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What NOT to do in CHINA: Top 5 Things

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Text Comments (2163)
I'm european and my soul agrees with you. China let's focus on NATO. 😝😘👌
Bill Verdon (12 hours ago)
Add these to the list why I will never visit China! I really do find all of your vids fascinating though....so keep making them!
Stanley T. (21 hours ago)
Apart from the lack of tipping, what a shitty xenophobic set of rules
Jux Pano (1 day ago)
I disagree, you can talk about politics but be sure it's all praise to China otherwise you might regret it.
matt 1910b (4 days ago)
China is the biggest shithole on Earth. all scammers, Godless, immoral, Cruel motherfuckers. the nastiest nation in the world. India same shit.
alex x (4 days ago)
Japan much better than China
phil phil (5 days ago)
In china where are remaining all kind of category scams.dating marriage with some tricky bribery of being a fake love.for the money and.the property estate love.
phil phil (5 days ago)
In china Never dating the marriage and trade business even as the friendly relationship.almost the people were living in the jealousy and hypocrisy by which.are concerning the nasty silly mentality of the unmoral conscience.
Mark Smolders (7 days ago)
But it is okay for Chinese people to do whatever they want in other countries. I have never met a ruder and filthy people that the Chines.
Gerard Guittat (8 days ago)
Je n'ai pas compris tout ce que vous avez dit. C'est difficile pour un francophone !!!
Taco Bell (10 days ago)
Here's a few things Chinese shouldn't do in China. 1. Spit everywhere. 2. Let their children piss and shit in the street out of a hole in their pants. 3. Lie and cheat constantly. 4. Think China is a global mecca of fashion, culture and progress, when it's simply North Korea with more money. 5. Stop envying everyone around them. 6. Stop walking up to foreigners with their 8-year old brat and saying "Talk English now!". 7. Stop repeating the stupid fucking maxim that the "21st century will belong to China" (It won't - or the 22nd or the 23rd, or ever). 8. Stop shouting. 9. Stop chewing and slurping your food like pigs. 9. Stop using fifty 5000 watt bulbs to light your fucking living room. 10. Stop pretending that wooden thing in your living room is a sofa. It's a park bench. 11. Stop pushing in front of others. They're called "lines" for a fucking reason. 12. Stop saying "Mao was 70% right and 30% wrong". The fat fuck destroyed the country. Wake up. 13. Stop drinking alcohol, turning red and puking. You don't have the livers. And finally, 14. Stop giving us 'guidance'. We all come from developed, civilised, wealthy countries.
Rick Reeves (10 days ago)
Chinese ripping off tourists where the tourist is powerless to do anything about I. Hmm. Not a good thing
Daniel Glaubitz (11 days ago)
Oooh, guys - how very professional looking, this video!;)
Commandeer (12 days ago)
Your wife is funny, thanks for the great video!
Tebby (12 days ago)
Sounds like japanese
George Sahinidis (14 days ago)
Allways follow the rules or THIS might happen !!! :-P : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-pnnh0a2lk
The Beni (14 days ago)
I stab my arse with chopsticks 🥢
Elaine Higham (14 days ago)
I had a friend who questioned some Chinese friends about the politics of chine, it was so embarrassing, he not a friend any more
DonTae Trowell (15 days ago)
If I don't get the proper change back, I'm definitely causes a scene. LMAO!!! I couldn't give a damn about those cameras, how everybody feels about it or if any of randos are on my side.
christopher abierra (16 days ago)
but why chinese business men attracted bribing people like in the philippines
Mohan Giri (18 days ago)
Keith Anderson (19 days ago)
You could do a whole video explaining each of these in more detail, especially losing face. I've lived here for 4 years and still am just starting to understand the concept of face.
NYTFHS Oh Yeah (21 days ago)
I loved traveling China and there women are the best....
billco73 (22 days ago)
Cab drivers love it when I tip them- the English always comes out- lol
Michael Quintana (22 days ago)
well i dont do that anyway huggy touchy stuf when u dont know sumone too well.. i think they do in spain...
Xiuyuan Li (22 days ago)
我一直用筷子插东西。。。。。 but I always stab food with my chopsticks lol
T L (23 days ago)
Just remember this: the bowl of rice with a pair of chopsticks sticking in the middle of it is for the dead!
Denise Mapendo (25 days ago)
Innocent. Khan (26 days ago)
Omg thanks 2 things i was doing completely wrong
Gelek J (26 days ago)
Number one. Uncomfortable topic is politic. Because of Tibet. Chinese knows very well and hole world too. Why Germanis uncomfortable topic like a world War 2.
Depth Julz (28 days ago)
I heard they have no problem touching black people’s hair
Bilbo Baggins (28 days ago)
Don't bring up politics in Tiananmen square....or the genocide of Tibetan people by China when in Tibet.
Airesdark vanlore (28 days ago)
Top five things not to do in China....number 1) Go to China..
