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Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

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This is an unofficial explainer video I created for a college project. I decided to gear it toward TheSolutionsProject.org. The assets went from Adobe Illustrator to After Effects. This animation explains the different types of energy such as, fossil fuels, biomass, nuclear and renewables. Written, animated and illustrated by Dane Bliss Music by: Essa: https://soundcloud.com/essa-1 Voiceover by: Mike Porter: https://goo.gl/GNouYE Visit my online portfolio to see some more work at http://www.DaneBliss.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaneBlissDesign Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dane-Bliss-Graphic-Design-813194572110628/timeline/ German translation by Robert Orzanna Twitter: https://twitter.com/orschiro
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James Biggar (9 days ago)
Learn how you can become a renewable energy pioneer at resystechdotcom.
Anaidelyn Orona Espino (13 days ago)
Lulu La Saumure (15 days ago)
Hayden Rooney (21 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2018??
Omar RojasRodriguez (1 month ago)
have fun dieing
Olivia Morris (1 month ago)
i will, u too.
Daniel Butters (1 month ago)
What is the music on this video?
Raymond Nelson (1 month ago)
i know right
Shaun Kelly (2 months ago)
A very good film let's all go renewable
Hawk726574838 (2 months ago)
Charles Frogg (3 months ago)
Renewable energy has never generated one watt of base load synchronous power ever. So if you are going to use renewables to power the world when will the engineering and ability to provide base load renewable power be perfected ???? Renewable energy like your nuclear fusion reactors is all bull shit.
tinku ray (3 months ago)
NEW HOME SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM : The '20k solar panel system' is coming to an end. Wall street confirms all share holders are selling hard after this weird cheap solution popped on the radar... And they have every reason to... Over 18,000 Patriots are using the system in their homes... (and that's just in the last three months) hey get unlimited energy for less than 80 cents a day... Without paying one nickel more to their electricity provider! If you’re skeptical... Just watch this short video... and you’ll be able to cut your power bills to almost ZERO in just 45 minutes! WATCH IT HERE : https://bit.ly/2nLYvYt
Great explainer video!
TheRealNoodles (4 months ago)
The answer is modern monetary theory. We can use money to move real resources between countries and sectors for the betterment of our planet. Since the "free market" only acts when there's profit involved, we will need the government's help to do the heavy lifting for society's gains and benefit. Not just for the capitalists.
Magda Poznanianka (5 months ago)
Paliwa kopalne są najważniejsze!!!
Magda Poznanianka (5 months ago)
Zwłaszcza ropa naftowa i benzyna (diesel)!!!!!!!!
FARM SHOW Magazine (6 months ago)
Amazing video! Good Job
Darragh Magee (6 months ago)
We haven't actually achieved Fusion that doesn't take more energy than it creates, what we use today is nuclear fission
Злата Добрая (6 months ago)
А ещё есть безтопливные генераторы Александра Кугушова!
Itz_Derpy (6 months ago)
its fission not fusion at the moment.
Corey Mcniel (6 months ago)
I did something very similar, new plans from Avasva helped me with this.
Roselyn Cudal (7 months ago)
greetings! can i ask your permission to use your video for our school project?
Roselyn Cudal (7 months ago)
Dane Bliss Design (7 months ago)
Yes you can, go get em'!
Pedian Benedec (7 months ago)
grasias por los sup bro
amit sharma (7 months ago)
Green and cheap energy are real. Is the governments are ready for change the economy course.
oh i wish if all the world have a renewable energy my friends told me that if the world stay like this the earth will be like mars so we should have a renewable energy every where!so cool not cool it is amazing it help me in school
Dheemaan Mehta (8 months ago)
we YEET with energy
Michael Worsham (8 months ago)
* Very good for people getting into the solar electricity world. Whether you have a deep understanding of electricity or you have basic knowledge,[Awesome Plan Here >>>https://t.co/dvv5EabP7o ]  this will guide you towards the right system for you. Everything you need to know to get started and build an effective system is right there.*
Amanti Mcneill-Lester (8 months ago)
this helped me so much
MCPretzelM999 (8 months ago)
Electrolysis is also renewable, albeit hilariously expensive. Good video.
