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World of Warcraft TCG The Feast of Winterveil

54 ratings | 9789 views
We open the Wow TCG Tin!
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Text Comments (8)
Antonio Robledo (2 years ago)
where did you bought this pack ?
Muffincakeswithsugar (3 years ago)
1:31 for a hot babe
Vlado Petrushevski (4 years ago)
I fell sad for you becaus I got illdan in that set I really want to see your face when you get it but no . Have a marycrismist
LootersTCG (6 years ago)
PlougGamerz (6 years ago)
Cool vid :)
Moldavious TCG (6 years ago)
frickin nice dude!! check out my new vids too!
LootersTCG (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching my friend. We have a war of the ancients booster box that is uploading as I type this!
Moldavious TCG (6 years ago)
Sweet break guys, looking forward to the next wow tcg break!

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