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Meet the 16-Michelin man - chef Gordon Ramsay

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://sc.mp/2kAfuvJ Gordon Ramsay, host of Hell Kitchen, television personality and one of the UK’s best-known chefs, attends the opening of his third Hong Kong restaurant, maze Grill. His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin- stars. The Post got a chance to talk with him one-on-one.
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Text Comments (575)
I never heard of him before , he seems like nice person.
GOH ZYIK XYUN - (2 days ago)
9gemini (2 days ago)
What I like about Gordon Ramsay is that he is scary af when he is angry, but, he’s got a point and you respect that even as a viewer.
icelxrd (2 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
David Cheney (3 days ago)
How does Ramsey knows what my taste like and how does he knows rest of us what food taste and presentation we like. Never trust any Australian's gullible mouth.
ǫɪ sᴏɴɢ (4 days ago)
I’m only here bc I’m half chinese And i like when Gordon ramsay roast Ppl Edit: Not meaning offensive
PATRICK McShane (4 days ago)
Equating cooking with studying medicine...ha
Joseon Lee (4 days ago)
We also have a lot of michellin, printed on our vehicles tyres
Michael Zhang (4 days ago)
Most of the Michillin restaurants are overated. They value formality more than substance.
Matteo Wee (4 days ago)
It's raw!!!!!!!!
Kianglek Tan (4 days ago)
Don't worry, friends of Beijing! He is not a British spy trying to steal Hong Kong away
boostftw123 (4 days ago)
Good to know SCMP is still sucking that british dick
Some Random Weeb (4 days ago)
The amount of r/woosh in this comment section is so many, i think i would have a hurricane soon.
Rob Ma (4 days ago)
This felt awkward
Sophiaa Plays - Roblox (2 months ago)
I feel that he would be such an interesting, good chef. Someone should give him a TV show.
Honestly, he’s an amazing chef. Although he is kinda strict and stuff but you know it’s for the good of the young chef
Herr Starr (2 months ago)
Fuck he's so wrinkled he looks like an albino testicle
derpty dumb (3 months ago)
I hope this guy gets a break. He’s worked hard and deserves a big payday.
Angelyn Dequino (3 months ago)
Hafizul Hanif (3 months ago)
He should make his own tv show. Good luck Gordon
Trung Nguyễn Quốc (3 months ago)
When will chef Gordon establish a restaurant in Viet Nam ? :))).
iEatyourbrain 84 (3 months ago)
XoCarl Aranzaxo_25 (3 months ago)
Even though he can be very strict and very furious, he does it for the well being of the chefs. He wants them to set high standards in their kitchen as well as their cooking abilities. He's a man who once worked as a junior chef, he feels that proper care and discipline in the food and kitchen standards become a very important practice. Combine that with ambition and determination, you have yourself a successful chef and a successful restaurant...
OGBEG (3 months ago)
Nothing faagg (3 months ago)
The interviewer welcomed Gordon in his own restaurant. 😂😂😂
Legend (3 months ago)
Such a legend
Le Corny (3 months ago)
Whenever I clicked on a video about Gordon Ramsay, I goes straight into the comment section to find the lamb sauce jokes and other memified comments.
Ivan Yue (3 months ago)
I'm definitely coming to this restaurant, I live in Hong Kong
yorkiyorkxx (3 months ago)
Get Out!!!!
Yehezkiel Siahaan (3 months ago)
Don't forget his partner in life, the "Microscopic camera man"
King (3 months ago)
Deeeeep talk.
Daniel Rodriguez (3 months ago)
You know, it'd be really cool to see this guy on hot ones.
rumor has it everytime he opens a new restauraunt, he gets another forehead wrinkle
Conor Cruise (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who could literally watch Gordon talk about life for hours?
Touch Me (3 months ago)
Gordon: "I had one of the best mentors ever" me: "if he become a mentor some day I wonder what words of encouragement he will give to his pupil" Gordon: "FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING DONKEY, PUT THAT TWO SLICE OF BREAD BETWEEN YOUR HEAD, WHAT ARE YOU NOW?? YEAH, A FUCKING IDIOT SANDWICH" *OK*
Accel (3 months ago)
The comments section here is prime r/whoooosh material
Muhd Syahir (3 months ago)
Best chef in the world
Paul 87 (3 months ago)
This guy will never make it on TV. He's too shy....
Lilkeer (3 months ago)
Try not to get Gordon Ramsay mad
CosmicBlu EvoX (3 months ago)
When youre so rich, all you do is work.
Timmy Triceps (3 months ago)
You should've asked where is the lamb sauce
Aaiz Ibrahim (3 months ago)
Wow is this chef looks so promising, give him a t.v show or something! he is gonna be a huge hit, believe me
P (3 months ago)
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay reportedly cried when the Michelin Guide stripped the stars from his New York restaurant, calling the food "erratic." Ramsay explained that losing the stars was like "losing a girlfriend."
ProxKei (3 months ago)
So he opened a restaurant in Hong Kong hoping that they have Lamb Sauce there
GOD 7X (3 months ago)
This guy should host kitchen nightmares
nik nik (3 months ago)
Wow this chef looks so kind I bet he never cursed his entire life.
matty 11 (3 months ago)
What a speech from Gordon Ramsay, respect!
