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Gov’t Contracts For Small Business Are Bigger & Better Than Grants or Loans

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Listen/Download Podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matthewlesko/2015/01/07/govt-contracts-for-small-business-freelancers-are-bigger-better-than-grants Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/
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Barry Bowman (1 month ago)
What if i have a felon can i still get a contract
Cletus Green (1 month ago)
Lutherangrants got me a grant of $30,000 for my business funding .I am indeed thankful to them.
Deborah Joy (27 days ago)
@Cletus Green Lutherangrants,com helped me too .
Sabrina Matlock (1 month ago)
What company help you with your grant. .
Sabrina Matlock (1 month ago)
How were you able to get anloan
K Archie (1 month ago)
Can somebody please buy uncle lesko a darn mic
BIG BOOM 2020 (1 month ago)
Matthew Lesko is My GUY!!!
BIG BOOM 2020 (1 month ago)
+Matthew Lesko You've been an inspiration & great resource to me for decades. Blessings.
Matthew Lesko (1 month ago)
thank you..kind words are good for the soul
Benjamin Anthony (2 months ago)
Benjamin Anthony (2 months ago)
Great info
Json1124 (3 months ago)
Would the SBA help with opening a franchise?
Matthew Lesko (3 months ago)
YES. BUT start with your local small business development center . www.Free.Lesko.com/store
antoinette moore (3 months ago)
How we get our free money? I am not smart.. I get ssi & its not quit , to pay my bill
Matthew Lesko (3 months ago)
I'm not smart either.. it just takes a lot of trail and error. Download free report to get started . www.Free.Lesko.com/store
Kiana Pauline (4 months ago)
Government contracts with swim program???
Matthew Lesko (4 months ago)
just start going to it. see www.Free.Lesko.com/store . if i can help
skidrowsux1977 (4 months ago)
has the Trump administration stiffled the amounts of grants or contracts given? I know that the USAjob.gov site has less openings for non essential agencies now.
Matthew Lesko (4 months ago)
actually the budget is bigger than ever.. it just moves around a little see www.Free.Lesko.com/leskomember
skidrowsux1977 (4 months ago)
matthew have you received any of these grants in the past?
skidrowsux1977 (4 months ago)
+Matthew Lesko Thanks, Matthew. I think I may be around your son Morgan's (is that his name? not sure.) age. I graduated from Prep in 96. Why do I feel like he went to BCC? I did not know him personally. Anyways, I'm a big fan of you. You scream "intelligence" to me. I saw you outside of Cava in Rockville/Montrose area a few weeks ago and said 'hey' to you. I'm a civil rights lawyer, guitarist, and a blockchain professor.
Matthew Lesko (4 months ago)
yes. and my children been doing this 40 years maybe this will help see www.Free.Lesko.com/leskomember
skidrowsux1977 (4 months ago)
is this just for construction small biz?
Matthew Lesko (4 months ago)
No pasta, broom handles, it work or even a freelance priest. see if this helps www.Free.Lesko,com/leskomember
Deborah Joy (5 months ago)
Expeditetools,com saved me from bankruptcy when i going through some bad times few weeks back .They sent me about $100,000 in a week through their tools.
Dre Films (6 months ago)
Could i use this along with my disabled veteran benefits to flip houses?
Dre Films (5 months ago)
Thanks makes sense
Matthew Lesko (6 months ago)
I would think so but no one knows for sure except the people giving out the money.. for more help see www.Free.Lesko.com/leskomember
Rachel K (6 months ago)
I wonder what % of contracts go to weapons manufacturers.
skidrowsux1977 (4 months ago)
Rachel: well, I do not see the government giving out weapons contracts to people in the craft jewelry making business
Matthew Lesko (6 months ago)
lots. for free help see www.Free.Lesko.com/leskomember
WinnerTube (1 year ago)
are you from the DMV? I believe i seen u on a scooter a while back lol
Matthew Lesko (1 year ago)
yes maryland and adams morgan.. have a red scooter with ???? let me know if i can help see www.Lesko.com/onestop
The Crypto DUDE (1 year ago)
https://www.gofundme.com/movie-ranch-tourist-attraction Looking to start a new life doing what I love , I have $80K set aside but need help getting the rest . Please share to your friends and thank you for the great info, I will look into this ....
Jodi Reese (1 year ago)
Were can I go in California to apply for a grant SBA? Tulare county
Matthew Lesko (1 year ago)
Hi., the SBA does not have grants.. A better place to start is contacting your local Small Business Development Center..but don't ask for grants ask for "financial assistance".. Maybe best to spend some time on the phone see www.Lesko.com/talk Let me know if i can help more www.Lesko.com www.Lesko.com/research
Bryan Pearson (1 year ago)
Where do l go
Matthew Lesko (1 year ago)
the guy in the video is in Norfolk..You can start with your Local Small Business Development center Google this title with the work Virginia. Or let me know if I can help www.Lesko.com/talk or www.Lesko.com/research
Bryan Pearson (1 year ago)
l'm in Hopewell va. starting a small retail business
Alejandra Quinonez (2 years ago)
I like your glasses
Angel Gdo (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video.
shoqwave (2 years ago)
i started a property preservation and painting business, how can i get grants and government contracts/jobs? Anything big, i wamt my interior painting business to boom, i do a great job, but im only doing 2 jobs a month at the most while my competitors hove endless work, i can't afford advertising, i cant afford to eat, my business is a year old and slow, so slow i might lose my home, i need money for equipment, a shop etc, plus was thinking about flipping houses, any advice on that
TAD (2 years ago)
Where can you get this grant for 50k from?
Matthew Lesko (2 years ago)
It's a contact for services not a great but you can keep getting them =matthew
Zakiya Moreira (2 years ago)
thank you for posting
Russell Michaels (2 years ago)
It would have helped to mention that a local chapter of the SBA is known as SBDC or a Small Business Development Center.
Annanie Francois (3 years ago)
Will SBA help with this?
matt knowles (3 years ago)
Matthew, where do you apply for these. Is there a website?
lisa freeman (3 years ago)
+matt knowles were do i get government grant.
CHINA WHITE (4 years ago)
Hey Matt, don't have to be in business for  3 years to get a federal government contact?. I'm a new business.  :-( thanks 
Pilar G (4 years ago)
Hello where do I start I'm in Richmond VA and I own a auto repair shop.
Gloria Owensby (7 months ago)
Small Business Development Center.
Matthew Lesko (4 years ago)
Why get a government grant for $50,000 when you can only get one of them.   Instead, get a government contract for $50,000 and keep getting it every year. Contracts worth millions are available for small businesses, independent freelancers, nonprofit organizations and even artists.   There is plenty of free help available to learn how to get your share of this $500 Billion treasure.  You can even get a grant to help you learn how to get a contract.  It may sound crazy, but that's our government.
Happy Learning (2 years ago)
+Shon C Thank you Shon at least your helpful.
Matthew Lesko (2 years ago)
these are contracts for work performed not grants ...you can get as many as you like
TAD (2 years ago)
l4lwarriorpoet go to fbo.gov
Happy Learning (2 years ago)
+ Matthew Lesco who and where would I go to get this contract
Happy Learning (2 years ago)
+ Matthew Lesco who and where would I go to get this contract

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