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Growing your mind

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Your mental abilities are not fixed. Sal explains how your brain grows when you struggle with problems. Abbreviated version of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWSZ1DKjNzY.
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Benjamin Daly (2 months ago)
khan is the one of the best learning chanel
ThatOneGuyOrtho (3 months ago)
china 1#
Jordyn Roderiguz (4 months ago)
I'm only watching this for a classroom assignment.😅
Cringes (4 months ago)
You are made a genius not born one!!
Brgh3ph XD (6 months ago)
Who can help me summarizing this video
Xx-XiuNoVa-xX IronyQueen (8 months ago)
Were watching this in class. Congratulations mate. You've reached middle school fame
samuel Elliott (10 months ago)
Isabella Walters (11 months ago)
good video xxx helped me have a better understanding
hchristopherGTR (8 days ago)
more like dead
Carter Goodman (1 year ago)
sup dude
Jr Mcfly (1 year ago)
Sufyan (1 year ago)
Very informative and can help alot of people
junying :D (1 year ago)
school brought me here
mockinjay3rd (1 year ago)
Life is a struggle. Sigh.
CASSIDY SNOW (1 year ago)
katsan88 (1 year ago)
I wish the video quality would be a bit better. The pictures are a bit fuzzy
D - RoC (1 year ago)
Really..... Who is so SICK to HATE on this video??? #cynics #YouCanLearnAnything
SturmFuzion (1 year ago)
Atta Shaikh (1 year ago)
Biologically right
Ravi Srinivasan (1 year ago)
Sal used a fixed mindset when he said, "i can never get that word" :D
poopooopopopopopopopopopopopopopop kakakakkaa
Meme Crusty (1 year ago)
the ting go skraaaaaaaaaaa
Carolyn Perry (1 year ago)
Forwarding this info. to my fellow inner city teachers.
Malik Piarali (1 year ago)
Can we find a transcript anywhere?
Romy Eckert (1 year ago)
what is wrong w/ these comments
galaxy donut (1 year ago)
Very interesting 👍🏻
Patrick Rowley (2 years ago)
hey, thats pretty boring
Internet Guy (2 years ago)
so true
Dayquan Davis (2 years ago)
i eat cheese burgers :)
DEG (2 years ago)
Michael's Online Diary (2 years ago)
Clorox Bleach
Hedy Keller (2 years ago)
Perhaps this helps explain why you feel so successful when you make a mistake, try again, and then achieve success.
Arryn Groom (2 years ago)
Everyone needs to watch this.
Joshua Gonsalves (2 years ago)
thx this helped alot :)
JizzMasterPino (3 years ago)
I wonder how much training can affect our working memory.
Zohirul Islam Jewel (3 years ago)
Your muscles are adapting to it's environment by getting bigger and stronger, when you work-out your body thinks you (your muscles) need to be bigger and stronger to survive in the environment it's in.
duc unknown (3 years ago)
you have a good point, but i would arue that some people develope their talent as a very young age (like Leonardo da Vinci for example), so not everyone start of as zero imo.
Silver Pendulum (3 years ago)
+duc unknown I see you're right and I agree with you.
duc unknown (3 years ago)
yes, but imo the aging process happens to all of our body parts and organs (except for the brain) so it's not really the mental capacity of the elderly that prevent them from learning, it's their physical capability. There's a reason why the elderly shy away from learning. But of course that's why we must offer our assistance after all.
Silver Pendulum (3 years ago)
+duc unknown I think we should encourage young people to develop their talents at young age without stressing them and without putting grades over learning. Also, there is no such thing as an old brain, you can be 50 years old and if you want you could learn new things like if you were 15, you only need to have a strong will and set time aside for that.
xCakes Gaming (3 years ago)
House Paint (3 years ago)
i like trains... $_$ much money
Seth Sherrod (3 years ago)
this is easily the most boring video I've ever gotten an A in class for watching.
DripDropViet (3 years ago)
im autism
DripDropViet (3 years ago)
but im gay
Ericard Peralta (3 years ago)
+DripDropViet true
DripDropViet (3 years ago)
this guy is gay
Ericard Peralta (3 years ago)
+DripDropViet like you...
DripDropViet (3 years ago)
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Ericard Peralta (3 years ago)
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DripDropViet (3 years ago)
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Ericard Peralta (3 years ago)
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DripDropViet (3 years ago)
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Ericard Peralta (3 years ago)
+DripDropViet like you...
Garrett (3 years ago)
Thank you so much Sal. I have a love of learning and you have opened so many doors to underprivileged youth. Your sparking a desire to learn by making it easy and stress free for people to learn. Keep it up
Saturn (3 years ago)
"research says..." what research? This is motivational and all, but the truth is questionable.
PirateTHESteam1 (3 years ago)
+Thingie5 Google Flynn Effect.
MH GH (3 years ago)
+Helder Pinto someone doesn't know what research means
Helder Pinto (3 years ago)
+Thingie5 You want research? Read the book Mastery by Robert Greene. Thank me later.