Sam King (8 months ago)
This is why I want to study civil engineer in energy system
Namit Nasa (8 months ago)
John Snow (8 months ago)
"Nuclear energy is released during nuclear fusion". That was painful. FISSION, not fusion.
EcoGEM Club (9 months ago)
EcoGEM.Club generates renewable energy. Invest in us to generate more pure energy sources.
KALLON MAYBERRY (9 months ago)
Wash (9 months ago)
This video should have way more views
Parent (9 months ago)
aw man, I cant find a video quite as good but I cant show this to my fifth graders with people killing each other :(.
George Boast (10 months ago)
ctwatcher (10 months ago)
Biomass kills. The emissions from their fuel aka landfill garbage harms. This is a culling program of humanity.
tiffany taylor (10 months ago)
what do u mean; by 'projected'
tiffany taylor (10 months ago)
what do u mean; by 'projected'
justmania (10 months ago)
hi very nice and helpful video but, may I ask which editing app you use because it will help me out a lot -thank you
Yesi Maryam (11 months ago)
This a cool video, my comment for the renewable energy resource it should be WATER instead of RAIN.
Diego Velazquez (11 months ago)
How would nuclear energy run out?
Nou Ha (11 months ago)
please can any one of you write to me in the commanttaire all what he said please
BADMAN (1 year ago)
Władca Wymiaru (10 months ago)
*SOLUTION* We need thorium energy! It is better than so called "renewables" Proof: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Lwrvslftr2.png over 200 times more energy http://lftrnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2-billion-years1.jpg near endless source of energy... youtube.com/watch?v=mhMI54zeyxw 50 quadrillion dollars discovery
Zain Ali (1 year ago)
we flirt with energy, dead
YOU TOOK AWAY 20 SECONDS EXTRA OF MY LIFE!(And the paul bros suck and swallow and chew)
(soryy) i meant 10
What about non renewable energy
This is a great explainer video! Renewable energy is the way of the future.
S.n.hyper (1 year ago)
So this comment is for anyone that wants to use this video you can use it without asking just make sure you add the channel name in your bibliography
Dinuka Ranasinghe (1 year ago)
Nuclear energy comes from nuclear fission not fusion. At least not yet....
Flynn Miller (1 year ago)
poo tehehrhe
Larry Bob (1 year ago)
Larry Bob (1 year ago)
Penny wise the dancing clown 🤡
Larry Bob (1 year ago)
For the love of god can people just stop arguing about money and work for a better world for themselves and their children? Jesus everything has a fucking price on it these days.
Prajwal Kumar (1 year ago)
great animations , good work
justin atienza (1 year ago)
kiss my ass to make energy
tony tang (1 year ago)
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Iwin Lonazo (1 year ago)
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Fred K. (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but what kind of accent is it? :) Australian English?
VEX (1 year ago)
Fred K. Just a mid south English accent
Jed Yaripon (1 year ago)
Why don't people talk about the bad effects that renewable energy gives
Archana Johari (1 year ago)
Paul Swanee (1 year ago)
This is such a disingenuous and unscientific video... Congrats on showing how little research you have done
Reuben Sweetapple (1 year ago)
Its in 2/12 minutes you degenerate. You try to explain the greenhouse effect, global warming, and renewable energy in that time .
James McIntyre (1 year ago)
All commercial nuclear plants use fission, not fusion.
John Heywood (1 year ago)
This video calmly tells that you that everyone is going to die
Olivia Morris (1 month ago)
good on you man!
Autistic Boy (1 month ago)
justin fary (1 year ago)
What software did you use to make this?
정민서 (1 year ago)
can I borrow this video for my geography project? this is so helpful!
Millie Ella (10 months ago)
정민서 no
alizanster (11 months ago)
Super late, but I submitted Korean translations to the video! Share with your friends:)
Dane Bliss Design (1 year ago)
Absolutely, good luck on your project.
MoTeC c (1 year ago)
الي من مدرسة ابشارقة الدولية لايك
Christopher Rod (1 year ago)
I like how they explain nuclear energy in 2 seconds by saying "nuclear energy is released by nuclear fusion" yet go on to the details about how fossil fuels are animals that have been dead for millions of years and spend 6 seconds on it.