You always need someone you can look up to, our success is defined by that
Kifah Ben Abderrahman (3 months ago)
Gordon not talking shit about Marco... who is this imposter? 😂
Ubayd (3 months ago)
What a modest and wholesome character he has. Bet he doesn't curse at all when it comes to food.
Peter SChweise (3 months ago)
Seems like a calm chef. I would like to have such a nice person as a chef too!
r/woooosh's wet dream in the comments section.
Jerry Ho (3 months ago)
master25 (3 months ago)
i love hong kong
Patocka Philipp (3 months ago)
There is only one chef in the world,to talk about herself in the way Gordon does: Johanna Maier She achieved the best rating of Gault-Millau of all times,Michelin stars are only prestige prices (she also got 2, but who cares?) Don’t get me wrong,Ramsay knows his stuff,but nobody ever mentions the true genuises in kitchen,just because they aren‘t in TV.
GWT (3 months ago)
Michelin stars is not about prices. You should have looked up to its criteria for being a michelin star restaurant. It is a strict competition and out of millions restaurant, only a few selected.
Ked Kaeokit (3 months ago)
Nicely said honestly. Jokes aside, that was inspiring
Albert Sum (3 months ago)
This guy is gonna be famous one day. He seems like a good chef
Hot Pepper Lala (3 months ago)
The restaurant will be bankrupt in a few years due to the high rent in HK right now.
Gabriele Freschi (3 months ago)
Lucky boi
Hilarious Skits (3 months ago)
It's time for Hell's Kitchen Hong Kong to be on air
Best question you got is "what do you like about cooking?" To the most famous chef in the world... -.-
Bipin Bhattarai (3 months ago)
Next interview 17 Michelin stars .. Amy Baking Company #gangster
Gaming Haku (3 months ago)
Soffwan Nair (3 months ago)
such and underrated chef .. he got charisma could be one of them celebrity chef if he wanted to .. heck he could be a jugde in one of those godly cooking shows..
Reina Arana (3 months ago)
I love Gordon he's awesome
Messionate V (3 months ago)
He seems very calm and composed... He should start a show or two.. 🤔
Jimmy Ardie (3 months ago)
He still asking for lamb sauce .
DoStylin' (3 months ago)
Did she just ask Gordon Ramsey why he likes cooking so much
Gregory Francis (3 months ago)
Tastes bland
sengin (3 months ago)
sengin (3 months ago)
i mean duck
Keron Farrier (3 months ago)
That my niggga
Mike Zhu (3 months ago)
why is this camera constantly showing the interviewer nodding?
sik pig (3 months ago)
I think this guy is gonna be big one day maybe he’ll even make swearing o n tv big?
Sam Torkamani (3 months ago)
I wonder if Salt Bae and Gordon are enemies 😂
ryantres85 (3 months ago)
-What do you like about cooking so much? -I get to say "it's raw!" 24/7 :v
Cultus DJ (3 months ago)
She : Why another restaurant in Hong Kong ? Gordon : Are u fu?king kidding ? People are many And more people means more Money 😂😂
Silent_gamingRBLX (3 months ago)
lmao just look at her facial expressions
Jon Bakken (3 months ago)
The interviewer has such a punchable face
Yh Ong (3 months ago)
How about a Chef Ramsey michelin star street food? Cause your restaurant food cost an arm and a leg 😁
Toast (3 months ago)
Ah yes, that guy
crazy gamer (3 months ago)
‘Meet Gordon Ramsey’ my nan, dog and tadpole all know who he is
Garbage Can Can Can (3 months ago)
Oh wow, this dude seems pretty cool and dedicated! He should get his own TV shows, he is such a sweet and sincere guy, I bet he would never scream and call people idiot sandwhich or anything.
Wilkinson (3 months ago)
He’s to calm he’ll never be famous
navstajay (3 months ago)
Powerful words
TheChosenOne (3 months ago)
Tyrone is sad and horny (3 months ago)
It's yo moment, this is it as big as u gonna get so enjoy it. Had to give you a career to destroy it. -Eminem ft. VEGANS
chizkarr93 chiznak (3 months ago)
This dude should have his own tv/cooking show.
ESCANOR 75 (3 months ago)
Random Duck (3 months ago)
American channel that makes the channel name about China and always find a way to critic anything about China makes an video about Chef Ramsey? Ok???
jojoinhere (3 months ago)
fuck this overhype cook
Greg Caesar (3 months ago)
Too bad Hong Kong is racist.
TeskeArtz (3 months ago)
This guy seems cool, maybe he will one day become a world renown chef and open his own restaurant in a few years with practice
Haotian Yao (3 months ago)
He looks interesting, he might make it on tv. (and talk about lamb sauces)
YouTube Algorithm (3 months ago)
Meet Gordon Ramsey? I've seen 1,000+ hours of his shows, let *me* introduce *you*
JAZZY 123 (3 months ago)
0:24 Gordon Ramsey : im a lucky boy🤣🤣
Anime Dimension (3 months ago)
This guy should start some shows of his own!! He looks very inspiring. :)
Thianditya Bagus (3 months ago)
I hope i can work and learn new things from chef ramsay someday
Dan M (3 months ago)
Who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him. What is a diamond restaurant? How does a tire company give them diamonds? 😂

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