Kay Rothman (3 years ago)
Nerves are not the same as  neurons.  It is great to teach about neural plasticity, but please don't share misinformation.
Kalernor (3 years ago)
How about actually citing this research you keep referencing?
crosscables (3 years ago)
+Kalernor "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge is another book you may be interested in looking into.
Kalernor (3 years ago)
+Kate B Thank you
Kate B (3 years ago)
+Kalernor Read Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck. Although, that mostly just refers to it, too. The actual research is in some journals. Google her name.
dipro001 (3 years ago)
360p? really Sal? please try to maintain atleast 720p. My advice as a computer geek.
dipro001 (3 years ago)
+Kalernor I prefer sharp text. You have the option to watch it at 240p or less.
Kalernor (3 years ago)
+dipro001 lol this video barely even needs 240p
Frank Puffett (3 years ago)
thx Sal .. never stop learning is the message.
Ken (3 years ago)
The take away from this... he still hasn't learned how to say 'similarity'. But the research says something about whatever...
Kate B (3 years ago)
+Kira LOL, I had the same thought. He has not embraced this at all. The Growth Mindset response is: I haven't learned to say that word, similarly, yet.
jake sarmento (3 years ago)
i wish someone would fuck me in the brain
AGeekNamedRoss (3 years ago)
20 people struggled to hit the thumbs up on this video.  Maybe they'll do better next time.
CarbonSlice (1 year ago)
Either they hit it for the sake of it, or like me, didn't like the narrator's voice.
Everpurple (2 years ago)
Man, 54 people just barely missed by a centimeter.
Bloozur (2 years ago)
+Sarcastic Geek what r u talking about? im pretty sure they disliked the video
xCakes Gaming (3 years ago)
+Ross Jacobs Make that 46
Katarakt (3 years ago)
This does not suggest that you can get smarter after you've grown into an adult. If you're a grown up and you're not as smart as you'd like to be, that's probably a full stop for you. Dead end. Go play Sudoku.
Katarakt (3 years ago)
+Kate B I didn't imply that people stop learning. I meant that once you're fully grown, your natural intelligence doesn't increase anymore. As in your physiological mental capacity; your I.Q. I'm absolutely willing to read up any study that suggests that I can increase my intelligence (not knowledge).
Kate B (3 years ago)
+gueneykerim That is not true at all. A lot of recent evidence shows we can continue to learn as adults. Not once you have dementia, but definitely for a lot longer than was previously thought. (Read that in AARP magazine. No, I don't have the link to the research.)
Susanta Moharana (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this video, its a perception/mindset altering video.
Spirituality1980 (3 years ago)
I personally would have used a photo of a natural bodybuilder rather than the steroid-enhanced Schwarzenegger, but you made the point, and that's what matters. :)
Andres Franco Valiente (3 years ago)
+Spirituality1980 Schwarzenegger embodies hardwork, if you took twice the amount of anabolics, you still wouldn't be half his size.
Ken (3 years ago)
+Spirituality1980 Actually he still failed at the point. Not all people can get the muscles that Arnold can no matter how much they work out. I imagine the same it true for the brain.
Train Effective (4 years ago)
Ever thought it's impossible to learn something? Watch this. 
Brasjoo (4 years ago)
I do love what I'm hearing but could you please post the sources?
Matoro342 (4 years ago)
Heres a question Why is Sal so f****** amazing? I love this guy.
yash agarwal (7 months ago)
Matoro342 I love him too.
Videoorchard (4 years ago)
Till what age does brain grow/intellect grow possible?
Sage (4 years ago)
This video actually really helped. I always give up whenever I struggle with learning something because I decide I'd never be able to understand it if I can't get it on the second or third try. Also, I think this is another good reason to go outside more instead of staying inside your house or room all day on the computer arguing with people.
kokocipher (4 years ago)
so videogames are actually good for you
rodina abdelkader (4 years ago)
Fine. I'll get started on my math studying...
Martin Hristov (4 years ago)
Imagine there were steroids, not for muscles, but for brains, that would be crazy. Think faster, calculate some crazy numbers in your mind, remember things instantly!
hchristopherGTR (8 days ago)
Daniel (2 months ago)
Oh they've got one, it's called Ritalin
Round (10 months ago)
There are drugs, mostly illicit.
Cory Robinson (2 years ago)
The movie "Morgan"... hmmm
Jonathan101 (3 years ago)
+Simon Kimberley But the brain is muscle and their is a very strong connection between mind and body.
ImprovisedSurvival (4 years ago)
If yer brain grows the most when you are wrong, I must be a genius by default :)
Noathings (4 years ago)
So what about creativity? Can you grow the creative mindset? I'm not talking about technical art e.g. realistic drawings, but about ideas, the composition of art. Can you grow and cultivate your own creativity, or is one born with the advantage of being more creative than the other?
dragons (3 years ago)
+Kate B Edward de Bono coined the term Lateral thinking. Creativity is part of a such thinking. de Bono claims that lateral thinking can be learned and he offers courses.