Christopher Rod (1 year ago)
We should broadcast this on the emergency alert system across the US.
Hisss (1 year ago)
Vengefle GT (1 year ago)
I must share this video ;)
MetaloidT.V (1 year ago)
Solar panels and wind turbines require petroleum and steel for them to be produced, 100% is impossible
Candykin (1 year ago)
My kids are 11 and the word "flirt" is new to them...
Wullie31 (1 year ago)
Great video, but at 0:50 it says nuclear fusion. This should be fission, surely? I hate being pedantic, but there's quite a difference, especially if some people are just learning this stuff.
Faisal Nour (1 year ago)
so informative
Alvin Lam (1 year ago)
Apple Rules! (1 year ago)
Luna Granger (1 year ago)
it said fakebook instead of facebook.
samueleads1 (1 year ago)
RAVEN TABIONGAN (1 year ago)
Sir, what is the name of the software program that you use make such astonishing video presentation? Thank you!
Leaf Red (1 year ago)
can i borrow some of this video for my english project? much appriciate
Sir Christos (11 months ago)
Paul Swanee Nothing is renewable because the universe is in constant diffusion. So technically while you might be correct, why make an objection about this. Nothing “technically” is renewable, judging how the sun provides most of the other natural energy’s. And why use nuclear energy if you can get the same results without those side effects. It’s not like we’re powering a spaceship or something.
Paul Swanee (1 year ago)
+Dane Bliss Design How can you possibly claim that nuclear fusion is not renewable, yet solar is? The sun literally runs on nuclear fusion. The uses a finite amount of hydrogen to convert potential energy stored in the nucleus of hydrogen atoms into electromagnetic energy in the form of infrared (heat energy) and other light energy (including visible light waves). It doesn't make any sense to claim that solar energy is any more renewable than fusion, when the products that solar uses are only possible from nuclear fusion. To claim that the sun is renewable is to claim that stars, never run out of fuel, which is proven to be wrong. Sure it wont run out of fuel in our generation, but then neither will hydrogen, uranium or thorium in the earth that allows for fusion and fission production. This video is wrong on so many levels from classification of terminology to what is actually occurring and what could be the future of energy in the world. It would be a massive mistake for humanity to cast aside nuclear technology, as this science allows us to discover possibilities that no other source offers. Solutions for food problems like food irradiation or isotopic radiation of contaminated water, and then of course you also have the fact that nuclear energy presents the greatest release of energy in the known universe. It would be insanity to cast aside this technology.
Dane Bliss Design (1 year ago)
Sure, go for it.
movie S1 (1 year ago)
thank you so much , i show it to my little brother to know about the renewable resources.. thank you so much my friend ..
Aidan Stanco (1 year ago)
sub to TR4P Viizion
SUPERNOVA (1 year ago)
This vedio is great! Thanks for uploading!😆😍😍
maral2014 nuclear (1 year ago)
Without fossil fuels, the human race would go nowhere.
JactheGamer (1 year ago)
Nuclear energy is the UK and most of the worlds future. It is soon going to be considerd a renewable energy.
JactheGamer (1 year ago)
Clemens Yes we will certainly, enjoyed this chat have a good day and i wish you all the best!
Clemens (1 year ago)
Of course I will come over. I didn't even see half of the country yet. And I really love beautiful landscapes (without nuclear power stations :p). I think the Brexit was a little bit more than only about immigration. We already got many renewable sources. It's accounting for 33% of our energy usage. And maybe we're achieving 40% in 2020. Britain therefore has really good wind resources and a great renewable potential. It already has 25% renewables. Very good. We will see what the future brings. ;)
JactheGamer (1 year ago)
Clemens Ok thanks your welcome, i hope you have a great life where you live. I will miss the EU but it was all up to Imigration. Anytime you want to come over, North Wales is very beutiful. We may not be the biggest country in the UK but we ahve big castles and views. If come over in the early 2020s you may see a new nucleat power station being built to a decommisioned one in north Anglesey. I know what is going on in countrys like Germany, getting rid of nuclear means they have to use a lot of fossil fuels until they have enough renewable sources. Anyway thanks for this discussion i wish you the best.
