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Big thanks to all the guys for coming down! Video's on each car will be up in the next few weeks :) - Subscribe For More Car Stuff www.youtube.com/Jamie_FYD - My Clothing Company http://www.fydapparel.com - Follow Me On Instagram; @Jamie_FYD - Follow Me On SnapChat; @Jamie_FYD - Follow Me On Twitter; @Jamie_FYD - Get A Competitive Insurance Quote Using My Code D1652 www.adrianflux.co.uk/d1652 Music; https://soundcloud.com/huglife https://soundcloud.com/ryanlittle
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Text Comments (278)
lil poop (1 month ago)
Thats some GTA5 cars
Mr. B (4 months ago)
Joshua JDG (8 months ago)
yoooo what are those taillights
Stenmark Messi (8 months ago)
awesome coool car!!
Aron Morris (8 months ago)
My stepdad has an evo 8 they’re sick
Fawaz Tariq (9 months ago)
Oh I skipped a beat on the EVO <3 ahhhhh
Luke Carr (11 months ago)
Stop saying look at the sheer state of that. Its making it sound like you think it's ugly or shit. Why not say it looks epic or something along those lines. Pointless me posting this tbh because you never reply to any body. I used to like watching your video but as everyone say its the same lines said in every video. Tbh I think Lee lockwood is far better. And yes I know now I've said that most people are going to be like well don't watch this then Go watch Lee lockwood instead. The reason I watch Jamie's videos is because I'm waiting on the unveiling of rich fox's RS new look
caibonesjones jones (11 months ago)
Stephen Blair (1 year ago)
Just look at it sir
Reload Fire (1 year ago)
1 of the best looking EVO out there .
Turbo Booster (1 year ago)
"Shear state" new words for your next car show peeps
Denis demydchuk (1 year ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥Mitsubishi dream car
Shaun Marshall (1 year ago)
I got my type r this year, in time I will own an evo that is a life swear. That evolution is unreal, best looking thing ever.
pav singh (1 year ago)
my old numberr plate off my bmw e29
Tom Fawell (1 year ago)
My brother has a fiesta u will love bonet vents know u love em lot more mk6
DASmithProductions (1 year ago)
Where can u get those tail lamps
Simon Freeman (1 year ago)
Ruined them cars . Look hideous
ElNarcissisto (1 year ago)
Fuck ya. That evo is iLL as fuck.
LG webOsTV (1 year ago)
Wow evo
James McKay (1 year ago)
WTF is with the steering wheel on the Evo, imo that's the only thing that lets it down
HiatusMobs (1 year ago)
My gawd
Chippy409 (1 year ago)
I'm new to your channel buddy and absolutely bloody love it to hell !!!!!!!
ARZZIO (1 year ago)
This guy is having an orgasm So do i
StigaDaDump - (1 year ago)
Jamie I've got an amazing pic of this care dm me and I'll give it to you c_r_12 Is my instagram
StigaDaDump - (1 year ago)
Jamie Barnett (1 year ago)
evo looks mad Scooby looks horrid it looks half finished.
Miitra Gesota (1 year ago)
Song at 5:25 ?
Jack Gardner (1 year ago)
Lovely car but take the picnic table off the back! Surely something else is available??
Brian Ellsworth (1 year ago)
The absolute sexiest Evo in this universe! Wow!!!
waynester71 (1 year ago)
I recognise that stretch of M27 at 5:45 heading towards M3... parents live in Alverstoke near Gosport..
BigRu (1 year ago)
gotta say ur pretty good at shooting but not as good as muh boy krispy media
foxman117 (1 year ago)
Stop saying shear
Mr400Bhp (1 year ago)
James Wong (1 year ago)
Hi can i know where do you get the rear tail lamps? Mind to share. Thanks
Boostin Audi S2 (1 year ago)
5:27min Subarus Numberplates made me laugh haha
Cris Dann M. (1 year ago)
Someday I will buy you my dream car evo ix not now but someday ❤❤❤
ron baer (1 year ago)
that is a sick evo but it could of looked better imo if he or whoever did the work on the body kit would of molded it into the OG body for the seamless look like it was made like that same with the subie while also molding in the flares so that it doesn't have that awful cut in the front
Panda Media Lab (1 year ago)
Love the mounted iPad in the dash
Peter Lee (1 year ago)
Sorry .Not 4 me .THEM bodykits on that Scooby looks like a kid put it on.As 4 that Wing on Evo U Get No Down Force on that . 2 Great Cars a mess
Uriel Garcia (1 year ago)
I would love to see a tune up with body kit of an old 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ralliart since I own one.
