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Alternative Energy Resources

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A short documentary on the role of alternative energy in our present times and our future.
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Zuzana Beránková (9 days ago)
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Thomas1242ball (6 months ago)
wasssssup wade
Wade Deckman (6 months ago)
iam thomas fitz yyeeee bet bet
Kadin Hernandez (1 year ago)
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Steven Dubois (1 year ago)
*I have used this [link here >>>**https://t.co/WqSHhReOxS** ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.*
Mary Broadcast (1 year ago)
nice video, have a look at my channel too. Thx! Cheers Mary
Mark Evans (2 years ago)
Nice and for rewanable energy I can also reccomend this one. Checkout here https://plus.google.com/112493162215519049429/posts/6ChCNSZweMX
Joshua Baugh (2 years ago)
yeah nice
Crazy Joe (2 years ago)
Bagyo Jenner-Webster (2 years ago)
music is from requiem for a dream accurate feels
Sally Ferns (2 years ago)
excellent resource
Menna El Said (3 years ago)
yea I like the presentation!!
relentlessmadman (3 years ago)
six minutes waste I know the problem, I'm looking for solutionsssss, not just a solution, but the symbiotic not capitialist solutionssssss.
Holden (3 years ago)
Jonathan Cipriano (2 years ago)
And the waste?
energysavinglaundry (4 years ago)
great video, when you watch this you learn a lot and realize something.. we really need to start using renewables now!
Gerald Juaquin (4 years ago)
Question: What is the best alternative energy? which is the cheaper? and which among them generate more power?
Charice Oloran (4 years ago)
Alternative Energy Resources the best source of clean and green energy!
'Ol Skool (4 years ago)
HEMP will save the planet >period<
Kevin Lane (2 years ago)
eviewag11 (4 years ago)
Why as the second song?
Rosemary Garcia (4 years ago)
I love science
Jhomart Nuradinov (5 years ago)
Looking forward to 2017 ... Exhibition will be held in Astana, topic: Alternative Energy
MrKimijo (5 years ago)
what music was used in this ?
Nicholas Little (5 years ago)
the only free energy is Gibbs.
hevan james (5 years ago)
you are correct, i know alot of people who think it is fake. Listen, i've been getting paid about $200 a week just selling energy. I took the idea and plan of here. you can also try it: FREEENERGYGENERATION.PIXUB.COM
TETATITO (5 years ago)
the computer you used to type that is a product of the western world fyi hahahahahaha. maybe you should blame the people who want only oil to be our energy and ONLY oil. there are so many other options yet the ones in control are making so much money off of oil that they want it to stay that way. same with the pharmaceutical industry, many alternatives, but there is so much money made they do not want to stop it.
baghadan leris (5 years ago)
If want purchase or lease solar panels + BIG SAVINGS see US installers here:ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
9ying9 (6 years ago)
energy crisis! don't you guys feel this is caused by western lifestyle? western values system aint ideal for human beings. what we can do is just changing western lifestyle. living in small apartment. dont care about product package and brand, use public transportation as possible. dont warship large machinery based on oil. dont buy so many stuffs you cant even use it twice a year. get rid of some thing like steam vacuum cleaner..... -----I am worrying if you westerners can really change---
rstevewarmorycom (6 years ago)
The oil we buy from other nations is under exponentially increasing demand from those "other nations". Your price for gasoline will be $15 a gallon in the next 10 years. Your unemployment will skyrocket and your economy will enter the Long Recession Spiral downwards. You will be on a bicycle in 20 years.
rstevewarmorycom (6 years ago)
You're misinformed. The world supply is 200 years, deteriorating toward zero all the way, while the price rises beyond your ability to afford it. The USA has NO "reserve", our oil was depleted to less than half by 1970 and is mostly gone now. We have about 20 years before the price rises too high to afford it worldwide.
ClarksonsinUSA (6 years ago)
What do you mean only 200 years???? movieguy152003????
sarah lillys (7 years ago)
whats the name of the very first song?
p thomas (7 years ago)
Obama hasn't done anything about this and gas prices rise and jobs fall
lily welborn (7 years ago)
@haniaarafat89 requiem for a dream

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