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Minerals and Energy Resources - Chapter 5 Geography NCERT Class 10

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Key notes, lecture and summary of Class 10 NCERT Chapter 5 - Minerals and Energy Resources. cbse net best online schools online classes study online elearning solution ncert geography book class 11 ncert solutions ncert textbooks ncert books for upsc --- Link to the Iron ore video:- https://goo.gl/GqWUx3 --- Click here if you want to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealSengupta --- For question & answers visit the website http://aksgb.blogspot.in/ --- Check the other playlists of NCERT Geography videos Class 6 - https://goo.gl/DDFtIF Class 7 - https://goo.gl/ppPK05 Class 8 - https://goo.gl/OD3Gwh Class 9 - https://goo.gl/AIEXxQ Class 10 - https://goo.gl/inWIAR Class 11 - https://goo.gl/Pn5EIE Class 11 (Part 2) - https://goo.gl/X4zY9K Class 12 - https://goo.gl/Kszpz5
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Aysha A.R.M.Y (2 days ago)
hey you good you nice keep going you are helping many students I appreciate it , BEST OF LUCK FOR BOARDS
yash raj (1 month ago)
Sir, it is so much helpful for 10th std. Students. Thank u so much for this
Neha Singh (1 month ago)
Bhai hindi bhi bol liya karo Jo meri baat se sahmat hai wolike thoko
Manjeet Kour (2 months ago)
Sir, our board exam are about to start. How could we prepare well for maps of geography. Sir please help in this issue.
students Era (2 months ago)
That voice!!
vel murugan (2 months ago)
All are waiting. For amit video s but iam wating for thalapathy 63
shashi goel (2 months ago)
Sonith Yadav (2 months ago)
Bleaching powder is caocl2 how is manganese used in making it?
Shree Om Aggarwal (3 months ago)
u r just reading the text u r not explaining it😑😑
Shankarrao Ghogare (3 months ago)
Thanks for such a nice explaination.... It clear all my doubts.....☺
Vishisht Kapoor (3 months ago)
You are best youtuber and i would say that the time will come that people will know you and you will be above t series and pewdiepie
Mondira Maji (4 months ago)
Your class 9 lectures of climate chapter had turned that into my favorite geography chapter in class 9. And now this lecture had made the chapter easy for me which I was facing boredom and confusion in studying. Thank you so much! You are fabulous! 👍👍👍
Devisha goyal (4 months ago)
Ur english is aswmm
Vimal Saboo (4 months ago)
Explanation is so good and voice is also good
seema Mudgal (5 months ago)
Very helpful Sir. Kindly give important questions about the chapter as well. thanks
ajinkya nagare (5 months ago)
congrats for 200k subscribers
Gurbhej Gill (5 months ago)
You are fabulous sir 👏👏👏
Dona Johnkutty (5 months ago)
rifadh rifadh (5 months ago)
good work
sahil pandey (6 months ago)
nice accent but try to elaborate
Eraldo Coil (6 months ago)
arigatou amit-sensei
Renu Sharma (6 months ago)
Some of the important topics r left😥😥
cool studypoint (3 months ago)
koshki bamba (6 months ago)
Sir notes bnaya kro
Shahid Noor (6 months ago)
Your way of explaining is very nice
Divyat Khandelwal (9 months ago)
Sir you are amazing. I'm so glad that I can see your videos.😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀
shyam krishna (9 months ago)
Excellent explanation bro
Batman Dark Knight (1 year ago)
You are pure love Sir
Manasa Parida (1 year ago)
wow awousome
ravi soni (1 year ago)
Why minerals are generally found in cracks joints etc.?
Rajas Mehta (1 year ago)
Bahut gupchaya hai
zayn nioding (1 year ago)
this is what i m talkin bout.......thnks sir......wonderfull explanation....
Richa Kumari (1 year ago)
I love your voice sir!! and love your videos ....you are the best😊
technical arwaz (1 year ago)
made hindi vedio geo class 10
rajni mahajan (1 year ago)
Impressive lecture
Megha (1 year ago)
tq u sir it was very interesting to listen u r teaching sir I understand it very well
Myshty's Corner (1 year ago)
Abhishek.p.s (1 year ago)
Super video googdluck
safa safaz (1 year ago)
Oh.... Thank god.... Finally I got a good explanation with good vocabularyyy... Nice
Plz upload history chapters video
AYUSH KUMAR (1 year ago)
Great Video Exactly What I wanted
Preety Jha (1 year ago)
thnx sir for all the videos,.
Kamal Raj (1 year ago)
awesome work sir butvu should also teach those important frequently asked board questions..
Khushi (1 year ago)
Very well explained. And finally someone who knows how to speak English. However, I am not pleased with the amount of ads on this video. I understand that they are your source of income, but if possible, pls reduce the number :)
udayasri ravath (1 year ago)
easy to understand ☺☺☺
Prakhar Shankar (1 year ago)
where is next part..................can anyone tell pls send its link in reply box
lakshay laxkar (1 year ago)
So finally I find a good speaker for this ch. and your way of explaination is oms sir. Thank you so much🙂
Soumik De (1 year ago)
very good explanation
samata lole (1 year ago)
thank you so much sir u made my geography preparation easier...
Megha (1 year ago)
I like u r way of teaching sir , most probably it was the lesson that u made wonderful 😍☺️☺️☺️😃😃 tq u lot sir
yerramreddy joshitha (1 year ago)
It was so useful to me
Diksha Chugh (1 year ago)
gud evening, sir ur videos r vry gud nd time saving I have a ltl suggestion. can u make short videos of important mcqs for a quick revision
Nehru .k (1 year ago)
very great video. more useful . thanks for making this video.
