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DOWNLOAD Snupps: http://i.snupp.it/get Looking for sneakers in Hong Kong and finding the best ones for under $100 American Dolalrs! We found some amazing Hypebeast Items and Supreme and Bape and Yeezys as well as a whole bunch of Player Edition Ray Allen and Gary Payton sneakers! Follow Me: https://instagram.com/therealrayray20 https://twitter.com/therealrayray20 My Merchandise: http://goo.gl/Cuc4gN Support me on Patreon: https://goo.gl/uYydWK TheRealRayRay20, or Tom, is a sneakerhead and youtuber that produces sneaker related content including sneaker collections, sneaker unboxings, sneaker shopping, sneaker pickups, sneaker reviews, sneaker on feet's and everything else you can think of that is sneaker related. Subscribe to the channel for new sneaker videos every single day!
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A Thomas (13 hours ago)
Bro you like some of the ugliest shoes..lol. Good video though. Good to see the type of footwear they have there.
GD Crysisbai (1 day ago)
nah shits in hk expensive af. Maybe they only charged that much for chinese mainland tourists.
Chanda Vedalla (2 days ago)
7:12 He have a great season right now
Xander Dawson (18 days ago)
Yooo, can I PayPal you some $ for your fakes?
Qwerty (20 days ago)
Why you wearing a Fulham jumper😂😂
Adam W (22 days ago)
Boss You Have No taste for footwear at all!!!!
Brickbum No (25 days ago)
Actually there is ONE worse fake yeezy on wish it has SPORT- 550 on it
Dan Siggery (26 days ago)
Shitty football team bro from a Brentford fan
BeastMode Sy (29 days ago)
isnt hong kong supposed to be expensive.
NERF n' NATE (1 month ago)
I'm 13 years old and I'm a size 13 men. The struggle is real
Kiran Sen (1 month ago)
What’s the name of those yeeza look-alike’s 6:18
BROmez34 (1 month ago)
lmao he said hong kong was country smh 6:44
BROmez34 (1 month ago)
is a country
DA TACO CAT (1 month ago)
It seems like u ignored the kid :(
Isabella Hampton (1 month ago)
You have a weird taste in basketball shoes
Jack Neat (1 month ago)
It gets me triggered how u wear different football jumpers
Dale Gribble (1 month ago)
Yeezys are trash, real or fake by far the ugliest fucking shoe you can buy.
JustKevon (1 month ago)
Hmmm I wonder if they have my size I’m 7 US I could use another pair of Jordan’s want some new ones
AnyTime (2 months ago)
I hat him saing addidas and not Adidas
Jack Galley (2 months ago)
Is it right on the 100 dollars ?
tyrone biggums (2 months ago)
ayyyyy bruv winnipegger also, funny i just saw your vids from watching heskicks and mrfoamersimpson
swiftwolf (2 months ago)
I hate your fucking fullham hoodie utv!
isaac shively (2 months ago)
SPIV 350 Boost baby!
Allen Bautista (2 months ago)
What is the of the place?
Andres TV (2 months ago)
Quagy (2 months ago)
Hahah stfu d rose a god ez 50 points
Curtis Jarvis (2 months ago)
An american wearing a Fulham Football Club tracksuit top? Are all these shops real or Chinese style fake shops?
Retrogamegirlygofan (2 months ago)
4:00 you live in Winnipeg Canada?
Charlie James (3 months ago)
Wait your a Fulham fan I thought you supported Man Utd
Dr Buffed (3 months ago)
Its not fake right
Julius Kibe (3 months ago)
There is no tax in Hong Kong
Joe Mac (3 months ago)
Im not into sneakers, but when your in Hong kong and your from Winnipeg.... Lest we forget the gallant Winnipeg grenadiers
Alexander Baron (4 months ago)
why is a kid following you
Alexander Baron (4 months ago)
why the heck to you say fire so much, it so cheesy
Jake Brodsky (4 months ago)
Are you wearing an adidas jacket with converse shoes? Keep little homie in the video more. I keep getting worried he’ll get kidnapped.
junee nonala (4 months ago)
Is this in mongkok?
The Legend (4 months ago)
Man who the fuck wears shoes smaller than size 12? Lol
veryevilnip (4 months ago)
Hey Tom I’m also from Winnipeg and I’ll be in HK twice in the next two years, let’s hook up!
tr763 (4 months ago)
shoes get dirty
Ragav Prabhu (5 months ago)
The guy in the corner at 11:13 was just lol
Ryland Patterson (5 months ago)
Omg I live in Winnipeg too can we meet one time🔥🔥🔥
Henry Zhang (5 months ago)
6:43 Hong Kong is not a country
Mr. Complicated (5 months ago)
I would not buy Yeezy even if they were for a price of the fake ones... They looks so fu*king awkward :D BTW: Does he really have channel about shoping shoes? I thought i will find out how much things cost in Hong Kong and i saw whole video about some shoes :D
David Chan (5 months ago)
Why 4 Adidas stores on the same street? So you won't have 4 more Nike stores on the same street therefore squeezing you out!
Swivel (5 months ago)
That kid followed you around like he was ur son
cory zachariasen (5 months ago)
cheap stuff=fake
Lar M (5 months ago)
We were talking about what can $1 buy you in Hong Kong in the 1960's.You can buy 10 popsicles of all flavours.Not a bad deal !
