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5 Countries That Have Fallen into China's Debt Trap

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China sinks its claws into cash-strapped countries, and they won't be letting go any time soon... Do you have questions for Chris? Join us on Patreon for an opportunity to have Chris personally answer your most pressing questions in one of our videos and to get other exclusive rewards. https://www.patreon.com/ChinaUncensored Subscribe for more episodes! https://www.youtube.com/ChinaUncensored Make sure to share with your friends! ______________________________
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Text Comments (8787)
Ekpo Friday (13 hours ago)
This propaganda must be coming from USA, shut da fuck up and stop using media to play ur games.
Tippersnore (17 hours ago)
The CCP is following the World Bank/US-led model (See John Perkins' books.). Doesn't make either moral.
abrar adheyasa (1 day ago)
I wonder if jewish who already rule the world is intersted in chinese stategy
Juber Khan (1 day ago)
Nice move China
Riko Hermanto (1 day ago)
I've watched several of your videos, And I can't stop thingking.. are yoh trying to frame that china is joke, while in other hand, USA is far more better. Not to insult, I love your jokes actually.. I'm neutral.. since I am not Chinese nor American.. wqwqwq
hafiz ullah (1 day ago)
pessimism is deep down in your Ass
S I (1 day ago)
Hey, you lunatic, F *** off!
Hey Can i ask you,aren't you bit indian?you look indian a lot in my opinion.
焦恩俊为 (1 day ago)
you look like that guy from Matrix
Bob Johnson (2 days ago)
You should have included Cambodia
RealDeal441 (2 days ago)
you people are nuts: 1. Why should any other countries like Maldives and Djibouti care about US national interests more than Chinese ones? are they US colonies? 2. You have completely mucked up the Sri Lanka and Pakistan analysis.None of India's neighours like it, in fact all of them hate India as it has interfered and destabilized smaller neighbours and tried to mess with larger neighbour China. its something the Indians are very good at: get on the nerves of neighbours with delusional thinking. So both Sri Lanka and Pakistan actually wanted to have Chinese military bases on their soil - the reason - you guessed it: the authoritarian Hindu country masquerading as a secular democracy: India. You see the Sri Lankan economy was devastated by decades of "civil war" between Tamil rebels trying to cut the country in half and the Sri Lankan govt. Many of the Tamil rebels were from India and the Tamil Tiger terrorists received millions of dollars of financial and weapons assistance from India and Tamil Indian expats living in Western Europe, the US, etc. In the end after nearly 30 years of bloodshed, the Sri Lankan govt forces won out but Sri Lankans clearly remember how the large neighbour to the north tried to dick around with them (nothing new for India as it also cut Pakistan in half in 1971 and tried to wipe out the Nepalese royal family in Nepal recently) and so both countries found a diplomatic way to achieve the goal of Chinese military presence). In fact Pakistan's Foreign Office has a list of 5 countries whose armed forces are welcome any time for joint military exercises, training, friendly war games, strategic co-operation, etc. and rest assured China is one of them. So it was planned around 2008 that a way needs to be figured out to have Chinese strategic presence and partnership.
RealDeal441 (2 days ago)
and this is different from what the Europeans did from 1700 to 1900 and what the USA has done from 1900 to 2000 BECOZ....?
Space S73ll4 (2 days ago)
nah usa is still greedier than china
Nancy Elliot (2 days ago)
c'mon you disuntegrating gewqaw iow one of Tromp's farts! every day the poorst 20 nations send $25 million to 5 richest (Usa Britain Germa Japan Isreal)...1000's kids starve to help out! Shame on US!
Tony Doss (2 days ago)
Just look at Germany, Japan, S Korea. And then look at N Korea, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Pakistan. That'll tell you all you need to know about China's intentions.
Deng Phonsavanh (2 days ago)
Also Laos Dead to China
Drew J (2 days ago)
When I get bored during a day, I watch this guy with his funny chinese stories.
jazmar0822 (3 days ago)
The world bank has been doing that for a long time
GANGA SINGH Rathore (3 days ago)
Trump is the only man in my life who is teaching china a lesson and he will win one day very soon by the blessings of maa bhagwati
Kut Kut (3 days ago)
You're behind the Game.
