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GMOTrading Review by FXEmpire

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GMOTrading is a relatively new forex broker is owned and managed by a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) called Royal Forex Ltd. Their head office is located at #: 224, Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Achileos Building, Office 41, CY-3030 Limassol, Cyprus. The broker offers online trading services for spot forex and a wide range of CFDs including asset classes such as commodities, market indices, and international stocks. Apart from online trading services, GMOTrading also provides ancillary services related to online trading such as safekeeping of financial instruments, foreign exchanges services and granting of loans for margin trading. Check out GMOTrading's full review - https://www.fxempire.com/brokers/gmotrading/review *To find out more about Forex Brokers please visit https://www.fxempire.com/forex-broker *Find more information about Forex News https://www.fxempire.com/news *Forex Technical Analysis https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/technical *Forex Fundamental Analysis https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/fundamental *Come and visit our full of useful information website - FX Empire https://www.fxempire.com/
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Text Comments (51)
Ann Roberts (1 day ago)
Excellent broker and great experience in trading, the platform has never braked for half a year, a stable income! Awesome to trade with them!
scotty7499 (2 days ago)
Great info!
Antony Kersh (2 days ago)
I have only positive impressions from this broker! Thanks to the trade with him, I was able to finally get out of debt! Now I hope to earn some money!
Rheaven Rheaven (3 days ago)
Fraude! They advertise with fake articles suposidly written by someone else than gmo with quotes from celebrities. Here in the Netherlands they misused a popular tv show by claiming that one of the celebrity guests in this program told a story about how succesfull he was in making money with gmo autotrader. There have been several episodes of this tv show with this guest, but never one in wich gmo trading was the topic. Yet they put an article on the www about this imaginary episode with fake content, photographs of the host of the tv show and his guest and fake qoutes from them. Do not believe what they say!
Nick Shaw (19 days ago)
cool stuff
Crazy Games (25 days ago)
This is amazing experience So I impressed. Everyone try this experiments. This broker is very cool and have a great experience.
Certi4ever C4 (1 month ago)
Cool stuff
Carry Madis (1 month ago)
Great experience with this broker
A Ahmed (3 months ago)
Thanks, Will try it for sure
Hectic Frost (3 months ago)
Zaynab A (4 months ago)
L Aargui (4 months ago)
Dont doe it!!!!!!!A group of thieves choose your owner and say you can recover it at any time and this is a lie because when you want to recover money they ask you for a lot of information and ask for a lot of papers and cut 50 euros.this a warning!!!!!
Albert Walet (1 month ago)
kunt u mij uitleggen hoe ik mijn account kan opzeggen
Frank Godschalk (5 months ago)
Identity fraud company. They have you deposit money through a Skrill account. By the time you want it back, you need a Skrill account. Of course you don’t have one. Solution: send us all your bank details, ID-card residence information etcetera. So they can use it for buying weapons, residence locations to hide terrorists. Pity that google is supporting this still. 9-11 was not enough? You want more? Happy to be of service. They don’t accept Islamic bank accounts, why you wonder???? We don’t want to hit on our Islamic friends that go to heaven when they die. Maybe you should first take care of your Islamic friends in the Mediterranean Sea that drown while seeking refuge instead of taking them in your own countries you let them flee to Europe. The land of evil according to Islamic teachings. Real showcase of love for your brother.
Callum Skei (5 months ago)
This is another binary options scam company. I have lost over 200,000 to binary options brokers and was only able to get my funds back with the help of a recovery specialist. Happy to share my thoughts and experience. Reach out to me callumskei80atgmaildotcom
Shabana Shaikh (5 months ago)
InfiniteWorkers (6 months ago)
Looks good
MrBolehnonton (6 months ago)
Whoa really interesting
ed de groot (6 months ago)
scammers , freaking fraud
Albert Walet (1 month ago)
kunt mij uitleggen hoe ik mijn accout kan opzeggen
Tom Flatters (7 months ago)
nice vid
djaceman123 (7 months ago)
Very interesting and informative video. Seems like a good platform.
Kerry Van Niekerk (7 months ago)
Good video from learning more about GMOTrading
Alvaro Férnandez López (7 months ago)
Hace poco un amigo comenzó a operar con ellos, teniendo en cuenta que llegó hace poco a españa y dado los resultados que mi colega ha tenido con ellos, tengo ganas de probarlo y ver que tal.
Lucía Huertas Mártinez (7 months ago)
Hola Alvaro, yo tambien estoy interesada en operar con ellos. Cuéntame ¿Abriste la cuenta? ¿Todo sin problemas? Cualquier comentario que puedas aportar es bien recibido, un saludo.
Your Healthy Food Uk (8 months ago)
Izabel Sequeira (9 months ago)
Just opened an account today, praying it's not a scam 🙏
Studio WG (4 days ago)
Ruud van Deventer serieus 50€ om op te zeggen?! Heb vandaag m'n account gemaakt en werd gebeld door 1 of andere Nick, hij sprak Engels. Ziet er veel belovend uit dit, maar nu ik al deze reacties lees krijg ik er steeds minder vertrouwen in...
Albert Walet (1 month ago)
hallo ruud zou je mij willen mail aub op [email protected] alvast bedankt
Albert Walet (1 month ago)
bedankt alvast albert
Albert Walet (1 month ago)
wil je mij mailen [email protected]
Ruud van Deventer (1 month ago)
Albert Walet Via email naar support adres binnen 30 dagen. Kosten €50
Kim Canaria (9 months ago)
anybody tried this? is it safe?
Hull Devlin (6 months ago)
Most definitely not . I have lost £12000.00. By being pressurised putting good money to safe guard my fast losing money.
Andrew Dawson (10 months ago)
An excellent broker, the platform has never braked for half a year, a stable income, although while I open deals only on the advice of the analyst, I do not risk it myself.
Jomon Thomas (11 months ago)
GMO is the future business world
Saulius Babianskas (8 months ago)
Rashed Hashu (11 months ago)
New forex trading organization. I wish they will capture the major market share within very short time.
Adam Alpha (11 months ago)
This is a very interesting Trading website.I'd like to give it a try!

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