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Equipment and Tools You Need to Start Trading Stocks

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Equipment and Tools You Need to Start Trading Stocks ★ SUMMARY ★ Getting started in training online is not very difficult in the sense of the equipment and tools that you need. There are a lot more other hurdles that are actually more complicated than just figuring out the tools and equipment. In this video what I'd like to do is cover those tools and equipment that you need in order to get started in trading. I’m Sasha Evdakov and thanks for joining me here at Tradersfly.com, to get into the three things that you need in order to trade at least as far as the equipment and tools are concerned is really cut quite simple, it's not that difficult. Things you need to start trading To get into this the first thing that you need is you need a computer with internet access, so you need a computer with internet access and this is so you can execute your trades so that way you can see what's going on with the prices, what's going on with the stock or how’s the chart moving. 1. Computer and Internet A computer with internet access is one of those things that will accomplish that. Now I have a full in depth very detailed course about what kind of computer you should get, as far as a desktop versus a laptop versus windows versus Apple versus Mac, all kinds of different things that go in detail about the type of computer that you should get for trading and you can get that course at http://www.tradingcomputercourse.com. Just give you a quick rundown, you don't really need an advanced computer and a really high speed Internet access you know something like DSL broadband files will be just fine to get you started and a basic computer like a laptop. Even a smartphone will be just fine as long as you have a connection to the Internet to buy and sell stocks or execute your orders. Any device, any smartphone will also be just fine to get you started. However, as you continue to get better as you continue to improve which you’ll probably want is multiple monitors support and the reason for that is because once you have multiple monitors you're able to see and look at your stocks a lot easier. You'll be able to see charts on one screen, then the other screen you'll be able to execute the order, on the other screen you'll be able to potentially research. Multiple monitor support will be a lot better as you start progressing and as you start involving as a trader. Posted at: http://tradersfly.com/2016/02/equipment-tools-need-start-trading-stocks/ ★ SHARE THIS VIDEO ★ https://youtu.be/EntNcnnIfX4 ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: ★ http://bit.ly/addtradersfly ★ ABOUT TRADERSFLY ★ TradersFly is a place where I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience about the stock market, trading, and investing. Stock trading can be a brutal industry especially if you are new. Watch my free educational training videos to avoid making large mistakes and to just continue to get better. Stock trading and investing is a long journey - it doesn't happen overnight. If you are interested to share some insight or contribute to the community we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! STOCK TRADING COURSES: -- http://tradersfly.com/courses/ STOCK TRADING BOOKS: -- http://tradersfly.com/books/ WEBSITES: -- http://rise2learn.com -- http://tradersfly.com -- http://backstageincome.com -- http://sashaevdakov.com SOCIAL MEDIA: -- http://twitter.com/tradersfly -- http://facebook.com/tradersfly MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS: -- TradersFly: http://bit.ly/tradersfly -- BackstageIncome: http://bit.ly/backstageincome
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Text Comments (82)
jesse hobart (21 days ago)
The video is flipped horizontally so we can read it. He writes it normal. And this video doesn't list any if the scanning tools that you must have to be profitable.
780tman (1 month ago)
trading on a phone is retard i will take all your money
Abhishek Singh (4 months ago)
Hey Shasha, Can we trade with normal bank account or do we need to have some extra?
The Unknown Genius (5 months ago)
How do you write backwards so flawlessly? 😁
Yanis Ozolins (6 months ago)
You are just a nice person! Very clear explanation and so... Everything is perfect!
micky paul (6 months ago)
You forget demate account
Saka Cultural (7 months ago)
Can i start trading with 1000 $
Anni Macca (6 months ago)
i reckon you could start with 50 bucks even
Daffa Azizan (9 months ago)
I hear bawsaq is an amazing platform
Stefan Zivkovic Media (2 months ago)
I’m new to this and I actually searched it up...
Shane Straw (4 months ago)
Daffa Azizan get into the medical cocaine field
Ammar Anwar (10 months ago)
This video could have been 30 seconds long....