Martin Vera (3 days ago)
Our good all for democracy American friends commenting about other countries' wrongdoings.
Nizam Ahmed (3 days ago)
The baboon with purple tie and named chris lol.
Nixon Alten (4 days ago)
This is no debt trap. How can I give you billions with no strings attached. You serious? Blame the creedy leaders. Good job China.
Dave Goldspink (4 days ago)
WOW am surprised Australia isn't on this list. The Chinese have been buying out Australia's food producers and been investing in our local property market for years. Our local communist parties (Labour and the Greens) have already been under the Chinese thumb with one Senator sacked for passing on information onto the Chinese government about government investigations into Chinese interference in Australian politics. The Chinese were also looking at leasing land in Darwin to build a Navy. Slippery commies are interfering everywhere. Love your channel mate very informative.
Krrish Shrish (4 days ago)
what about US , does it own money to china ??
jim parsit (4 days ago)
this guy is an idiot
I'm not normally one to defend American Imperialism, but an honest comparison will show you that the Chinese version is a lot scarier. Yes, we Americans have trampled human rights and betrayed our ideals countless times to secure markets and increase military access around the world. But at least it comes with integration into a global system of trade that can bring benefits back to other countries. The Chinese version is a pure monetary stranglehold. The only benefit is access to more loans from the Chinese, which only worsens the dilemma. I'm appalled by the things that happen in America, particularly under Trump, but I've also lived in China for over a decade, and its clear to me that the US wins the lesser-of-two-evils competition hands down. Critical discussion of US foreign policy is very important, but to propose an equivalence between US and Chinese foreign policy is very dangerous. The devil, as always, is in the details, and in China those details are very nasty.
Oddreign Odd (4 days ago)
The comments section is always full of Chinese trolls who masquerade as people from other nations to try to sway public opinion in China's favor. The world can survive without China and I hope other nations wise up.
Roy Loach (5 days ago)
some of his facts about Montenegro are wrong tho in a less relvant way for the topic. Population is 6 million and size is 14,000 SqKm virtually same as Northern Ireland.
GoNoMo Here (5 days ago)
I think im gonna lay my trap now...
Terence Duff (5 days ago)
Can you Please do a few dozen episodes on how the US has saved the World 4x, and how US market capitalism has created Trillions $ in wealth throughout the world and has lifted billions of people out of poverty, Please, educate them! Thank you!
Djamel Gana (5 days ago)
What about the Jews and usa
Fat Albert (5 days ago)
Oooh look at all these 'woke' people shoving 'Murica as the parallel example! Eeeeevil white people! LOL. While the Chinese and many others are busy trying to do the best for their country (by any means possible in some cases), the regressive West is busy demonizing itself and imploding spectacularly. The guilt manufactured in these morons literally feels like it was unleashed like a virus by super-smart hackers. It's the most effective weapon when the enemy just hates itself and is busy in-fighting.
Izquierda (5 days ago)
Can you please do an episode of how many countries around the world have ever been invaded/bombed by U.S. troops in the name of "Freedom", "Peace" or "Democracy"?
edwardmj1978 (5 days ago)
Hambantota port is strategic for China due to it's rivalry with India. I think that was the Chinese ultimate TRAP.
Jared Delapaz (5 days ago)
Philippines is next on the list. In a decade or two, it will be China's province
I'm not assuming anything but something tells me this commentator is American..
KENNEDY MAINA (6 days ago)
why is kenya left out of the list
Never Mind (6 days ago)
Everybody Hates Everybody : and that is a FACT : Another World War Maybe ??? Black People Hates Everybody : Brown People Hates Everybody : and so do White People : Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist and so on Hate one another : Rich People, Poor People, Educated People, Uneducated People Hate one another :
Arly Salazar (6 days ago)
waray songs
hugodiekonig (6 days ago)
soon: Philippines
Adil Ahmed (6 days ago)
I love China, to much talking,frist look your self,the game is over.
