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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution - http://www.resolutionofconflict.com.au/ Learn how to resolve your conflict now. Visit our site for three free interactive video lessons. This video shows how the Conflict Resolution Model works. Conflict, and the resentment it breeds, massively undermines relationship at all levels.
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CJ Walters (5 days ago)
Is anyone else confused?
jayden rivera (11 days ago)
Sasha Nivar (11 days ago)
Thank you this is a very straightforward idea with a clear definition of what conflict is and how to come to a resolution. I’ve done step 1 and 2 and my needs aren’t being met and negotiating hasn’t happened yet so I’ve gone into management
ancient of daze (19 days ago)
I worked for my millionaire older brother. He told me his money was tight and he was spending too much on the building work of the ice cream parlour and large flat above, the building work I was doing at lower “mates rates.” So told me to mark down my hours and he’ll pay me at the end of the job when the ice cream parlour is open and earning money to pay me!! I wasn’t happy but as I was already owed for the work I had done, I took out some credit cards so I could eat. When the building work was finished he turned around to me and refused to pay me a penny!! Came up with some insane bullshit and has never apologised to this day! I had low level Crohn’s disease that I was managing well with the hard physical work of building. However, when I realised that I was now in a huge credit card debt that I had no way out of, the STRESS levels shot through the roof! The Crohn’s disease ran rampant and I lost 2 stone in about 3 weeks. After a few years of this mounting STRESS the dr. had to remove my colon. I now have an ileostomy for the rest of my life. I’ve never had an apology or the pittance of money I was owed. OVER 16 years later and my life in tatters because of this unresolved situation. I need the money that’s due more than ever with this terrible situation I’m now in. I’m an inch away from killing myself now. I can’t go on anymore with this abuse. Many many other abuses have manifested from this root abuse. My life is simply not worth living now. My “brother,” mother and father refuse to face up to what they have done by NOT PAYING ME MY MONEY. So it’s clear to me that they don’t care about me. I can’t go on with this mistreatment without resolution. I feel these many other abuses are manifesting because I’m “inviting” them in by turning my cheek to tolerating his abuse.
Zundra DILWORTH (30 days ago)
This illustrative advice gives inspiration to Social Skills teachers who meet the challenges of influencing participants to see the valuable steps that must be taken passed the conflict in order to get to the resolution. Leadership of any nature would benefit from this powerful visual.
Nicole McMullen (3 months ago)
The website link does not seem to work can you tell me the new one please?
Mr Brown (4 months ago)
Hi Jeff, we have tried calling, but were unable to get through. I think we may have got the area code wrong. We're calling because there are some students in our class that keep entering into conflict with each other. We'd like some help and perhaps a mediator. Can you come to the UK please? Unfortunately, we can't pay for your flights. Thank you in advance XD lols
Jeff Muir (4 months ago)
I can Travel to North West India though
Jeff Muir (4 months ago)
Mr Brown I am sorry to hear this but can’t travel to the Uk sorry Jeff
Sarah Chan (4 months ago)
Thank you for this amazing this video
siti nur fazlina (4 months ago)
im political science student in conflict resolution . this vid really blow me up . thnk u .
Mekki Nabil (5 months ago)
I do like this video
JDperera83 (6 months ago)
Audio is so bad
Shrian Naidoo (6 months ago)
Greta work
Sergio Florez (7 months ago)
slow down please, I'm new to this in English
Jeff Muir (5 months ago)
You can choose the playback speed in Youtube options. Enjoy.
Naomi Ngesa (7 months ago)
Great video indeed
Intan Elizabeth (8 months ago)
Denial is the mist common problem with conflict Conflict, when one person has a need First express the unmet need If difficult, mediator
*Insert cool username* (10 months ago)
Hey. Can anyone help me out a bit please? If anyone knows what software/application is used to make these type of videos please let me know. Thank you.
MoonMix (11 months ago)
I was in gym, we we’re doing baseball. I couldn’t catch the ball and then two boys walked up to me and started cursing me out and calling me “F****** loser”, “Dummy” etc. I told my friend and then she suddenly ran up to them and was yelling at them. After that I heared someone saying to another person “Kayla (My name) is a p****”. What do I do?!?!?? :< I can’t go up to them cause’ they’ll curse me out or beat me up. What do I do???! :<
Jeff Muir (5 months ago)
Walk away and don't dignify your bullies with your attention or you upset. Bullies are cowards on their own so take the initiative and tackle them one at a time when their bully friends are not there.
