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What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? This video clip tries to give competent but also entertaining answers to this question. The video is part of series "in a little green bag" at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. © University of St.Gallen (HSG), Text by Prof. Thomas Beschorner (http://bit.ly/Beschorner), Production: http://www.zense.ch To watch the second «Little Green Bags» video on the ten myths of entrepreneurship, please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8gRkJ9cnzo. Learn more online: http://www.presse.unisg.ch Become our friend on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HSGUniStGallen Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/HSGStGallen
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Text Comments (149)
Charlene Swinton (10 days ago)
I am not following the concept.
Meraj Khan (25 days ago)
i was lost after 5 mins.
Nalaka Sapumal (1 month ago)
Nicely explained. In fact my professor recommended this
jadou88 (1 month ago)
Very beautiful actress
Burnhead and Stuff (2 months ago)
Very confusing video! I don’t know what I would’ve done without the conclusion..
Bryan Carl (3 months ago)
This is a wrong concept of CSR.
Elizabeth Schlüssel (3 months ago)
"About 60 or 70 years ago Some German Economist came up with an idea". Don't you think that is somewhat superficial information, espcially coming from a university source?
TSD TSD (9 months ago)
there's nothing more morally repugnant, more monopolistic, and more responsible for 100's of millions of deaths than...government. Gov't takes your money at gun point, sends you to war to kill and be killed for political aspirations and every year creates more controlling laws that always take away your freedom. and you can't say " I don't want to buy from you" Govt is the worst offender of social responsibility.
Alison Tobias (10 months ago)
interesting and well made, but too many design ideas in one video.
kwok hin (1 year ago)
Good lesson for CSR
gujral gagan (1 year ago)
Is there any book written by Prof. Thomas Beschorner on CSR in English? I would like to buy it.
gujral gagan (1 year ago)
Is there any book written by Prof. Thomas Beschorner on CSR in English? I would like to buy it.
HSGUniStGallen (1 year ago)
Dear gujral gagan, an overview of Thomas Beschorner's published books can be found here: http://bit.ly/2FwCCIf Kind regards, <mg>
Wiwiblee (1 year ago)
Of course, ultimately, their only responsibility is to create profit for the shareholders...
Captain Canada (1 year ago)
Anyone know what song this intro music is based off of? I know I've heard that tune somewhere before.
Laura Beattie (1 year ago)
An easy to understand introduction to CSR
Tapash Chatterjee (1 year ago)
Let The 2% CSR-Spending Be Implemented As MANDATORY Into The Network Of Deserving NGOs...In India........
John Gorman (1 year ago)
anyone know the name of the song playing at the start of this video ?
Poor Nigerian Uncle (1 year ago)
Its called "Stuck in the middlle with you"
Captain Canada (1 year ago)
I think I've heard it somewhere before, maybe in Ocean's 11? Can't find the song tho
Richard Hamlet (1 year ago)
Please provide licensing information. This was listed under a CC-BY license but I wish to confirm. Thank you
HSGUniStGallen (1 year ago)
More information about the Little Green Bag series you can find here: http://bit.ly/2jSYF1L Kind regards, <mg>
Alexis Cell Conde (1 year ago)
this video is not totally helpful
meistersphere (1 year ago)
CSR = leading the way to NWO, by creating a socialistic-corporatism. A society, created with no borders and no eventual government or limited government interference, under the guise of "good-will". You do not fool me, I've played enough FF-7 to know where this is going, ShinRa Inc, Umbrella corporation, Omni (Robocop) and other movies.
Joe McEnaney (1 year ago)
Curly Chelly Chel (1 year ago)
Really informative video
Anthony D Hinnant (1 year ago)
Federal Rules of Evidence › ARTICLE VIII. HEARSAY › Rule 803. Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay???
Ali Sherri (1 year ago)
whats the name of the German economist ?
Jyotirmoy Ghosh (1 year ago)
- - - we have done enough good work on this old colleagues - - - especially our brother moon hats off to you - - - this is an element, if done properly in the business school, will make our students broad minded, practical and will also give great leads to their career entries to the corporate world - - -
Alexander Schuchter (1 year ago)
Just great!
syprian isaacs (2 years ago)
Very creative and insightful video.