Saad Noah (6 days ago)
You must be one of the anti-humanity international zionist criminal.  It is a proven fact that it is an organized international crimes by the zionists after they got full control of the USA after their planning and the execution of the holocaust international crimes of the 911. Obama admitted that Israel planned and executed the holocaust international crimes of the 911 attack. See the case of (Noah v Obama, 11C727, in the SDNY).
Mevine Ven (6 days ago)
Why US akways sucks at the end as always. Cowards and yes they can have millitary base all around the world even snatched land for oil. Spread war everywhere and destroyed all communist country which being doing so from a long time but Chinese cant and same for north korea cant test or produce Their nuclear Arsenal but us can test claims and even spreads their influences by giving weapons to terrorist. And for good the are the most hated nation
Ple Eu (7 days ago)
You forgot Venezuela. They give their oil to China for cheap in exchange for their debt.
Bibek Rai (7 days ago)
Mate before making another video please learn to pronounce a single country name correctly. Paakistannn. Shri laaanka? Genuine advice. I know u are an american but please. Ur voice seem so so arrogant
Peggy Sorrento (7 days ago)
These countries are stupid enough if they did not put the “purpose of usage” in the schedule of the lease and/or “practice zoning “ which is up to government guidance in the Act. If the port is for commercial use in the lease and lately Chinese use as a military purposes, then they breach the contract and the lease is automatically ended and through a big fine on their face which is equivalent to the loan. The story is finished.
hen va (7 days ago)
brett slater is so right! the british did that; the USA did that; and lots of stuff that would be devious were done by the colonials..spanish, portuguese,whoever. China did not write the book, they merely studied history and followed suit. so really, it is only vinegar , as the chinese calls it, when it is you that is drink the old wine.
Despiser Despised (7 days ago)
"Printed Fake Chicom Money" isnt actually "money." My god the Chicom trolls are everywhere. Never ever listen to a lying Communist cunt. Look at how communist treat their own people, how do you think they are going to treat YOU? 97% of Chinese millionaires are related to CCP elite. Individual Liberty is the future of the World, not collectivism, which has killed 200 million humans just last century.
Kevin Loo (8 days ago)
You lost me when you tried to be funny with Montenegro.
Anthony Barnes (8 days ago)
So When will China be ready to take over the world? China has been busy setting up bases, building roads and laying train tracks.
stephen cooke (8 days ago)
Places like vietnam, Laos, myanmar, Cambodia which for many decades have done nothing to help their people, are now benefitting from China's loans & industrial input.
stephen cooke (8 days ago)
So, when world bank gives money under the same circumstances they are helping - when China does it then it becomes a debt trap!!!
Moses Bett (8 days ago)
I wonder why my country Kenya didn't make it to the list considering China is handling megaprojects around here!
shyam (8 days ago)
The final show down it seems is going to be China V/S Islam (Muslims) Both want to take over the world. The world can use both to eliminate each other.
IVAK 10 (8 days ago)
India is surrounded by CHINESE
Nithin Pavithran (8 days ago)
They are modern day east India company
Lou Tonacca (9 days ago)
You forgot Argentina too. China got a 50 yrs lease on the Patagonia.
WenJie Fu (9 days ago)
Only one question for this guy. Did Chinese fuck your mother?
Kay y. Hong (9 days ago)
China uncensored is the MOST anti China mouthpiece. All you China-haters out there, be warned --- Mandarin will be the Universal Language of the World, get your kids to learn Mandarin! Made in China 2025 will produce The Gold Standard of the World, BEST quality at Affordable Prices. China will forge ahead while America continues to bicker over a WALL, bring back coal, fear mongering and waging wars against small defenseless countries!
clearvision10 (9 days ago)
This is one of those sites engineered by US intelligence agencies to spread rumours about China and Russia ( the new enemies to fight) now that propaganda about ISIS and Al Qaeda has lost its appeal to hire new recruits to more wars.
clearvision10 (9 days ago)
How many countries have fallen into IMF and World Bank’s debt trap?
