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All the NA reset day of ARCH DPS POV You can used my link if you are new in albion to get some additional gift : https://albiononline.com/?ref=XCHZXEHBV5 Vous pouvez utilisez mon lien de parrainage pour obtenir des recompenses suplémentaire en jeu : https://albiononline.com/?ref=XCHZXEHBV5 Majik - Awful Company
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WantedAlways XD (15 days ago)
Do you have any tips on getting lots of pvp fame? Whenever I help u guys out in torrid I always get like 20k fame only, I’m in arch too btw
Roll'Back Majiik (15 days ago)
You can play solo DPS with no group and you will have all the game for you but you will be harder to heal. Or you go in a good group with guys who clap hard and you will have more fame. If you stay in groups who are in T4 trash they will do like 3-4kill and you will split 200k fame in 20. The less you are, the more fame you gona have.
Bràsh (6 months ago)
Mammouth a trash 😂
Roll'Back Majiik (6 months ago)
Ouai, anyway on était content xD

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