Nadja Berger (2 years ago)
Does that mean that charity is not a part of CSR (at all)? Since there are many companies that present their charitable actions as a part of their corporate social responsibility.
Nathan Fyfe (1 year ago)
Charity is definitely great for an organisation's social reputation, but that falls under how they decide to spend their money. Charity is not a responsibility but rather benevolence or marketing.
charity can be part but it is not the core idea of CSR; and if it is just charity what companies do, then there is something wrong with it.
unic0rny (2 years ago)
soloman p (2 years ago)
society is the group of human beings. one is dependent on others. as the human beings the basic needs are to be fulfilled for survival. everyone should work for others needs to meet our own needs. all our needs cant be met by our own. social responsibility is let live concept. if one lets others live we can get our needs met. this universe is giving all the needs to us in its form. we are converting this universe to meet our needs to live as human being. no doubt for this one has to work for others. we are using the nature for our needs but we are not giving anything to it. give to nature it certainly never fails giving to us.
Tapash Chatterjee (2 years ago)
Let The Manadatory CSR Spending Be Authentically Follwed By The Corporporates, Multinationals & PSUs In India.......
again: CSR is not charity!
Please also check out our more practical perspectives on CSR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9IyDvkxADU
Dipanjana Basu (2 years ago)
Liked the video. But the amount of paper used/wasted on it really stung. You could try a white board, or turning the page. :-)
Felix Persson (2 years ago)
Great video! Love the comment about not wasting so much paper haha. However, if you are interested in CSR and how to go about it check out "CSV" (creating shared value) by Harvard Business Review (https://hbr.org/2011/01/the-big-idea-creating-shared-value). If you are a University student like myself, most of you can access it for free. In short, CSV takes over where CSR ends. It is about being responsible for you action, integrate the society and environment but in the same time leverage it to your firm advantage. In my 4 years in collage this is the best article I have read. (Not too long either ;) ) / Felix Persson, collage student and business owner
Felix Persson (2 years ago)
Cool. I will check it out.
Thanks for your comment, Felix. Concerning CSV, please note that there is a very critical discussion in business ethics about the idea by Porter and Kramer. You might want to check out this paper, for example: https://www.alexandria.unisg.ch/225781/1/Beschorner_on_Porter%20and%20Kramer_2013_fin.pdf
Umair Nazir (2 years ago)
giulio franzinetti (2 years ago)
Exceptional Video
Sreyanko Sadhukhan (2 years ago)
Isn't it your social and ecological responsibility not to waste so much paper for one video?
Aditi Patil (1 year ago)
They have not used papers. It's visual effects and tools. White board video editor.
Reality Phanatic (1 year ago)
Maybe part of her social responsability is to create jobs in the paper industry. If people will not throw paper away, there will be less demand for paper hence paper factories will make less profit and be forced to lay off some employees. No consumption -> Less Demand -> Less or no profit -> No need for production -> Unemployment.
manusan999 (2 years ago)
CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is very great initiative by india. world should adopt the same for compassionate and loving society.
Tomás Gómez Navarro (2 years ago)
I love it, thank you so much!
Tapash Chatterjee (2 years ago)
India, Being The BIGGEST CSR HUB On The PLANET, The Entire Globe Is CLOSELY Monitoring The Impact Of CSR Initiative In India....
rahul sharma (2 years ago)
wrap up 8:26
Soma (2 years ago)
the amount of paper wasted during the video... :'( = sustainable?
Juraj Vozar (3 years ago)
thanks! quite simplistic and well done also: lady in the video is really pretty
Alpha ramu (3 years ago)
wtf is this
Operator K (2 years ago)
if you're not getting your MBA just move on
Srikar Nitie (3 years ago)
One of the best presentations I have ever seen! Such a wonderful video making skills and amazing editing work done. Cheers!
Metin Boztoprak (3 years ago)
kız güzelmiş
Scott Gladstein (3 years ago)
Um... wasn't Angelo Curto the prosecutor of the case?
