exorbitant salaries for directors and department heads.
Craig Whitelaw (12 days ago)
So sad that that amount of money is being used for a potential war - death over survival. When will humans learn...?
Zeke Spears (12 days ago)
6k conservatives disliked this video.
Nihal sharma (12 days ago)
Wow US is so insecure.
Leo Lopez (12 days ago)
FBI open up
Gabe Lopez (12 days ago)
Y’all niggas stupid if we went to an alien planet and they were more advanced then us they would kill us and take our nice ass planet
Animation Space (12 days ago)
Calvinmalvin J (12 days ago)
I nasa
Ryan D (12 days ago)
Spend all the money one food.
Zack Irvine (12 days ago)
Just sell the army and buy one nuke
theplayingpro (12 days ago)
I want to live next to NASAs HQ they must have some good as wifi
Jafoole (12 days ago)
Instead of furthering human progression lets spend more money on killing ourselves.
Vecret .M (12 days ago)
*They could buy space*
The True Laziest (13 days ago)
*life on mars increased by 54%*
mateo pava (13 days ago)
this finna be thee guy to pay the Russian hackers to start a space race
honest Abe (13 days ago)
Well if nasa had them funds, we would be in space by now, zooming around visiting family members on other planets.
Joshua (13 days ago)
They could film their mission to the sun in a set with 600b
United Humans (13 days ago)
Why unite our forces with all the nations on this planet, and finally be ALL HUMANS, to invest into an unlimited future together? Let's just make war machines and try killing each others in world wars or in small wars for some stupid land. Who cares about the future of humans? We HAVE TO have a strong army lol. *humor for those who are going to judge*
macarons not macaroons (13 days ago)
It saddens me that he said the moon belonged to America.... IT BELONGS TO EVERYONE
Devarsh Bhatt (13 days ago)
NASA -- We need more money. AMERICA -- We don't have enough money. MILITARY -- We need one more aircraft carrier to play. AMERICA -- SAY NO MORE.
beewok fpv (13 days ago)
now the problem is the army, where should they work?,..

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