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Fake monk scam - monks targeting westerners and tourists begging for money are on the rise in Hong Kong. After being approached a couple of times we decided to start filming. The majority of these fake monks are from mainland China and they are illegally working (scamming people) on their tourist visas. Some are claiming to be from a religious group seeking donations for a new temple. This is a scam and the Hong Kong Buddhist Association advises genuine monks are not allowed to beg in Hong Kong (people who want to donate should send cheques to registered organisations). There have been some arrests in recent months but the problem is ongoing and people continue to get scammed. Admittedly, 3:00-3:45 was extremely awkward, we weren't expecting them to come up to us again as it had already happened off camera. The first time, when I said no thank you, they forced a bracelet onto my wrist, demanded money and then when we continued to say no thank you and handed back the bracelet they pretended to curse us! There were at least 5 of these monks in the one location so we made this video to inform other people of the scam and although we made an 11min video we did only follow the fake monks for 5-10mins and we stopped a couple of people from being scammed. We mention at the end that this is obviously how they make their money and we didn't want to get in the way of that so we left them to it and we just wanted to make this video to inform other people so that they may avoid being scammed. This scam happens all over the world, not just in Hong Kong. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more travel tips and travel videos.
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LittleKlas AS (5 days ago)
many fake monks.... some monks say they are monks but anything also money here money there
doug (10 days ago)
i have even seen them in london tbh who cares they don't actually say they are monks and the term is not owned by anybody either and if you are a fool more foool you
REPublishingCorp (21 days ago)
One of these fake monks tried to scam me in Montreal`s ChinaTown...he put a bracelet on me, then tried to make me pay for it. I give it back to him and told him to fuck off.
Yan Liu Shi (1 month ago)
Real monks don't shake hands and they are not allowed to touch women.
xjjxjcn cmnxnf (1 month ago)
Is this you izzy from cambridge, england? U seem very familiar... to the lady in the video...🙂
Green Horse (1 month ago)
You're recording the video while walking down the street? Do you have any idea how stupid you look doing that? Or do you not care, as long as you get more views?
d0uble _ 0 (1 month ago)
A fake monk cuming to a City near You!😂
Helikotta Puka big paiya (2 months ago)
Who are you? Where are you from? And what are you doing in Hong Kong 🇭🇰?? Hong Kong 🇭🇰 is a Buddhist country. Just stay away from the Buddhist countries. You disgusting doggy shit. Japan 🇯🇵 China 🇨🇳 South Korea 🇰🇷 North Korea 🇰🇵 Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Taiwan 🇹🇼 Thailand 🇹🇭 Myanmar 🇲🇲 Singapore 🇸🇬 Cambodia 🇰🇭 Vietnam 🇻🇳 Laos 🇱🇦 Mongolia 🇲🇳 Tibet Bhutan 🇧🇹 those are the major Buddhist countries in the world 🗺 you shit stay away from the Buddhist countries. Ok 👌
tuen mun vlog Hong Kong (3 months ago)
How do we know if they are fake or real? I been to that place before btw
LIU Shun (3 months ago)
Monks are rich in China, they don't need to ask for money in the street.
Nuthai Nguyen (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching, need to teach fake monk a lessons, real monk never take money as Buhda taught. And real monk never spread out go alone.I don't want make a bad name for Buhdism. 🙏🙏🙏
Nuthai Nguyen (4 months ago)
Real monk never go alone, have to be go more than two people also monk never collects money. It good stop some fake monk gi alone it affects buhdism.
SciSci Toys (4 months ago)
Guys what camera are you using? Also why is it so stable? What kind of Gymbal do you guys use? Thanks guys.
SciSci Toys (4 months ago)
Why didnt you KNOCK him the fuck out, we have them in London too, Bastards!!
Jonathan Reyes (4 months ago)
What would happen if you just kept the bracelet? If more people just walked away with their merchandise, wouldn't that discourage these scammers?
Narcos Season1 (4 months ago)
Haha love how u kept following them n they feeling fucked.. hey what the song title on 7:40 that rap music thanks bro god bless u both
Chiyoko (5 months ago)
Did you know that begging for alms in public places in HK is a crime? Call the police when you see such scammers!
100% XiaoWin (5 months ago)
plz.......................git ur freakin geography straight before making this video................this is SHANGHAI, no hong kong.............................
Alex yu (5 months ago)
They are the fruits of communism.
Alex yu (5 months ago)
They are from mainland China.
Shiran De Silva (5 months ago)
They are absolutely everywhere, I have been encountering them 11 years ago in San Francisco.
best way is, spread the message to the world. real or fake monks, beggars, etc. do not give money. even real monks will never ask for money.
