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Don't Invest In Dubai Without Watching This Video | Urdu Hindi | Azad Chaiwala Show

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I see too many people rush into investing in foreign countries, especially Dubai. Please watch this video and follow my advice before taking any such steps. I do not want you to make a loss or fail. Good luck otherwise. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Azad Chaiwala | Entrepreneur & Business Growth Hack Expert # Subscribe Here: https://YouTube.com/c/AzadChaiwala # FaceBook: https://Facebook.com/AzadChaiwala # My Website: http://www.Chaiwala.com About Azad Chaiwala, Hello, I'm Azad Chaiwala, a British serial entrepreneur and businessman of Pakistani origin. Having started from nothing, I have have made products and seen them being enjoyed by over a billion people a year. ♥ I thrive in startup level and growth hacking is my key skill. ♠ I spend a lot of time helping youngsters out with practical life coaching via my youtube channel. ♦ My main efforts are concentrated on the youth of my motherlands, India and Pakistan... moreso Pakistan. ♣ Most of my videos are in Urdu (pakistani) and Hindi (indian)... ✯ I'm an arch enemy of useless university degrees, believe learning should not exclusively be left to formal classrooms. ♥ Practical knowledge/experience can never be beaten and is far easier and quicker to acquire. ♠ I teach the reality of How to Find a Job or actual work experience/skills that someone will pay you for. ♦ Via my Channel I share my life experiences, both personal and professional ♣ My ambition is to be doing this full time or atleast 50% of my time. # I aim to share atleast 100 easy business ideas in urdu/hindi. # Answer as many question on how to make money in various industries and by starting your own business. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
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Text Comments (169)
Angry Bird (3 days ago)
I want to be business women 😐
Shamshad Ali (11 days ago)
My. Mobile no 8607869815
Shamshad Ali (11 days ago)
Plz send a con mobile no
Shamshad Ali (11 days ago)
Asslam wallkum
Asif Ali (12 days ago)
Sir Yes upright Hain
Umar Farooq (21 days ago)
so if you help me .... maybe something change in my life .
Umar Farooq (21 days ago)
bro iam loser
Jewels Jewels (27 days ago)
If ur going freakin have a English title...then speak English the whole time...what the hell...can’t even understand..what a waste
Vikram Singh (1 month ago)
i am in dubai can we meet up sometime if you have some free time 0585827287
Vikram Singh (1 month ago)
hi Azad how are you i am planing to open a commercial broker llc company here in duabi you tell me which way is the best to make money . i mean which category i should select and go foreword. thanks
Naheem Akhtar (1 month ago)
Love your vids bro May Allah bless you
Nadeem khosa (1 month ago)
Sir, you say right Tosi great ho
Choudhary Altaf (1 month ago)
AslamuAlaikum Azad Chaiwala , Bahi jaan I hope u r well and good . I need to speak to u very urgently on a very urgent issue please send me either your contact number r email address , do I can talk to you .My contact number is. 0092 3185508188. You can leave a message on this and I will get in touch with you. Quick reply will be very much appreciated .Many thanks .
Saiqua Inamdar (1 month ago)
Masha Allah Bhai..very nice...this is my first video...ab follow every vdo...thnk u ...n blessings from india
Tahir Khan (2 months ago)
bhai jan apna number dana
Shahbaz Khan (2 months ago)
good work
Arshad Khan (2 months ago)
I am from India 9836666333 I am business
Arjun Talwar (2 months ago)
Nice video
Rameez Bugti (3 months ago)
Yar mujhe koi support nai karta or ap bhi mera msg ignore karenge
faisal mehmood (4 months ago)
What a loser
adeeb memon (4 months ago)
Good brother
Mandi Dani (5 months ago)
There is financial crisis coming to dubai. It means that wasting time and money to go to dubai is useless.