Clemens (1 year ago)
JactheGamer It is always important to have a good discussion. I'm not interested in insulting a person over his/her views. I'm only interested in exchanging different opinions or if I'm lucky also the same ones. Unfortunately many on the internet are not as polite as you are. So I also enjoyed this discussion. We will see what the future brings. At least nuclear is better than coal...Politicians in my country already decided to not support nuclear anymore but they have to do the same with coal now. Hope Britain is doing well in the future too although it's a bummer they left the EU. Visiting it was always a nice experience.
JactheGamer (1 year ago)
Clemens This has been a very civilized discussion if compare it with the rest of youtube. We may have diffrent views on whats best for our diffrent countrys. Mine is focusing on nuclear yours may be going 100% renewable. Yours may have a high amount of Greenpeace memebers mine has a lot of Pro-Nuclear groups. Hope youre country does well and i hope you all the best.
KenBro Studios (1 year ago)
I like renewable energy because it didnt give chemicals too air but i love the video :D
Thomas Morgan (1 year ago)
But what this doesn't say one thing about is all of the land being plowed for these methods, that don't work very well.... solar and wind are so unreliable. It doesn't mention how many birds/bats get killed with the wind turbines. These facts are very very one sided. Yes there need to be changes, but when teaching give the full story on everything.
Sangeeta Sharma (1 year ago)
Thomas Morga
Clemens (1 year ago)
Yes solar and wind is a little unreliable. That's why we need battery storage and electric cars. Interestingly nobody mentions either what problems fossil fuels are causing. Otherwise we wouldn't use them so much. I mean it seems to be that nobody ever cared about the massive oil catastrophes that are occurring from time to time or how bad emissions from coal power plants for people are. Compared to that birds or bats are the least problems with have. Although I agree with you that they should encourage better safety measures for these animals.
Talltrees84 (1 year ago)
Trump is going to bring back coal. First he has to tear down all the wind farms and solar panels, replace all LED's with incandsent lights, turn back energy efficiency standards 40 years, and let's not forget convert natural gas burning plants back to coal. It would help if he could replace diesel trains with steam powered ones. LOL.
Robert Damian (1 year ago)
very interesting video, love hoe you explain..
I learned so much from this video :)
Lo Cotidiano (1 year ago)
As long as conventional fuels produce ridiculous amounts of money, no technology will be developed in a grand scale, it is called the power of "greed" not to be confused with the power of "grid".
Daniel Gallardo (1 year ago)
this video is interesting for my debate.
John Gron (2 years ago)
Oh please thorium reactors are the best thing we could use! Furthermore studies have shown overtime wind energy has become MORE costly than its output and a full electrical grid as you mention would be a hacker's paradise! And no we have enough fossil fuels to last more than 200 years, idk where you're getting your info from...
Payne Musically (1 year ago)
Pollution. fossil fuels. Scientists say by 2020 if we do not stop ALL co2 omissions we are and the animals are doomed. Its bad enough the animals did nothing to deserve this. It will effect us and them. This is serious.
Trentyn Botello (2 years ago)
200 years is not very long either, considering how far we've come. The point is that we need to stray away from one-time-use polluting resources and think big picture.
Simply Josie (2 years ago)
i had to watch this for school
StraitMLG duck (9 days ago)
Weird :P (9 months ago)
Me too!
sigljacfortschools (9 months ago)
ditto me to
Phantom Fox (9 months ago)
Me to
Jack Jammen (1 year ago)
Kawaii Bears It will be your future more than now.
St Vincent De Paul (2 years ago)
oh people don't fight in these comments, cool
Charli Svendson (6 months ago)
omg lol
Evelyn Wilson (9 months ago)
Solar Streaky (1 year ago)
St Vincent de pauler 4 lyf3
xZHSx (1 year ago)
Gonna dab on you ya hater
Solar Streaky (1 year ago)
St Vincent De Paul are you a jake pauler?
Manar Alsalim (2 years ago)
This is really really helpful thanks

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