Barbara Dziedzic (3 years ago)
Hi! Is there any transkription of this video? Probably I would understand more :) Eh my english is not so perfect :)
Safe Way Tourism LLC (2 years ago)
try try again
Hu Ko (3 years ago)
+Barbara Dziedzic just hit the cc button and you can see the script
HSGUniStGallen (3 years ago)
+Barbara Dziedzic Hi, we've added subtitles to this video in various languages. Also, on this webpage we've provided all the transcripts to the videos: https://www.unisg.ch/en/wissen/little-green-bags-videoreihe/faqs-und-autorentexte. <ms>
G.O.O.D Music (3 years ago)
ойлгохгүй байна
Christopher Williams (3 years ago)
.....i wonder if the carpet matches the drapes??.......
Christopher Williams (3 years ago)
.....i wonder if the carpet matches the drapes??.......
Christopher Williams (3 years ago)
so.....business ethics are on the same page with imaginary ideas like unicorns?
Shahriar Ahmed (3 years ago)
Watching this because of Adms 3400 York University!
CSR is vital to any business plan. It is the way of the future! These days, sustainability is becoming a bigger topic and companies, if they are already not doing so, should shift focus towards the idea.
Liv (8 months ago)
What are the internal drivers for corporate sustainability?
Andrés Held (3 years ago)
He said "Deontological"
Rick Slayer (3 years ago)
The lesser a stakeholder is invested in the situation, the less they are going to care about CSR.
Tamer Sadek (3 years ago)
Is Friedman's opposition to CSR justifiable?
Thomas Beschorner (3 years ago)
+Tamer Sadek no!
vicky van (3 years ago)
Here an interesting article about Corporate responsability in International law: https://aninternationallawblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/corporate-social-responsibility-human-rights-a-critical-review-of-the-guiding-principles-on-business-and-human-rights-for-implementing-the-un-protect-respect-and-remedy-frame/
Patricia Paixão (4 years ago)
Talking about CSR... could the Univ. of St Gallen stop using that much paper in their presentations? I mean, the girl draws a question mark and then instantly discharges the paper, wtf??
CreativeArts (1 year ago)
money grows on trees
Reality Phanatic (1 year ago)
Yeah, one must love the explanation style....putting a single big question mark on a piece of paper makes such a big difference in presenting a concept
Ján Halász (2 years ago)
Exactly what I had on my mind!
TheWalper (3 years ago)
+Patricia Paixão Is for a good purpose!
Thomas Beschorner (3 years ago)
+Patricia Paixão pfffffffffffff
Krishna Budha (4 years ago)
really informative.
Anna María (4 years ago)
27 second intro, really?
eddie faagutu (4 years ago)
Quite an awful video. It goes too fast, the cartoons are distracting and seriously...?teenage sex is comparable to Corporate Social Responsibility? What the hell were you thinking when you decided to add that in?
Aidan Madden (4 years ago)
Faruq Tolu (4 years ago)
Enjoyed every minute real informative!
Gurparkar Singh Narang (3 years ago)
Real business and social information
neelam gurung (4 years ago)
lovely thank you :) beautifully made
brandon burler (4 years ago)
-me (4 years ago)
What does he say at 3:56? Ontelogical or Tautological or Tauontelogical or some other word? I'm having a tough time working it out and what exactly is meant there. "Ontelogical" would seem to fit in terms of meaning but I really thought I heard a "t" at the beginning!
Manjunath Waster (3 years ago)
Gyula Agócs (3 years ago)
Gyula Agócs (3 years ago)
+-me ii
-me (4 years ago)
+HSGUniStGallen Well there you go, you learn something everyday.  Thanks a lot. I listened quite a few times and heard it has "tay"ontelogical.
HSGUniStGallen (4 years ago)
It's "deontological" :) <ms>
Prasad Indap (4 years ago)
Very nice and good presentation
Thom Simmons (5 years ago)
Sorry, but this video *seriously* confuses the concept of CSR with Business Ethics. They are NOT the same concepts.
