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A Strategic Culture Framework to Manage Risk: Part III-Espoused Ethics and Actual Values

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Over this week’s five part podcast series I am visiting with Caterina Bullgarella on the recently released white paper by SAI Global entitled, “Predicting Risk: A Strategic Culture Framework for the C-Suite”(the “Framework white paper”). Bullgarella is a cultural architect and ethics collaborator with SAI Global and the author of the white paper. In this white paper, she introduces a strategic culture framework which compliance professionals and companies can use to not only help them assess their ethical culture but equally importantly a framework to map ethics to their business process in a manner which improves ethics and compliance and improves overall business processes leading to more robust efficiencies and greater profitability. In this Part III, we discuss what the gap between an organization’s espoused ethics and its actual values and how this can lead to a tension and risks that arise from conflicting priorities and goals.
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