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What Chinese people think of the housing price in Chinese capital Beijing

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://sc.mp/2kAfuvJ Like in Hong Kong, house prices in Beijing are soaring — and young people are worried.
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kmusic (2 months ago)
...damn those metropolitan cities 8n China and Hong Kong is worst then here in America...
richard chung (3 months ago)
LOL she said that she thinks the middle class is fake in china. Everythings goodamn fake in china.
Jacob Major (3 months ago)
$657? Thats nothing! Imagine the type of shithole you'd get in the U.S. for that price. Just prooves how much more people are payed here.
Steven Thomas (3 months ago)
Trinh Nguyen (3 months ago)
The SF Bay Area is not any better...
Arthome (3 months ago)
In some of the world's capital cities and our international cities, will be sky high!!!! Such a shame really!
PissMenn (3 months ago)
Not even a house, it's just tiny little flats.
Paul Lee (3 months ago)
In Singapore, the rental for 1 room is US$500 to US$700 a month.
Adhi Suryana (3 months ago)
1:24 "I think middle class in China is fake" Finally someone has learn something! You have to work hard until you die unless you're rich.
Squirtle (3 months ago)
G2,China Our original master From South Korea
B Y (3 months ago)
0.16 this 26-year-old looks more like she is in her 40s
DavidisDawei (3 months ago)
Yes Indeed
Maksimilion Eldredge (3 months ago)
I'm living in my parents basement.I get free food and a monthly supply of pc games.😀 《MURICA》 Life is good
Kyle Jeffery (3 months ago)
"Western countries won't let their housing prices get to high." LuL
Luucvinky (3 months ago)
Maybe because it’s the capital of an upcoming economic, militaristic and “populistic”? (Dunno if that is a word tho) country. But they have enough choice, because China literally has more than 120 cities with 1M+ inhabitants, so enough big citites to choose from amirite
Diosdado Santiago (3 months ago)
What happened to those ghost cities...Communist should give those dwellings for reasonable prices to well deserved workers.
K M (3 months ago)
people go where jobs are doe.
Cristopher Calvo Fiallos (3 months ago)
438 a month lol... i pay 1500 a month
BooBees (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t live in Beijing if you paid me to.
David Cheney (3 months ago)
What does hk people think about the house price in Hong kong? It is no difference!
Ro0ster (3 months ago)
Those two women looks a lot older than their age.
Poemi10304 (3 months ago)
It’s not “buying” if you have to give it back eventually...even if you’re dead and it won’t affect you, your kids will be the ones dealing with it, won’t they? How does that process even work?
Leonard Wong (3 months ago)
What are the housing prices and industries in the other cities? Industrial decentralization planning could help ease this. It'll be a big disaster if the entire batch grow old and don't have enough to survive, having spent all on rent. Still, they could always move to low cost remote areas as they age. But that's kind of sad, to work so hard in youth only to have to retire in a technologically backward remote city to die.
Benaiah Ahmadinejad (3 months ago)
Chinese can’t critical think, are illogical, and heartless.
Ben Dover (3 months ago)
"Can't critical think" that's some good grammar right there.
Benaiah Ahmadinejad (3 months ago)
Chinese can’t critical think, are illogical, and heartless.
Tom Matheson Coles (3 months ago)
lmao here in melbourne australia for a decent apartment its 400 a week.
Tyler Moses (3 months ago)
I could understand these prices for Shanghai or Shenzhen, but not for Beijing. In my own personal opinion, Shanghai and Shenzhen are more "internationally welcoming" cities, for both international business and pleasure. I own a home in Zhuhai, in Guangdong proverence. I think the prices here are much more reasonable, especially for investment as it's a fast growing city. It's a quick ferry ride to Hong Kong for flights/banking/visits, the Macao boarder is about 5 minutes by taxi and the speed rail station is also about 5 minutes away if I want to travel to Guangzhou or Shenzhen for business. I also have a home in America and New Zealand, so the prices and convince were both better suited for my personal needs.
TK Baha (3 months ago)
with the lowest quality Maoism education system in this corruptive country, the chinese turn to short term get rich way to make money.
Milan Rai (3 months ago)
They should move to Hongkong!
Bcool L (3 months ago)
Hk is worst and smaller
Kenti Lei 吴. (3 months ago)
Thank god i live Hainan, China.
Kenti Lei 吴. (3 months ago)
@ Jack Dowley Thank you Indonesia friend :)
Jack Dowley (3 months ago)
Kenti Lei 吴. i love hainan's weather ! greet from indonesia ! 😂
mike 201314 (3 months ago)
Have followed the housing market in China since a decade, the government already then talked about it, and repeats every year same mantra like a broken record the need for curbing the quickly rising prices in many Chinese cities, not only BJ, but NOTHING happens, this had one lead to think it's all part of a population control, too expensive living means many people will not have kids. Well, a Chinese friend with insight told that China is heading for a planned population decline by 2030. The very same trend happens also here in Finland, we have the lowest birth rate since.... the famine 1866-1868, 150 years ago, and this trend has been going on for over 6 years, and this trend goes on in many other EU countries too, look up age nda 2I.
Thadius Sean (3 months ago)
This is all special interests. Government can easily ease zoning restrictions and building permits and see supply increase overnight. But people who are rich enough to own homes and developers don't want to see property prices halve overnight.
satria amiluhur (3 months ago)
"Owning a home is considered a sign a success" Meh. I've seen many riches choose to live in apartment instead, with their cars and luxurious furnitures inside. And i've also seen many poor people owning proper home, but with questionable contract deal (that will bite them back later) and sap away what little money they have. So, nope.
