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Why Hong Kong pegs its currency to the US dollar

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Since 1983, Hong Kong authorities have pegged the value of the city's currency to that of the US dollar at an exchange rate of roughly 7.8 to 1. We explain the reasoning for the peg.
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Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen (5 months ago)
Because Hong Kong worship and slavery for white men Hong Kong will do anything to please white men.
My guess if they unpeg or repeg to yuan housing prices go down. It is my opinion also that housing prices rose due to stability and trust in western currency, because hongkong was a tax haven. Looking at singapore, I think unpegging is still better than repegging. It would also show where exactly hong kong stands, once it floats freely again. China had and broke too many trust issues with regards to western investors and cooporations. People will remember and this will remain history with China for a long time. I chose not to invest in China, no matter the great profits some tell of. I don't gamble.
Lar M (1 year ago)
The peg will be cut off soon by Donald Trump for making America Great Again.
Sakio™ BEATZ (1 year ago)
Hong kong will turn into a shithole and their people will suffer because of their incompetency

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