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Groupe Renault 2018 Financial Results Press Conference Highlights (February 2019)

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• Full press conference – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ-7dk9iYvA • Sales were up 3.2% to 3.9 million units including Jinbei and Huasong brands as of January 1, 2018 • Group revenues were down 2.3% to €57,419 million. At constant exchange rates, revenues would have risen by 2.5% • Group operating margin of €3,612 million, represented 6.3% of revenues compared to 6.6% in 2017 • Group operating income stood at €2,987 million compared to €3,806 million.This decrease is notably due to the Argentinean crisis impact and provisions relating to the early retirement program in France • Net income of €3,451 million compared to €5,308 million. This decline came mainly from Nissan’s contribution, down €1,282 million, which notably benefited in 2017 from a one-off gain of €1,021 million • Positive Automotive operational free cash flow of €607 million Group revenues reached €57,419 million (-2.3%), including €3,040 million for AVTOVAZ (+11.5%). Excluding currency impact, Group revenues increased by 2.5%. Automotive excluding AVTOVAZ revenues decreased -4.4% to €51,171 million, including the negative impact from the change in interest rate subsidies allocation between the Automotive excluding AVTOVAZ segment and Sales Financing of €555 million. This change mainly reflects a negative currency effect of -4.1 points, lower volumes (-0.5 points) and sales to partners (-1.8 points). The downturn in sales to partners was mainly the result of the Iranian market closure and the decline in European demand for diesel. In contrast, the price effect was positive +1.4 points thanks to price increases in emerging countries as well as Europe. The model mix was slightly negative at -0.2 points. The "Others" effect (+0.8 points), including the aforementioned change in allocation, was due in particular to the strong performance of the used vehicle and spare parts activities, and lower sales with buy-back commitments. The Group’s operating margin amounted to €3,612 million and represented 6.3% of revenues. Automotive excluding AVTOVAZ operating margin was down €545 million to €2,204 million, which represented 4.3% of revenues compared to 5.1% in 2017. In addition to a negative volume effect of -€329 million, this decrease was largely explained by an unfavorable environment, both in respect of currency, with an impact of -€526 million, and raw materials (-€356 million). To offset these negative effects, the Group pursued its cost management policy resulting in a positive +€421 million from Monozukuri and price increases leading to a positive mix/price/enrichment effect of +€261 million. The AVTOVAZ operating margin contribution rose to €204 million, compared to €55 million in 2017, and marked a new stage in the company's recovery thanks to the success of its recently launched models in a recovering market and efforts to streamline costs. In addition, AVTOVAZ benefited, in 2018, from positive non-recurring effects. Sales Financing contributed €1,204 million to the Group’s operating margin, compared to €1,050 million in 2017. This rise of nearly 15% was notably due to the good commercial performance in recent years. Other operating income and expenses amounted to -€625 million (compared to -€48 million in 2017). This sharp deterioration stemmed mainly from two factors: on the one hand, the consequences of the Argentinean crisis for more than €200 million, and on the other hand, provisions notably relating to the early retirement program in France, for nearly €300 million. The Group’s operating income came to €2,987 million, compared to €3,806 million in 2017. Financial income amounted to -€353 million, compared to -€391 million in 2017 (after taking into account the change in the accounting method for redeemable shares). Improvements in the Group's funding cost allowed it to absorb a €31 million expense relating to the application of accounting rules linked to Argentina's hyperinflation situation. The contribution of associated companies, primarily Nissan, came to €1,540 million, compared to €2,799 million in 2017. In 2017, Nissan's contribution included a non-recurring income of €1,021 million linked to the USA tax reform voted at the end of 2017 and sale of its interest in the equipment manufacturer Calsonic Kansei. Current and deferred taxes showed an expense of -€723 million. Net income amounted to €3,451 million, and net income, Group share, to €3,302 million (€12.24 per share compared to €19.23 per share in 2017). Automotive operational free cash flow, including AVTOVAZ for €115 million, was positive at €607 million after taking into account a positive change in working capital requirements excluding AVTOVAZ for €781 million and an increase in total investments excluding AVTOVAZ for €784 million. At December 31, 2018, total inventories (including the independent network) represented 70 days of sales, compared to 57 days at end December 2017.
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