Emma Rose (11 months ago)
the only conflict i can see here is the one between my eardrums and that audio quality
Hopperino (1 year ago)
well the Nile is a river in Egypt. Unless your some illuminatu
Imrana Yasmeen (1 year ago)
very fine approach
Domingo Salandanan (1 year ago)
conflict motivation ha,zyra
Domingo Salandanan (1 year ago)
digging the conflict ...idiot work ...you fool dealing parkingson ...ulol na aso.
BC Tributes (1 year ago)
Step away from the mic a bit there bud
Anonymous Probably (1 year ago)
I just watched a very long commercial that didn't help me at all
Bruce Scott (1 year ago)
Great video.
Sabatrol (1 year ago)
Go on black market hire a assasin
The Berean (1 year ago)
We live in a time when everyone is right in his / her own eyes. Conflict resolution is 9 times out of ten handled wrongly and the weak and vulnerable seem to suffer.
Light Mint (1 year ago)
Susmita B (1 year ago)
The link is dead, says page suspended.
MasterLukeTV (1 year ago)
Good job! But I have a great idea of a video. You should make a video about conflicts in stories or resolution for 6th grade or something like that, and I really got confused with this,because U saw this video while I was searching up conflict for ELA
Guide504 (1 year ago)
looks like a reworking of Marshall Rosenberg
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you
Guide504 (1 year ago)
looks like a reworking of Marshall Rosenberg
Joshua Eddy (1 year ago)
Truly creative writers can think outside the bounds of conflict-orientated stories. In fact, a story does not NEED to have a conflict. http://stilleatingoranges.tumblr.com/post/25153960313/the-significance-of-plot-without-conflict
rbaleksandar (1 year ago)
My only one rule is to be open about it and try to communicate the issue as nicely as possible. Conflict resolution is possible only if the other person opens up and doesn't go behind your back talking [email protected] Life is hard enough to waste one's time to try to pull out a confession from someone else. Hiding the truth about what you think only leads to building up frustration which makes the conflict resolution that more difficult and at some point even impossible. Love this video. If I wasn't moving out I would have shown it to my roommate, who - it seems - was annoyed by my humour (sarcasm does require an above average IQ after all) and it took her months to tell me, which was already too late. The skipping of step 1&2 is literally what happened to me. Things escalated without me knowing jack squat about it until it blew up in my face.
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thanks for the feedback. Best of luck with the new room mate and yes its impossible to understand a conflict if the other person will not speak.
pooja verma (1 year ago)
Simple and easy to understand. Simply love this.
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Pooja
yasir khan (1 year ago)
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
kieran crossland (1 year ago)
just kill the other
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Or the cat
Maryam Khalid (1 year ago)
quite impressive!
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Maryam - We have lost more coming
AAK TUBES (1 year ago)
A very defined and informative video of conflict how it arises and how to handle It .
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thankyou AAK
Sobia Nazish (1 year ago)
Very Informative
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Sobia
This is just great. I love this video . Its a self explanatory videoThanks!
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Nadia, glad you liked it
Pamela Holmes (1 year ago)
Good information.. May I use it for a presentation for a class I'm currently enrolled in?
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Hi Pamela, Yes of course you can. You might also like the other information I have at www.Thatseasylearning.com
auot ukun (1 year ago)
Conflict equals the democratic party and the republican party :D
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Yes and all the others too
uzma farrukh (1 year ago)
Worth Watching
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Uzma
Maryum Aslam (1 year ago)
really worth watching video
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Maryum
Ursus Arctos Hu (1 year ago)
It can go both ways though. Resolving conflict is essential for success but it's easy to take it too far. Sometimes people will want to just drop a subject and if you're trying to force resolution - the act of seeking resolution can become a conflict in need of resolution in itself.
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Ursus, Yes and the bigger problem lies in doing nothing.
Morp Morpt (1 year ago)
oh the old advertising trick
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Hi Morp, What is that trick specifically.
Morp Morpt (1 year ago)
yeah like Mr Trump. If he cant get his need met, he will go to war. Not exactly good role modelling.
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Yes and just like every other contemporary US president. Trump is no orphan
Alexsis King (1 year ago)
Ummm... This was supposed to help with the conflict between me and my grandfather......I clicked the wrong vid....I think
Southern Hemisphere (2 years ago)
The video is great but the audio in the video keeps on glitching all the time and can't properly here.
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you
Gud'on'yas JJ
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thanks mate - All that boarding school terrorising and brutality training has not been wasted
Joon Young Lee (2 years ago)
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
Thank you Joon
The Hound (2 years ago)
Conflict is an over-rated delusion, and in my experience conflict is only conflict when you care for it. Two people, one court and a ball. most would hit the ball on each others side of the court over and over and over again. In a situation like that I  would simply drop the tennis racket in the direction of my opponents feet and say " the court is all yours, I got better things to do" And the opponent can't play his own game. Sure he or she would get mad but just leave them to their own benefit of doubt. Those who continue to play conflict game obviously have a low emotional IQ.