Troy Wharton (11 months ago)
I'm now getting into trading. I am learning, and I like your video. I want to know and learn more, much much more. Do you teach classes?
harmandeep singh (1 year ago)
Are you really writing backwards??
That's Rich (1 year ago)
harmandeep singh all he did was record it writing normally, which would have been backwards to the camera, and then flip the image in post.
harmandeep singh (1 year ago)
Sasha Evdakov can you please tell me how then??
nobel farr (1 year ago)
Sasha be like girls dont like cause im to sophisticated. #Combover
Hanzo main (1 year ago)
The thing im focusing most on is the fact that he is writing backwards
Nice Akoh (1 year ago)
Unsubscribe... I need a learning tools not basic equipment
HM Wasequzzaman (1 year ago)
What are charts ??
Brandon Cavazos (1 year ago)
yo, how is this dude writing backwards?
Xaimer PUBG (4 days ago)
No the video is mirrored in post production
Laura Shehadi (10 months ago)
LMAO! Hahahahaha. So Sasha you actually have a good sense of humor.
Brandon Cavazos (1 year ago)
I don't know man, seemed pretty effortless 🤔
trial and Error (1 year ago)
Could I enter the stock market with $5,000?
trial and Error (1 year ago)
ManuelFlexing GPAM : you've got me interested. What company do you work for? Or are you self-employed?
trial and Error (1 year ago)
Sasha Evdakov .good.thanks.
shane o riordan (1 year ago)
so I need a Computer and I need it to be connected to the Internet AND I need Money to trade with?......who knew that I would need these things to 'Trade' 'Online' amazing.......get to the god damn point for the love of god
Maxwell Raine (1 year ago)
windows vs apple vs mac lol
Lucas Norwood (1 year ago)
i have read you don't have to have a broker to trade is this true? if not why?
Lucas Norwood (1 year ago)
Can't i execute trades on the certain websites when i download there software . I'm kind of clueless but anyways thanks for responding I really like your videos
Erika Clemons (1 year ago)
do u have to go to school for this kind of stuff before u start ?
Brad K (1 year ago)
This kind of IS school, but I guess that depends on your situation.
AvoidTheBeast (1 year ago)
I'm 15 can I trade stocks?
geeta dubey (1 year ago)
matrixlone (1 year ago)
you forgot software????
Vladimr Phelps (1 year ago)
Vladimr Phelps (1 year ago)
What about MacBooks?
fojeba (1 year ago)
I am also wondering if the stock market has hours of operation as i can only trade after business hours
fojeba (1 year ago)
Thank you Sasha for your help:) I am currently having a hard time to pick up a broker platform.Not sure if my bank trade platform is what i need.What broker platform would you recommend?
Josef (1 year ago)
Everything u mentioned was self explanatory Duh what u gonna do without Internet these days u can't live without Internet and money
theajtruth (3 months ago)
You'd be amazed how clueless people are about trading and how to .
Brad K (1 year ago)
I don't care if it's self-explanatory, I want a teacher that starts at the beginning, and covers all the basses, and basics. That way I know he's explaining right on the more advanced material...He is thorough. Not everyone is on the same level. A good teacher takes that into account. If you don't think it's up to your level, why not find something else?
TheKoalabear (1 year ago)
Sasha Evdakov If you are smart you would've noticed that you need internet access to watch the video
Johnny Dickshot (2 years ago)
Penny stocks surely if you lack money but want to try out small?
Justin U (2 years ago)
This guy is writing backwards and it looks better than my normal handwriting..
He just inverted the video
LoveMeSomeDODO! (1 year ago)
First thing that came to my mind 😂
Cole Breda (1 year ago)
Lol, I was thinking that, so I wanted to see if anybody mentioned it, and it was the first comment I saw
Mikkel Rübert Nielsen (2 years ago)
Hi Sasha and thanks for the exellent videos. What TA software would you recomend? I want to be able to look at support and resistance an so on. Thanks again!
fojeba (1 year ago)
can you please share who your broker is?