Tahsin Sajjad (5 months ago)
Love u from India
Bhai Dubai me 1 saal ka kharcha ap ko maloom ha
The Engineer (7 months ago)
بھائی آزاد بہت اعلی ویڈیو اپلوڈ کی ہے۔ میرے دل کی آواز ہے۔ کسی کے ساتھ انویسٹ نہیں کرنا چاہیے۔ اپنا کاغذ اور پکوڑے بیچنے کا کام کرنا چاہیے مگر انویسٹمنٹ کبھی بھی کسی کے ساتھ نہیں کرنی چاہیے۔ کیونکہ یہاں 100 میں سے 99 چور اور ڈاکو ہیں اور باقی ماندہ ایک فیصد کو چور بننے میں دیر نہیں لگتی۔ میرے چینل کو بھی سپورٹ کیجیے۔
Muhammad Fahad Iftikhar (7 months ago)
bhai jan app ki website samj nahi aa rahi ................
Watch-Topia _ (7 months ago)
I love you Azad,, May God bless you with sucess
Watch-Topia _ (7 months ago)
yousaf raza (7 months ago)
Assalamu alaikum azad bhai please make a video for money transfer how to transfer money from one country to another country.
Arsh khan (7 months ago)
Kahani kya h, 3.5lakh diraham kaise gwa diye
Dasi Dasi (7 months ago)
Bro plz ap apna ak what's app grp bna lain bht se log ap se bat karna Chahty hain ap se sawal karna Chahty plz plz contact ka koi zariya bnao yahan comment me to sari bat nai pocha kar sakta insan
Dasi Dasi (7 months ago)
Bro am very worried plz plz contact me
Dasi Dasi (7 months ago)
salm bro i want your cell phone number
Suneel Kukreja (7 months ago)
bande main dum hai....
Solve It (7 months ago)
Dubai say jo mobile Pakistan atay hai ausper pls ak video ban day pls :) Apple Samsung Motorola wagar (Kits)
Arif Bazmi (7 months ago)
Some Fraud with me on the name of Business.
Hasan Ali (7 months ago)
So true.. 500 percent
Afzal Basheer (7 months ago)
U raight
Amar 55 (7 months ago)
plz tell me some thing about the business in pakistan a small money
N W (7 months ago)
excellent video and advise Thankyou from Japan Bro
Asees Zahoor (7 months ago)
My first comment on ur channel bhai...U r 10000000000000000% right....sirf paisa invest krdenay say profit return ne ho jata .....also need mind market research and mehnat....mainb dubai main ye face kr chuka without sochay smjay investment aur partnership.....
Mix Channel (7 months ago)
اسلام علیکم آزاد بهائی میں آپ کی ویڈیو کو بہت شوق سے دیکھتا ہوں میں نے آپ کی باتے سن کر ایک یوٹیوب کا چینل بنایا ہے لیکن میرا چینل گروہ نہیں کر رہا ہے میں ایک غریب آدمی ہوں لیکن میرے اندر کام کرنے کا بہت شوق ہے پلیز میرے چینل کو دیکھو اور سب دوستوں سے گزارش ہے کہ میرے چینل کو سبسکرائب کر دے پلیز پلیز
Amir khan (7 months ago)
Bhai youtube per chanal ka bta dyn
talha ghouri (7 months ago)
You're right
Faisal Hayat (7 months ago)
Brother you are right 100 true ive been through it. Loads of layers here who trying to make us fool.
AB vlog (7 months ago)
Ma dubai ara hu 5 month tak mana apna kam kar na ha plz contant me ma pakistan ma hu mara number ha 03065424051
Shyamal tarafder (7 months ago)
M Jave (7 months ago)
That is true every where, I did the same with desi Indian n Pakistani and I lost lots of money, you are totally right Azad bahi🤷‍♂️
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
1 million enterprenuer bananay hen sir ap nay.. jin k paas pesa hai wo bhi dabo do...
Ch Saqib Numberdar (7 months ago)
Yaar ye b bta dya kro kbi dubai me best business konsa hai
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Ch Saqib Numberdar .. bro he doesnot know this.. he is just selling his videos and making us all fool...