Sam G (1 year ago)
Stop saying sheer state! That means shit!
Azuki and Friends (1 year ago)
Help! Anyone know where I can order those LED tail lamps? Much Appreciated!
Astro Guns (1 year ago)
His commentary makes the video. Sheer excitement !
Travone Pleasant (1 year ago)
I'm not a Evo fan but damn that and the subi looks super clean. I'd drop the wing off the Evo though
Andy Driftwood (1 year ago)
Looks amazing, but fuck its seems slow. I know its a piss poor sized engine anyway but I expected much more
The funny one (1 year ago)
Omg I saw that subie exactly two weeks ago rolling through Portsmouth whilst I was working 😆
Sneakyy Migo (1 year ago)
Barber Passion (1 year ago)
The famous "Shhh Evo"
Keith jr (1 year ago)
The ep3 engine isnt the k20a2 its the k20a3. The k20a2 is out of a rsx type-s
Joe Sweeney (1 year ago)
I owned an ep3 type r and it was k20a2 from the factory. Uk specs are a2 donno where u got they're a3 from
Keith jr (1 year ago)
no they dont lol ep3 = k20a3 and ep3 type R's which we dont have in the states are k20a2's so next time it should be clarified but yea
Miles Nathaniel-James (1 year ago)
Keith jr UK EP3's all have k20a2
Gary Wait (1 year ago)
Japanese turds , evo at least looks tidy in a wide stance scooby looks shite
Ash Burt (1 year ago)
What song is that at 5:17?
Chad Andersen (1 year ago)
Wide arch? You mean wide body.
5252dan (1 year ago)
your falsetto
Curt Cassese (1 year ago)
Wtf...that's everyday here in the USA
Mr Matt (1 year ago)
Dude I just seen this evo on the Internet today
Donald Mokgale (1 year ago)
1. That CRX is so epic! 2. That EVO is easily the hottest EVO i have seen in a while!!! Unbelievably gorgeous!!!!!!! 3. The subie is FUGLY.....that rim and bodywork just didn't come out right.
Rens (11 months ago)
Tiger ezpi (1 year ago)
yup its not finished yet you can see the owners instagram still tons of work to do
James McKay (1 year ago)
subie looks like it's not really finished yet
TechnoSlayer0823 (1 year ago)
"evo 4 gay" number plate on subi
May Jay (1 year ago)
Look at the... look at this... look... just look at the
Keanan Wynne (1 year ago)
Song at 5.22 ??
NubletPie278 (1 year ago)
That evo looks like a mental time trial car rather than all for show, I love it!
SERIOUS GOMES (1 year ago)
subscribed after your pure joy over that EVO 6:40 !! hilarious
rayner1704 (1 year ago)
Jesus that scoob needs killing with fire
rayner1704 (1 year ago)
Feeling alright ? It's not a mk2 focus ?
Suicide Wash Squad (1 year ago)
That Evolution is a Beast over 12,000rpms, and over 1400awhp.
Fazz eg3 (1 year ago)
omg that evo!
kyle marsden (1 year ago)
Fail showing engine bay of crx but not the real cars not even dropping any stats in there poo poo
MiataFanatics (1 year ago)
I think I remember this car form japshow, awesome car
Bentdog 89 (1 year ago)
When my bro owned this very scooby it was 340bhp on 18s on decent suspension. It's odd I can still spot it even with the mods inside and out and plate change. This was on Parker brothers and you've got there car on hence why it's on here I guess. I prefer it being a bit more "sleeper" looking but good work though.