Skyler Waite (3 months ago)
Maybe 10 years ago that was true, but in 2019 they are essentially interchangeable terms. I will list the five pillars of CSR below so we can see how they are the similar. 1. Human rights and employment standards in the workplace 2. Ethical sourcing and procurement 3. Marketing and consumer issues 4. Environmental, health, and safety concerns 5. Community and good-neighbor policies The ethical decisions a business makes have an affect on society, starting with individuals within a company, who then affect society as a whole. The world is more connected than ever before, and we will only continue to close the gaps between us as the years go by.
Joseph Kayembe Misekabu (8 months ago)
lol. I thought i was the only one feeling that way.
Thomas Beschorner (4 years ago)
the point is: we don't think so! ;-)
Scarface at 4:23 - virtuous merchant . Too funny
Antoaneta Popova (5 years ago)
Very distasteful comment about teenage sex...
davidtan824 (5 years ago)
This is really awesome, demystified the CSR in plain english!!!
Ace Johnson (5 years ago)
Thank you for the breakdown.
Jacquill Basdew (5 years ago)
So Helpful ! Great! 
B Charron (5 years ago)
 If you don't want to comply with CSR, you can always do what the big boys are already doing, and move shop overseas to china and india to maximize ROI. Cheap labor, exploitation of the environment, corruption via bribes and away you laugh it all the way to the bank. welcome to Capitalism where money talks and bullshit walks. forget ethics, its about the money.  People love money and things and will use people to get it.
Martyre20 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the help x
Dice Lee (5 years ago)
funny and enlightening! Thx!
Ravi Mallah (5 years ago)
Awesome easy and clear , thanks !!!
赖艳彬 (5 years ago)
So helpful! Thx a lot!
Hannah Smith (5 years ago)
So helpful for ethics! Thank you!
HSGUniStGallen (5 years ago)
Hello Alice Sorel, feel free to show our video to your colleagues and to translate it into French.
Russel Godfrey D'Souza (5 years ago)
great initiative... well done guys!
Alice Sorel (5 years ago)
Hello, It's a really good video. Very clear ! I'm in charge of CSR in a entreprise and I would like to use this video for my colleagues. Can I use it ? Can I translate in french ? Thank you very much,
Carisa Whittall (5 years ago)
More! Love the style of presentation and length. Could you manage to upload 2nd and 4th grade curriculums in this style please?
HSGUniStGallen (5 years ago)
Hello Claudia Amanda, feel free to embed or replay the video in your presentation. Thanks for spreading the word!
Claudia Amanda (5 years ago)
can i use this video for my presentation?:)
Alice Dora (5 years ago)
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David B (5 years ago)
Great information!!!
hera khan (5 years ago)
Check out CSR India on Facebook!
hera khan (5 years ago)
CSR India
Amr El Gabalawy (5 years ago)
this is what i need to know for my final exam tomorrow :) thanks to everyone that worked hard to produce this amazing educational video.
Barbaros Demir (5 years ago)
It is like he says the same theory over and over. Fkin annoying! Omg. Dislike video. Anyway, the chick is fine.
t y .
Yusa Pridasa (6 years ago)
Could u give me an example of good CSR programs for Power Plant company? We re not directly connected to community as consumer. My company's consumer is government.
Gihan Madumal (6 years ago)
Thank u very much. I understood it clearly. This is most important part of my final exam question.
James Crawford (6 years ago)
wrong, CSR exists because of consumer demand for better social outcomes from businesses. it is not that companies suddenly care more than profits but that they are pursing CSR because their consumers want to see that. any company that better satisfies the needs of their consumers will be more profitable. CSR is no different.
Rick Flak (6 years ago)
Absolutely fantastic. Great design, but most importantly, what an amazing job articulating CSR. And thank you for being so direct... the "teenage sex" analogy was shocking but absolutely perfect!!!! :) :) :)
HSGUniStGallen (6 years ago)
While you are entitled to your own opinion and free to share it with us, we kindly ask you to do so in a respectful manner. If you disagree, you may also qualify which points you find objectionable. However, we can not tolerate fould language such as yours and will therefore remove your comment.
Jun Alexander Shibata (6 years ago)
This is great! Thanks a buch!
Well done! will share!

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