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How Much Fun Can You Have in Hong Kong with $100 in 24 Hours?

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2 days ago, I went on the most insane 24 hour visa-run to Hong Kong -- where I budgeted myself $100USD to see how much fun I could have. I was nonstop eating, partying and exploring -- you seriously won't believe how many things I did and bought for under $100! My adrenaline is still rolling as I've been editing this video (which took me 15+ hours)... I love Hong Kong! ► Subscribe for more travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► Travel Blog: https://drewbinsky.com/ FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat @drewbinsky Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drewbinsky/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drewbinsky MORE ABOUT ME: https://drewbinsky.com/about/ CONTACT ME: [email protected] Music: Audio Autix
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Meetul Trivedi (2 hours ago)
eat Chinese street food made out of gutter oil.They do cut fins of sharks and dolphins,where than those fish sunk to ground and die...bitch enjoy shark fin soup,eat some tiger meat and other endless exotic meat...they also hunt manta rays and used them for medicinal use...i mean who the fuck eats them....no shit....china Levi's the money and here we go rhinoceros horn,fun thing is more of the horn is inside their skull hence be killed filthy Chinese say....again medicine for weak piece of Shyyt...till than bye,china.what goes around comes around karma is super..... u know the rest.
Paradox Sin (9 days ago)
anyone notice the thumbnail change?
Cat 。 (18 days ago)
“No good showing off his chopstick skills.”
video Lounge (1 month ago)
Hmm the food looks delicious 😋
Jitendra Singh (1 month ago)
All the price mentioned adds up to over 100 ...did anyone else notice too?
Braden Lam (1 month ago)
I live in hk
You know you cant get anything in Hong Kong with $10 , so you went with $100 😂
Can you actually go to MAINLAND CHINA?!
Shastra Sagar (2 months ago)
Nice videos but your sleeping schedule is probly messed up
John Moss (2 months ago)
Going to hong kong in a month. Gave me a lot of good ideas. Thanks for the vid.
simply superman69 (2 months ago)
I wish I was drew, he goes everywhere, does everything, has so much fun, meets so many new people, has so many great experiences and all for next to nothing
Hamza Majid (3 months ago)
I thought that Jews don't eat Pork!
Okash Okash (3 months ago)
Mr walker
rai sidhant (3 months ago)
Im at hk
kingprotools1 (3 months ago)
Yo.. your Asian friend is hella fuckin cute.
Md Alamin (3 months ago)
100usd is most expensive for 90% people around the world
Marcus Antonius (4 months ago)
Sizmic Storm (4 months ago)
What is Natalie's YouTube?
DH K (4 months ago)
So creative
Bee Chan (4 months ago)
I figure his name should be NG HO, so it sounds in English like "NO Good". He is halirious.
Reformatt Show (4 months ago)
Holy!!! On fire this guy
Alvant Adhyaputra (5 months ago)
a im bali
Alvant Adhyaputra (5 months ago)
aku bali
R Entertainments (5 months ago)
take me with u i want enjoyment
R Entertainments (5 months ago)
u ar my fev bro .
Yo Boi Cho Min (5 months ago)
When you realise Hong-Kong is a country
ROB H (5 months ago)
You had a hangover after 3 beers??? Jesus.
suzal Adhikari (5 months ago)
The giant stomach man be like 'why don't you take half of it. jajajajaja
abdullah mystic (5 months ago)
Please visiit pakistan
Perry Wong12038 (4 months ago)
abdullah mystic he’s going to visit every country so he will
Tech Overdrive (5 months ago)
I'm in Hong Kong I am a Hong Kong person and I am watching this what am I doing
Take me home ! (5 months ago)
Anybody going in march 2019 to HK ?
Belal Abo Jaber (6 months ago)
Perfict trip in 24 hr.
Steven Mcfarlane (6 months ago)
ifurkend (6 months ago)
Taking the Airport Express train is much more expensive than the bus unless the train saves much more time, which isn’t true in most cases.
Why do you Drink a lot of beer?
Tigo_ (1 month ago)
Cuz he's an adult
Jinx d5 (1 month ago)
cuz he's irish
felix mok (6 months ago)
Hong Kong is my hometown !
guddi sinha (6 months ago)
Dimsums 55 dollars
Fadumo Rashiid (6 months ago)
Why don't you go in Somalia pls come on and visit in Somalia
Kate Lo (6 months ago)
My whole family was born in Hong Kong! I moved to America when I was 5 but I still know how to speak Cantonese/Mandarin. I sure miss it there. There is a lot of fun things to do and lots of tasty food to eat! ^^
Ho Yin Harvey Lee (4 months ago)
Kate Lo 你係香港人?
0:51 nice editing... its as though she laughed at the guy without his belly exposed hmmm
GD Kabam (6 months ago)
rip thumbnail lololol
Falkor YT (6 months ago)
Hong Kong Ding Dong Ling Long Is Ding Dong
Paradox Sin (9 days ago)
Perry Wong12038 (3 months ago)
Falkor YT fuck off
Communist Jesus (6 months ago)
stfu kid
BURGER Entertainment (6 months ago)
Wait...thats the same hotel room that i have been in when i was there
Aiden Johnson (7 months ago)
Hong Kong is my favorite place in the world I’ve been there 3 times
Richard van Duivenbode (7 months ago)
Same room as in Kiev??