Amit Sengupta (1 year ago)
+Nehru .k I like you name! ;-)
Not the governments or politicians ... But Really you are the real men who is following Digital India campaign Please go on sir.... We need more people like you so that there would be no illiteracy in INDIA... :)
sathi saseendrakumar (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot sir. Helped me a lot.
Ajay kumar (1 year ago)
your speaking style is wonderful . I just love it
koshki bamba (6 months ago)
cchethan Chethan (1 year ago)
Plz record in English and upload plzplzplzplzplzplz sir..
Soumya MJ (1 year ago)
Ur blessed with a heavy voice sir👌👌👌
thanks a lot
Alli Sweetha (2 years ago)
Amit sir it's good thank god u r there for me to teach in English my teacher in school also a Hindi language any Al l the video are in hindi 😊😊😊I must thank u first it will surely help me in board exams
swasthika adhi (2 years ago)
tnx fr ur vid...it was really helpful one.....
Rushita Binji (2 years ago)
thank you sir
Khushbu Kumari (2 years ago)
really a nice way of explanation
pls do the same for all chapters i like ur vedios sir
Manoj Kumar (2 years ago)
MAHAK GANDHI (2 years ago)
very nice explanation sir..
Era Smith (2 years ago)
Thank God that there is someone who has a good vocabulary and English
prabhu dayal (1 month ago)
ya fine of course
rudrakshi rai (1 month ago)
lakshya shishir wo he said that on purpose😂😂
Mohamed Faisal (3 months ago)
Era I totally agree on that because I suffer a lot understanding English which has poor vocabulary well there is someone..
lakshya shishir (4 months ago)
+ishaan bhardwaj well actually it is * "SWAG" *
ishaan bhardwaj (6 months ago)
bro apna toh sweg hi alag hai
Aishwarya Patil (2 years ago)
Nice explanation
laltu al (2 years ago)
hmm interesting video
Kumar Pawan (2 years ago)
Fabulously designed....
Vinay Kumar (2 years ago)
Nicely explained yrr...... :)
Lakshay Grewal (2 years ago)
Doing a great job sir.............................................. please cover history topics of class 10.......
Hariom Sharma (2 years ago)
its nice
Deepak singh (2 years ago)
its very helpful for me to revise NCERT for higher services
Shifa shifuu (2 years ago)
thanks..good explanation. .
Rishuranjan Raj (2 years ago)
sir please explain in brief
Surjeet Kaur (2 years ago)
sir... what are scrap metals?
Maoki (2 years ago)
Surjeet Kaur Scrap metals are the remains of metals after production, for example.. when we make a tumbler.. we use a sheet of metal and cut out the shape of the tumbler.. so the remaining part isn't used.. so the usage of that will help to reduce mineral consumption.
VIPIN MISHRA (2 years ago)
sir thodi quality aachi kare
aadya jain (2 years ago)
Sangeeta Jain (2 years ago)
Well Done.. India Needs these tyoe of teaching
GERIES .Varun (2 years ago)
Mannat Rana (2 years ago)
Was really useful
Renee Jose (2 years ago)
Thanks for the help sir, would love it if u explained in a little more detail and a little slower ofcourse!!!
Vinayak Agrawal (2 years ago)
best explaination sir
rajat verma (2 years ago)
bro please made the video which u r talking about in the last of chapter -7 class -10
Nishant Tanwar (2 years ago)
SST ki Hindi vidio sir
Rishabh Pandey (2 years ago)
very good video . do you also upload sci video class 10
Surjeet Kaur (2 years ago)
very helpful...
RAJ SRIVASTAVA (2 years ago)
amit sir pls make video of nationalism in India of class 10
RAJ SRIVASTAVA (2 years ago)
Japjot Singh thnks
Japjot Singh (2 years ago)
Ramanuj go for divyam Gupta he is killing it for nationalism in india
Magabir Singh (2 years ago)
I like this video nice explanation
hardik Jakhmola (2 years ago)
thnks sir.. i got good marks in my FA-3 by watching ur video lessons
Dinesh Choudhary (1 month ago)
Hahaha....pray for me you know the current system
Nabeel Khan (1 year ago)
hardik Jakhmola dude pray for me u know the current system
hardik Jakhmola (2 years ago)
thnks sir.. i got good marks in my FA-3 by watching ur video lessons
YR Techno Kings (2 years ago)
You Are Good
Vinod Dubey (2 years ago)
Where is part 2
Vinod Dubey (2 years ago)
Thks for such nice videos
T.S Mahadevan Iyer (2 years ago)
Where is the conventional and non conventional resources video link...........u have cheated us
keshav sunaria (2 years ago)
Hindi ma chaheye pagal English me to hum school ma bhi karte ha😑😑
Adityavijai Singh (2 years ago)
if u don't understand English go to a Hindi medium school of ur lvl .
keshav sunaria (2 years ago)
bol ab Kya ho bole ga Kya baba ke bolte band free advise dene bhot asan e kake karna bhut mushkil😂😂😂
keshav sunaria (2 years ago)
i very well know English
keshav sunaria (2 years ago)
shut up u idiot
keshav sunaria (2 years ago)
notes to school ma v bante ha
Sai Sanngamesh (2 years ago)
thanks for your explanation
roshan thomas (2 years ago)
awesome !!!!!!!! but slowdown in explaining bro
Gini Bhayani (2 years ago)
good explanation
joni yadav (2 years ago)
Vinod Dubey (2 years ago)
joni yadav you are an idiot
Nikita Singh (2 years ago)
it was asm sir...

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