Harry Vanhoo (9 days ago)
Brilliant news difficult to obtain anywhere else. Great sense of humour, and not to detract from the seriousness of the content, loved the last section on tea.
European Mapper (9 days ago)
Wtf is Montenegro doing on this list?
MegaSpassky (10 days ago)
Above video has not told about Tajikistan and Zambia. Zambia has to give away an airport as it could not repay Chinese loan. Tajikistan is also a defaulter. China is willing to capture 10000 sq km of land in Tajikistan. China is also willing to take over Mombasa port of Kenya as Kenya is a defaulter of Chinese loan. Chinese imperialism is a threat to the world. It is doing the same thing what some Western countries did decades ago. India is a big obstacle to Chinese expansion in Asia. It will not be easy for China to manage India which is going to be third largest economy within 2030. Moreover entire China will be within Indian long range nuclear missiles(from land and submarine). Another great obstacle to Chinese aggressive posture is a great civilization-- Japan.
Ralph Clark (10 days ago)
this isn't really about China - it's about how corrupt politicians are all around the world
Alexis KANTER (10 days ago)
Clearly USA narrative... "They are going to screw you up.... as we did" be careful!!! we care about you !! ahahahah
Mojo Luginsland (10 days ago)
If trump seen this report, he will say FAKE NEWS.
Mojo Luginsland (10 days ago)
Steve K (10 days ago)
China is bad
csmemarketing (10 days ago)
Thanks for this information. My country (Trinidad and Tobago) has borrowed a lot of money from China, both the previous and current government (UNC and PNM). This type of content shows me the future of my country's economy, which is in a very bad place at this time of writing. Hopefully, the economy will improve in 2019.
Uma dewan (10 days ago)
Another propaganda. Atleast China invest tone of money on infrastures not like U.S, who loves engaging war.
earthdog1961 (10 days ago)
Agent Smith from Matrix? Wow!
B. boy (10 days ago)
Us propaganda . The real theft is the USA.
Sasa Marjanovic (10 days ago)
Ha..ha..are you talking about USA doings...you are pathetic...
Tony (11 days ago)
Americans do such boring programs. It seems that they are afraid to compete with the Chinese in business.
Turk Amir Uzbek (11 days ago)
USA does this well
American Patriot (11 days ago)
Pakistan's alliance with China is stronger than ever. Western propaganda isn't working. Lol
Chee Hong Tart (11 days ago)
If it's a trap, why would Singaporean leaders be eager to be part of One Belt One Road Initiative?
joan janao (11 days ago)
Dragon power vs d eagle power. China is too sml for latin pipop 2.1b pop. Cheap noodooles
don hezca (11 days ago)
Donyun Lee (11 days ago)
Another thing is ,If u could give an debt more preferential ,no one would choose Chinese debt
Donyun Lee (11 days ago)
About the debt trap, most of the debt are using in the infra-construction, very low interest rates, even no interest, some countries have been reduced.Just for diplomacy relationship,help other's to get strong,meanwhile been discriminated into a trap,the best captivity for infra-construction and the best price too As a Chinese whom ever work in Africa for this, I hated what the Chinese gov. do ,because I have to pay 10percent (far more expensive) to get a loan from the bank ,too many district of China also need the nation's loan to develop, but the Gov. give the money to other's countries. If you don't like the debt from China, plz reject it as fast as possible.Don't give any chance to the Chinese embassy and politic's banks.
Julian Alcock (11 days ago)
this has many similarities with loan sharking. Get the client in debt, then when he can't pay, send in the heavies and take the assets.
daddyteddy85 (12 days ago)
Bullshit video ..USA, France, UK etc have been doing this for over a hundred years...I dont condone the practice but you have a serious hard on for China..