I wanna be tracer (6 months ago)
go to Kswiss and Paperplane Stores
Watches&Cars (6 months ago)
Do you pay anything when you bring sneakers from overseas ??
zebulongrasko (6 months ago)
I enjoy your way of talking. Feel like once again listening to SuperHans of Peep Show when he was a preacher.
Nina Flac (6 months ago)
omfg😨 i have those iniki colorway at 5:34
James Chin (6 months ago)
Ive been to everywhere where you’ve been 😂😂😂
Zahoor Elahi (6 months ago)
i live in hong kong
Indira Subba (6 months ago)
so nice n beautiful place hong kong.i like more.
Chakho Chan (6 months ago)
As a Hongkonger it is very expensive to live in Hong Kong if your housing spending is over half of your income you won’t think that is cheap PS Average of male Hongkonger Buy a pair of new shoes every nine months
Justin Proctor (6 months ago)
I cant explain how i enunciate Adidas.....but let me say, your pronunciation is like nails on a chalkboard. More worryingly, your pronounciation may be the correct one. Which calls my entire world view into question.
Speedy (7 months ago)
Flat Titan (7 months ago)
Trust me go to Turkey there is yeezys that are faker than this one's at the start
Minsu Kim (7 months ago)
Rnt they fake
Aadam Hassan (7 months ago)
Lol 😂 why are you wearing a Fulham football club top, name 3 players 😂🤦‍♂️
daryn 2007 (7 months ago)
What road is that
Gamers (7 months ago)
90% of cool sneaks here are beyond overpriced... Fml :/
TruMediaGroup (7 months ago)
did ray allen send them
Josh Playzzz (7 months ago)
Who the hell pronounces Adidas like that
Here Jordans (7 months ago)
cheap jordan http://www.cheap-jordan.us.com/
PRAISE G_D (7 months ago)
the guy never happy,he is the king of negative
Alex Uryuski (7 months ago)
Stupid matherrrfuckkerr
Team Lua (7 months ago)
Some boujie ass shit
Davrod Watto (8 months ago)
Buy fake & you will end up buying twice as the fakes are shite. Also fakes pay for sweatshop conditions & many other bad conditions etc. Jordan's & most Nike are just hideous. Size 11 is a flipper foot, in 8/9 & its no way a child size. ADIDAS is where it's at.
Ned Stark of Winterfell (8 months ago)
Whilst I just have two pairs of trainers... £12 each from Aldi. No I’m not poor, I just don’t waste my money.
Ned Stark of Winterfell (8 months ago)
Fulham FC... that jumper you are wearing ... the club is tinpot
Max!m (8 months ago)
His nose is damn big lmao
Smoking Pack (8 months ago)
Enjoy prem football 👍🏻👍🏻
Gnar NA (8 months ago)
Just assume everything in China is fake
Ella Smith (8 months ago)
Why is he wearing a Fulham jacket?
Ediel Morales (8 months ago)
Cheap my ass almost everything is fake and owners try to finesse you lmao
Rh Ryan (8 months ago)
I live in HongKong I know how you feel bro😅
Johnson Yuen (8 months ago)
The Hong Kong citizens bad personality worth nothing ! Only deficit value !
del boy (8 months ago)
what you mean?
EPLITZ ! (8 months ago)
Did you meet ricegum?
John Sihn (8 months ago)
Size 13 feet *sigh
thomas (8 months ago)
iam glad sneeker are cheep , i go through 3 or more a yr.
Inc TriHard (8 months ago)
dude this is asia the fuckin black market
Flamer97 (8 months ago)
If it's too crowded you should consider moving to the New Territorries
Fatally Fresh (9 months ago)
You're in Asia, average height is prob 5,7 and shoe size prob 9... Ofc they won't be stalking large shoe sizes to cater to tourists.
XxGracexXBethelXx (9 months ago)
Don't like Winnipeg? Then stay out then go somewhere else we're not begging you to stay.
Ferris Tsen (9 months ago)
I know how u feel, being a size us14 or Euro 48 myself. It gets pretty hard for someone from Malaysia to get a decent pair of shoes..
Ryan Beare (9 months ago)
You like the most ugliest footwear...
del boy (8 months ago)
Maxivious (9 months ago)
This guys clearly obsessed with shoes....
del boy (8 months ago)
and very shit ones at that
Lar M (9 months ago)
$100 can feed the whole family for a month in the 1950's.Nowadays you cannot buy much.
Lar M (9 months ago)
$100 is very big bug in my childhood years in the 1960's ! Nowadays maybe you can buy 2 tiny fishballs for snack !
rabditz (9 months ago)
5:35 hahahahhahahahahh
dark night509 (9 months ago)
It's hard to find a real yeezy in China..PIZDA!!!
Shareb Aa (9 months ago)
LibertyPrimeV1 (9 months ago)
yank supporting FULLHAM? LMAO WHAT?
William Christy (9 months ago)
My problem being from HK and wearing size 13
Joe Romero (9 months ago)
Why do I just want to punch this guy in the fucking face
TheGoldenGamer (9 months ago)
I just lost 100 iq points....
-PaulYang2- (9 months ago)
I live in hk and everything is expensive to me. 😐
priyesh Nathani (9 months ago)
Ohhhh god can u tell me the place in hongkong
T Dat (9 months ago)
How could a whole thousand ppl dislike this video? Y’all must be kids smh
Ashley Tate (9 months ago)
Anyone know what the song is called that starts at 1:10

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