David Lopez (29 days ago)
wonderful couple, great communication, look forward to watching many more of your posts
Dr A K (1 month ago)
bullshit country and uncultured country and number one cheater country .
peter anesu (1 month ago)
what if i eat the food with my hands
Lyle's Sports Channel (1 month ago)
would it be bad because if you are not able to speak any chinese at all and only english
Carlitox b (1 month ago)
dont talk about xin jin pin and Hong Kong
Saeed Rana (1 month ago)
Don't try to kiss your girlfriend in public place but chinese can
Dolores Casey (1 month ago)
Actually,I never mind these things in my daily life. I just think it’s essential to be respectful when being with others.That’s the basic morality of everyone around the world.Cultural diversity makes habits distinct in each race,and every Chinese who is rational can surely be tolerant to foreigners come abroad.
9vv nan (1 month ago)
1 not for sure 2, 3, 4, 5 √
Brethren of Yeshua (1 month ago)
They're culturally racist.
Lara Christin jones (1 month ago)
MAN I wish I was Chinese :(
Victoria Shao (1 month ago)
As a 23-years old girl in China. i am disagree with what the woman say in the video actually. She said she has been taught to brag about her man and her man is her sky, i am not agree with it. This is a very old idea in China actually. Girls might be taught the idea about 30 years ago. My parents are definitely local Chinese people and they have never lived outside of the country, but they always teach me to respect and love myself firstly, they also emphasize that man is not our sky, i can create better life by working hard by myself, i could live in a happy life even though i do not rely on any man. so don't trust all of her saying. different family have different way to teach their children. She can not on behalf of all Chinese women's and families' idea.
Ryan Wang (1 month ago)
This is very vague. And Chinese people are quite touchy too foreigners with blonde hair.
Eric Liu (1 month ago)
Honestly, I think the number one should be DO NOT break the law.
Lisa Morice (1 month ago)
Thanks guys. I know these tips will be helpful to keep in mind when I visit for the first time next year.
Sri Moonshine (1 month ago)
Chinese people don't keep a low profile when traveling, so why expect others to?
SUN JY (1 month ago)
When she said 'China owns everything', offensive. When China says something belong to him, he has it. No one can stop him. Man, your girl is great, but she is not telling you about China accurately,. and from her speech, I can feel that she doesn't really like her motherland especially our government.
Nelson Lim (1 month ago)
Good video . lesson to kwon how .
PillowPants 86 (1 month ago)
If you want to die, go to China
Christian (1 month ago)
One more thing, NEVER DO DRUGS in China, it will get you in a huge trouble.
Jawad Khoso (1 month ago)
watching this videos before leaving for Dalian
Ik Dus (1 month ago)
fucking chinese fuckers, who wants to go to that monkey country?
ostmana1 (1 month ago)
64 tiananmen
ostmana1 (1 month ago)
How dare the slaves talk about their freedom, no freedom of speech, that's the reality in communist's china. politics is ok in free china like taiwan and hongkong
RuruMaster (1 month ago)
it so true I'm chimes and my dad ALWAYs start fighting to pay
Ric Ferr (1 month ago)
<3 you both
NawafAbuGhazalah (1 month ago)
I'm married to a Chinese woman for 17 years now. All true especially stabbing your food with chopsticks. Some food like fried dumplings have delicious juice in them that shouldn't be wasted. About touching, yes the Chinese are not into the handshake. Just wave Hello to a new person you meet especially women and keep smiling because it makes them comfortable.
Hao Chen (1 month ago)
Generally, that is correct. Avoid a conversation containing any political issue, you and Chinese people take different education and information. Second, avoid touching the female, but of course, you may find an easy girl in some night bars. It will be a personal offense if you hug your female Chinese friends or your Chinese friends' female partners.
Graeme Williams (1 month ago)
Wouldn't go there. All communists.
poesje auw (1 month ago)
one country i will never ever visit is china
poesje auw (1 month ago)
bodhi dharma love them and learn them much after that they kill him
poesje auw (1 month ago)
mao learn them to hate
paul james (1 month ago)
I’m a Afro America not from Africa . My wife is from China we have property there one house we live in one my daughter rents out I have lots of friends in China they don’t want my money they have too much of their own I could never have as much as my wife’s family but that’s okay they love me just for being who I am
atlantisitecrystal (1 month ago)
Ok. How about china chinese behaving themselves in a foreign country’?
Bea Alpha (1 month ago)
What’s missing is don’t ever expect Chinese to treat u any better!!!’Chinese are RACIST and that’s one thing that is most important for experts/foreigners to know especially if your Heavy on the skin tone(black)🤨
Frank Sultana (1 month ago)
Chinese are very racist 😌😌
TRISTAN MAMAWAG (2 months ago)
China they like claiming land
Rose e (2 months ago)
This video is so annoying
Anonymer Bengel (2 months ago)
I think her p*ssy is hairy i know that from porn
Mike W (2 months ago)
Rip me off and I'll just drop you..... no scene Chinese or not
Dik Tracy (2 months ago)
What a welcoming country :/
eddiequest4 (2 months ago)
WOW! VERY helpful info. I will remember these when China takes over the US.