Kate B (3 years ago)
+Noathings That's a really interesting question. It may need to be cultivated earlier to develop better. I know I was thoroughly stilted in the visual arts by a teacher with scathing feedback on my feeble, early attempts at implementing her instruction to produce a painting. In 4th or 5th grade, no less. Still working on that.
dragons (3 years ago)
+Noathings The right eye is connected to the left hemisphere, the left eye is connected to the right hemisphere. If you open up a men's skull and remove his left part of the brain, leaving him only with the right hemisphere, he loses eye sight with his right eye, because we removed the left part of the brain. Now I'm not saying there is left and right part's, but there is definitely some duality going on.
Martin Hristov (4 years ago)
+Noathings Interesting, didn't know that. Send me some articles if you have, I would like to read more about the studies :)
Noathings (4 years ago)
+Martin Hristov I aree with everything you said, except for one thing. Recent studies have found that there isn't such a thing like the right - left duality of the brain. It is rather much more complex as that. I do believe everyone can be creative *and* is naturally a creative. However, it depends, much like you said, on the will to cultivate that part of yourself by inspiration, exercising artistic techniques and of course persevering.
fishlips54 (4 years ago)
I would think being in a bear cage would be quite stimulating, and lead to more neurons growing than is show in the picture, no?
Everpurple (2 years ago)
In a bare cage, you have nothing to use, nothing to stimulate neurons.
Nikifuj908 (4 years ago)
Um, no.
superxbert (4 years ago)
folks, Sal's message was never about Arnold, it was about something a lot BIGGER than Arnold's body - the immense potential of our brains! I guess there is always people who get sidetrack more easily than others...who like to pick on the little things.
Andrea Rose (1 year ago)
superxbert id say arnolds pretty big definitely not little
Vicki Bee (4 years ago)
I have this new doctor for my problem with my head and he told me not to keep thinking even after it starts hurting my head. I have an angioma filled with blood. If it bursts, I'll have a hemorrhagic stroke. 
Cameron Belt (4 years ago)
its been too long sal...too long
Simone R (4 years ago)
Just in time for school! I will be showing this to my son and, my students.
mhtinla (4 years ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted using steroid from young age to help his body building. Without it, there will be no Mr. Olympia for him, no action star career, no connection to Kennedy family later, and no California Governor. Not a good role model to explain growth, in my opinion. (I don't like cheaters). But I admire his ambition. I'm not disagreeing with this growth theory. From educators' perspective, it motivates students. But the truth is, our body frame sets a limit on how big we can grow into.
Ger Unkwon (4 years ago)
@mhtinla thanks for killing my dreams, i appreciate it :(
Gabriel Hasbun (4 years ago)
That's stupid. Immediate progenitors may not necessarily be the ones to concede the intelligence genes. They may originate from previous ancestors that were dormant in the parent but not anymore once they are transfered to the offspring.
Ryan Silver (4 years ago)
+Gabriel Hasbun Also many studies disproving what you said and showing children coming out smarter than parents defying their genetic limit.
Gabriel Hasbun (4 years ago)
According to scientific studies, genes play a huge role in intelligence, so you are right. If you are a smart person, always check for your potential partner's intellect, otherwise your children may end up dumb.
Get Change (4 years ago)
That's actually more of a moral dilemma than anything. The fact is he tampered with his growth rate. A muscle is still a muscle bound by its intrinsic natural limitations. FWIW there's also the equivalent of doping for the brain (mental enhancers) but I don't see anyone complaining to get drug tests before an entry exam in a big university. But besides that, I don't think Sal's point is that there are no limits to how smart you can become but rather that people tend to call themselves incapable of understanding or learning anything with no evidence that this is their natural limitations and this is evident with how socially acceptable has become to not be good at mathematics.
megathai (4 years ago)
So.... I do take that calculus II class now and music theory class. 
Severus Draknghar (4 years ago)
Is he just uploading the same video over and over? .-.
Daniel Robles (4 years ago)
This was surprisingly profound video 👏👏👏👏👏
Geoff G (4 years ago)
But how do we know that connections between neurons equates to intelligence? The more you go over something, the more connections are created, but that only has to do with that specific material, not necessarily your ability to comprehend (intelligence).
Richard Shipe (3 years ago)
+Aidiakapi Probably true.
Aidiakapi (3 years ago)
+Richard Shipe Just because you can train your mind doesn't mean others aren't doing that. The people who're at the top of the IQ tests are most likely also training their mind.
THE LONE WANDERER (4 years ago)
+Richard Shipe Well that'll go to anyones interest in the general population that would sought out being able to be academically fit.
Richard Shipe (4 years ago)
+Jose Ramirez So would you be able to improve yourself to the point where you could consistently score in the top percentile on IQ tests? 
karl helmstetter (4 years ago)
+Jose Ramir and geoff, you both have good points that are part of the picture, and I recommend you get a more rigorous perspective on intelligence amd its mutability. Here is a very comprehensive place to start. http://pps.sagepub.com/content/8/1/25.abstract
Leo Varon (4 years ago)
Cool video and insightful!
Ma'chello (4 years ago)
we must revolt at this re-upload! we demand new content, not reposted content. thumbs down, boooooooo.

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