The Berean (1 year ago)
Wouldn't it be better to invite him/her out for a coffee and get to the bottom of the issue?
BreakthruInMarketing (1 year ago)
You don't care for resolution of conflict and walk away. Well I can see how that could work sometimes and ultimately live a bitter and resentful life on your own with your high IQ. So why not take your high IQ and use it to help those of us who are less fortunate or don't you care about that either.   (I couldn't but help to rise to the challenge)
Roslyn Sambuca (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed the video. However, I really, really hated the drawings - it detracted from the information - watching that hand move around quickly up & down, right & left - awful. Far better to have had the drawings completed and then shown them.
Jeff Muir (2 years ago)
Thanks for your feedback and I understand your dislike of the moving hand. Good luck with the content as it is a simple explanation of conflict that most people don' understand.
Molly McCaw (2 years ago)
Thank you just what I need for my conflict work in school
Jeff Muir (2 years ago)
Great to hear we are adding value all over the world.
Eduardo Boquin (2 years ago)
yooo im gonna use your vid for my class presentation
Eduardo Boquin (2 years ago)
nvm mate wrong vid.
Marcus Polk (2 years ago)
Great video and I appreciate how to the point it is.
Vidisha Roy (2 years ago)
That Australian accent :P
Jeff Muir (2 years ago)
Yes, We call it True Blue Dinkie Die
3arl jcl (2 years ago)
you're an Australian
yousifhela (2 years ago)
best advice ever.
CMSMC Team (2 years ago)
This is great!
Narayan Agasti (2 years ago)
though im a late viewer of your video but just have a word for you , THANK YOU . let us know if anything such productive video which you have.
Sue Bock (3 years ago)
Must share
Sue Bock (3 years ago)
Love this video. The explanation is clear and the drawings are really cute.
Yitzel Martinez (2 years ago)
Jeff Muir bbb
Yitzel Martinez (2 years ago)
Yitzel Martinez (2 years ago)
Sue Bock kklooooo00
Jeff Muir (2 years ago)
Thank you Sue
ancamrg (3 years ago)
Thank you} amazing video
Christian Woman (3 years ago)
Wow! This video is very accurate and realistically describes conflict! Thanks so much for your insight on the issue..
Shawna Davey (3 years ago)
Really enjoyed! Wish the guns were deleted and I could use it for Grade 5!
Jeff Muir (2 years ago)
Hi there, Jeff Muir here, I'm the creator of this video and my amazing animation team put it all together. Yes you can change it if you want. Just do me the favour of crediting me as the author. Regards Jeff
ashori100 (2 years ago)
try skipping over it or getting permission to download and edit it
Maxine Pitt (3 years ago)
Excellent!. looks superb just watching he preview.
Jak Del Valle (3 years ago)
Jeff Muir (2 years ago)
Google it. Thats what I do.
potato psoas (3 years ago)
Denial is good to make sure you don't explode and then you can resolve the conflict when you have calmed down a bit.
sssain (3 years ago)
superb video brief and concise
Hinamaya Otuki (3 years ago)
I am Bullyproof (3 years ago)
This is awesome. Hope my comment doesn't ruffle your feathers :-)
TheProgressiveParent (3 years ago)
great video thanks
gmanon (3 years ago)
Conflict is a difference of interest while sharing a common situation. Compromising and negotiating are the most common ways to solve most conflicts.
Rathana Phoneshop (1 year ago)
apoorva bahuguna (3 years ago)
Great Video Team !!! absolutely loved it
Beverly Moss (4 years ago)
discoqueenmom (4 years ago)
this is a business add but i found it trying to find a solution to my daughters conflicts at school and love this video thanks for uploading it on you tube. it has given me great insight in how to help my daughter.
Marjorie Johnson (4 years ago)
Thanks for this succinct and entertaining video! May I use it ?
Sheikh Noorhussein (4 years ago)
hi tanks i like this
Pinnacale Group (4 years ago)
This is a great video on conflict resolution. There are many people who would rather avoid conflict, but I believe that approaching it head-on while remaining calm is the best way to resolve any issue. Thanks for uploading this, and amazing animation by the way!
BreakthruInMarketing (4 years ago)
+Pinnacale Group Thank you for watching! We have another video related to the concept of facing conflict head on. This time it's for the sufferers of this debilitating disease of being "TOO NICE" http://youtu.be/r5tjGncByqg
lay chhunyi (4 years ago)
Awesome video :)
pamela paes ezawa (4 years ago)
Very nice definition of what's a conflict! 