Trinh Nguyen (3 months ago)
Lei Zhang Exactly and a home does not necessarily mean a house but can be an apartment or condo. My cousin just sold her big 2 story house in Washington state and moved into a condo as all her kids have moved out so she downsized to a smaller house to save money.
felix patikawa (3 months ago)
When chinese people speaks about owning a home it means that they dont need to pay rent, the property is theirs ( apartment is a property too )
Lei Zhang (3 months ago)
You don't know our concept of a home. When us Chinese talk about home, most of the time we mean an apartment. The bigger the better, of course.
Reema G (3 months ago)
It is much cheaper than in Hong Kong or Shenzhen
Kircheis (3 months ago)
like 2 times cheaper than Hong Kong lol
Ray Mak (3 months ago)
They should move to other cities....
Sungsoo (William) Na (3 months ago)
Still, cities like Beijing and Shanghai deserve to have high proterty prices becasue they both are an international city.
Lei Zhang (3 months ago)
BooBees English was not an international language until early 19th century. Chinese not being an international language now doesn’t mean it will never be an international language ever. More and more kids around the world are starting to learn Chinese including Trump’s granddaughter. You can’t possibly tell me they aren’t learning the language thinking Chinese might be useful for them one day.
BooBees (3 months ago)
Ibilly999 YT you’re saying that Chinese is an international language because many people speak it?
Ibilly999 YT (3 months ago)
Andrew Frolov everyone in a city can speak English in China, but Chinese is also an international language
BooBees (3 months ago)
pink Fungi it’s not the most spoken language but it is the most relevant. Go to Europe or Africa or Australia or any other continent in the world. How is mandarin going to help there?
Poemi10304 (3 months ago)
Andrew Frolov The mainland is not the same as HK. They don’t have the history of British influence. It’s like the Chinese coming to the US and expecting you to speak Mandarin. Not going to happen in most places, right? You gonna learn Mandarin for Chinese interviews? Maybe if you live in California, lol
Abhinav Sharma (3 months ago)
Bejing is best than
Miyaten Meiritsu (3 months ago)
...if you can afford to buy one. That, and if you can speak and write Chinese.
HappyRussians (3 months ago)
I don’t agree when she said most middle class are fake. Middle class is not exempt from mortgage or any credit issues, especially when a city is overly expensive.
Joseph (3 months ago)
Chinese, like any other, have this "Grass is greener on the other side of fence" mentality. They don't know the fact that in most developed countries middle class people usually pay mortgage to the age of retirement.
HappyRussians (3 months ago)
Eh, I think you should get your notions updated. I mean, yeah "middle class" is not the same in Beijing, and say, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Yunnan. There is a huge wealth gap in tier 1 cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. A banal white collar would earn about 2000-3000 RMB per month, that's barely enough to live like "upper" class. Just because they are able to show it off by saving money and blow it once every 2 years doesn't mean then. Also, anyway, most newly wed couples' houses are actually bought by (usually the husbands') parents.
N14 (3 months ago)
HappyRussians in asian countries, white collars are upper class working proletariats, rich enough to live a class life but not poor enough to be classified as such.
HappyRussians (3 months ago)
N14 : What about white collars that neither own a business nor invest in any? You know, your typical urban Chinese.
N14 (3 months ago)
HappyRussians no, what she means is that theres only the working proletariat and the borgeiouse. Business owners and investors are either of the two but theres no middleground.
Yacobus Fitri (3 months ago)
Why don’t they spend their wealth in other forms that really build humanity?
vector b (3 months ago)
how do you build humanity ?
Yacobus Fitri (3 months ago)
Pakistan needs more
Artarity KL (3 months ago)
They already did, a lot.
Yacobus Fitri (3 months ago)
Artarity KL infrastructures projects
Artarity KL (3 months ago)
Where do you spend all your wealth that build humanity??
Kevin Mas (3 months ago)
Communist China should not be accepted in WTO because they don’t believe in democracy freedom capitalism intellectual property human rights and free market
Have you ever been to China?
George Wong (3 months ago)
Kevin Mas you're one of a stupid Indian loser , your people can't event build a toilet.
vector b (3 months ago)
vector b (3 months ago)
wahahhahahaa.....do you have gun?
Kevin Mas (3 months ago)
Everything in China is stolen even the idea of communism came from the west. China only thrive on stealing intellectual properties from the USA and Europe
Aaron Johnson (19 days ago)
George Wong and you would protect a regime that killed 80 million of it’s own people.
George Wong (3 months ago)
+vector b because he has no brain what ever China achieved , he just write negative.
George Wong (3 months ago)
Kevin Mas you're most stupid Indian loser , your people know nothing except reaped.
vector b (3 months ago)
why you give so many comment in same video?
Kevin Mas (3 months ago)
Communist China is a world leader of intellectual property theft
K M (3 months ago)
high rent is intellectual property?
Miyaten Meiritsu (3 months ago)
What has that have to do with Bejing's rising real estate prices anyway?
vector b (3 months ago)
hi you again
Ben Dover (3 months ago)
This has nothing to do with the video you nonce
Alysterwolf (3 months ago)
While you copy-paste these sentence like a virus
Kevin Mas (3 months ago)
Stealing intellectual properties from the USA and Europe are part of Chinese innovation 🤦‍♂️
Dennis Shih (3 months ago)
Kevin Mas Go spam your nonsense on Faux News, not here.
vector b (3 months ago)
hi you again
Kenti Lei 吴. (3 months ago)
And Europe and USA didnt copy from China in the past? USA copy from nazis German remember.
okayplyer (3 months ago)

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