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Climate change is here: floods in coastal cities show extreme weather events on the rise

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://sc.mp/2kAfuvJ Devastating floods in India, a sudden, violent thunderstorm in Canada, Hurricane Irma in the United States – a slew of recent natural disasters demonstrate that we all must start preparing for the worst as the world’s climate changes. Ambika Thankappan and her son, Arun, explain why it was so important they saved their official documentation when the floodwaters came.
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Steve L (3 months ago)
Just come to the U.S. We will provide free healthcare, free housing... American tax payers will take care of you all.
stapme (3 months ago)
Piers Corbyn 👍🏼
khan von altena (3 months ago)
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Imperial Japan (3 months ago)
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TheHealthPhysicist (3 months ago)
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joshua yap (3 months ago)
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The Buddy's (3 months ago)
satria amiluhur (3 months ago)
A right move to take care of your documentation before anything else. Because as a third worlder i also understand how difficult it is to replace them. Government offices are notoriously bureaucracy-heavy and slow as hell, some even charging extra money. Sure you can do it online, but in the end you still have to submit it physically to the offices anyway. Less time but same headache. And the loss of important documents like birth and college degree means loss of proper job opportunity.
FadedX (3 months ago)
Certificates or food?
The comment squad (3 months ago)
no certificate no job no money = no food
Yacobus Fitri (3 months ago)
Why is life so miserable in India?
Imperial Japan (3 months ago)
+SUK MIKE HOK l They're a lot better than all Chinese idiots 😂. It's just they live a simple life
joshua yap (3 months ago)
Because they worship a cow.

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