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P1 Energy Resources (EDEXCEL)

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1:40 Renewable Vs. Non-Renewable 3:08 How Non-Renewable Energy Resources are used 4:27 Evaluating Energy Resources 12:01 Renewable: Hydroelectric 13:27 Renewable: Wave 14:50 Renewable: Tidal Barrages 16:11 Renewable: Wind Power 16:56 Renewable: Solar Power 17:48 Renewable: Geothermal Energy 19:20 Renewable: Biomass
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Text Comments (8)
sunshine eomma (1 year ago)
"Iceland just sprung up from the oceans one day," made me laugh. That statement will definitely help me with my A level geography next year.
sunshine eomma (1 year ago)
People that complain about wind farms being an eyesore are truly the worst type of people
S J (1 year ago)
j- hoeee lool ikr like how stuck up 😂
ThatGuyCalled ART (1 year ago)
on your table you missed out the biggest reason we don't use renewable sources- they don't produce enough power
ThatGuyCalled ART (1 year ago)
must've missed it, wasn't counted as a column, my bad g
Kilian Mo (1 year ago)
ThatGuyCalled ART On the table he said renewable energy provide less energy. Which is the same thing.
TheAvenged Koala (1 year ago)
Kingsman was such a good film, love these videos and the analogies, they make revision more interesting. Thanks for making these, they help more than any textbook.
StudySmart: Science (1 year ago)
thanks - yeah, I try and convey the science as a human rather than a robot. I figure if students can see how science applies to popular culture they are more likely to engage. Thanks for the feedback - nice to know it works : ) .... Yeah -that was a fun film!

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