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The Russian Crisis Explained in Two Minutes

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- The value of the ruble has plunged against the dollar in just the last two days, even as Russia's central bank takes drastic action to try and prop up the currency. Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal breaks down what happened and what's next. -- Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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Text Comments (64)
waleed khan (4 months ago)
thats why i dont trust ur pussy reports, its always Pro west and propoganda. fuck off
The U.S. corporation known as the federal government is a big pirate ship.
framb0isier (10 months ago)
(((bloomerg))) propaganda on brave Russia
hi from 2017 october and collapsed )))) Russian economy )))
VTBbank (7 months ago)
Hi from 2018 and 4 % of economic growth in Russia !
Russia Good (1 year ago)
Short answer: Saudi-US conspiracy and Western sanctions
David Rattigan. (2 years ago)
an insult to my intellignence. I'm an imbecil, by the way.
Monique Jansen (3 years ago)
national debt $,00- estimated debt still in the banking system $,00- value of the dollar down by 97% since 1913 world reserve currency decreased by 30% bilatteral trades deal between the bricks nations new global development bank to compete with the International monetary fund&world bank the end of the petro-dollar recycling system cispa, sopa, patriot act, ndaa, fm39.40, NGI reserve to exposure ratio's of 3% through fractional reserve reserve banking compounding interest on bail-out loans to foreign investment banks the printing of SDR's by the International monetary fund??? what happened
ridho fc (8 months ago)
ctguy591 Not anymore
ctguy591 (1 year ago)
Then why is the ruble a worthless piece of shit and the USD is still king ?
Denis Denis (3 years ago)
This video explains s**t. An unpleasant surprise to see this depth of insight from Bloomberg.
ninmachine109 (3 years ago)
I give up. There is literally NOTHING easy to understand about Russia. I love history, i like educating myself, but Russia is out of my league. Putin is a fascinating character, but trying to learn anything Russia is pointless for this guy.
Wiliw chg (3 years ago)
вы все тупорылые уёбки нахуй , гнилостные зажравшиеся дебилы , наъуй вас уибт ьнада!
Maria Savitskyaya (1 year ago)
ты кретин
Vitaly Danilov (3 years ago)
Why the fuck Euro crashed down??
RealDeal441 (11 months ago)
why are so many Russians in London and Europe and USA? Because Russia is yuk!
Vitaly Danilov (3 years ago)
Cuz of Crimea?
Phantom (3 years ago)
dude do your study and make a new video cous this video you need to delete
David Perrier (3 years ago)
Their fine.  The difference between total economic collapse and economic prosperity is so small nobody will even notice all of this.
roverT Cameron (3 years ago)
This has the stench of western oligarchic propaganda ….  BTW,  I’m from the west and I'm awake.
etniks (3 years ago)
THIS IS PROPAGANDA. To state Russia "invaded Crimea" is a LIE.      Legally Russia had already troops in Crimea because it has a large Naval base there, so to say "Russia invaded Crimea" is an extreme SPIN to confuse ignorant people who rely only in Corporate Media for their news. The results of the COMPLETELY LEGAL Crimea Referendum where the majority voted to RE-join Russia, by its RUSSIAN SPEAKING INHABITANTS has more to do with Kiev's demands to forbid Russian speaking in Ukraine than the Economic Benefits they immediately enjoyed when they again became part of Russia. IMAGINE IF A NEW GOVERNMENT IN SWITZERLAND ANNOUNCED THE GERMAN LANGUAGE WILL BE BANNED?  Don't you thing the German speaking Swiss people would feel angry and threatened?     Or what would Quebec say if the new Canadian government announced French speaking was forbidden? So it is understandable if Crimeans had a choice to belong to a country economically stable, like Russia, and move away from a country that is not allowing them to use their daily language and that has been a basket-case economically for many years, (and in fact was about to get much worse with the IMF new restrictions.     SO THEY DID CHOOSE TO JOIN RUSSIA..... LEGALLY while the Kiev puppet government was attacking them as a culture and as a people.
ridho fc (1 year ago)
David Perrier But it's not the Iraqis' choice. Russia gave Crimea chance to vote.
Sargent RagJizz (1 year ago)
GCU ht if Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, then West Germany also invaded East Germany in 1989. Inclusion of Crimea into Russian Federation is more legitimate then the annexation of Eastern Germany. Why? Because of the Crimean referendum.
GCU ht (2 years ago)
keep crying russian troll, you must be stupid if you think macho Putin carea about russian people
Добрый День (3 years ago)
+David Perrier How mane people have died in Crimea? Guess the number please.
MrAnarkyy (3 years ago)
You are trippin bro ! 