Damion Palmer (1 year ago)
I could see Cayman island from there by sitting on that rear wing. Dammmmnnn Dope.
sr20shane (1 year ago)
this is such a ricer channel!
Ryan Ritchings (1 year ago)
Evo would look better with out that spoiler.
funbus (1 year ago)
I love this Evo, I've seen it at Simply Japanese at Beaulieu, & it really is an awesome build :)
michael keogh (1 year ago)
possibly the nicest evo ive ever seen
Dévd Jemáz (1 year ago)
can see my town from the ferry reyyyyyyyyy
Keishi Lafaiki (1 year ago)
U guys should colab with monkylondon
Kingrai 15 (1 year ago)
The Subaru needs a lower body kit.
Russell (1 year ago)
These guys cars a bit ott. Not to my taste at all. Especially that brown NXS with the gold wheels..
Jamie (1 year ago)
deon yang (1 year ago)
i wonder if these cars actually get tracked? or are they just for posing?
77. (1 year ago)
Are you feeling ok? It's not a Ford.
VerangaF430 (1 year ago)
We need a tshirt of that evo👍
JONESYLAWD (1 year ago)
FYI "look at the state of that" is not a compliment you moron
Malc180s (1 year ago)
Horrific boy racer junk.
The Un-Personing (1 year ago)
I think Jamie shags cars in his garage! 🤣 😂
scottlaaa 1984 (1 year ago)
did that evo have a wooden steering wheel?
Ryan Liddle (1 year ago)
Clutch slip in the honda ?
Amin Haq (1 year ago)
How difficult was it to put a ep3 in the crx
Kenny Joubert (1 year ago)
That suby looks like cancer
David Loxley (1 year ago)
You won't get a DC5 Type R!
Jordan Jones (1 year ago)
Big big fucking fan of all three 😈
Nosey Parker (1 year ago)
Got a arse like Jlo :😂😂😂 😳
AaronN (1 year ago)
Jamie, how many orgasms did you have whilst making those videos.lol
Matt (1 year ago)
you really need a stabiliser for you camera jamie lol
01dirtmonkey (1 year ago)
The state of it means its shit not good. Both cars are fucking hideous
Josh Hughes (1 year ago)
going through bishops Waltham!
welloilbeefhooked (1 year ago)
OH dear, both nice cars ruined!!!
Bond (1 year ago)
Both the Evo & Impreza look beautiful, especially the Evo I don't think anyone can not like it haha
welloilbeefhooked (1 year ago)
Yep the MLR is dead, because most of them have grown up and moved onto better cars, was great 10 years ago, but most of the chavs have bought them now as they become more affordable(just look around most council estates), thats the reason why decent Evo's are hard to find. I'll have a look in my garage later I might have a standard Evo 9 spoiler to help you out so you dont have to drive round with that thing on the back!!
Fujimala (1 year ago)
welloilbeefhooked lol another keyboard queen mlr is dead just like all the so called "enthusiasts" on there
welloilbeefhooked (1 year ago)
Getting upset because someone on the internet doesn't like your car. Boo hoo, Put some pictures up on the MLR and see the response you get from other Evo enthusiasts?? Might impress the 12 year olds who play Need for Speed but most grown ups wouldn't be seen dead in that thing!!! http://www.lancerregister.com/
Fujimala (1 year ago)
welloilbeefhooked 3 show and shine trophies fastcar and jap performance feature this year alone all because of that Woden steering wheel no doubt mug
welloilbeefhooked (1 year ago)
Bad choice of word(Rallying) Because they look shit when there stuck with loads of stickers and made to look like WRC replicas!! But that Evo is shocking, Matt green paint job, stuck on wide arch kit, a spoiler so large it wouldn't look out of place on a Boeing 747, dont get me started on the wooden steering wheel.
Mitch (1 year ago)
mate, that evo is fucking goals
altypeRR (1 year ago)
Yes you do need a Honda in your life! The CRX is awesome.
carl (1 year ago)
Looks shit, and you speak like a 12 year old
R77 DVR (1 year ago)
So good seeing the cinematic stuff again!

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