Alex Yip (7 months ago)
Drew actually spent his money very well in Hong Kong
Alex Yip (7 months ago)
I am from Hong Kong
k.m enterprise (7 months ago)
That was not 30 USD that was 26USD
yangdi sherpa (7 months ago)
nepal go no
Abidjubayeramin Abid (7 months ago)
Go to Bangladesh
Pug Fighter2000 (7 months ago)
55 dollars for dim sum wow
Domain Aegis (7 months ago)
So expensive
Night Shift (7 months ago)
give me your dim sum
Aidentamgamer (7 months ago)
I am HK people 我是香港人
ABC (7 months ago)
I must tell you that girl in HK is very beautiful
ABC (7 months ago)
Tourist visa for Philippines? American need visa?
MYBEanimationsCOMIXs (7 months ago)
i have been to hong kong
AlviTVBD (7 months ago)
Share videos about Bangladesh man. Eagerly waiting. We miss our country. 😢
Justin Ni (7 months ago)
I live in China:)
Swigidi _ (7 months ago)
Way to many ppl for me
shaw horng woon (7 months ago)
“You lose some” “you win some” “you dim sum”
Josh Bartle (7 months ago)
0:55 lucky he didn’t understand English 😂
PL_Cards (7 months ago)
Now I'm considering on going to Hong Kong.
I live in hong kong
ANDI M Alif (7 months ago)
Girl ig?
Loura Alshareef (7 months ago)
You should visit Qatar ( the worlds richest country )
It was worst for me...why? 1. I got lost for 3 to 5 hours 2. When i went to mcdonalds i said where was my burger and the cashier yelled at me 3. People are mean there
Communist Jesus (6 months ago)
just don’t pissed them off
Communist Jesus (6 months ago)
they are not mean tho it’s because the language is aggressive just like german and russian
I live in the Philippines
sako tatoian (7 months ago)
Do hundred dollars in arminea
SGG (8 months ago)
Nagdev Amruthnath (8 months ago)
Dang man. Love your under 5 min videos. Very addiction
Internship Binus (8 months ago)
More videos like this please!! Love it!
Rais Dariq (8 months ago)
his name is no good but he is good HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Noel Ben Dunsky (8 months ago)
Loved this video and hi Mr Binsky from Mr Dunsky!! The -sky's RULE !! :)
FBI (8 months ago)
Do it in norway because it expensive af
big boi (8 months ago)
*No Güt*
TheRagingood (8 months ago)
You should try Bulgaria/Sofia with 100$ you can get hell of a lot things You can stay in a Hostel and you will pay like if you are 20 years old you pay 20 BGN
Yap Gim Kwee (8 months ago)
100 dollars in hk just enough for taxi and one meal
T Series (8 months ago)
Your biggest fan from pakistan plzzz come here
Gary Lin (8 months ago)
I was wondering how you would get a good hotel
anshul bhatia (8 months ago)
I m watching all ur videos but I don’t know yyyy but I started loveing my country more nd moree byy seeing ur videos that the other country is so crowded And which country i m in Yaaaaa India most popular country in the world
Nayan Shrestha (8 months ago)
You should go to Nepal and try the food momo it is very tasty and pls make a video about it btw Nepal is not that cheap it’s a little expensive
I want to meet No Good
Voodant Games (8 months ago)
What about Disney Land
Toryhory Corylory (8 months ago)
lol Elvis
Andika Pradipta Suardi (8 months ago)
100$ in south korea or japan plss...
TTPS WONG Yi-hin (8 months ago)
I live in Hong Kong :)
Channel Easy Peasy (8 months ago)
I am a hongkongese You can ride the Airportbus(E??) to Kowloon station it is 1/4-1/2 price of the airport limited express train service
Perry Wong12038 (4 months ago)
Channel Easy Peasy just use the app
Jeon Jungookie (8 months ago)
Im From China I Live In Kong Kong Its My First Intependent Country I Visited
Chris Justin (8 months ago)
How much fun can you have in Seoul
Rikardos Gaming (8 months ago)
Hong Kong is in China?
Paradox Sin (9 days ago)
it isnt
thesuperproify (2 months ago)
Of course it is
Perry Wong12038 (3 months ago)
Zhigong CHEN no we ain’t, u just wanna let us go in china and fuck everyone up
Perry Wong12038 (3 months ago)
Rikardos Gaming say that again and I’ll fuck u up big time
Yat Tung (4 months ago)
Rikardos Gaming its not in China
Hemanth Reddy (8 months ago)
Visit Iran
sandeep sanju (8 months ago)
Bacon Hair (8 months ago)
why does he always stay in PH? Cause its cheaper flights
Kamei Thomas (8 months ago)
Wats d name of that Hong Kong gal.she is pretty n sexy too
Lee Sang Jong (8 months ago)
How is about the air ticket???
Ebio GT (8 months ago)
0:17 ryanair
Zeynalka (8 months ago)
Dim Sum, $55 at 2:34
Emilian P (8 months ago)
70 dollas for 3 beerssss
gunners20051 (8 months ago)
You know..I like these videos

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