Crls Ry (3 years ago)
hmmmm where is RT (Russia Today News Channel) report on this ??? .... still talking about the eurocrisis I suppose....
ctguy591 (1 year ago)
RT is in tje kemblin blowing. Putin !after all RT is in the kremblin itself !
Rajah SanGa (3 years ago)
Thats NOT true ,,,US Sanctions on Russia doesnt work actually , its harming Western European(US allies) they have to depend on supply of Russian Resources like OIL ,IRON , COAL etc it is the attack on EUROS
ctguy591 (1 year ago)
Rajah , you wish , why then is putin so fucken pissed off about these sanctions , the fucken idiot has been on his knees begging to have the sanctions dropped since they were put in !
SCHOOL SHOOTER (2 years ago)
China imports 53% of fossil fuel from USA 13% from Angola 10% from Russia. Also, mankind already digs more natural resoursces than it can consume. Iran, as example, digs less oil than before fundamentalist's coup de tat. Imagine what's gonna happen if India will finally supply its miners with excavators and jackhammers.
zihmanis (3 years ago)
+Rajah SanGa 70% off russias income comes from natural recources. If russia can't sell them then where will hey get money from?
Ibpn (3 years ago)
I can explain it in one word :  OBAMA
Rajah SanGa (3 years ago)
+David Perrier and you think RUSSIA has NO port facilities ??? since china and india are the also biggest consumers of oil and natural gas, u think CHINA and INDIA has NO port facilities ???  Why USA policy makers are so dumb thinking that if Western Europe votes against of Russia for Ukrain crisis & this thing will make Russia's Economy to crash ?  the USA did same mistake with IRAN but IRAN economy is doing fine infact more than just fine ... USA policy makers knew that sanctions on Iran and Russia will not do any harm to these nations but just a drama made for the european(allies) audiences ... In geo-political language its called symbolism or symbolic without any hard substance in it. 
deltaxcd (3 years ago)
You got it all backwards: Sanctions had virtually no effect on russian economy and they mostly affect  oil exploration industry. Considering dropping oil prices investing in oil drilling is stupid idea anyway Sanctions and invasion actually help Putin a lot because there is someone to blame and there is some uniting factor for russians to endure all those hardships Giving up  would not make things better in russia. Ruble will still fall and people will be even more angry.
Ли Хой (3 years ago)
сосите хуй , уродцы. мы и не такое переживали !
IHaveBetterThingsToDo (3 years ago)
You can drive a car in Russia and it will appreciate in value... 
Steve W (3 years ago)
If people paid attention they would realize what led up to russia taking over parts of Ukraine and for what reason. All of this started because the original leader and parliament did not want to join the euro and the IMF. Of course George Soros stuck his nose in it. since he wants to rip off Ukraine resources. Add them to an overnight added debt. Throw in the IMF to rip off Ukraine citizens. Basically will turn them into another Greece. He and others sent people in to start riots and snipers to shoot people in order to over throw the leader. Just like they did in Libya. It also cut off Russian ports when they added a non friendly banker they put in power. Putin had no choice but to control parts of Ukraine. They also used this crisis to bring in rockets along the border that threatens Russia. So the Saudis still mad over Russia interfering with Syria and keeping America out of the war. They decided to crash the economy period. They also do not like any country who sells oil to another with out going thru the US exchange. Look at all the wars in the last 20 years. iraq, libya,syria, iran and a few other countries has by passed the stock exchange. Im not a Putin fan boy by no means. But to destroy a country and hurt its citizens because you don't like a leader is BS. If China felt that way the US would have been sunk. These politicians and elite bankers need to get a grip on reality. They easily could open a pandora's box. If they do they will be hunted down by citizens from all around the world. Collapse the worlds economy and before its all said and done, They will be public enemy number 1 for generations  
ctguy591 (1 year ago)
Ukraine ended up with a purin pupppet in Ukraine, this was not known at election time , millions of Ukrainians demanded that this russiam scum get out ! the Ukrainian people REMEMBER HOLODOMOR
etniks (3 years ago)
Ukraine had a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED President  Viktor Yanukovych whose government was attacked by CIA, Mossad and MI6 paid "non-violent protesters" using molotov bombs, and eventually caught shooting their own protesters together with the unarmed Ukraine police (intercepted phone call  http://mindetox.com/ukraine-_the_phone_call_change.html  ) to confuse supporters, and finally force the collapse of the elected government.    It was then that a "new" puppet West backed "president" was installed by the US controlled elections in Ukraine, where the Russian speaking provinces of the western Ukraine couldn't even vote. Ukraine's turmoil has been fed by the West in order to shut up Putin and his government to eliminate an obstacle for the Financial Cartel that controls "democratic" governments using DEBT as its lever-weapon, so this Cabal can fulfill its next plan to collapse the US dollar and impose a new currency called SDR's  http://philosophyofmetrics.com/2014/01/21/sdrs-and-the-new-bretton-woods-part-one/  . It is this infectious CABAL who controls Fractional Reserve Banking in the world, who benefits from all this turmoil, and they are able to do it in front of our eyes because of the vast information control they apply on the education system and Media, keeping the vast majority of people ignorant of what they do while infecting the whole planet with their disease. THIS video explains what Fractional Reserve Banking is doing to the world   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iBSBVew-3Y
Steve I (3 years ago)
Currency wars
German Turner (3 years ago)
Yeah okay well obama stuck his nose into the wrong soup because russia wants nothing to do with the Ukranian scum they are trying to help the people that are being hurt by the ukranians who want change. If obama would just try to focus on our country America maybe you fucks would stop living of my tax money
David Perrier (3 years ago)
And I don't pay taxes on my income.  Disabled War Veteran's don't pay taxes on their pensions.
