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Introduction to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 2013

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The FCA is one of the UK's two financial regulators, working alongside the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). Its aim is to protect consumers, ensure the industry remains stable and promote healthy competition between financial services providers. In 2013, it replaced the Financial Services Authority. The FCA supervises the conduct of over 50,000 firms, and regulate the prudential standards of those firms not covered by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Watch the review of the FCA's first year in business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6Zv0YEI7lo Find out more about the FCA http://fca.org.uk/about Follow the FCA on social media: Twitter https://twitter.com/thefca LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/financial-conduct-authority
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jay jay (4 months ago)
Bunch of BS
Christy Han (6 months ago)
Do u know Gainmax Capital ??? is it scam or not ???
Church Hill Finance (1 year ago)
We have been instructed in this matter in an investigatory capacity, following allegations by our clients, that they have been the victims of fraud, illegal eviction and theft. The matter involves four Occupied Residential properties, along with the contents, business and personal, and rental Income, namely -: a) 101 Frant Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon, SURREY, CR7 7JX, b) 132 Castle Road, 132 Castle Road, Northolt, EALING, UB5 4SF, c) 180 Church Hill Road, East Barnet, Herts EN4 8PP d) 1 Wren Court, Magdalene Gardens, WHETSTONE, London, N20 0AF We have inspected the allegations, documentation and attended court and other venues in our pursuit of the following:- 1) The FCA called our client in January 2015, on purported allegations, that he and his partner and joint owner, proprietor and beneficiary of equitable interest, Jacqueline Campbell were lawfully evicted, along with other family member occupiers, namely Romy Badaloo, Christopher Badaloo, and Ruben Badaloo (Minor). 2) Further, the purported allegation included information, that the personal and business items of the occupants, staff and clients at the Home Office premises were lawfully removed. The staff of the business, Church Hill Finance were Mayur Joshi, Wilfred Perera and Deborah Carr. 3) Further allegations that Anthony Badaloo alone was lawfully arrested and convicted of Trespass and Theft as at 01.04.2015 at the above premises, and is dishonest as a result. OUR FINDINGS:- a) There is no evidence, in the form a Sealed Court Instrument for an Eviction (Order for Vacant Possession), Conviction nor Possession of Goods of Anthony Badaloo , Jacqueline Campbell, Romy Badaloo, Christopher Badaloo, Wilfred Perera, Mayur Joshi, Deborah Carr nor Church Hill Finance. b) There is no evidence of proceedings duly, Issued by the court, which could lawfully give rise to any such Authentic Court Instruments to be issued against Anthony Badaloo, Jacqueline Campbell, Romy Badaloo, Christopher Badaloo, Wilfred Perera, Mayur Joshi, Deborah Carr nor Church Hill Finance. c) We have seen Land Registry DATA, which establishes, that as at 1.04.2015, Anthony Badaloo and Jacqueline Campbell are the owners, proprietors and beneficiaries of equitable interest, and cannot under any law on 1.04.2015 be classified as trespassers. Items Relied Upon a) Computerised Court Records in case Number 3BT01335 b) Computerised Court Records (Criminal Courts) c) Registry Trust DATA d) Land Registry DATA as at 01.04.2015 Conclusion Anthony Badaloo, Jacqueline Campbell, Ruben Badaloo (Minor), Romy Badaloo, Christopher Badaloo, Wilfred Perera, Mayur Joshi nor Deborah Carr and other lawful occupiers, have been the victims of a multiple Court Order Scam, where they have been deprived of their home, belongings and tools of their trade, in clear violation of :- a) Protection from Eviction and Harassment Act 1977 s.1 b) The Tort (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 c) The Criminal Law Act 1977 s.45 d) Fraud Act 2006 s.2 (False Representation),3 (Concealment),4 (Abuse of Position), 7 (Possession of articles for use in a Fraud), and 12 (Company Officers Liability). e) Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 part 7 – Money Laundering f) Human Rights Act articles 1 (Property) This imposes an obligation on the State not to: • interfere with peaceful enjoyment of property; • deprive a person of their possessions; or • subject a person’s possession to control. 