Anamika Jain (4 years ago)
like this video
past transgressions (4 years ago)
Conflict arises from differences, both large and small. It occurs whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. Learn how to resolve conflict from this video: Conflict Resolution With Close Relatives
Ellen Ornato (4 years ago)
This is just great. I love this video as well as the Too Nice video. Thanks!
jen treasure (4 years ago)
Hi Jeff Really great job, would you mind if we used the video as entry to our training, we will credit you of course. Cheers jen
BreakthruInMarketing (4 years ago)
Hi there, sorry for getting back to you just now. But feel free to share just as long as you credit! Thanks!
Catherine Flores (4 years ago)
it seam like this advice also works in a relationship  
BreakthruInMarketing (4 years ago)
Hi Catherine, that's right, whether in your personal or work relationships you can make use of the Conflict Resolution Model to help you deal with conflict. :) This other video of ours also helps make you a better communicator in all kinds of relationships - Are You Too Nice
Tulasi Devi (5 years ago)
beautiful, thank you
BreakthruInMarketing (5 years ago)
very much welcome!
BreakthruInMarketing (5 years ago)
Thank you all for the great comments and feedback. I have a new video out called "Are You Too Nice."  Its some of our teams best work and getting very good reviews. Are You Too Nice
shehab ahmed (2 years ago)
This moooovieeee is now availaaaаble to watcch hеre => https://twitter.com/28a0ecd1a985ebbc4/status/822763293282418690 Conflicct Resooolution
Vanguard (3 years ago)
What a lovely video!! When I got my M.A. in Integral Psychology one of our classes was conflict transformation... would have been nice to remember ALL the useful details from that. I feel like it is still the core of how I apply my skills, and the main motivating force for whatever writing I do.
Mendy Hinshaw (5 years ago)
I think inexperienced workers are often the cause of conflict. They are not familiar with work place ethics or confidentiality policies. They dabble in gossip rather than asking their supervisor for help.
Rach Kate (5 years ago)
Very true Mendy- especially in poorly structured and small businesses where processes and policies are lax or mostly exist in theory. One of the biggest problems with people in conflict resolution is the first word: conflict. They can get so paranoid and negged out about it before they even start, when really, it's just starting off with an open discussion and reigning it in where necessary- as long as nothing is swept under the carpet or as long as one party isn't stifled or left feeling that all aspects of the other person's animosity haven't yet been explored. And as the video implies, they not only skip crucial steps, but take all their fear, defensiveness and negative energy into the discussion process which is completely unnecessary and often will get you the exact outcome you're looking to avoid. The longer it's been allowed to build, the worse it gets and other factors start clouding the initial issues- all of which is unnecessary. For those that consider shutting down and avoidance/ passive-aggressive reactions as solutions where unavoidable conversations must be had, well, they have no chance of fixing the problem- both for themselves and the other party. There's nothing more disrespectful than people who won't even communicate- much less allow you to do it constructively. It's a guaranteed way for people to immediately lose respect which is difficult to get back. Effective communication should not only be used in the workplace, but at home and everywhere else where humans are. ;-) Why only extend it to work? Good simple video.
BreakthruInMarketing (5 years ago)
Yes Mendy I agree that inexperienced people do cause conflict and mostly because they don’t know how to deal with it. This lesson and others in our Thats Easy Learning series are designed to help with that problem.
karatesmissingpeace (5 years ago)
I’d like to share with you my idea of Peace DNA, a set of essential elements for peacemaking .  To see a short utube video presentation,  visit: http://youtu.be/5SM2jZcqHN8    Please feel free to share Peace DNA technology with anyone who it might help or just consider it in part or whole.  If you’d like more information about Peace DNA or other free peace videos, please reply to the email given at the end of the video.
Paul Sterling (5 years ago)
great job - loved the graphics and simplicity of your presentation. I teach conflict resolution for couples. I would enjoy talking to you at sometime about referring each other's services. Paul Sterling Intimacy Coach http://youtu.be/CvK-XA00Gec  (a video on conflict resolution for couples)
Merrie Dekle (5 years ago)
Great Job
eunking (5 years ago)
thanks for this!
BreakthruInMarketing (5 years ago)
Hello Heidie! Sure, thanks!
Heidie Fernandez (5 years ago)
Hi. You have a very awesome video, can I use this also as introduction to the project that I am doing? I will surely put credit to your site.
BreakthruInMarketing (5 years ago)
Hi Gohar! Sorry for the delay in response. Feel free to use our video just as long as you credit our work.
Gohar Hovsepian (5 years ago)
Hi. Can I use this stuff as an introduction to a training???

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