Brennen Cox (2 months ago)
I think i saw this video years ago. #1 You basically say to not express your opinions and just agree with those around you. Sound advice, if you want to be fake. #2 Umm, you're American Laowhy86... but I guess you're trying to be inclusive, good for you. #3 You'll stick chopsticks, or incense sticks, into the bowl of rice? And by that same logic, dont wear the same types of clothes, since that's reminiscence of visiting dead relatives... also don't talk about the same things.. also don't eat the same things.. also don't talk about the same things.. also don't drive the same type of car.. HOLY FUCK WHAT VORTEX HAVE I GONE DOWN??? Hey, in Japan, it's socially unacceptable to walk down the street and eat or drink anything... Even a bottle of water... how about 'dem apples? 2:24 Sorry bro, I've seen multiple Chinese people "stab" food with their chopsticks, specifically while eating hot pot... You are so full of bullshit... 4:14 lol, she's saying she praises you, even if she doesn't, you'll never know, because of reasons... but you know her better than I or anyone else will
diana povero (2 months ago)
I just have to ask this, anybody out there ever been naive enough to stab chopsticks into a bowl of rice? Just curious as I have never seen anyone do this.
stratowhore (2 months ago)
You guys are great! You've greatly clarified my experiences across the Taiwan Strait.
Akame Taiga (2 months ago)
low profile u say?a saw a chinese group in my country and they are loud af..with thier very irritating screechy voices
Hemang Pithadia (2 months ago)
I am indian Well I always say japan 🇯🇵 is best in front of Chinese when they say to me pakistan is good... 😂 nothing happened lol
Eddy M (2 months ago)
In Latin America if you don`t shake hands, hug, cuddle, kiss on the cheek, they think you are a snob or something wrong with you, same with politics they love to talk about it, and no matter if it end up with a heated argument.
Jon Harwood (2 months ago)
Interesting! Some of the advice is kinda scary. As a U.S. citizen I'm not sure i'd be comfortable visiting China for long. I'm sure it's fine if you are not a moron but the cultural tension seems high.
katie kawaii (2 months ago)
"China own everything!" Haha
Mikke K (2 months ago)
"China own everything!" That just about sums up the Chinese world view straight from the horse's mouth. Well, what else is there to talk about?
Courtney Saunders (2 months ago)
Winston needs to remember to not insult China or cause waves.
Yours Ding Ding (2 months ago)
I might be a fake Chinese
Stealth Cat (2 months ago)
Don’t touch people????? As a white girl, when I went to China, random people just grabbed my arm and forced me to take pictures with them. Men, woman, complete families....what the hell?!
Vollification (2 months ago)
Don't mention the war!
missy nunyabiz (2 months ago)
Why on earth would anyone respect china when they dont respect anything they visit
Bo Bo (2 months ago)
just use a spoon
Audry Hitler (2 months ago)
Dont talk about their bad haircuts and small dicks
Lee Andy (2 months ago)
In China of course you can talk about politics! I am a Chinese who has been living in China for 20 years. As for talking about politics, China has way more freedom than the USA does. In the US I have to be very careful of not affronting people from various cultures and people with different genetic heritages.
cloudzinmyize (2 months ago)
Number 1 - do not eat dogs. 2. do not avoid topics that need discussion 3. do not ignore the homeless dogs and stop dog farming. 4. do not advertise on tourism sight , that YULIN is a happy festival. 5. Chinese men torture dogs bc they have small dicks, they think dog torture and beheading will make their penis grow. 6. buy a machete , in case you are accosted by a dog meat butcher , they hate foreigners. 7. Cause a public disturbance and protest against the dog meat trade. NO LOW PROFILE
Yua Li Cheun (2 months ago)
What?...If you are a tourist, try your best to keep a low profile when visiting China and let the local Chinese people rip you off? it sounds very unsafe...when they overcharge you, you are supposed to keep quiet and let it be? in that case, why don't you just give them your wallet and let them take whatever they want? according to what you two are saying, China doesn't sound like a good place to visit...it sounds scary....
duhawma (2 months ago)
I always fight to pay.
RagHelen (2 months ago)
Thing I'd like to do: 1) Catch Chinese people's noses with chopsticks, so they can't move and be informed about politics. 2) Create a mob in the middle of China like in a Bruce Lee movie.
Let us Reason (2 months ago)
She was taught to never embarrass her man. Wow!!! Here in America, it is the complete opposite. Women love to embarrass and put us down-- Especially divorced women. They will try to shame us to our CHILDREN... with half truths and lies. I gotta go to China--- fast!!!!
John johnsom (2 months ago)
this guy is a wimp,living off his Chinese wife,moving to China,hes no longer American.
This is why Americans are laughed at as soon as they step out of their own country.
Wes Lown (2 months ago)
I love chinese polite fights everyone wants to one up each other in politeness so they can hold it their head later.
Ruone Zhang (2 months ago)
About the tipping part. Acutally we tipped our taxi driver when she drove us to the airport at 4:00am in the morning. She was very happy about it, do were we. She worked hard and deserved the money. I mean, why not?

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