MISTERIOUS WORLD (7 months ago)
Bro After Graduation kia skills ikhtiyar kare? guide me or education?
MISTERIOUS WORLD (7 months ago)
Dyna right
SPRAYx'noob' (7 months ago)
MISTERIOUS WORLD always follow your passion
SPRAYx'noob' (7 months ago)
Jisme interest ho
Shahbaz Ali (7 months ago)
Bhai i am living in UAE since 6 years my father did more than 5 businesses all failed (in vain) he losted more than 5 lakh dirhams because of partnership so guys be aware yah Money Hell ha jitna dalo barhyga naii
Mohammed Noman (2 months ago)
Shahbaz Ali I m planning to setuo small grocessory store in Dubai can u plz guide me kaisa business hay aur around kitnay tak mein setup hojaye ga
Shahbaz Ali (7 months ago)
Dyna beshak
SPRAYx'noob' (7 months ago)
Business is not possible without experience the main thing is observation And always start from minimum
Shahbaz Ali (7 months ago)
MBBS and MD education Transport tha Cafertia Transport ma alagh alagh fields ma invest kiya
Shahbaz Ali (7 months ago)
MBBS and MD education Yeah Sure *Transport*
Imran Ali (7 months ago)
I invested only in germany 12% rent from property
talha khan (7 months ago)
Azad bhai, this advice fit on all cities not just for dubai :)
danish shaikh (7 months ago)
Damac property me ghar lene ke liye mujhe contact whatsapp karein +919029716300
nasirmful (7 months ago)
Well said azad bhai.
Nodi World (7 months ago)
Yes brother you 110% don’t invest in UAE💷😢
Anees Ali (7 months ago)
I invest lots of money many time in spare parts in Karachi but every time I lose all money give any best idea name Anees Ali
ARM Design (7 months ago)
Very best video. Thanks
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
ARM Design ... its sucks
malik Shahzad (7 months ago)
bhai apna number day
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
malik Shahzad ... call donald trump and ask him most successful business man in this world
abdullah shaikh (7 months ago)
Aik se barh kr aik harami para he dubai me, be aware
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Dubai walay lagta tumhen unda kr k.loot gay
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
abdullah shaikh .... or shaikh sab se baray harami
haider ali (7 months ago)
Salam. Bhai stock exchange ma investment ka bare ma kuch batae .. aur islam ka hisab sa bhi batae ka karna chaiya stockexchng ma invest ya nahi ?
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
haider ali .. bhai jaan ye molvi fraud hai... is ki baton men na ana. Ye paisay zaya krwayay ga
haider ali (7 months ago)
jahangir Ahmed bhai dawae galat lale kya ya li nahi hai ?
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
haider ali ... bhai ap niswar becho us men boht profit hai
Mr Perfect (7 months ago)
Love from India, Hyderabad
Hacks world (7 months ago)
Me 1000000 invest kia tha ab pachta rha hun
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
MBBS and MD education (7 months ago)
jahangir Ahmed u invested in UAE or pakistan
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
MBBS and MD Education I have invested in car wash business around 1 crore rupees and currently looking for this guy to beat him with intense punches....
MBBS and MD education (7 months ago)
Hacks world in which business u invested?
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Hacks world ... bro please dont listen this guy... i also invested in car wash and spent 1 crore. This guy is making every one fool here. He is just earning money from youtube videos.
Mr Smart (7 months ago)
zak4u (7 months ago)
Azad bhae is obsolutely right. Listen to his advice. Don't don't invest without ground work. Myself is a victim of this as well as friend of mine he brought 450k euros and took back 70 usd.