David Perrier (3 years ago)
I know Russian history.  It's full of them being invaded and them invading others.  If there are no Russians in the Ukraine or Crimea then that means those rebels just happened to have armoured vehicles sitting around along with artillery, anti-aircraft guns, missiles and Russian uniforms.  Doesn't seem likely. I'd really like to see you do all that stuff you said.  Is your bite as funny as your bark?
German Turner (3 years ago)
David Perrier
German Turner (3 years ago)
You fucking ignorant fuck, you. There are zero Russian troops in Ukraine. I guess you are doing a great job reading the fucking News paper. Maybe pick up a fucking Russian history book and read exactly what happened from 1991 to now. Ukraine was part of Russia you scummy little fuck they just didn't want to be part of it no longer and Putin has no problem with that its the Russians that are still living inUkraine and were given Ukrainian passports and through them out. now if you wanna keep making your self look like an incompetent fuck that you are go ahead and reply but you are a low payed cockroach that keeps paying half of your money in taxes to your government. so shut your mouth before I kick a fork down your mouth and shut it for you.
David Perrier (3 years ago)
Russia wants nothing to do with the Ukraine?  I'd hate to see what would happen if they got involved.   Not getting involved=Russian Army Invading Getting involved=Nukes?
Mustafa Ghuloom (3 years ago)
How about the west sanctioning Saudi Arabia for violating human rights and invading Bahrain, putting their flags on the Parliament and streets of the tiny island.. Hypocrites! 
RealDeal441 (11 months ago)
why doesn't Iran sanction the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia? Oh wait: 1. Iran is powerless and weak to sanction any country in the world 2. Thousands of Iranians leave Iran and work happily and voluntarily in Gulf countries......end result: try to fix Iran's huge problems before lecturing the West on anything!
Tom Katzman (3 years ago)
Are rumors of possible small energy company acquisitions, like the purchase of TexHoma Energy Inc. (ticker symbol = TXHE), a sign of things to come as oil prices continue to plunge?
oterenceo (3 years ago)
The other way is to increase oil prices back up.  This can be either be done covertly or overtly.  I prefer it covertly.  
Lee Wang (3 years ago)
o wow the sanctions actually worked! 
Karmiangod (3 years ago)
So the Russian people want this? Dam them all to hale.
deltaxcd (3 years ago)
+Jane Lin No I am not russian I just live close to russia and can see what is going in both sides.
Jane Lin (3 years ago)
+deltaxcd That is an interesting point of view. Are you Russian?
deltaxcd (3 years ago)
They do not want this but putin is best of the worst choices. russians are not some cult idiots, but just practical and reasonable people. They all know that no matter whom they will elect it will be just stealing and corruption and nothing can be done about that, Putin Is at least capable to control that corruption best of all. and he is capable to stand up for russian interests.
Jane Lin (3 years ago)
+Nozownikzkgb "There's still cult of authority and people have been  bullied since 1918. " And before that, they were bullied by the Tsars since Ivan the Terrible. YET 28% of Russians polled in 2013 want to _restore the monarchy._ http://rt.com/politics/russia-monarchy-return-poll-661/ Russia has a "Monarchist Party_ that actually chose a tsar last year: Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen, who is apparently related to the Romanovs. I don't think they'll be restoring the monarchy, but it seems pretty clear that Russians _do_ seem to favor a strong handed ruler. Even to their detriment.
Nozownikzkgb (3 years ago)
The thing is that they still have post-soviet mentality and nothing can change it. There's still cult of authority and people have been  bullied since 1918. 

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