Happy Dappy (5 months ago)
Please report police need, catch them this it is huge chinese fake monk gang, they are all over the world, ripping off tourist m9ney
gv105468 (5 months ago)
Thank you for Posting this vid i was completelh clueless there are monks who scam. I live in US and these Monks who look like them are going around doing Exactly same thing selling bracelets and i feel stupid for buying one
tdhtran (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video.
Pikabob Spongechu (6 months ago)
its not a scam when you know hes not real. you dont have to give him money. lol ''scam''
Chungpping Li (6 months ago)
Hong Kong temples’ monks all stay in the temples. They won’t come out to give out charms and asks or money. Those fake monks are all from China .They enter Hong Kong as a tourist like you. Embarrass them when you meet them.
Ril Yang (6 months ago)
In my country monks are not allowed to carry money so they always accompany by thei merchant
Ballu Ballu (6 months ago)
Good job god bleas you
Syrus Pich (6 months ago)
Mother fucking fakes.
Sergio Ropo (6 months ago)
These youtubers with theirs $800 phones and cameras are pointing fingers to old men tying to make a buck on the streets. Give them something or don't. What's the problem?
I cringed everytime a person handed over cash to these cunts.
The Inheritance (6 months ago)
3:12 I wouldn't take it because then they want money.
Archiebald Arsledon (7 months ago)
Nicely presented and not even rude to these fake guys. I see fake Monks here all the time in Hong Kong. Often on the overhead walkways and popular public areas. Benign enough but as you say, just a big scam
Top Travel Official (7 months ago)
Being a traveller yourself or either ourselves will be able to learn other cultures and foreign acknowledge is common, but monks are supposed to be in Buddhist temple, not demanding people's money on the street. They used travelling passport and keep asking peoples money on tourism place which is ruining its religious, and more ridiculously those scam never realises they do all the way is violating Buddhism rules. Being a role of Top Travel Official Presenter Ben myself, I do think this is not acceptable then. Thanks for showing the truth of how peoples doing in their life. I also make travelling videos myself even I do love explore or broadening my horizons.
Good job in spotting a fake
gamrage (7 months ago)
Monks aren't supposed to touch the opposite gender so casually. In the case of emergency, the line becomes a bit more blurred, but generally.. No touch.
DrTed Lem (7 months ago)
That monk was exposed by a Hong Kong woman in 2018
Luan & Peggy (7 months ago)
You know what.... i even saw plenty of them shopping without shame hand hand full of cash, at Sogo in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong !!!
Andrew Blackadder (7 months ago)
These fake monks are all over SE Asia, in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore. Nobody should hand ANY monk money whatsoever. Im British and I live in SE Asia for a long time and Ive encountered these scam artist and even stopped a few from selling rubbish to unsuspecting tourists, which turn some of these fake monks rather angry. In the 60s and 70s we often had Hari Krishna monks selling crap to people at Airports all over the USA and somewhat in Europe, selling magazines etc.
PREM SAWLANI (7 months ago)
Fake monks are coming from china, Nepal, Assam, Darjeeling on tourist visas many are refugees as well.
Siddhant Limbu (7 months ago)
Good job guyss
Pastor Peewee (7 months ago)
Your doing a disservice rather that helping the situation by just standing around following them and just watching them do what they to do the victims. Your not helping those who were scammed. Why not walk up to them as they are scamming people and inform the victims of the scam and inform them that true monks don't beg and accept money?
Sam Was Here (7 months ago)
Sorry to hear that you feel that way, to be totally honest, it's not our place to stop people from 'donating', we did an exposition, we didn't even have to film anything - we could have just watched idly like all of the locals seem to do - we were finding out about the scam as it unfolded before us and it all happened within the moment, I don't think that we did anything wrong and by creating the video, hopefully a lot of people can now be knowledgeable about the scam
Shrapner's place (7 months ago)
lol bye fake monk :D
jay Koussevitzky (7 months ago)
the chasing part was the best
actually Western people are mostly greedy and selfish . if someone ask for help then help them don't make them ashamed. fuck you Western people
Sam Was Here (7 months ago)
On behalf of western people: Your comment is very mean, narrow-minded, generalising, stereotyping and hurtful 😢
Sonam Jordanma (7 months ago)
Real monk never beg for money in street whatever people offer they offer them at monastery to pray for them and for deceased family members or close friends. Monks use their money voluntarily in religious related things that benefit their community like repairing stupas and monasteries. Buddha has told that to digest the offerings made in the name of deceased is not easy. Karma of those monks who take offerings greedily and not do the proper prayer for deceased will lead them to unbearable painful hell and even if they take rebirth they always take birth in lower realm like pigs, miserable dogs, snakes etc.
