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SOS morse and light signals

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Morse code distress signal SOS (· · · — — — · · ·). Maritime radio distress signal from 1905 till 1999.
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Text Comments (59)
Eric Cartman (8 months ago)
This is creepy
Yous 914 (1 year ago)
. . . ... ... . . .
The Nokia SMS...
star dust (2 years ago)
well, light travel faster than sound... so it make sense to use morse code... if u shout ppl might not hear u, or the attacker can hear u first than other ppl due to distance factor ..
patrice matteoni (2 years ago)
this universal language have saving me & my family 4 years ago in red sea without gps, important it's univerval
Vslsnks (3 years ago)
SOS means Save Our Souls !!
blitzyclint (2 years ago)
+komerokoira Really nigga:/
komerokoira (2 years ago)
suck obamas sacks
Lucas Smith (2 years ago)
It doesn't stand for anything, I wish this misconception would stop, it's SOS because it's easy to remeber.
blitzyclint (2 years ago)
Save our soldiers
Buyanaa (2 years ago)
+TrickMasterBlock hah! Nice
Lazzarwa II (3 years ago)
@HatsuneMiku KittyCat: It means save our soul.
Aurora (3 years ago)
S.O.S Does not mean anything. It does not have an actual sentence! It's a signal to use if you are lost. ... - - - ...
padwah (2 years ago)
save our souls
GabeN (3 years ago)
+HatsuneMiku KittyCat ikr. "In popular usage, SOS became associated with such phrases as "Save Our Ship" or "Save Our Souls" or "Send Out Succour".
Aurora (3 years ago)
Or in Danger. LOL
Kenzie Schodowski (3 years ago)
@derekwall I actually used this when I broke down on the highway and was stuck on the side of the road @ 11:45 pm. I didn't have a phone on me or any form of communication. Three people plus a police officer turned around and helped me out after they saw the signal! People still use it :)
asentzio (3 years ago)
+Kenzie Schodowski Did you flash your lights? We've become so reliant on technology these days that it'd be wise to know some basic distress signals just in case. I'm totally disappointed in myself for not knowing how to signal for help until now.
Neurofied Yamato (3 years ago)
derek wall          what makes you think only ballistic submarines will ever use morse code? No one said specifically nuclear subs. It's civilian ships, stranded aircraft or even cars, hikers or what not. It boggles me why you think this would particularily restrict it to submarines. Honestly.
Derek Wall (3 years ago)
I don't think anyone uses Morse anymore. unless its for a different purpose
padwah (2 years ago)
after a nuclear war all communications are fucked. the only thing that will still transmit thru the atmosphere is morse code. cw constant wave
Neurofied Yamato (2 years ago)
People still uses morse code. It's not just limited to nuclear submarines. It's not just limited to military use either. It is used in civilian life. Even modern naval personnel are still trained in morse code.
Derek Wall (3 years ago)
+Neurofied Yamato Nuclear ballistic missile Submarines have more than a dozen ways to communicate with other vessels in the area or extremely far away. they have access to more than one radio channel and have SATCOM capabilities, making morse code still usable but very old school
Neurofied Yamato (3 years ago)
+derek wall It's still used due to how versatile it is. For example, if you have no radio, you can use a flashlight, mirror, maybe even a pistol.
Demon50 (3 years ago)
... . . . ...
26CW128 Jake (2 years ago)
That's 'SEEES'
Zezinho Gameplays (3 years ago)
... - - - ...
NickFisher (3 years ago)
way too fast
Arthur (3 years ago)
( . ) ( . )
26CW128 Jake (2 years ago)
Why? I mean 'Y' as in ( . Y . )
Joseph (3 years ago)
. . . _ _ _ . . .
agenttheater5 (4 years ago)
Always good to,know this at least.....
bjorn joseph (4 years ago)
Dots are fast dashes are slightly longer
vaffanculo (2 years ago)
Wow. You must have 150 IQ
lunaradept (4 years ago)
Informative vid. Glad to finally understand.
rayan alyousfi (4 years ago)
shaun or sheep
Wezilla (5 years ago)
koekie (5 years ago)
"Shit Our Selves"
Modomadness (5 years ago)
Save Our Sausages
Save our souls
Kitten Paws (5 years ago)
So it's three fast three slow three fast?
Zack Higgins (5 years ago)
"Save Our Ship"
AsianGraphics (5 years ago)
This distress call is very useful for lost people
R3L7EX (5 years ago)
Don't worry ;-)
Retroreviews Plus (5 years ago)
I have a classic arcade submarine game and it when you have taken to many hits by torpedo a continue screen appears and it emits an s.o.s in morse code asking if you to insert coin to continue. So you can save the ship by putting another quarter in, i was just checking for accuracy and it sounds just like this.... pretty cool
fanClassicRock (5 years ago)
I think I am having seizures after seeing that. Thank You, person who made this!
Royals (5 years ago)
thanks. the people around me don't even know SOS!
IV Moore (5 years ago)
Will he s.o.s me?
KOM BUCHA (5 years ago)
My iPhone flashlight taught me this. 3 short, 3 long, 3 short.
Orion Films (5 years ago)
Denys S. (5 years ago)
Not exactly, there's two types of flashes/signals: short and long. So SOS is 3 short + 3 long + 3 short.
FoodCubes (6 years ago)
gamebomber66 (6 years ago)
my brother teached me that lol
Royals (6 years ago)
VoltWolf (6 years ago)
Yes it is.
Royals (6 years ago)
hmm is this three short flashes, three long, and three more short?
kawaiisrs07 (6 years ago)
Finally. I was trying to hear this sound but couldn't find it on any other youtube channel. I just wanted to hear what sos sounded like

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