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All important facts related to conventional and non-conventional energy resources wind energy facts country wise ranking and Indian states ranking... and many more
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Aakib Ansari (24 days ago)
Bikram singh Rajput (1 month ago)
I am ask only ...what is energy resources ?
Kishore Jpotra. (4 months ago)
love u madam
Bengali Tutorial (5 months ago)
Iove u mam for help
Anoop Gahlawat (6 months ago)
Thanks Mam
or pls tell me source
ma'm aapke datas galat hain please match your datas from various sources
Richa Garg (9 months ago)
Thankou very much
Rizwan Ahmed (10 months ago)
Thank you very much ma'am. Useful mcq for July exam. Kindly provide more mcq in people and environment.
STUDY OF EDUCATION (10 months ago)
Friends 25088MW energy is generated by wind power in year 2017.... Report last assembled on 31 March 2018... Hope you all got it😀😀

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