Grandmaster Huang (7 months ago)
In Hong Kong we call them "dog meat monks" (狗肉和尚)because how fake they are.
Elton Martin (7 months ago)
I cannot believe that a Buddhist monk,would say,"Fuck Off".That is really atrocious and a very bad example of how these chinese men and women,dress themselves as monks and nuns,and then force people to give them money. I hope that this video,can be sent to all Buddhist Monasteries,Temples,and also Buddhist Organizations,and a huge meeting of all international Buddhist Abbots,Priests and Monks,gather in China,to stop this nonsense
IM A CAT (7 months ago)
If a fake monk just talk to me or aproach me i will pushed it then say hey dude stop im in badmode plz stop then punch
seanvanginkel (7 months ago)
Tourists are quite dumb before going somewhere foreign without checking climate first. Climate I mean by Hong Kong is like Manhattan NYC.. it's modern very very expensive place to live and travel to. People still think HK is like Thailand, Vietnam and so on... it ain't... I'm glad I'm from Europe.. it's way cheaper to live here!!! By the way there're no monks in HK unless you go to the temple nor selling stuff to you on the streets. Again it's not an undeveloped place. I compare it with Tokyo and Monaco... cheaper than Monaco but more fun than Tokyo. Maybe like Osaka... ??
Metallurgist Music TV (7 months ago)
We got fake monks where I live in the U.S. The problem is getting worse but there has been some crackdowns on them. They are mainly from Mainland China and they come via New York.
Kerwin (7 months ago)
On 6:13 , did I just saw my classmate in pink shirt?! Or am I just high?
Detect IQsmarter (7 months ago)
i loved you guys followed the fake Monk's, BUT please be careful next time, they are thieves and potentially could have gotten ugly for you fast, if you can understand what i meant?
Nimble Fox (7 months ago)
Guys, not cool. You could have stopped the people giving money.
President Donald J Trump (7 months ago)
Religion is a scam anyway
Ann Cheung (7 months ago)
good 👍👍👍👏👏👏
Quantum Chang (7 months ago)
I feel sorry for these fake monks because the worse karma a sentient being will endure by using Buddha's name to deceive honest people and hence ruin the image of Buddhism, which ultimately leads to the destruction of the only path that could lead a sentient being towards the end of sufferings, the end of the perpetual cyclic births and deaths. The sufferings these fake monks willl endure in future lives will be utterly unbearable, inescapable and for an incalculable number of lifetimes will they suffer and no one can help them.
Zorem Sanga (7 months ago)
If they are alson real i don't want any stupid blessing from a fucken monk...Done a great Job guys
xgaoeyx (7 months ago)
I had something like this happened to me in Chicago. they came up to my brother and I randomly give us a bracelet told us to write down our name and number of money show me their hands shaking up and down saying money and wants me and my brother to give hem money but we said we don't have any cash, once he found out we didn't have any cash he took back the bracelet aggressively and looked at me like WTF. But one of the monk pointed to the corner and said there is an ATM over there and that they will follow us to the ATM so that my brother could take out money and give it to us. (we didnt go there). Are they that desperate for money I don't hear any monk begging or pleading for money. one of the monk follow me and my brother for like a block and then we stopped at a stoplight and he turned around. The End.
who doedis (7 months ago)
Lets talk about the fake politics in the UK. humanity scam. Lets talk about the colonies of the UK. Lets talk about the robbed wealth of your country. I would say live and let live. I really hate the approach of your video.
Sam Was Here (7 months ago)
Lets not. Thanks.
tAklHa (7 months ago)
Thank you. you did awesome work...love it...there is lots of fake monks.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlPnQGejIOg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXM4oGTvrqY
Bhlon three50E (7 months ago)
tyson (7 months ago)
Just leave him alone. They're just trying to survive, he's just trying to get his next meal!!!
Anne T (7 months ago)
Good job!!
who doedis (7 months ago)
Hello naive spoiled western tourists. Enjoy your boring vacation on a fake monk hunt. Nd i hope you get a lot of likes. Ughl.
Sam Was Here (7 months ago)
Aww that's so sweet!! Thank you 😇😍
Jack Yeo (7 months ago)
Good job guys , those are obviously fake. Monks are not allow to request for any thing in return from u , especially cash.
Tea Tea (7 months ago)
Are you guys brother and sister?
FlyHigh7 (7 months ago)
Real monks never does all these things!