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
zak4u ... it sucks
Mian Shahzad (7 months ago)
U R Right
Fazal Riaz (7 months ago)
well said
Omkar Kshirsagar (7 months ago)
Great thought sir
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Omkar Kshirsagar he is making fool. For god sake jago
tayyab jutt (7 months ago)
Mn apka fan hn mn apki hr video dekhta hn
tayyab jutt (7 months ago)
Azad bhai plz India ka naam mat Len plz ap Pakistani hain to bs Pakistan taluq rakhen ye ap ki videos dekhte hain in ko faida ho raha h to hota rahe pr apko in ko mukhatib krni ki zorort ni h plz mje nfrt h India se
Muzamil Ali (7 months ago)
You are good
Muhammad Musa (7 months ago)
You are right brother
Arif Mehmood (7 months ago)
hamikhano (7 months ago)
love uh bro and yeah uh r right
Farhan Shaikh (7 months ago)
Sahi h bhai
Amjad Malik (7 months ago)
Azad bhai is atleast a trillioniare because he has faith in good deeds in this materialistic world. Furthermore, he is a symbol of hope for those, who have nobody to put them on the right track. May Allah Bless U Bhai, Ameen.
Rj Kamran (7 months ago)
Good Work Sir, Your advice is usually right.
Luqman Khan (7 months ago)
Well said. It is very important to learn the language of the place of want to do business in or invest at. Most of people forget that 90% of business is interacting with people and they jump straight in to business without learning how to deal people or without learning their business and lose all their money. But the question is why do people do such thing?
SPRAYx'noob' (7 months ago)
Sandeep Maheshwari
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Luqman Khan .. hakeem sb ap ki dawayeee ka time ho gya
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Luqman Khan .. actually wo men nay uz nhi ki...
Luqman Khan (7 months ago)
jahangir Ahmed kaysi lagi mirchi apko?
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Luqman Khan .... sir i remember you.. ap ki niswar wali dukaan hai na.. jahan ap niswar men mirchi mila kr detay thay ?
Amjad Malik (7 months ago)
Bhai your advice is usually right ..... JazakAllah.
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Shehzad M .. bro i took one of his advise and its not that simple what he gave you... do you think he is giving you honest advise or his business secrets. He may be successful but when it comes to real business. How could a person giving you advise on 100 types of business is himself successful in all ?... fake advise. Bro you go and invest and then come back after 2 years with same thoughts
Shehzad M (7 months ago)
it's not like that jahangir.we know people are earning from you tube and try to get more subscribers but I don't think so that he is making video only for you tube ! think out of a box bro !
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
The Administrator he he he. Bro you need to really think about why he is selling you these videos
Fake millionaire!
bilal shehzad (7 months ago)
Trevor Philips perhaps he's playing smart with these kids...
bilal shehzad lol😂😂
bilal shehzad (7 months ago)
Agree. A millionaire asking for subscribers ?
Mohammad Azam that's my boy now he will be speechless ! tell him to do subscribers meetup when he comes to Pakistan!
Ali Rykwala (7 months ago)
batao be kuch
Ali Rykwala (7 months ago)
azaad bhai
Sir Asslam o Alikum! How you set business in pakistan and other country.
Ali Rykwala (7 months ago)
yar ap par aik video banani ha
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Ali Rykwala ok
Ali Rykwala (7 months ago)
AoA azaad bhai jan
Yar in Dubai (7 months ago)
Thanks for your good idea
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Yar in Dubai .... now eat niswar and sleep
sana khan (7 months ago)
My father has a bussines in dubai from 15 year !!!!
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Luqman Khan .. i can introduce you to few people here
sana khan (7 months ago)
Luqman Khan yr mara baap kam kar ta ha ma to abhi school jata ho muja to ya pata ha ka fish ka kaaam kar ta haa Busss
sana khan (7 months ago)
jahangir Ahmed pir massege koi keya
Luqman Khan (7 months ago)
jahangir Ahmed good idea
dont mess with me (7 months ago)
Agreed bro. This guy is making fool please donot listen hin
Z CRiation (7 months ago)
Bilkul sahi kaha
Raan Official (7 months ago)
You right I lost ⛔⛔
ARHAM MALIK AVIARY (7 months ago)
aoa..azad bhai i love u
The X-treme Boy (7 months ago)
Z CRiation (7 months ago)
I am first
Raan Official (7 months ago)
City Walk Dubai

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