3 (Torture), 5 (Freedom and Liberty), 6 (Fair Trial), 14 (Discrimination). In summary, the evidence verifies, that the staff at the FCA is acting on a purported allegation in January 2015, based on purported Lawful Court Instruments and proceedings, which do not exist, and cannot exist in fact and law. You shall accept these facts, as a report of Serious Corruption and Organised Crime, to include Money Laundering, in order that we may discharge our reporting responsibility, under PACE, and trust that the FCA and other enforcement authorities, take appropriate action, to restore the position of the victims, and bring to justice, the offenders, as in the case of HBOS v Paul and Nikki Turner. Common Law Associates via Sworn Affidavit
Anthony Badaloo (1 year ago)
HomeNational NewsSenator Chuch Schumer Taken Away In Handcuffs While His Wife And Kids Cry SENATOR CHUCH SCHUMER TAKEN AWAY IN HANDCUFFS WHILE HIS WIFE AND KIDS CRYNational News August 17, 2017 0 Erick Smith Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuch Schumer of Pennsylvania was picked up while on vacation on Long Island this morning by the US Marshals. Schumer was taken in on a warrant issued by a federal Judge for tax evasion while his wife, Leanne, and his three kids, aged 19, 11 and 5, stood nearby hugging each other and crying. According to official records, Schumer made more than $30 million last year in “consulting fees” from wind farms, solar developers and other tree-hugging scams that he decided not to include on his taxes. He tried to call them “campaign contributions,” but the IRS noted that the checks were deposited into Schumer’s personal bank account in Caledonia, which won’t respond to requests for audit from the United States. Schumer’s office hasn’t made a statement, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says that the charges are false and that this is a “witch hunt” by the Trump administration to deflect attention from the real issue facing the American people: Russian interference into the 2016 election. They sound like broken records, don’t they? That’s how the left works, though. Keep repeating something enough times and it will come true. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.
Rick Shaw (1 year ago)
Badaloony You continue to entertain the world with your stupidity. Like everything you are involved in it was a hoax !!!! http://www.business2community.com/government-politics/senator-chuck-schumer-taken-away-handcuffs-wife-kids-cry-fake-news-01901054#vGCsLIe3o2HjxYSe.97
Karen Evans (1 year ago)
A regulator with teeth??  They are supposed to regulate the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW), yet told me that they only look at policies, not decisions.  But when the ICAEW is funded by those it is supposed to be regulating (accountants), the upshot seems to me that ICAEW are accountable to no-one re their decisions.  So what's the possible outcomes?  Corrupt accountants, advising rich clients on tax evasion and feeling that they are accountable to no-one.  Is the UK a global leader in financial services or corruption in a suit?
Karen Evans (1 year ago)
It's shocking, but more and more people are realising it's all a stich up.  May more people like you stand in their integrity and speak for what's right.   http://www.gofirstearthbattalion.com/blog/people-dont-know-their-true-power
Karen Evans (1 year ago)
Thank you Craig ~ I totally believe what you say.
Expose UK (1 year ago)
The FCA are not regulators, they would have to actively do something to perform such a task and they do not, which I know first hand having worked on behalf of the FSA/FCA for 12 years! They aide corrupt financial companies in cover-ups, they turn a blind eye to complete breaches in every law the FCA are meant to enforce and do nothing when fraud and serious DPA breaches are reported to them. They allow the abuse of disabled employees and the transfer of pictures of naked children to be transmitted insecurely along with people's personal financial data. Even the data they use to make 'risk analysis' has been falsified, which they know and still do nothing!
GrumpyOld Bugger (3 years ago)
All the FCA has, is cloned companies, debt collecting for the banks, well fuck the FCA and the Banks noone should trust a bank a bank is a business and when there is an economic collapse the bank will look after themselves and say screw the consumers. They have even gone to the point to change their terms and when you put money into your bank account the money belongs to the bank and not you.

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