Jun Liu (12 days ago)
I really like to watch China Uncensored, why? because I enjoy watching modern Sinophobia are making up so many stories to terrify themselves and other persons..hahaha
bob robertson (12 days ago)
It is exactly like what the Rothschild banking cabal does, that is where the federal reserve note idea came from hey did you realize yet that everyone who lives in the western world is a Rothschild slave???
Min Du (12 days ago)
Andre Robert Drouin (12 days ago)
I prefer tie guan yin any day of the week
Debebe belaye (12 days ago)
good job china!!! at least they are building smtn
neldzo (13 days ago)
Pusi kurac americki debilu!
onteng h (13 days ago)
Chinese race extremely emphasise on money. It doesn't matter legal or not legal. Look at their culture. They only friend you if it benefit them.
Muneeb (13 days ago)
Chris i think you need to do more research. China investment in Pakistan in 2018 was 63 Billions $ and they had given 5.87 Billions $ loans to Pakistan. Pakistan has to repay them back in 20-25 years with 2% interest. We Pakistanis dont have any kind of Problem with these loans. Pakistan is all weather Ally of China, & is very important for China. Pakistan is providing China with very short route for Trade. China can trade through Pakistan without any fear. Right now, China Oil & Gas supply goes through Malaka straits a region controlled by American Navy, in case of war America will cut off China's oil & gas supply. while, from Pakistan they can trade without any fear even in case of a War. Pakistan will decide next Global Power. And Pakistan is helping China, Not US. In return, China is bringing industry, Jobs, Infrastructure, Energy Projects etc. So, CPEC is beneficial for both countries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVYdqoVJIeI&t=62s US & Indians Asses are burning because they don't want China to become a Global Power and Pakistan to become a Progressive country. They are constantly doing Propaganda against CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor). Pakistan has completely Ditched US, we have Ditched US Dollar, we are making Alliance with China, Russia, Iran & Turkey against America & NATO. Pakistan is also helping Afghan Talibans to free Afghanistan from Foreign Occupation. So, the best way to Teach Pakistan a Good lesson is? Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda. CIA also pays money to Pakistani Journalists to do Propaganda against Pakistani Army & CPEC. but, we Pakistanis believe in Ground Reality, it's been 5 years since CPEC Started, China haven't even tried to take even a single KM of Gwadar Seaport under it's control. Recently, Recently, Pakistan Government handed over drilling of Gas & Oil to American Exxon Mobil & Itlay ENI. Not to any Chinese company. China helps Pakistan in development of Modern weapons. There is Technology sharing Bewteen Pakistan & China in every Field. China's loans to Pakistan aren't more than 10% of Pakistan Foreign Loans. https://timesofislamabad.com/29-Dec-2018/40-billion-cpec-loan-repayments-by-pakistan-chinese-embassy-responds-over-media-reports
MegaSpassky (10 days ago)
The interest rate is 5% + 2% (as risk interest). Pakistan is a failed state and also a beggar country. It is now begging for dollars as its foreign exchange reserve is too low to import oil and other things for a few months. Saudi Arabia and China have given a few billion dollars. This will be consumed within a few months. Soon Pakistan will approach IMF for loan. Pakistan will fall into the debt trap of china and lose its sovereignty over a vast portion of land. Above video has not told about Tajikistan and Zambia. Zambia has to part with an airport as it could not repay Chinese loan. Tajikistan is also a defaulter. China is willing to capture 10000 sq km of land in Tajikistan.
jonniecypher (13 days ago)
Economic superpowers invariably morph into military superpowers. All dangerous. Very dangerous.
Zoko fly (13 days ago)
adamndirtyape (13 days ago)
China, the Cash Money payday lender of the world. Seems they learned well from the World Bank, the USA and credit card companies in how to screw over people.
Po Lam Chan (14 days ago)
so much hypocrisy from americans
sentosaaa 17 (14 days ago)
He didn’t mention Indonesia .
Theo Kgwathe (14 days ago)
we don't want USA in Africa,u already stole from us a lot of resources
Ronin Lai (14 days ago)
sore loser

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