Mikkel Rübert Nielsen (2 years ago)
Sasha Evdakov thank you!
Chroma (2 years ago)
Wait are you wifi thing backward ?
Gabriel Hernandez (2 years ago)
sasha does the broker provide the platform or its a different from one and other
Eric Ragnar (2 years ago)
Privet Sasha. There are so many brokers in Europe. I've read about litigation with several of them, for example Saxo Bank. How can one be sure which broker is the safest if you are outside the US?
NoWayFolding (2 years ago)
Lol you call that tools ....... they are the basics. Waste of time this video was
Brad K (1 year ago)
Yes....Basics they are, yet Basics Tools be, Master Wannabe Yoda.
Keymanofco (1 year ago)
Maybe some of us are looking for the basics, and that's what this video is all about. Just because you already get it, doesn't mean the rest of us do.
Matthew Slivar (2 years ago)
i have computer with 3 monitors 8 laptops 4 tablets 2 phones
NPJ Global (2 years ago)
typical eastern european materialistic bragging..
Eversly Garth (2 years ago)
hey nice video Sasha
Amira Maro (2 years ago)
I love your videos, I visited the website from my Iphone, It's not organized, I just wanted to let u know :)
Marcus Willson (2 years ago)
this videos amazing. ive been watching alot of videos on trading, as it seems like something i would enjoy doing and with basically unlimited earning potential, but nobody talks about the absolute basics. what people really need before they even think about actually trading.
Michael Perry (2 years ago)
So glad that I found one of your videos.
Kosovo Report (2 years ago)
Slow down there old timer. I think people who are able to access a video will have the "know how" of how to sign up for an online broker online. (just joking). I guess a lot more people over 40 will find this useful. Actually I notice the older generation usually just does fundamental research and looks at a basic line or area graph and physically meets with a broker or calls them to do their bidding, eh I mean order. Sasha you are probably just a few years older than me. We are from the generation(s) that matured in step with the proliferation of internet. This kind of reminded me of the days of being instructed in "computer class" now type: w w w DOT (insert name of site) or click file save as blah blah blah. Hay this kind of makes me feel old for remembering those old days of huge class monitors and wired mice.
Frank Gin (2 years ago)
Hey Sasha, when your doing Technical Analysis in your videos, do you use logarithmic or linear charts? They often tell a different story, so I don't always know which one to rely on. Thanks!
Crazelord91 (2 years ago)
Love your videos. You have a great balance of explaining the information without sounding pandering
LEAF HAZY (2 years ago)
Hey man. Probably gonna go unnoticed, was trying to message you. Anyways I'd like to know if mentorship programs 1v1 with you was a possibility? Money's NO PROBLEM at all n you've inspired me to get into this awhile ago. If you see this please contact +LaFamiliia503 ,, thank you for your time.
Alex Perez (2 years ago)
Nice Explanation
Vbog (2 years ago)
what're your thoughts on the app Robinhood? seems like a simplified legitimate mobile broker.
Vbog (2 years ago)
+brammie bamie link
Ilias El Adel (2 years ago)
Nope look tim syks his vids about it
Ian Mayman (2 years ago)
How much capital? $1000? I'm assuming more than $10!
FOUAD YOUNIS (2 years ago)
Off the topic question: could you tell me how did you manage to have this "transparent" board to write on ?
Dave Yen (2 years ago)
+Sasha Evdakov (TradersFly) Jack Buffington of Robot Brigade on youtube has the same thing going.
FOUAD YOUNIS (2 years ago)
+Sasha Evdakov Thanks for the answer, lovely idea, I hope you keep this way of demonstration in your videos :)
FOUAD YOUNIS (2 years ago)
+sbdwisp I don't think he was writing backwards. There is some trick (digital or physical) that lets him write normally and it would appear in this form ultimately.
sbdwisp (2 years ago)
The real question is how does he know how to write backwards!??!?

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