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Pattaya Hotels - Save Big Money By Asking One Question

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In this my second vlog I discuss Pattaya Hotels. My hotel in Pattaya was the Dusit Resort Pattaya. On this Pattaya trip, I show you how to save a few Thai baht by asking one big question before booking your room. I discuss my experiences with meeting and taking Thai girl’s back to the hotel and offer some advice on how to avoid costly guest charges. Also security in hotels and how Pattaya hotels will use Thai girls ID cards to make sure everything is ok. We will also get on to the types of Pattaya beer bars that there are. Everything from standard beer bars to agogo bars and what my preference used to be when I was in the Pattaya dating scene. And finally, well talk about how safe Pattaya is and my experience with being scammed in Pattaya by bar girls. Please Subscribe to my channel; it's free, also share the videos as it helps grow the channel and click the little bell icon to receive notices when I upload a new video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSoqj7YFPEc-ksEkynuRc\_Q?sub_confirmation=1 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LandofSmilesThailand Paypal Donations: https://paypal.me/LandofSmilesThailand Many Thanks Simon
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Simon Dean (8 months ago)
Always book a room for two as it’s the same price as booking for one. If you take a girl back then it’s ok and should be free as you booked for 2
John Damien (8 months ago)
When you book a room book for 2 people to avoid guest charges.
Nilesh Shah (1 year ago)
Which hotel is good and in some one of 2000 baht. Hotel near walking street and beach road please. I am physically challenge person
Kjell Söderlund (1 year ago)
Hi Simon. I did find u channel for a week ago and find it very nice. So now I start from the first vlog. Just a tip, mind u background music. I know YouTube is very hard on copyright music. Looking forward to follow up vlogs.
Been Going To Pattaya Since 2014 love the place usually only take beer bar girls out
Speed Racer 007 (18 days ago)
beer bar is the best my friend ...
nelco69 (1 year ago)
Land of Smiles Thailand. Hi, Simon. Another good Vlog. I totally agree that Pattaya is a great place, and it is a safe place, However, that is only if you have a decent amount of common sense. Pattaya has all the same dangers that any tourist area has, and if you don't have common sense you are as likely as any unprepared holidaymaker to be a victim of those dangers. And the bar scene is where that common sense is needed most, there are a million stories out there of guys who come to Pattaya and have fallen for one of the bar girls not understanding that these girls are there primarily to make money, and they have a million ways to extract that money out of a gullible tourist. Pattaya is a great place to have a holiday, especially for an unattached guy. but it isn't a place for a greenhorn. There is a site that I recommend every newbie should visit prior to coming to Pattaya. While it is talking about Pattaya in particular, it can be applied anywhere in Thailand. I will put it here for any of your viewers. http://www.pattayanewbie.com/index.html Everything else that you said I fully agree with. Neil.
Indeed Nelco, i am reading all your posts but struggling to answer everybody's comments sorry simon
John Manchester (1 year ago)
Hi Simon, the 1st time I went to Thailand this year in January. I spent my time in Pattaya. It was rich in culture, i.e. people from all over the world and the thing I did notice that everybody was pleasant and cheerful no matter what country they came from. I have also notice you and Kevin from Thailand are full of smiles when you do your blogs. Yet again, thank you. John
Cheers john and thank you for subscribing. simon
Paul (1 year ago)
Pattaya was never my scene Simon, it isn't representative of true thai culture and too western for me, spent 5 days there and to be totally honest couldn't wait to get away from the place! But I know it serves a purpose and it's horses for courses on what some like and others dislike.
Wil Strong (1 year ago)
Enjoyable watch

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