Frank Kang (7 months ago)
That white girl at 5:20 is fucking hot. Anyone know her insta? I wanna smash.
nomar mar (8 months ago)
what accent is this, i like it,
Tooktoomuchmolly (8 months ago)
Why you afraid to get scam your showing off ten thousand dollar camera
FRASER ANDERSON (8 months ago)
Monks don't touch females.
عجائب (8 months ago)
soundtrack 07:23 ?
Semmatt (7 months ago)
im curious too
Matthew Tran (8 months ago)
these guys are mostly after unknowning tourists. main land and hk chinese people have plenty of videos on these guys. here is one of hk couple calling out a fake monk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J-g9hCOJRs monks dont ask for money. monks dont go around shaking hands and touching random people. there are scams every where but i don't advise sticking your camera and nose into their business. take a picture and tell people about it in your blog but a full on confrontation is just foolish. somebody mentioned earlier that they usually operate in groups and a few pissed off dudes can really ruin your day.
Kwok Mundo (9 months ago)
Buddhist Monks & Nuns don't asked for the money and value products. Wealth, Substance ,Popular, Eat, Sleep are roots of hell. Well, Eat & Sleep could not been leaved for survived. Pure vegetarian(non-Allium)for Mahayana Buddhists monks, no garlics, scallion, leeks,Allium bakeri, Hingu (Ferula asafoetida) and not irritating foods, which are effected the emotion, practice of Buddhism.
Wai Kit Kong (9 months ago)
lmao I love it when ppl call Hong Kong a country (my friend gets so mad because he's so patriotic about China)
Raymond Loh (9 months ago)
Great job.
weebeng ang (9 months ago)
Yes, you are doing a good job to expose.
grumpy oldman (9 months ago)
Good to see smart travellers like you two have done your research. These fake monks are from mainland China.
Flip Warbucks (9 months ago)
Fake monks yea? Well where in England are you from? Lol
JoJa T (9 months ago)
Please kill the fkin fake monks !!! Then donate their organs to who may need them !
Sentinal (9 months ago)
I lived in Hong Kong until 1997 and had this every day, Chinese people do not like westerners and despise tourists.
kaiii jjune (9 months ago)
I laugh when u guys follow them al the way 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
haha i know. Are we crazy! haha
物着眼 (9 months ago)
Stay away from Sham Shui , and Cheung Sha Wan because so many monks scamming
5winder (9 months ago)
It would be cool to get a real monk... one who practices Kung Fu --- to whip their asses.
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
I agree! that would be brilliant! haha
You’re adorable lol :)
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
Thank you very much. Thats very sweet :)
Flexington Steele (9 months ago)
Your lucky those dudes didnt stomp your head in.
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
I know, right!? Anything for the youtube! haha
Shuhao Lin (9 months ago)
hahahaha editing is sick!
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
Thank you :)
boostedsil40 (9 months ago)
this is why people cant be nice because they take advantage
phil yip (9 months ago)
I was just there 9 months ago at that same exact location but didn't encounter any fake monks. Thank you for exposing them . I will know next time I see them .
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
No problem, its all very light humoured but what they do is ridiculous!
111AAA (9 months ago)
I have been to H.K. many times. You two and others must look dumb as hell for conmen to target you
Sam Was Here (9 months ago)
Hey, you see us in the video so you can be the judge! haha
Tong Dynasty (10 months ago)
They are giving a really bad image to all buddhist out here! Amituofo, 苦海无边,回头是岸 Bitterness has NO BOUNDS , repent and the shore is at hand! Theres time to repent for their mistakes, or they will surely face karma :(
Sam Was Here (10 months ago)
No - we love buddhists, and buddhism as a whole... which is why we didnt have time for these fake monks scamming people
Bee Nutcha (10 months ago)
Monk can't touch the women
SriLankanCanadian Cricket (10 months ago)
Leave those monks alone they are only trying to make a living
BurntTransistor (6 months ago)
By impersonating and damaging the reputation of real monks
Sam Was Here (10 months ago)
SriLankanCanadian Cricket they're not monks and they are scamming and pick pocketing people. That's why they work in twos. One distracts, one goes for pockets. I wouldn't call what it making a living.
Amanda Kwong (10 months ago)
Exactly, fake monk. Real monks don't do that.
Harry Kuheim (10 months ago)
This place too? Now there are Africans in Milan and Venice doing the same "Free Gift" Scam...
太郎龟头 (10 months ago)
Poconosgiant (10 months ago)
these monks were probably ejected from the monastery.
Bird Green (10 months ago)
Those trash fake monks come from ChiNa and ruin Hong Kong reputation.
太郎龟头 (10 months ago)
Bird Green the are definitely Hongkongese, police have proved it.

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